Pop & Punk Took Over Hodi's Half Note This Past Weekend

By: Matti Earley 

Though The Solid Ocean aren’t originally from Denver, they now reside here and got inspiration for their namesake from the Rocky Mountains. At Hodi's Half Note on June 9th, they more than lived up to their declaration of being a “power pop” group.  

Freaking Out” was The Solid Ocean’s breakout hit of the evening, and also their most recent release. It opens with summery, undeniably happy instrumentals that contrast with its more uncertain sounding lyrics. This comes as a reflection of their creative process, which coincides with “trying to make their way through life as young adults in a crazy world.”

Silent Rival took the stage next, and cranked up the volume several notches with their set. “Die A Little” opened the rest of their recently released debut record, The Kindness of Strangers.  The track carries a powerful mantra, indicative of a consistent theme throughout the rest of the record. The music from one song to another, however, was enjoyably less predictable. “Freedom” carries hints of country with prominent harmonies sans twangy guitars. Conversely, “The Only God Is In The Wild” is structured around a much more poppy, bubbling riff. Bassist Yutaka Sao and frontwoman Sara Coda commanded attention effortlessly. Even on a small stage, they performed with enough energy to entertain a much larger crowd. 

Night Riots.

Night Riots.

Before going onstage, Night Riots filled Hodi’s with a magnetic energy. An overhead buzz preceded their arrival, mirroring the anticipation that built up during the previous openers. They emerged from a curtain of fog with a confidence that could fill much larger venues, fresh off of a tour opening for Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness with Atlas Genius.

The close atmosphere amplified and endeared their performance idiosyncrasies. After their opening song “All For You,” the audience was polled to see how many people had seen them at The Black Sheep in Colorado Springs the day before. Dozens of audiences members shouted their happy reply. Outside their own discography, Night Riots covered “Billie Jean” and “Sunday Bloody Sunday.”  

Night Riots.

Night Riots.

The latter provided a perfect transition into their darker underlying sound. While Night Riots rooted in punk, pop is also a consistent descriptor. Various adjectives such as “gloomy” and “gothic” have also been attached to their sound, and Love Gloom is actually the title of their newest album. Those two words encapsulate what was the essence of their show; a juxtaposition. Lyrics outlining grief and adversity were punctuated with lighter notes of glowing pumpkin props and light up drumsticks.

After the show, all members stayed to talk to fans, sign merchandise, and take pictures, with a long trip back to California ahead of them. After a brief break, they will be with All Time Low for two Houston dates on June 30th and July 1st. Their next string of shows will be all the way across the Atlantic starting September 10th, in support of The Maine, along with The Technicolors. Keep up with band here


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Miles Wide: New Music, New Members, & More

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Miles Wide is turning into a trio and making new music.

You might remember last summer when we interviewed Kyle Donovan, who was then touring solo under the moniker Miles Wide. Kyle was New York based at the time, but had lived in Boulder prior to trekking to the East Coast. Last fall, Donovan got an itch to be back in Colorado and returned to Denver to continue his musical pursuits full time. He reconnected with the original members of Miles Wide and recently, the group (with new members too) dropped an EP, The Kindness of Strangers. It was recorded with the talents of Kyle (vocals/guitar), Daniel Herman (pianist/sound engineer), Sam Sherman (drums/vocals), Owen Tharp (upright bass), and Nicholas Pappas (vocals). The EP has been very well received and we’d like to catch you up to speed on this new release and all other things Miles Wide. So keep on readin’:

Kyle- the last time we spoke you were riding around the country solo. What’s it been like getting back into the swing of a group project again?

By quitting my day job and touring around the country, I think I proved the viability of a musical project to the guys that I played with back when I lived in Boulder in 2012. Rather than asking, “Can we do this?” the conversation changed to “Kyle’s going to do this with or without us… Why not do it together?”

It's been a wild ride- in a lot of ways, things are still changing and evolving. Daniel coming into the fold and playing piano has been a huge inspiration on The Kindness of Strangers. I think we'll keep expanding.

 Nicholas Pappas, Samson Sherman, and Kyle Donovan of Miles Wide.

 Nicholas Pappas, Samson Sherman, and Kyle Donovan of Miles Wide.

Awesome! We know that the new EP was recorded at a church in Denver. Tell us about that.

When I returned to Colorado in October of 2015, Daniel and I had a few meetings over coffee. We traded headphones, listened to each others’ recordings, and started to come up with concepts for a new album. I wanted to make something really beautiful, simplistic, and reverberant. When Daniel showed me some examples of his recording work in the Wash Park UCC, I was sold on the idea almost immediately. It's a gorgeous, intimate space and we had a great time performing there for our EP release party last Sunday.

