BADBADNOTGOOD Talk To Us About Who They Want To Work With Next

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Toronto’s BADBADNOTGOOD are best known for their interpretations and collaborations in the realm of modern hip-hop. The four piece post-hop and jazz improv group first came together in 2010 at Humber College’s jazz program over their love of MF Doom and Odd Future. Founding members Matthew A. Tavares (keys), Chester Hansen (bass), and Alexander Sowinksi (drums) actually released their “Odd Future Sessions Part 1” on YouTube after their jazz instructors were unimpressed with the project. Ironically, it grabbed the attention of Tyler, The Creator himself and went viral. Since then, Leland Whitney (saxophone) has joined the mix, and together the quartet have worked with Tyler, Earl Sweatshirt, Danny Brown, Ghostface Killah, Future Islands’ Sam Herring, Mick Jenkins, Kaytranada, and more. The band are currently touring on their fifth studio album, aptly titled 'IV,' which BBC Radio 6 Music called the #1 album of 2016. This weekend, BADBADNOTGOOD play Denver’s Gothic Friday (01/13), and will take Boulder’s Fox Theatre stage with Sur Ellz Saturday (01/14). Grab tickets while you can here, and in the meantime, check out our chat with this crazy talented crew:

You guys had quite the international tour recently. Any spots along the way you’re really hoping to get back to in 2017?

We went to a lot of new countries we’d never seen before last year- Japan, Israel, Taiwan, Brazil, Mexico- they would all be amazing to visit again but we have a great time everywhere!

BBC Radio 6 Music picked 'IV' as their album of the year for 2016. What was your initial reaction to hearing that?

Very, very surprised to be honest. There were so many incredible albums we loved on that list and we didn’t feel like ours was a serious contender! We’re extremely happy about the recognition IV has gained. We’re also eternally grateful to our friends in the UK like Gilles Peterson, and all the other DJs at the BBC and otherwise for all the support they’ve shown us over the years!

What were some of your favorite albums dropped in 2016?

Solange’s A Seat at the Table, Kaytranada’s 99.9%, Anderson.Paak’s Malibu, Frank Ocean’s Blonde, A Tribe Called Quest’s We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service, and Andy Shauf’s The Party, among many others!



Festival lineup announcements have begun. Anything you can hint at about your summer plans?

Sure! We’re going to be playing some incredible festivals across the world- Bonnaroo and Primavera to name a couple that have been announced. We’ll be around Europe, North America, and a few other trips are in the works. We’re also going to have a lot of time at home this year to record and get into some different projects! Peace and love for 2017.

Over the past couple of years, your collaborations with various hip-hop artists have been incredibly impressive. Who is next on your short list of peeps you’re hoping to work with?

We’d love to get a concise project together with Kaytranada. We’ve got so much work in the vault that has yet to come out, and he’s a great friend who’s a pleasure to work with. That’s probably top of the list right now. There are a bunch of other friends in Toronto who we’re stoked to record with too!

Give IV a listen:


When are you headed back in the studio?

Pretty soon probably! No idea what we’re going to work on, or what it’s going to sound like though.

If you had to tell us in one word what it was like working with Ghostface Killah on an entire album ('Sour Soul'), what would it be?

Wow one word... Challenging but also rewarding and amazing!

Make sure to catch BBNG at their Colorado shows this weekend; keep up with BADBADNOTGOOD here.


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Riot Fest & Rodeo: The Music Festival That Knows How to Keep It Real

By: Sierra Voss

The final day of Riot Fest had my feet beginning to ache in my boots, my skin reppin’ a not so healthy I-have-been-in-the-sun-for-over-24-hours kinda glow, and a thin layer of sweat forever coating my body. Riot Fest is not for the weak-hearted. On the last day, energy levels were high, perhaps even higher than Saturday’s. A quiet buzz filled the air in anticipation for the night's headliners: The Original Misfits and NAS.



