The UMS Starts Tomorrow!

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Denver's giant rock festival is this weekend.

Tomorrow is a magical day. The Underground Music Showcase begins! Just what is The UMS you ask? Why, it’s Colorado’s biggest indie musical festival! Located in Denver, 2015 marks the 15th year for the festival, which features more than 400 local and national music acts at 20 venues. What originally began as a collection of groups playing one Bluebird show is now a four-day fest spread throughout Denver’s best rock venues. Not only is it huge for local music, but all proceeds come right back to Colorado through the Denver Post Community Foundation. You can buy $50 tickets here, or pay the walk-up price of $75 at the box-office. And if you just want a single-day pass, it’s $35. The UMS is always a whisper of aspiration among local artists, so check out the bands who made the cut! See you in Denver! Here’s the schedule for the weekend.

PS: Don't forget to read about the bands we interviewed on the lineup & check out their shows:  A Shadow of Jaguar, Josh Moorehead & the GuestlistSnake Rattle Rattle Snake, The Strawberry Runners & Tyto Alba.


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