The Apples in stereo Release Limited Edition Vinyl Boxed Set of 'Science Faire' + Our Interview with Apples Bassist Eric Allen

By: Claire Woodcock

The Apples in Stereo, who co-founded the famed Elephant 6 Collective (E6), have a new Limited Edition 3x7” Vinyl Box Set of their compilation album Science Faire out today. It’s been 20 years since the collection of EPs, singles, and tracks from the indie pop group were originally released between 1993 and 1995, recorded reel-to-reel at the E6 Recording Co.

“I knew [The Apples in stereo] was good, but I didn’t know the whole world was going to flip out over it,” said longtime Apples bassist Eric Allen. 

The artwork for the  Science Faire  compilation album.

The artwork for the Science Faire compilation album.

After two decades, Science Faire has become representative of “the good ol’ days." As Allen told us, “[Listening to Science Faire] really sparks how excited I was because The Apples were my favorite local band and I liked them as people quite a lot before I even started playing with them. Science Faire just reminds me of the pure joy I got from seeing them and knowing them.”

The Apples in stereo. Left to right: Doss, Dufilho, Fuzz, Ferguson, Allen and Schneider (seated).

The Apples in stereo. Left to right: Doss, Dufilho, Fuzz, Ferguson, Allen and Schneider (seated).

It was the height of the grunge era; back then the Denver band were just “The Apples”, a name inspired by the 1967 Pink Floyd song “Apples and Oranges.” Allen knew The Apples’ original drummer Hilarie Sidney from working at Wax Trax Records on Capitol Hill.

“When The Apples’ first 7 inch came out, I went to the record release show and just thought it was amazing,” said Allen. “It was so different than anything that was going on; to have something that was so poppy and kind of fast…”

The Apples in stereo.

The Apples in stereo.

Allen, who started out on guitar with a few hardcore bands, joined The Apples in 1995 after original bassist Jim McIntyre left and Elephant 6er Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel) was filling in on bass. As Allen says, “Everybody plays guitar and every band needs a bass player.” So Allen picked up the bass and signed on after most of the tracks from Science Faire were recorded. “When all of those singles- the stuff that’s on Science Faire- was coming out, those were all the songs that I learned and toured.” he said, “Obviously I didn’t play on the records but I pushed those records; I toured those records.”

At the same time The Apples were first starting out, founding members Robert Schneider (vocalist/lead guitarist/producer), McIntyre, and Sidney were collaborating with Schneider’s childhood friend Mangum, Will Cullen Hart, and the late Bill Doss (The Olivia Tremor Control). That’s how the Elephant 6 Collective came about, paving the way for bands to exist like The Olivia Tremor Control (then known as Synthetic Flying Machine), Neutral Milk Hotel, Elf Power, Dressy Bessy, of Montreal, and of course The Apples in stereo.

The Apples in stereo 7" EPs (Tidal Wave and Hypnotic Suggestion), and the singles collection 7" Time For Bed with new original artwork. Together, these comprise the new Science Faire boxed set.

A few months after joining The Apples in stereo, Allen got a call from Schneider saying that the band was being asked to open for The Flaming Lips. That was the tour that took The Apples in stereo out of Denver to tour Science Faire, and eventually their later releases.

“Those songs really were kind of the bedrock of our shows for many, many years,” Allen said, adding, “And some of those songs have never left. I mean that’s not to say that we play them at every show or anything like that, but songs like “Tidal Wave” or “Turn Coat Indian” or “Not the Same,” we still play them.”

These tracks are all on the new limited edition Science Faire triple 7" vinyl box set via Chunklet Industries, and Allen’s teasing a more cohesive sound than the record release from ’96:

“Before, Science Faire [were] all these different 7 inch [selections] that came out on all different pressings at different times, and now it’s all been kind of streamlined through one pressing plant.” Allen explained. “It probably does sound a little bit more like there’s more continuity to it than if you just had all of your original 7 inches.”  

Taken from the original masters, the limited edition Science Faire boxed set takes on a wider, more cohesive scope. Allen says that when Henry Owens with Chunklet redid the record, he did it at 33 rpms rather than the initial 45 rpms, making the original recordings not only sound deeper, but more bass heavy, an element of the new limited release that Allen particularly digs.