The EP definitely has the feel of your initial aims, and we love it! You mentioned Daniel- what was it like working with the man behind Mineral Sound?

Daniel was a dream to work with. He's got professional grade sound equipment that would make any roadie salivate, along with a pair of keen ears and a generous helping of patience. In order to get the sound we were looking for, Daniel spent a lot of time listening to different microphone configurations in the church and adjusting equipment.

When we were finally satisfied with the sound, we took some time to set an intention by meditating in silence. That style of mindfulness really made this whole project shine. I'm so proud to call Daniel a friend and a colleague, and I couldn't imagine a better sound engineer in the field of remote, intimate, acoustic recordings.

Nice. Now that the EP is out there, what are Miles Wide’s plans for the rest of the year?

We've been talking a lot about our goals as a group, and one thing we're looking forward to is a mountain town tour in early June. We're thinking about a trip through New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, and the Western Slope of Colorado to explore some of the natural beauty in the west and see some new cities. None of us have played in Utah or New Mexico, and seeing Yellowstone is going to be a huge adventure.

Beyond that, we've got some ideas about recording singles and releasing some polished music videos to accompany them. After playing so much mellow, acoustic music, we're ready to rock out a little bit more, too.

That’s great you plan to hit the road! We know that touring was a big inspiration behind The Kindness of Strangers. Do you still keep in touch with anyone you met on the tour? Are any of the tracks specifically about people you met along the way?

Certain songs were reflections of experiences along the way: people like Omar from Hot Springs, AR and Jessica from Oakland added so much beauty to the journey. These were total strangers who agreed- on super short notice- to host me at their houses, to feed me and listen to my story, and to share theirs with me. Now, I feel like I've always known them; like we were meant to meet. Jessica and I still talk all the time, and I'd be surprised if Omar and I didn’t cross paths again down the line.

Watch a Miles Wide live-performance video by Front Range Explorer:

Cool- anything else you want to add to our chat?

We're excited to keep sharing our sound with our friends and fans- the outpouring of support and encouragement that I've seen from just releasing this album has been fantastic.

The other day I told Mike, Sam, and Daniel that Miles Wide isn't just us. As I'm looking back on my experiences and looking forward to new adventures, I'm actually realizing that Miles Wide is everyone. This project isn't about declaring allegiance to any one band, country, creed, or belief system. In fact, I'm a strong believer that nationalism, patriotism, and any form of prideful separation is really a distraction from the truth, which is that we're really all the same. As humans, we all want the same things: our health, our happiness, and the same for our friends and our families. We want to connect, to be seen, to love and to be loved.

I hope we can dedicate our efforts in 2016 to following through on these ideas, spreading happiness through our music, sharing important stories, making meaningful connections, and giving love openly to any and all who are open to it.

That’s a mission as beautiful as Miles Wide’s new release. Give it a listen for yourself:


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The Weekend Six: Six Shows to See 03/04 & 03/05

By: Hannah Oreskovich

It’s feeling like spring around here folks, so get out there and catch a show! No snow means no excuses. Here’s The Six:

Today (Friday 03/04):

CITRA with HiFi Gentray at Illegal Pete’s in Denver 8PM-Close


We just dropped a bit on CITRA and their debut EP Ocean this morning. Check that feature out here, and then head to Illegal Pete’s on S. Broadway in the D to catch this groovin’ four-piece live. They’re opening up a night of margs and burrito bowls for Denver’s HiFi Gentry, the rockin’ outfit composed of Andrew Kobil, Max Rutherford, Mark McKenna, David Beuerman, and Derek Slate. It’s gonna be a fun one kids. Check it out!

Peep a live performance of CITRA on KUNC:

Amoramora with The Elegant Plums at Merchant’s Mile High Saloon in Denver 9PM-Close

The wagon IS the original party bus people. 

The wagon IS the original party bus people. 

Remember “the band so nice they named it twice”? That’s Boulder’s Amoramora and they’re taking the stage at Merchant’s Mile High Saloon “for a night of high energy jams and pizza funk.” As doubled as their name, these boys are also playing dual sets this evening after classic rock and blues opener The Elegant Plums hit the stage. The two groups have actually teamed up with Bus to Show this evening too, so if you want to hop on the AMORAMORA RAGE BUS (WAGON), $10 gets you a ride both ways + entrance to the show. Get the details for that here. Party!

