The Weekend Six: Six Shows to See 08/21 & 08/22

By: Hannah Oreskovich

It’s the weekend. Per usual, here’s your six Boulder:

Today (Friday 08/21)

the polkanauts.

the polkanauts.

The Polkanauts at Bohemian Biergarten 9PM-Close

That’s right Beat kids. Polka. But not just traditional polka. The Denver-based Polkanauts play metal, rock, punk, and surf variations of polka. Curious how this is done? We are too. So check out their show!

Moonwavve at Johnny’s Cigar Bar 9PM-Close

This electronic outfit is one of our Boulder faves. Remember when we wrote about them here? Eason’s voice combined with Warwick’s synth will take you into space. So launch yourself by rolling to Johnny’s tonight! Word on the street is they have a pretzel machine now. Time to nom.

the z boys.

the z boys.

The Zimmermans at Conor O’Neills Traditional Irish Pub 10PM-Close

The Zimmerman boys have been bringing Bob Dylan’s sounds to Boulder ears since 2006. Their covers rock out and as you know, we think Conor’s is always a fun time. Johnny’s and Conor’s are in close proximity, so double dip to both shows for a night full of good tunes.

Tomorrow (Saturday 08/22)

Bareface. polaroid per   the author  .

Bareface. polaroid per the author.

Bareface at Boulder Outdoor Cinema 730PM-Dusk

We just wrote about how much we dig this doo-wop lounge band yesterday. So tomorrow is your chance to lend an ear. They’ll all be dressed in costume for this screening of The Princess Bride, and they’d love it if you grooved with them before the film. So head on over.

G-Nome Project at The Lazy Dog 8PM-Close

G-Nome Project claim to be Israel’s premiere livetronica band and tomorrow they’re making a stop in the B on their tour. They say their sound is “grilled cheese funk at its finest,” so prepare to boogie. Roll down to the LD and check them out.



The Heavy Pets at Owsley’s Golden Road 8PM-Close

Get ready for some heavy petting tomorrow at Owsley’s. This five piece jam band from Florida have been around for a decade, and even played big festivals like Bonnaroo and Wakarusa years ago. So if you couldn’t see them then, or you’re just in the mood to chill at a bar with The Grateful Dead acid bears painted all over it, this one’s for you.

That’s it Boulder! Pick a show and we’ll see you there!


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All photos, videos, and embedded tracks per the artists featured and those credited. This feature was edited for brevity and clarity by BolderBeat.