CHON, Polyphia, & TTNG at Ogden Theatre 06/17/18



Photos: Cy Fontenot // Insta: @_embracetherandom_

Featuring: CHON, Polyphia, & TTNG at Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO, 06/17/18

Expectation is the bane of experience. In the case of last Sunday’s math rock extravaganza at the Ogden Theatre, nothing could have prepared the audience to be bathed in such abundant virtuosity. CHON, Polyphia, TTNG (This Town Needs Guns), and Tricot are bands exploring a profound, progressive style not for the faint of heart. But make no mistake- the intense musicality displayed on this current tour painted many beautiful colors for the mind to explore.

Be sure to catch the remaining shows of the Super Chon Bros Tour 2 as well as CHON’s new album!