Listen to Amoramora’s get-down-funky “Behave Yourself”:

Ben Hanna & The Knighthawks at The No Name Bar in Boulder 10PM-Close


Ahh how we love Ben Hanna. And tonight he’s in one of our favorite spots, rocking out with his full band behind the big brown door. Rumor has it Hanna’s dropping a new album in the near future. But until then, you’ll have to see him in person to hear all his recent thangs. So head for The Hill and catch Hanna’s rocking set tonight. It’s sure to be a sweet show.

Watch Ben’s latest viral video for one of his new songs here.

Tomorrow (Saturday 03/05):

Eldren with The Velveteers and Phallic Meditation at Hi Dive in Denver 8PM-Close


Denver’s psych-space pop six piece Eldren are headlining a show at the Hi Dive this evening. Their mashup of “jazz, prog rock, jam, power pop, indie rock, and more” is bound to keep you entertained. PLUS Boulder’s The Velveteers will be warming up the stage with Demi Demitro’s killer guitar playing/vocals and John Demitro’s sick beats. Phallic Meditation is opening the night- the name alone tells us that’s one set we gotta see. So go get weird with these three awesome acts! Tickets here.

Lend your ear to Eldren’s song “Girl”:

The Letters Home and Boulder Sound Lab at Boulder House in Boulder 930PM-Close

If you want to explore some dirty soul partnered with some booty-shakin’ grooves, then hit Boulder House tonight for The Letters Home & Boulder Sound Lab show! The Letters Home, a six-piece from LA, recently dropped their mashup collaboration Mother Freakin’ Mashups Vol. 1. They plan to keep you dancing after Boulder’s BSL gets the party started!  So go grinddddd.

Check out Boulder Sound Lab’s groovy track “Psilos”:

The Next Day (Sunday 03/06):

Miles Wide Album Release Concert at Washington Park United Church of Christ in Denver 7PM-Close

Denver’s Miles Wide recently added two new members and dropped an EP, The Kindness of Strangers. Formerly the solo project of Kyle Donovan, the now trio actually recorded the EP in the church they’re performing this concert in. The Marquee called the album the “long lost love-child of Carly Simon and Art Garfunkel” so you know it’s good. This show sounds perfect for a Sunday evening- get yourself to it folks! Tickets here.

Listen to The Kindness of Strangers for yourself:


PS: This week, our Sunday partnership with Green Light Radio and Streetside Productions will feature a track by Boulder’s Augustus! The rock trio are playing The Fox Theatre next Friday with Trout Steak Revival and Caribou Mountain Collective. Head to our Facebook page for your chance to win free tickets! And tune in Sunday to any of the Colorado Community Network Radio Stations here (95.3 or 95.5 Boulder) or stream Green Light between 9-10PM to listen to Augustus’ track “Bloodbath” live!

See you soon music lovers.


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The Weekend Six: Six Shows to See 02/26 & 02/27

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Picks! Picks! Here they are yo:

Today (Friday 02/26):

Analog Son featuring Jason Hann with The Pamlico Sound at The Fox Theatre in Boulder 8PM-Close

Denver’s funky duo Analog Son will rock your socks at The Fox tonight with Jason Hann (String Cheese Incident) and other special guests. And Boulder’s The Pamlico Sound will open this magical show, a spot they had to compete for in a recent Battle of the Bands contest. Go get baptized by all these talented funkadelics, and if you’re in Denver, catch both acts at Ophelia’s tomorrow night. Or be a rockstar and see both shows! What a sweet start to the weekend- get tickets to tonight’s performance here.

Listen to Analog Son’s “Shady Nights”:

Jaden Carlson and Friends Birthday Celebration at The Lazy Dog in Boulder 10PM-Close


Earlier this week, we dropped a sweet feature on Jaden Carlson and her headlining set at The LD tonight. Did we mention Jaden is 15 and has played with Michael Franti and SpearheadThe Revivalists, John Popper, and Blues Traveler? We might have, but you know what? This lady is insanely talented so it’s worth mentioning again! Come celebrate her birthday- she’s sharing the stage with musicians from TAUK, Eminence Ensemble, Lady and the Gentleman, The Drunken Hearts, Mama Magnolia, the Jacob Larson Band, and more. Get to her gig!

Listen to The Jaden Carlson Band’s album Polychromatic:

The Alcapones at Conor O’Neill’s Irish Pub in Boulder 10PM-Close


Reggae/ska six-piece The Alcapones will take the Conor’s stage this evening. Formed on the Front Range, they “bring a new-school feel to what was made popular in Jamaica in the 1960s”. Righteous. The band plans to make you dance alllll night, so come by and get down. And grab an Irish brew while you’re at it!

