The Jacob Cade Project Proves That Rock 'n' Roll is Still Alive, and Age is Just a Number

By: Jura Daubenspeck

Jacob Cade is not your average teen rocker.

When you were seventeen years old, how were you spending your time? Writing songs, playing sports, and shredding the guitar daily with your musician father and music manager mother? For Jacob Cade, a junior at Ponderosa High School in Parker, CO, playing regular performances as the lead singer and guitarist of a rock band is no pipe dream, it’s reality.

BLDGBLKS   artist Jacob Cade. Photo Credit:  Benjamin Smith Photography

BLDGBLKS artist Jacob Cade. Photo Credit: Benjamin Smith Photography

Born in El Paso, TX, Jacob exhibited musical talent at just age four. His initial interest in guitar led him to then teach himself violin, drums, and piano, and he eventually decided to create his own band, with the desire to make music that preserved the integrity of rock 'n' roll. At the age of twelve, he took on the role as lead singer and guitarist, with his father, Jim Cade, on bass, and Denver-native Shawn Duncan, on drums. And with that, the rock trio that is The Jacob Cade Project was born.

Their debut performance was in December 2012 at a Mile High Scenesters event at Herman’s Hideaway, and since then, they have performed at Cervantes’ Ballroom, The Gothic Theatre, Parker Days Festival, and more.

Shreddin'. Photo Credit: Julie Ann Vinson.

Shreddin'. Photo Credit: Julie Ann Vinson.

The Jacob Cade Project is not just some high school garage band. The musicianship of all three members is palpable, with quick tempos, intense progressions, and powerful finishes. Jacob shreds on guitar, and listening to his vocal work, you can feel his vigor and passion. What I find most impressive about this group is that their music completely holds true to their classic hard rock roots, but also has a youthful feel to them, with Jacob being the lead singer. If The Jacob Cade Project did a cover of AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell,” they would absolutely slay it.

In June 2015, the band released their debut album, The Prince of Rock ‘n Roll which has reached acclaim on the internet, and earned a spot on The Music God’s Best of 2015 Rock Top 20 list. The ten-song album is nothing but pure, heart-pounding rock, with thrasher tracks such as, “Ball and Chain,” “Green Light Go," “The Prince of Rock ‘n Roll,” and “Prisoner”. There are also slower, melodic ballads like “Always” and “Nothing After All”. The album takes you on one hell of a ride, and causes you to shake your head at least once and ask, “Is this kid really in high school?”

Watch The Jacob Cade Project perform "Green Light Go" live:

When Jacob is not writing music or performing, he is active in school sports, including soccer, track, football, basketball, and weightlifting. He is close with his family, and it clearly shows with the creation of The Jacob Cade Project.

Plans for a national tour is in the works, and the group will be traveling on a Southwest regional tour this summer. They will be performing on January 21st at Larimer Lounge, and March 5th at Sunshine Studios Live, so mark your calendars now.

Stay tuned for more news on The Jacob Cade Project, and while you’re at it, check out the Douglas County School District student feature video below, where you can get to know Jacob a little bit better:


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