Verses The Inevitable Bring The Blues to Denver's Walnut Room This Friday, December 16th

By: Mirna Tufekcic

If you’re into the blues, then you’ll be into Verses The Inevitable.  

Verses The Inevitable.

Verses The Inevitable.

The seven-piece outfit’s birthplace is Denver, Colorado, though each individual member of the band hails from different parts of the country. Their eclectic mix of backgrounds and influences make Verses The Inevitable a distinct blues rock band with elements of Americana, jazz, and funk peppering their sound. You’ll get your fix for the harmonica, classic bluesy guitar riffs, and raspy, heartfelt singing on the band’s debut album, All Debts Paid, which was just released this past summer.  

Listen to All Debts Paid:

Although a rather young band, with their origins starting back in 2015, Verses The Inevitable have already garnered some impressive accolades. They received the Mile High Blues Society's award for “Best Self-Produced Album of 2016,” and they finished 2nd in the Colorado Blues Society’s award for “Album of the Year.” They have even been selected to compete in the 2017 International Blues Competition in Memphis, Tennessee. Way to go, fellas!

All Debts Paid is a testament that nothing is inevitable, except change. Member Daniel Hertel (vocals/guitar) composed the album with the help of his bandmates to signify a turning point in his life where all the debts for the mistakes he’s made in life have been paid and now he is free and finally able to start a new chapter on a sweeter note. I can’t see any other music genre to better support this sentiment than the good ‘ol blues. 

Make sure to head over to The Walnut Room in Denver tomorrow, Friday, December 16th and get your blues fix live with these fine gentleman! Tickets here.

See you there!  


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