State Champs Rocked Their Sold-Out Denver Summit Show

By: Nathan Sheppard

Pop-punkers State Champs played a sold out show this past Monday night at the Summit that rocked our socks off. The Living Proof Tour is the band’s first tour of 2019 after having a crazy schedule in 2018, where they released their third studio album Living Proof and had multiple tours. Supporting bands for the tour include Greyscale, The Dangerous Summer, and Our Last Night to round out a banger lineup.

Philadelphia rockers Greyscale led things off with their unique, stripped-down pop-punk style. Their high-energy performance even caused a few people to crowdsurf up to the front, which can be a tough task for an opener. The Dangerous Summer followed shortly after with more of a laidback set compared to their fellow bands. It gave everyone a bit of a breather to prepare for the next two sets.

Batting third was Our Last Night, who are best known for their metalcore covers of radio hits like “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift and “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran. They recently released their fifth album, Let Light Overcome, earlier this month. The band combines softer melodic pop-rock elements and heavier metal elements that give fans the best of both worlds, making them an easy band to like. Adding all of that to a great stage performance made for an epic show that set the stage for State Champs.

State Champs.

State Champs.

In the cleanup spot was State Champs, who were without guitarist Tony Diaz due to illness. Luckily, they were still ready to knock it out of the park. The set kicked off with the leading track and single from Living ProofCriminal”, and you could see a wave erupt through the Summit as everyone tried to get as close to the stage as possible. The dance party continued throughout the 20-song setlist, which included fan favorites like “Remedy” and “Perfect Score”. While 20 songs weren’t enough for some people, State Champs finished with their breakout single “Secrets” to put a cherry on top of this night.     

To stay up to date with everything State Champs-related, and with the current tour click here. If you can’t make it out to this tour, you can see them later this summer at Sad Summer Festival, a Warped Tour-esque festival featuring Mayday Parade, The Maine, and The Wonder Years.


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Review: Corsicana's "Reprieve" Recalls The Detriments Of Growing Up

By: Sam Piscitelli

Growing up as naive children we tend to imagine life as an exploration of majestic intent. We prefer to seek out our own wanderlust in order to see what the world has prepared for us. There’s an impression that the lives we lead will be difficult at times but we tend to see it as less realistic and more fantasy than anything else. In Corsicana’s new single “Reprieve” from their forthcoming record Perennial, that flawed logic falls short as we’re given an authentic perspective into the detriments of growing up.

Corsicana makes it clear within their first line that there’s essentially no give and take left in their adult lives except when they’re asleep. With taut precision and delicate placements Corsicana’s “Reprieve” introduces us to the loss of innocence, the unwarranted heaviness it leaves on your chest and the undying life of having life figured out only to end up questioning the answers you had before. The song is contradictory in the sense that it lulls you into a warm familiarity while also causing a recurring shock of wondering what’s ahead, but it’s the contradictories complexity that makes the song genuinely sincere. The ability to mourn while comprehending the ability to move forward is the basis of learning to live through life.



The attempts at painting a picture that is a universal struggle may seem like a challenge, but here, it’s done with ease. It just goes to show that an old idea can have a nuanced perspective when done right. It’s a welcomed approach to an idea that’s seemingly been all dried up. The idea of growing older is largely capitalized on, but is rarely executed right. While Twenty-One Pilots hint at growing up as unromantic and Taylor Swift muses she wants to turn back time, Corsicana’s take is about relying on life to balance itself out. “Reprieve” is a song that expertly unravels life’s little moments, whether that may be the beauty, the ugly, or the fine line that treads between them.

Keep up with Corsicana here.


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For Being Afraid of the Dentist, Vance Joy Lit Up Sold-Out Red Rocks Show with Nothing But Smiles

Vance Joy.

Vance Joy.

There’s this story that I think you’ll like. This guy decides to quit his job as an Australian football player and heads to the internet with his ukulele. This musician writes a hit and finds himself. He just played the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and sold the 10,000+ capacity place out himself.

Oh, oh. That’s some impressive stuff.

This is the story of James Keogh, best known as Vance Joy. The Australian native, who left a promising football career behind to play indie pop folk tunes for the masses, first released his 2013 hit “Riptide” independently on the interwebs. Shortly thereafter, he signed with Atlantic Records for a five-album deal. His subsequent 2013 release God Loves You When You’re Dancing went triple platinum, he dropped Dream Your Life Away a year later followed by a world tour opening for Taylor Swift, and this past February, Joy’s third release Nation of Two hit the airwaves.

Joy and the rocks

Joy and the rocks

“I never knew when I put this song on the internet what would happen and I’m still surprised.” Joy said at his recent Red Rocks show before playing “Riptide.” The radio jam inspired a massive sing-along between the rocks, with Joy even stepping back for a chorus to let the crowd shout the tune, a song he actually wrote about a hotel on the Australian coast.

Along with “Riptide,” Joy played other crowd favorites including “Mess Is Mine,” “Georgia,” and his latest “Saturday Sun.” He was backed by a five-piece band which included a duo horn section and an upright piano player. Mid-set, the group crowded around the front of the stage together for an acoustic breakdown for “Little Boy” and “Bonnie and Clyde.” Later, they played a Lionel Ritchie/Justin Bieber mashup of “All Night Long” with “Sorry,” which had fans screaming, dancing, and even laughing. A Bieber cover? I know. But it was really good!


