Album Release: Trinity Demask's Elemental

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Trinity Demask's new album is a lyrical confession.

Trinity Demask. Photo Credit:  Anne Preston Brisnehan

Trinity Demask. Photo Credit: Anne Preston Brisnehan

Arvada based singer/songwriter Trinity Demask recently released her third album, Elemental. Demask, who started singing at open mics in 2001, quickly transitioned to performing professionally and has released her other titles both solo and with her band Third Road Home. Demask said that Elemental, like her other work, is “confessional, intimate, and lyrical”. But’s it’s a little different too.

“The underlying theme [of this album] is the elemental experience of love and connection; from the excitement and hope of new and rediscovered love, to the heartache of abandonment of grief and loss.” said Demask.

The album seems to wind through Demask’s vocal range- sometimes quiet; other times powerful and soulful. Elemental is the type of album you’d listen to on a quiet Sunday drive through the mountains. And based on what Demask says about her music, this somehow makes sense:

“I always describe my music as a soundtrack for life’s little detours, breakdowns, and roadside revelations. . . Life is all about the journey. That’s the message I often convey in my songs. . . There’s bound to be something unexpected and beautiful around the next corner.”

And Elemental is just that thing. Give the album's title track a listen below and check out the whole album on Demask's Bandcamp page here.


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