Denver's The Clearwings Are Guaranteed to Folk You Up

Denver's The Clearwings. Photo Credit: Jason Paul Roberts

Denver's The Clearwings. Photo Credit: Jason Paul Roberts

The Clearwings are a Denver based duo guaranteed to "folk you up" with their uncomplicated and unclad musical stylings. The band, consisting of Raven Adams (vocals) and Mark Phillips (vocals and guitar), wandered nameless through a few open mic nights before a moniker was required of them. They settled on naming the band after a moth. This may seem a questionable concept, until you hear the story of when they were in Taos, New Mexico one spring evening and had the surreal experience of seeing dozens of hummingbird moths around them (a.k.a: clearwings) in a field of flowers at sunset. Said Mark of the experience, "It was an amazing and other-worldly moment; these bugs that look like birds on invisible wings in golden light [fluttering around] and all the while [we were] looking up at sacred Taos Mountain." After that blissful eve, the name "The Clearwings" just felt right.

Watch The Clearwings music video for their song “Driving Around”: 

The duo currently consider themselves "alt-folk". The folk flavor comes from the simplicity of vocals and guitar, while the alt-ambiance is reflected in their ability to launch off into alternative rock covers and acoustic electronica dance tunes with ease. The end result is that two convey a lively, authentic presence without a lot of pretense.

The Clearwings are currently finishing up their EP entitled Rocks in My Shoes, which will be released as a seven-inch, lathe-cut record with Meep Records. The release party will be at Syntax Physic Opera in Denver on Saturday, May 14. They will be touring this summer, and are scheduled to appear on the 2016 season of “The White Wall Sessions” in South Dakota.

Listen to The Clearwings Nothing to Say

You can get show information and keep up with this Denver duo through their website and Facebook.


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