Magpie & Dear Rabbit Tell Us Stories Of Life On The Road + Play Lost Lake This Tuesday

Zach Dunn of Denver's Magpie.

Zach Dunn of Denver's Magpie.

This Tuesday, January 3rd, Denver’s Lost Lake will be hosting two of Colorado’s road-worn artists: Zach Dunn of Magpie and Rence Liam of Dear Rabbit. Both call the state home, but both seldom play shows around the good ‘ol C.O. because of busy tour schedules. Dunn, who started playing in the mountains of Telluride followed by a stint in Denver, actually resides now in Moab, UT. He plays with various musicians around the country, bringing them together for shows under the Magpie moniker. And Liam, who has traveled solo (as R E N C E) and with a band (as Dear Rabbit), can occasionally be found in Colorado Springs when he isn’t on the road. Their Lost Lake gig next Tuesday is only $5 in advance, and together they’re ready to warm you up from any post-holiday blues! Grab tickets while you can, and in the meantime, learn how they got their start in the music world, and check out some of their crazy tour shenanigans:

How did you start touring?

Dunn: Myself and longtime Magpie fiddle player Luke Sivertson were living in this little back alley house in the Denver Five Points area. We were both pedi-cabbing, playing our first local shows, and sleeping on a bunk bed. We got kicked out of the house in the middle of the winter. I was pretty upset at the time because I had worked so hard to find some stability in the city. However, it was just the kick in the ass we needed to try out touring life and the two of us booked our first run out in the southeast where the weather was more kind.

Liam: It pretty much just fell into place. The story begins before I even wrote a single song of my own. I was playing bass, backing up my buddy Net Hua for various songs that he wrote and sang. One day, he felt the need to leave town, but he encouraged me to continue pursuing music on my own. He was the one who let me know that he believed in me even though he hadn't heard my [own solo] songs. Various places around Colorado were still asking for our band to play at shows, and I just confirmed under our newer moniker without telling them the full story. I initially had to "cover" Net Hua's songs while I was starting out. It was during this time that I was still learning how to sing, and I also was learning how to write my own songs. Eventually I came up with enough material of my own. About six months or so after my solo musical endeavors began, David Strackany (who performed under the moniker of Paleo at the time), reached out to me for a show at an art gallery.  I had been wanting to tour some, but David inspired me even further. In fact, a year or so later, he helped me book my first tour!

Rence Liam of Dear Rabbit.

Rence Liam of Dear Rabbit.

What's the most bizarre show you have played?

Dunn: I have played quite a few. Lately, it seems like we are all meeting up for just one big show in nobody's hometown which makes it hard to find a place to practice. We will find a secluded park or cemetery or bridge where we hope nobody is so we can work on the set without being interrupted. Always, a small crowd will show up out of the woodworks and we just end up playing an impromptu show for the random audience and forget about the whole practice thing. But probably the most bizarre was one time when somebody hired me to write a birthday song for their friend in Boulder. I barely knew her. I rang the doorbell singing telegram style, and sang this cheesy birthday song I made up. She loved it. I think.    

Liam: Many shows have been bizarre, but one that comes to mind is when we performed in a trench by the L.A. River. I had just finished writing "Don't Let South Dakota Spiders Eat You," so I recorded it for my own personal criticism for further improvement. But I liked the way my voice carried underneath that bridge so much that I posted the recording to SoundCloud (along with a completely different, plugged in version performed in Phoenix).



What's the craziest place you have slept?

Dunn: The van was always great ‘cause you could sleep comfortably anywhere; in the countryside or on most any city street. Pre-van days are a different story. One time, three of us were traveling in this tiny car that barely had enough room for our gear. We had a day off and wanted to check out the Grand Coulee Dam up in Washington. We pitched a tent right above it.  There were all these spooky owls flying around. The clouds started to build and we were really in for it. It poured so hard that it drowned our tent. We ran for the campground bathrooms and found a ratty, longhaired terrier dog crying by the entrance. Someone had abandoned it and it had this disgusting eyeball that was protruding out of its socket. We were actually kind of afraid of it. We ended up bringing it into the bathroom with us and we all slept on the floor that night. We didn't know what to do with the dog ‘cause we had shows coming up. Luckily, the very next day we found a lady to take in the pup. She named it Magpie.

Liam: I will admit that some sleep options can seem sketchy at times. I am really thankful for my strong network of friends, throughout the states and in Canada, who are usually able to find me better options when I run into those situations. But during one of my touring gaps, I was looking for a free campsite, and I wound up in the vicinity of this northeastern Montana town called Fort Peck. The town seemed weird to me, as it had no gas station and no grocery store; yet it had a coffee shop, a tourist center for the dam, and a fully functioning theatre amongst a couple or so other sparse attractions. I arrived in town too late for the theatre performance, but I really wanted to grab a drink there, and I had just two options. One was this cowboy-type of bar that reminded me of Texas Roadhouse or something. The other was the lounge area of an older hotel; it had this Twin Peaks vibe. Obviously, I chose to enjoy my glass of beer at the hotel lounge, but I still camped out, and the summer heat and wind were not to my liking!

Rence Liam.

Rence Liam.

What do you like about each others' live set?

Dunn: I remember the first few times [I watched Rence] he had this old plastic classical guitar plugged into a really tiny distorted amp and was kinda yelling. It was really jarring at first sight. Then I started to watch and listen, and I saw him expressing himself truly, which is rare these days. I laughed and I cried. I realized he doesn't really care much about what anyone else thinks.  I've seen him progress tremendously as a musician since those first few shows. The heart of it is still there. Rence is good at being himself and makes it ok for everyone else to be who they are.  