Sunday’s overall lineup was actually epic. I started my day off with girl punk band, Bleached, and these ladies were true crushers. They rocked and ripped their set on the Hoffman Stage. Bassit Micayla Grace was a forever stream of headbanging and hair flips, while lead singer, Jennifer Francis Clavin, slowly crawled to the edge of the stage to get as close as she could to her audience. After Bleached, I popped over to the Rock Stage to catch 2 Chainz. Thirty  minutes into his set time, he still hadn’t taken the stage, so I bailed. I am not into artists that makes their audience wait. I don’t care who you are, it’s lame. Bad Religion took the Riot Stage in the late afternoon, just as the day was cooling off and the sun was starting to make its way down the sky. Fans gathered, singing along with every word of their classic set.

Bad Religion.

Bad Religion.

This year’s Riot Fest was a pretty crazy mix of rock and hip hop culture. The last four sets I caught were a perfect representation of the dynamic diversity of music and people that Riot Fest wrangled up for this year’s rodeo:

Tyler, the Creator.

Tyler, the Creator.

Tyler, the Creator, a big up and coming hip hop artist, had a very subtle rock vibe integrated into his craft. As I looked around at the audience glazin’ up at him, I saw a unique mixture of humans. Some repped NAS shirts while others sported studded and patched jean jacket vests, but all were singing and dancing along to his set.

Sleigh Bells.

Sleigh Bells.

The band Sleigh Bells, were similar to Tyler, representing a perfect mixture of vibes for this year's crowd. At it’s core, SB are a rock band, but they have subtle hip hop flares throughout their tunes. And I have a big ole girl crush on Sleigh Bells’ lead singer, Alexis Krauss. She is all the things and is definitely worth catching for a live show.

Rowdy at the Rodeo.

Rowdy at the Rodeo.

The night ended with two historic performances: The Original Misfits, reunited for the first time since 1983, rocked the Riot Stage, while NAS dropped dirty beats on the opposite side of the festival grounds at the Rock Stage.

Misfits Only.

Misfits Only.

Whoever created the lineup for the fest this year was pretty crafty. I truly was not expecting to be as into this festival as I ended up being. But there I stood, at the end of day three, as the dust settled into the festival grounds around me, loving all the bands that had taken the four stages throughout the weekend and having met some pretty incredible festi-goers. Riot Fest has an authentic vibe about it: no crazy light shows, no weird heady worlds or attractions, and no BS. It’s a festival with solid rock and hip hop artists in a pretty stripped down setting, filled with festival goers that are ready to rock. This was one rodeo I’m glad I didn’t miss.

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Five Arstists You Should See at Vertex Festival This Weekend

By: Annie Kane

Buena Vista’s inaugural music festival, Vertex, is bringing some huge acts to its majestic landscape.

Vertex Festival, presented by Madison House and AEG Live, is scheduled to bring a variety of big name artists from both blues rock (Alabama Shakes) to electronic (Odesza) genres to the recently rehabilitated ranch surrounded by 14ers in the mountain country of Buena Vista. But the killer lineup doesn’t end after the big names. Many of the smaller artists chosen that are placed on the third tier of the lineup still have huge musical credibility to their name, and most definitely should not be skipped over. Here are our top five must-see acts from that portion of the lineup:


California-based rock band Dawes bring their approach to raw old-school touch to their sound. Their vintage feel is a result of recording their live sessions on an analog tape, and inspiration from one of the most classic bands of all time, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Their rich sound will echo beautifully Vertex’s grand venue.

Ryan Hemsworth

Ryan Hemsworth is an explorative DJ raised in Nova Scotia. Despite only releasing singles since his last album in 2014, Alone for the First Time, Hemsworth has been riding a wave of fame this year. With access to a computer, it is easy for most anyone to become a producer, but it is rare for someone to be able to truly create art from simple beats. Ryan Hemsworth has this talent. His sound mixes misplaced voices, sometimes even whispers, into deep, twinkly, and ecstatic beats to create something that is like Pop Rocks for your ears. His set will be filled with all sorts of good vibes.

Hiatus Kaiyote

Hiatus Kaiyote has dubbed their genre as “future soul”. One short listen, and you can tell that this self-identification is spot on. Nai Palm, the frontwoman of the band, has a full voice reminiscent of Amy Winehouse that when combined with drums, keyboards, and sci-fi space-like sounds creates something you’ve surely never heard before. They’ve collaborated with fellow Vertex artist, Anderson Paak, along with Q-Tip, and have opened for the revered Erykah Badu. Nai Palm tells the Wall Street Journal that their music isn’t “genre specific… If you have enough different influences, it becomes a hybrid of your own. The collective viewpoint defines us." Catch their box-breaking set on Sunday.

