The Devil In Love: Shipwrecks & Sunsets

By: Annie Kane

With influences like Smashing Pumpkins, Bright Eyes, and Tupac, New York’s The Devil In Love is a two-member act with a rotating cast of other musicians jumping in and out for various performances. As a result of this eclectic mix of inspiration, The Devil In Love struggles to pigeonhole themselves into just one genre. In fact, when asked about this, they said, “[We] wish [we] knew what genre to say. Take a listen and then let us know.”

The Devil In Love began in 2013, when Gigi, the center of the project, met Jake. Once the duo began playing together, The Devil In Love’s sound transformed from acoustic folk-punk to one with full instrumentation and more production-based tracks.

Jake and Gigi.

Jake and Gigi.

Hailing from Buffalo, New York, this two-piece stands out most due to their lyrics surrounding social justice. Gigi is transgender and Jake is cisgender, and each contribute lyrically to the socio-political issues in The Devil In Love’s music with their fresh and original perspectives.


Check out the uplifting new music video for their song “Shipwrecks and Sunsets":

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