Making a Trip to Hear Denver's The Trip Will Be Well-Worth It:

By: Dawn Raymond

Even if you have to make the drive to Denver to see The Trip, it'll be worth, yes... the trip.  

I was fortunate enough to see the Denver rock’n’roll band play recently and I was pleasantly surprised. They are a band comprised of all the necessary aspects of band-dom: Guitarist (Brian), Bass Player (Michael), Drummer (Zak) and Vocalist (Allison), and together they run a pretty tight show. Drummer Zak coined their style of music "post psychedelic surfer" to which one might add a little "punk".   

Denver's The Trip.

Denver's The Trip.

There were a few songs that totally rose to the top of their set, one of which was "Red-Handed Vixen".  It started out pretty precious, then burst into full-on badassed-ness, with lead singer Allison's growling vocals demanding your complete contemplation. The vibe of this song really defines her style: Sweet but Deadly.  

A little further down the road was a song called "Electric City: Part 2", in which the audience was reprimanded for it's addiction to technology. I didn't care. I got some bitchin' footage with my device, and bore the shame with grace.

The Trip Live. Photo per the author.

The Trip Live. Photo per the author.

Another little ditty, entitled "FYJW" was so shrouded in mystery, I was told to forget it ever happened.  

You might wonder, upon hearing this quartet:  "Do they have a CD out yet?" Fortunately, there's a 10-track, self-titled debut in the works, due out this spring (March 2016).

The Trip just played Denver’s Unveiled Music Festival this past weekend- a three day deal comprised of 15 bands at Jackson’s in Denver. If you missed that show, check out their Facebook page for upcoming gigs.

Watch my video of The Trip performing live here:


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