Big Wild

We caught up with Jackson Stell, the brains behind the name of Big Wild, while he toured through Denver earlier this summer. Read our interview with him here, and peep a recap video of his show at the Larimer Lounge here. Big Wild is a DJ worth seeing live. He does not sit behind a computer, press a spacebar and then continue to vibe out to his own music; rather, Stell switches between his laptop, drums, keyboards and even an acoustic drum set-up. East coast native and California transplant Stell mixes a variety of super fun sounds into his songs, along with remixing a variety of well known songs, such as “Show Me Love” by Hundred Waters feat. Chance the Rapper. Big Wild had everybody dancing at his show in Denver, and he’s guaranteed to make you move at Vertex too.


Recent collaborator on Kaytranada’s latest album, BadBadNotGood has been making big waves in the hip-hop community despite being a jazz-focused ensemble. The group, consisting of Matthew Tavares (keyboards/synthesizer), Chester Hansen (bass) and Alexander Sowinski (drums), have already worked with Tyler, the Creator, Frank Ocean, Wu Tang’s Ghostface Killah and Mick Jenkins. Their shared love of jazz and hip-hop led them to reinterpret famous hip-hop songs, which has attracted the attention of big name artists. BadBadNotGood is one of those almost-underground voices that is driving an  innovative change in music. Check out their song with Future Islands’ Samuel T. Herring, “Time Moves Slow”.

See the whole lineup for Vertex Music Festival here.


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Why To Turn Your Eye To Solo Woods

By: Annie Kane

Some of the most slept on artists are the ones right in front of us.

Openers for headlining artists are usually skipped, ignored, or booed offstage in anticipation for the main performer. Little do people know that those artists aren’t just thrown on stage to fill time, but are actually picked with the support of either the artist they bought the ticket for, or other influential people in the industry. If you were able to catch Leon Bridges’ performance at the Paramount Theatre in Denver recently, I hope you got to catch his opening R&B act, Solo Woods.

Solo Woods.

Solo Woods.

Hailing from Chicago and currently based in Brooklyn, Solo Woods is a powerhouse artist. His moving voice links his interchanging styles, ranging from soulful R&B to funky synths reminiscent of 80’s Prince. He’s grabbed the attention of Pigeons and Planes and AfroPunk. With regard to his song “Long Ways”, P&P writer, Katie Kelly said it “makes me feel something I didn’t think was humanly possible”. This just about sums up my first interaction with Woods too.

Though I was unable to snag a ticket in time for Leon Bridges’ sold out Paramount Theatre performance, I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time for the intimate performance by both Woods and Bridges at Goosetown Tavern’s open mic in Denver. Half of the tavern was emptied out to make room for a small stage, and there were roughly 30 people in the room as Woods stepped up to the mic, guitar in hand. His drummer, Themba, set up behind him.

Solo Woods at his Goosetown Tavern performance.

Solo Woods at his Goosetown Tavern performance.

As Woods started singing, the chatty crowd quieted down and gathered closer to check him out. His acoustic set was minimalistic and focused attention on his voice and pure artistry. Curious people from the other room filed in at the call of his voice. Leon watched intently, nodding in approval and smiling in awe of his skill. The breadth of Woods’ ethereal voice swelled the energy in the room, and stopped me dead in my tracks. You know that feeling when you hear a new song for the first time and you feel high from the refreshing new sound? That’s how I felt with every song that Solo Woods performed. I could tell I wasn’t alone, as the crowd sang along to his live performance of “Long Ways”, encouraging him to continue the song and add a few more guitar riffs.

On their last tour, Leon Bridges brought along Kali Uchis to open, who has since skyrocketed and collaborated with Vince Staples, Major Lazer, Goldlink, and Tyler, the Creator. Singer songwriter Brittni Jessi confidently confirmed that the same fate awaits Woods when I spoke to her at this show. Solo Woods’ music is available on SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music. Make sure to go give it a listen!


