Sylar's Nu Metal Brings Fans Out Early for Denver Stop

By: Nathan Sheppard

New York band Sylar, who is supporting Beartooth this winter on The Disease Tour, made their Denver stop this past Saturday. The band recently released their third studio album Seasons in October as an ode the people “who can’t speak and the people who are too scared to dream” according to frontman Jayden Panesso. The guys have fashioned themselves after Linkin Park, with more modern and updated styles that give the rap-rock genre a breath of fresh air.



Gaining notoriety from their hit single “Soul Addiction” and a Warped Tour stint in 2017, Sylar have quickly gained a supportive community around them. While most opening bands play to a half-filled venue, people wrapped around the building and down the alley waiting in the cold to get in early for Sylar’s set. The band opened with a few up-tempo songs to get the crowd warmed up and then hit them with “All or Nothing” and “No Way” from Seasons to kick things up to the next level.

While the openers’ set is always on the shorter side, Sylar has definitely gained even more fans on the first leg of this tour with Knocked Loose and Beartooth. Their energetic live show combined with clever hip-hop lyrics from Panesso, and silky-smooth clean vocals from rhythm guitarist Miguel Cardona create a new sound for the metalcore genre.

You can check out Seasons here and get your tickets for upcoming dates on The Disease Tour here. And whatever you do, get to these shows early for Sylar!


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