The box for the limited edition  Science Faire  vinyl set via chunklet industries.

The box for the limited edition Science Faire vinyl set via chunklet industries.

The Apples in stereo have largely been on hiatus since the death of keyboardist Bill Doss in 2012. Lead singer/guitarist/producer Schneider has been a doctoral student at Emory University in Georgia for several years. And today, Allen and guitarist John Hill are the only members still kicking it in Denver.

So under that context, Allen said that listening to Science Faire makes him reminiscent, which isn’t something he goes out of his way to do often.

 “They’re still my favorite people in the world. The Apples [in stereo] is still my favorite band, but when you’re in it, you don’t have that sort of specialness you have when you’re removed.” he smiled.

It’s unclear whether The Apples in stereo will record new music in the future. But for longtime listeners, the new Science Faire triple record will be a remedy. Get the new special edition compilation of Science Faire here. Only 500 total have been pressed, and all of the clear/colored vinyl packages have already sold out in pre-sale, so the remaining limiteds are expected to go quickly, and may even be gone by the time you're done reading this... 


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Denver's Last of the Easy Riders Releasing Vinyl LP On UK's Agitated Records

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Denver’s Last of the Easy Riders are one local act making a lot of noise at home and over in the UK. Comprised of Mitch Mitchem (drums/percussion/vocals), Bradley “Blue Moon” Grear (guitar), Big Byrd Minarik (guitar/backing vocals), and Dan “Rain Child” Duggan, this crew formed about a year ago with a shared vision: to create cosmic rock’n’roll.

Last of the Easy Riders. 

Last of the Easy Riders. 

Though based in Colorado, the “high country folk rock and Southwestern psych” outfit are putting out a sweet, orange-swirl limited edition 12” on UK’s Agitated Records this month. The release is the band’s debut LP: a self-titled, six-song record that dropped digitally back in February of this year. The vinyl will be released November 18th, and you’ll be able to purchase it for yourself here. It’s the sort of album you’d find yourself listening to on the open road while you’re cruising to Joshua Tree headed "find yourself" in the desert: psych-heavy with killer strings, drippy vocals, and thumpin’ rock beats.

Check out Last of the Easy Riders’ self-titled LP:

Locally, Last of the Easy Riders have a couple of live performances on the horizon: they play with MAMA The Rubs Slynger at Mile High Spirits this Saturday, November 3rd and at the Hi-Dive on November 20th for the Third Annual Mile Hi Gram Jam.

Make sure to check out this crew before they head over to the UK, and don’t forget to snag their sweet vinyl on November 18th!

Keep up with Last of the Easy Riders here.


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Joseph Tonelli's Debut Album "Dust and Snow": A Review of One Sincere Singer/Songwriter

By: Dawn Raymond

Joseph Tonelli's debut record presents more than just his soul.

If Joseph Tonelli's music were a season, I think it would be fall, with its aromatic romance and the slightly sad sense of endings. His music ponders the timeless topics of things like love and loss, and it finds a striking, restful acceptance of the two. Tonelli doesn't specifically write songs about heartbreak, but he does write about the deep-down heart of life, with it's beauty and it's pain. He likes all of his lyrics, and this just exemplifies the consistency of his soul: Joseph Tonelli presents himself in a simple and sincere way, with an honest transparency that sometimes borders on discomfort, but ultimately gives you a sense of his soul.

Boulder's Joseph Tonelli. 

Boulder's Joseph Tonelli. 

In creating his upcoming June 2016 release Dust and Snow, all 7 songs presented themselves to be a part of the album, which suggests that the music travels through him to it's destination. Tonelli recorded the album in his living room, sometimes even with his son sleeping close by, and every track is a sort of hand-crafted work of art.

Some of Joseph's songs have a sort of rustic and lonely feel; the kind of music you listen to in honest, quiet moments of contemplation, but each track is totally relatable for pondering, wandering souls. His lyrics sometimes communicate the thoughts that he can't convey in any other way, with personal themes and messages weaving their way throughout:

"I'll probably end up at some bar down the road,
can't tell if it’s heaven or hell sort of reminds me of both." (June 15, 2009)

"Sometimes I can catch a sight through these cracks in the night
of the man that I once knew that I could be,
he's covered in dust and soot and grime
a deadly sin, a heinous crime
but man i swear he's just one breath away" (Sometimes)

Joseph plans to continue writing, collaborating and performing live after the release of Dust and Snow, and it will be interesting to see what lyrics and melodies present themselves for public consumption for his future projects.

