Spend Your Sunday with Satsang at The Fox Theatre

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Satsang is throwin' down at The Fox this Sunday. 

Consciousness. That’s the message at the forefront of Montana-based Satsang’s music. With a blend of reggae, folk, and hip hop, the trio’s lyrics are “rooted in change, growth, awareness, and imperfection… used as a mission statement for reflection and activation”. Comprised of Drew McManus (guitar/vocals), Karl Roth (bass/keys/vocals/Weissenborn), and Keller Paulson (drums/percussion), the band is currently touring on their sophomore album, The Story of You. And this Sunday Satsang are rolling through Boulder! Check it:

We’re stoked for your show this Sunday at The Fox Theatre guys! What are you most looking forward to about it?

The Fox is a classic theater in the heart of the Colorado music scene. We have seen some of our favorite bands of all time there! The crew is always super pro and really nice, the room is beautiful, and the sound is killer. It's The Fox! Hands down one of the coolest rooms in the country.

We love it too. What else are you guys up to this summer?

We are touring all summer, but we also have a bunch of new tunes that we have worked out for this tour. Our main focus right now is taking the new music nobody has heard [live yet] and playing it really well on this tour. We’ve been letting the songs kind of morph into their ultimate form.

Listen to Satsang's The Story of You:

Sick! We noticed that you’re sharing the stage with Katchafire & Mystic Roots. Have you played a show with either band before?

We haven’t but we’re stoked! We’ve been hip to Katchafire for a bit; we have some close friends in New Zealand that turned us on to them. And we just recently heard Mystic Roots for the first time. We’re excited to see them both live!

Same here dudes!

Make sure to check out Satsang’s new album and catch them at The Fox this Sunday for a sweet show! Tickets here.


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