The Dear Hunter at Bluebird Theater 12/06/17

The Dear Hunter.

The Dear Hunter.

Photos: Nathan Sheppard // Insta: @nateamsheppard

Featuring: The Dear Hunter, The Family Crest, & VAVA at Bluebird Theater, Denver, CO 12/06/17

The Dear Hunter’s tour made its way through Denver this past week with a stop at The Bluebird Theater. The night started off with an eclectic performance by VAVÁ, fronted by Vanessa Wheeler, who Dear Hunters singer Casey Crescenzo found on Instagram of all places. VAVÁ’s sound can be best described as experimental, with very spacey guitar riffs and picking accompanied by hip-hop beats. While most were unfamiliar with the band, everyone was able to appreciate the unique tunes from Vanessa.

VAVÁ was followed by The Family Crest, a baroque-pop band from San Francisco. Sharing a somewhat small stage with seven other people isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but TFC was able to pull it off. They had an infectious stage presence that brought  a fun-loving energy to everyone in the venue.

Looking around after TFC was finished, it was interesting to see all the different types of people packed into The Bluebird, especially the variety of ages of people attending. This is a testament to the quality of music and live performance of The Dear Hunter. They’re known for their conceptual albums, with overlying themes of growing up, betrayal, and love, which everyone can relate to. It’s reasons like these that this band has built up such a loyal following over the past decade.

The Dear Hunter finally took the stage and from the start, hit everyone with a dose of their multi-layered style of music. They were able to transition from heavier songs to mesmerizing rock ballads with ease and played many of their older hits like “Wave” and songs from their newest EP All Is As All Should Be. The whole set felt somewhat like a trance; it lasted for a little over two hours but at the end it only felt like a half hour set. For their final song, Dear Hunter played “King of Swords (Reversed),” leaving everyone satisfied with a great night of music.

You can follow The Dear Hunter on the last few dates of their winter tour and grab their new EP here.

The Dear Hunter

The Family Crest