In the meantime, preorder Dust and Snow on vinyl, flashdrive, and CD right here. Stay tuned for upcoming show information by liking JT’s Facebook page, or checking out his website. Want to read more about Joseph Tonelli? Check out our exclusive interview with the Boulder artist here.


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Joseph Tonelli: Boulder's "Newest" Singer-Songwriter Tells Us About His Situation

By: Hannah Oreskovich

We're pretty obsessed with Joseph Tonelli's situation.

Born in Chicago, former vagabond-turned-Boulder-resident Joseph Tonelli has been playing music for years. The banjo was his first love, and he actually used to strum in a band with friend and fellow musician Dango Rose (of Elephant Revival) back in their highschool days. After college, Tonelli did a lot of traveling, spending years at a time out of the country. But he and his five-year-old son are now settled here in Boulder and through a series of life events, Tonelli turned back to music and is working on his debut solo album.

“The album I’m making now is sort of the tip of what I’ve been doing for a long time; the tip of my story, you know? I’ve been writing songs for years, but never properly produced or shared any of my music. Most of what I have done in the past is loads and loads of demos. This is different. [After recording] DIY in my living room, I sent everything to my friend Valentino in Italy for production and instrumentation. I found that recording was the easy part- now it’s everything else: promotion, distribution, the album artwork, music videos- I’m doing this project DIY in its entirety. But one of the best parts is, I’m working on all of those parts with a lot of friends.”

And Tonelli sure has a lot of those. He’s currently working on the album artwork with a connection in Asheville, his recent music video release was done by a buddy overseas, and he’s chatting with some friends about the possibility of a vinyl release in the spring.

“Vinyl has been a part of my life for a long time- I remember going through my dad’s 45s as a kid and choosing the ones I liked and separating them from the ones I didn't. I just really value the whole experience [of vinyl]- the smell and the weight and the sound; some of it is straight nostalgia. So I’ve been battling with the idea of releasing it that way.”


When it comes to the stories behind Tonelli’s songs, he told us, “All seven tracks are super personal; uncomfortably personal. That’s the music I love, that’s the music I listen to, that’s the music that keeps me company. So that’s where I write- to move through things or to say something to somebody when I’m not that good at talking to them. The first song [on the album] I wrote in 2006 and the last one I wrote about a month ago, so I’ve picked songs from different transitions and highlights in life. I don’t write heartbreak songs, but a bunch of these songs are in that vein of the heart in relationship to other people. All of these songs have been collected through my experiences and emotional stuff.”

Following his plans of a spring release, Tonelli wants to continue working creatively with collaborators on his music, to play more live shows, and to keep writing new material.

“I felt like I couldn’t move on until I got some of these older songs out,” he said, “But these were the songs that presented themselves. I finally feel like I’ve been able to sculpt the record that I’ve been trying to sculpt for a long time.”

Stay tuned for updates on Joseph Tonelli’s official release date, and in the meantime, check out the new, awesome animated music video he just released for his first single, “My Situation”:


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The Weekend Six: Six Shows to See 12/18 & 12/19

By: Hannah Oreskovich

The holidays are on zee way so spend this weekend with great music, great drinks, and great shows. Here’s where to be:

Today (Friday, 12/18)

The Kinky Fingers VAGABOND Release Show at the Hi-Dive 8PM-Close

Denver’s pysch/surf/rock mashup band The Kinky Fingers dropped the digital version of their mini-album VAGABOND a couple of weeks ago and tonight they’re celebrating its vinyl release with all their favorite friends. They’ll have limited 7” for purchase and there will be performances by Bark Wilson, Josh Moorehead & The Guestlist, Dead Palms, & Scary Drugs. Plus the theme of the show is “Western Surf Wars” aka wear a cowboy hat with your Darth Vader suit kids! Get tix here.

Give VAGABOND a preview here:

Contraband at Bohemian Biergarten 10PM-Close

Been itching for a night of ska and reggae with a sprinkle of afrobeat and jazz? Then Denver’s Contraband is gonna scratch it for you tonight! Chase things down with a bierrrrrrrr and dance the night away. There are so many people in this band that the party is sure to boil over into the crowd. So get to it at the BB.