Listen to their song “Molotov Dub”:

Tomorrow (Saturday 02/27):

Antonio Lopez CD Release Show at Swallow Hill Music in Denver 8PM-Close


We just brought you a feature on Antonio Lopez’s Cloud 9000: Vol. 2: The Alamosa EP when it hit the interwebs a couple of days ago. And now it’s time for the release parties! The first one is tomorrow evening at Tuft Theatre at Swallow Hill in Denver. Get your tickets before they’re gone and celebrate with Lopez and opener Theresa Peterson. These two talents are going to put on one awesome show!

Listen to Cloud 9000: Vol. 2: The Alamosa EP:

ASA Martin, Ludlow, Patrick the Pirate, The Real Lyin’ Rohr, & Crust-E the Katt at The Forge in Boulder 630PM-Close

Look- we could give you the info on all of these awesome acts, but half of the fun of walking into a Forge show is not knowing what the h*ll is going on. So we’re not going to. If you just really have to know more, check out the event page right here and preview the bands.

And you know what, here’s ASA Martin’s new EP for your curious listening pleasure:

Anna Englander Trio at Johnny’s Cigar Bar 9PM-Close

Cozy up to some jazz, some bourbon, and a stranger at tonight’s Johnny’s show. Why? Because it’s fun. Anna Englander, Adam Sammakia, and Alex Heffron will light your jazz fire. And Johnny will light your cigar (only in the back room, of course). Read more about the event here.


PS: This week, our Sunday partnership with Green Light Radio and Streetside Productions will feature a track by Denver’s Miles Wide! The trio released their new EP this week, The Kindness of Strangers, and they’re throwing a release party next weekend. So tune in Sunday to any of the Colorado Community Network Radio Stations here (95.3 or 95.5 Boulder) or stream Green Light between 9-10PM to listen to Miles Wide’s new song “California”!

Thanks Boulder- see you around!


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The Weekend Six: Six Shows to See 10/09 & 10/10

By: Hannah Oreskovich

It’s the weekend once again and here’s where we think you ought to be, Boulder:

Today (Friday, 10/9)

DJ Gangsterish.

DJ Gangsterish.

DJ Gangsterish at Taco Junky 10PM-Close

If you haven’t been to Taco Junky on the Hill yet, it’s time you nommed a madagascar with your marg. TJ’s has recently started booking local acts for music, and tonight, Boulder’s DJ Gangsterish is going to be spinnin’ beats. You can also say hi to ½ Moonwavve’s Derek Warwick while you’re in. So go check it out!



Foxfeather at Conor O’Neill’s Irish Pub 10PM-Close

Boulder’s Foxfeather folk outfit will be holding things down at Conor’s tonight. They have some awesome events coming up, like their show with Homevibe in Durango at the end of the month. So catch them while they’re still in town! You know we love Conor’s. So get to it.

Tomorrow (Saturday, 10/10)

Hilltoberfest on the Hill 2PM-8PM

Trot over to the Hill to get your drank on for Hilltoberfest tomorrow! Upslope Brewing Company, Avery Brewing Company, Boulder Beer Co., Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery and West Flanders Brewing Co. will all be serving brews. And for your listening pleasure, Booster will be bringing funk to the show and HenScratch will be bluegrassin’ it. Soo you can hear quite the mix over your mug. Lederhosen highly encouraged.

Kyle Donovan of Miles Wide.

Kyle Donovan of Miles Wide.

Miles Wide at Oskar Blues CyclHOPS 730PM-Close

Remember when we brought you DIY-er Miles Wide back in June? Well he’s back! Kyle Donovan, singer-songwriter of Miles Wide, is officially a Coloradoan again and he’s been playing shows all over the state since his return. Let his smooth vocals soothe you into the weekend over a beer at CyclHOPS tomorrow night. Ride on over.

Wilson Harwood.

Wilson Harwood.

Wilson Harwood Single Release Show at Shine Gathering Place 8PM-Close

Did you peep Harwood’s “Saturated in Sunshine” single in our Wednesday Special post this week? If not, go listen now. We are pumped to see Harwood dropping some sweet solo material and at tonight’s show, Pamela Machala (check out her latest music video here) and Cousin Curtiss will be making musical appearances. Tickets are close to selling out and you can cop one for only $10, so buy yours here!

El Javi at The No Name Bar 10PM-Close

El Javi is going to be spicin’ things up at The No Name tomorrow night with some flamenco fusion. It’s impossible to sit still at one of their shows, so watch this video to get your flamenco moves down, toss back some liquid courage, and hit the NN floor with all of the other awesome people headed to this sweet show. It’s gonna be a good time.

That's our weekend six Boulder! See you at a show!


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