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Boatclub Music Collective Is Bringing You a Massive Hip-Hop/EDM Festival at The Church Next Tuesday

Started in western Oklahoma by a group of college friends, Boatclub is a music collective that is 100% homegrown and dedicated to putting on smaller festivals and events to expose rising artists. The collective began in 2012 when members decided to string up some old Christmas lights, install a sound setup, and invite about a hundred friends over for an unannounced party on a large plot of land. Planned in four hours with no marketing, the first Boatclub brought in one rapper, one DJ and 300 attendees. A huge underground success, Boatclub continued to put on rad events, putting on four smaller festivals in under a year and a half of their inceptioon, some of which had 700-person attendances.

Boatclub is now branching out to Colorado, hosting their first hip-hop/EDM Festival Experience outside of Oklahoma. The event is next Tuesday, April 19th at 7pm at Church Nightclub in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Denver. Its lineup includes a range of rising hip-hop and EDM artists, such as Lil Yachty and DJ LiTE BRiTE.

The collective handpicks each artist, choosing them based on their talent and lifestyle brand. One of the scheduled artists that is rising in the ranks quickly is Lil Yachty. Perhaps you’ve seen him in the most recent Yeezy fashion show, or tagged in photos with Migos, Vic Mensa, Big Sean and Tyler the Creator, while they all worked in Kanye’s recording studio. His tracks have hit the 2 million mark; the song “1Night” has even surpassed 20 million listens. This hot new artist, along with other rising talent, such as Retro P, Mnyh$e, M1 of deadprez and Bonnot of Assalti Frontali, will all be in attendance on Tuesday night.



“Boatclub is meant to be a place where any person can be themselves or whoever they want to be,” DJ LiTE BRiTE, one of the artists set to perform at the festival, told us.

Good music and good vibes are a guarantee. Make sure to snag a ticket and get there early. $15 for 21+ and $20 for 18-20; tickets at the door.

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Tyler, the Creator: Vomit, Terrorists, & Cherry Bomb

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Tyler, the Creator is so cherry.

Sunset at the Fox. Photo Credit:   Olivia Oreskovich    

Sunset at the Fox. Photo Credit: Olivia Oreskovich

Just two months ago, Tyler, the Creator released his third official album, Cherry Bomb. His summer tour following the release has received a lot of buzz, most recently when he paid fans $30 to lick vomit. Last night, Tyler played the Fox and so we had to know: Did Tyler pull any Odd Future antics? We interviewed two concert-goers, Jakob & Olivia Oreskovich, to find out:

First things first, did anyone lick vomit?

J: Hahaha no, but there were plenty of people there that probably would have!

O: Surprisingly not!

Were there any ridiculous antics by any of the OF team?

J: Nothing too insane, but before the show when everyone was waiting in line, Tyler shut down the 7/11 with his posse.

O: On the last verse in “IFHY”, Tyler held out the word ‘love’ for an endless amount of time. He seriously held that note for a solid two minutes off key and then made the crowd join in with terrible harmony.

Did Tyler bring out any special guests?

J: The show started with Taco doing a little DJ set, and Jasper was the on-stage hype man.

O: He actually brought a guy from the crowd on stage to rap Jasper's verse from “Oldie.” I think his name was Cory and he was from Colorado Springs.

Golfwang. Photo Credit:   Olivia Oreskovich

Golfwang. Photo Credit: Olivia Oreskovich

Tell us what the best part of the show was:

J:  When Tyler and Jasper first came on stage during part of Taco’s set, everyone went crazy.  The energy from all of the anticipation before the show - waiting in line and whatnot - came to a head.  

O: There was a battle between which side of the crowd could yell ‘Golf Wang’ louder. When Jasper's side won the battle, Tyler was so sad and he had everyone call the other side of the crowd terrorists.

What was the energy like in there?

J:  The energy from the crow is always the best part of an OF show.  The crowd’s always super into it, and not afraid to start a little ruckus.

O: It was hyped beyond belief. Everyone there had been waiting in line for hours, so the anticipation for the performance was at an all time high.

Anticipation. Photo Credit:   Olivia Oreskovich    

Anticipation. Photo Credit: Olivia Oreskovich

Sum up this show for us in one word:

J: French.

O: Cherrybomb.

So there you have it, Boulder. Check out the rest of Tyler’s tour schedule here.


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