Peep a Contraband original below:

Jababa at Conor O’Neill’s Irish Pub 10PM-Close

Boulder’s own Jababa will be taking the Conor’s stage tonight for an evening of funk and fusion jazz. This five-piece wants to party with you- finals are done, you haven’t left town yet, and it’s the weekend. What more do you need? Go get funk nasty with these guys tonight.

Listen to a Jababa track here:

Ugly Sweater Party with Whiskey Autumn at The No Name Bar 10PM-Close

That's an ugly sweater.

That's an ugly sweater.

The WA boys dropped a new music video this week for their track 07.04.07. We’ll be bringing you a feature on it early next week, but in the meantime, go see these boys live in the flesh at The No Name tonight! They’ll be dancing with you in their ugly sweaters and the whiskey will be flowin’. Come hang!

Watch the new music video for 07.04.07 here:

Tomorrow (Saturday, 12/19)

Holiday Tequila Dinner with Suerte featuring Hunter Stone & Augustus at Cafe Aion 5PM-Close

Impress your Tinder date with more than a burger and fries by bringing them to Cafe Aion tomorrow night. There’s a crazy collaboration happening between Aion, Boulder’s Suerte tequila, and local acts Hunter Stone and Augustus. If you wanna do everythanggg it’s $55- steep yes- but you get a ton of food + cocktails and, c’mon, the music is obviously rad. Get fancy. 

Here’s a Hunter Stone original:

And here’s a sweet Augustus track:

El Javi at The No Name Bar 10PM-Close


Denver-based flamenco guitarist El Javi is making the trek to the B tomorrow night to play a sick show for you at The No Name. If the snow hasn’t already melted Boulder, his guitar will demand it. El Javi is one incredibly talented dude so we’ll definitely be hanging here. Come say hi! Listen to El Javi here.

Stay warm at a show with us! See you soon. Happy holidays!



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The Fremonts: Restless, Raw, & Beautiful

By: Hannah Oreskovich

The Fremonts are Boulder newcomers dropping folky, Americana goodness.

How to have a perfect summer evening: Combine sunset lighting, a glass of prosecco, & the folky, Americana sounds of the The Fremonts on the back porch of The Tridet Cafe. The scent of a rose bush is wafting your way on the left; paper lanterns softly light the night above you. This was The Fremonts recent vinyl release party. But if this delicate scene freaks you out Boulder, don’t worry. Justin Badger’s raw and restless vocals will give you just the edge you’re looking for.

Badger. Photo Credit:   Hannah Oreskovich

Badger. Photo Credit: Hannah Oreskovich

Born of thestorytelling of Stephanie Dodd and the songwriting of Justin Badger,” The Fremonts are a Boulder-based band that know how to combine pretty and gruff in all the best ways. Dodd (vocals/keyboard/xylophone) has a gentle, soothing voice that guides you along their lyrical stories. And Badger (vocals/guitar/suitcase kick drum) brings in strong, turbulent tones. It’s a perfect fit.

So how can you get your ears on their sound?

First- snag their recent vinyl EP release here. It opens with the upbeat “How Often” and ends with their yearning track “Echo.” You could download their digital album for free, or you could splurge a whole $10 for the wax (obvi get the vinyl). Their awesome album art photo by Bootleg Cooperative will actually make you feel like the $10 was worth it even before you spin the record. It’s cool.

See what I mean? The Fremonts EP. Photo Credit:   The Fremonts

See what I mean? The Fremonts EP. Photo Credit: The Fremonts

Second- tune in July 25th @ 4PM to the Way High. The Fremonts will be playing a live, on-air show in an old church where their harmonies and strumming are surely to sound powerfully awesome.

Third- hit up one of our most favoritest of Boulder venues- the No Name Bar- on August 1st. The Fremonts will bring a kick rhythm that makes the place beat while you sip on some choice whiskey.

Dodd on keys. Photo Credit:    Hannah Oreskovich

Dodd on keys. Photo Credit:  Hannah Oreskovich

Raw, pretty, gruff, delicate, restless, soft, rugged. That’s The Fremonts. Give ‘em a listen here.


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