Liam: I especially like how [Magpie] sing songs about friends, and I personally like how the instrumentation, as well as voices, can vary from show to show. It evolves and brings a fresh and new interpretation of Zach's songs. It has been a year or so since we have shared the stage, which gets me excited and curious to see what he brings to the table on Tuesday night!

Get yourself to the Lost Lake too this Tuesday! Tickets here, and you can keep up with more adventures from Magpie and Dear Rabbit on their websites.

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The Weekend Six: Six Shows to See 08/26, 08/27, & 08/28

By: Hannah Oreskovich

TGIF yo. Here’s The Six:

Today (Friday 08/26):

RiNo Music Festival at RiNo Neighborhood in Denver 430PM-Close


Channel 93.3, Westword, and Twist and Shout are throwing a festival bash for you today in Denver’s RiNo neighborhood, and it’s just in time for happy hour. The music lineup includes Silversun Pickups, St. Lucia, 888, Bishop Briggs, and A Silent Film. Tickets are $40 for the whole shebang, and you can nab ‘em here. Festi while you can, folks.

Watch 888’s official music video for their song “Critical Mistakes”:

Local Songwriter Showcase at Club 156 in Boulder 7PM-9PM


CU’s Program Council is putting on a cool event tonight at Club 156 that features several local talented singer/songwriters, including Cameron Bailey, Jobi, Jarocki, Ethan Cohen, Nate Harvey, and Sophie Kloor. The event is free and open to the public, so whether you’re new to CU and wanting to learn more about the music scene, or a longtime Boulder resident wanting to check out some new tunes, get to this show! 

Listen to Sophie Kloor’s demo for her song “Losing Myself”:

Kutandara Kombi at The Laughing Goat in Boulder 8PM-Close


Boulder’s Kutandara is a world music group, fusing “African music traditions with indie-pop, rock, jazz, gospel, [and] classical” sounds. And tonight, they’ve got a gig at Boulder’s LG that is sure to make your spirits dance. Kutandara are well known for their eclectic sets, playing every show with the intent of “exchanging energy of music and movement with our audiences”. Sounds like a rad time- and it’s free! Head on down.

Sample some Kutandara tracks here.

Tomorrow (Saturday 08/27):

Eros and the Eschaton Album Release Show at Larimer Lounge in Denver 8PM-Close

Colorado Springs’ Eros and the Eschaton dropped their sophomore album Weight of Matter recently, and we have been diggin’ on it. Major. Read more about it in our review of the album, and celebrate with the band tomorrow at their Larimer show. Denver’s I Sank Molly Brown and Maybe Baby & The Bitch Boys are joining the party, and OpenAir CPR is putting on the show. Tickets are only $10 in advance. Get ‘em now, and while you’re at it, get Weight of Matter. Your ears will thank you.

Listen to Eros and the Eschaton’s single “Rxx”:

Mayhem Gulch at Conor O’Neill’s in Boulder 10PM-Close


If you’re looking for a solid bluegrass show for the weekend, look no further Colorado! Boulder’s own bluegrass/newgrass five-piece Mayhem Gulch will be strummin’ at Conor’s tomorrow night. The group describe themselves as “a whiskey-fueled campfire jam”, which sounds pretty perfect for a summer Saturday. So get to it!

Listen to Mayhem Gulch’s “Run for the Hills”:

The Next Day (Sunday 08/28):

Magpie, Ethan Griggs + Sonder Ensemble, & Chloe Tang at Lost Lake Lounge in Denver 8PM-Close


Back in March, we featured Denver’s soulful folk outfit Magpie. The “orchestral folk rock” project, led by Zach Dunn, is playing The Lost Lake this Sunday, headlining a bill that features Ethan Griggs + Sonder Ensemble and Chloe Tang. The show starts at 8PM and is only $8, so ease into the week with a good drink and the sweet sounds of these Denver acts. More info here.

Watch Magpie’s live performance video of their tune “Trembling”:

See you at a show CO! Xoxox


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Denver's Soulful Folk Outfit Magpie Hit The Fox Stage Tonight with Satsang & headliner Zach Deputy

By: Zach Dahmen

Get to The Fox tonight for a lineup that has a major mix of sounds.

Denver’s’s soulful folk outfit Magpie is opening tonight’s Fox Theatre show, which features reggae/folk/hip-hop four-piece Satsang and headliner “gospel/soul ninja” Zach Deputy.

Magpie is a three piece whose sound has an heir of the late 00’s folk surge. Lead by Zach Dunn’s wavering vocals and sparse guitar, the band drifts through each song like they are finding their way with each note. Filling out the lineup is Liz Becker on backing vocals and fiddle player Luke Sivertson. Their full length album Good Friends is a full orchestral production, ranging from the expansive eight minute long rambler ‘“Raindance of the Hunter Gatherer” to the brief and breezy “Le Porch”.

“Trembling”, the lead single of the album, gives the best perspective on their sound as a whole; at times experimental but also hitting heavy on repetitive lyrics, which build to a foot-stomping good time. It’s one of the many moments where the band’s sound is reminiscent of Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, while other songs, such as “Big Sur Drive”, take cues from Conor Oberst with ghostly vocals and simple arrangements.

Magpie make their return to Boulder tonight. Doors are at 830PM, show starts at 9PM, and tickets are only $15. Check out this great local opener and get your tickets here.

Watch Magpie’s video for “Trembling”:

Connect with Magpie on Facebook to keep up with their live performance schedule and other news.


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