On every track of the band’s 17-song set, it was impossible not to notice Keogh living up to his stage name. His 6’ 3” frame cracked a wide smile before, during, and after every song. Literal joy was plastered across his face as he crooned to the delight of the sold-out crowd under Colorado’s full moon and clear skies.

Backstage before the set, Joy divulged, “This is the best venue in the whole world!” before talking about how surreal it felt to be getting ready to go onstage when he and his girlfriend had been hiking around Red Rocks Park just the day before. “I’ve never seen a show here but this is incredible!” he smiled in the most unassumingly excited tone. Later, Joy’s manager Jaddan Comerford revealed this night was a true highlight not only for Vance, but for everyone involved on his team. And yet for someone about to play one of the biggest shows of their career to date, Joy was relaxed backstage, busting out dance moves, chatting about his Ogden Theatre performance a few years ago, and just generally chilling.

There were fans. And then there were  fans .

There were fans. And then there were fans.

Joy’s Nation of Two Tour continues with shows in the US and Canada through July followed by a massive international run through the end of the year across Australia, South America, and Europe. Several of these shows are also already sold out. And whether you’re a die-hard fan (like the woman above), a recently converted boyfriend following Red Rocks, or the casual singer/songwriter listener, you’ve got to admit: Oh, oh - that’s some really impressive stuff.

See more Vance Joy show photos here.


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Review: Montreal's Viral YouTube Cover Duo Chris Kelly & Nicole Gibson Release First Original Single

By: Trevor Ryan

YouTube is known for many, many things. Comedy channels, news broadcasting, and of course, rather controversially, music. One of the more popular types of artists with a large viewership on the ‘tube is the cover artist. This has been a longstanding trend for the YouTube community, and among these cover artists are Montreal’s Chris Kelly & Nicole Gibson.

Nicole Gibson & Chris Kelly. 

Nicole Gibson & Chris Kelly. 

After both being in separate alternative rock bands, Chris Kelly & Nicole Gibson joined up about a year ago to create ambient, alternative sounds. Starting out with a video cover of Linkin Park’s “Battle Symphony,” the pair gained an audience quickly when the video reached 28k views. With covers ranging from Sum 41 to The Chainsmokers, the duo have recently landed on their new original single “Ghost of You.”

This track has a really great blend of rock and ambition. Adapting many of the newer elements that popular rock uses today, like spikes in synth use and overall electronic influences, can sometimes, as we all know, get tricky. But “Ghost of You” showcases some of these sounds well. The track starts out very mellow, and builds with smooth vocals and synth. Reminiscent of Taylor Swift's ballad “Style,” Ghost of You has hard hitting bass lines, and that steady kick/synth combination that really fuels the chorus. The duo scene is coming back, and these two are doing a pretty great job of making their way to the front lines of Montreal’s pop rock scene with this release. They're currently working on their second single, "Battleborn," which will drop later this month.

Keep up with Chris Kelly & Nicole Gibson on Facebook, and catch up with their latest music on their YouTube and SoundCloud.


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Treehouse Sanctum Premiere New Music Video for "Chacala" - Watch

By: Hannah Oreskovich

With strummy guitar bits and percussive hits that keep you moving, Treehouse Sanctum’s new single “Chacala” takes you on an audible journey through the scenescape it captures in lyrics: an isolated beach down in Chacala, Mexico that beheld some magical experiences for frontman Sam Rymer. With Rymer and member Danya Lynn Prado’s wave-like harmonies, a mariachi-esque interlude thanks to Dewayne Rymer’s trumpet playing, and dreamy, floating melodies throughout, this track is an exciting peek into the Denver six-piece’s upcoming record, Vivere. The album, which was co-produced by Grammy nominated engineer Nick Sullivan (Dispatch, Los Lobos) and mastered by Grammy winner Jonathan Russell (Taylor Swift, Willie Nelson) will drop May 5th.

Treehouse Sanctum. 

Treehouse Sanctum. 

“Chalaca,” which premiered via Paste last month, holds particular significance for frontman Sam Rymer, who spent time in Chacala, Mexico building houses for local impoverished families and surfing.

“It was a trip of personal discovery,” said Sam, adding, “It was a profoundly spiritual experience.”

Treehouse Sanctum explored the visualization for the “Chacala” music video through illustrations that sync well with the audible journey of this tune. With sketches by Amy Koch Johnson and filming by Ben Fout, Rymer's trip comes to life through the color of Johnson’s drawings while the ¾ waltz timing of the tune keeps you moving from one picture to the next.

Said Rymer, “The focus of the song is a young man, in the sea, at night, far from the shore, and alone.”

Treehouse Sanctum’s album release party for Vivere is slated for April 8th at Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox. Bambooty & DJ Em will share the stage. Tickets here.


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Interstate 10 Premiere's Their Summertime Smash Single & Music Video "Let's Ride"

By: Jura Daubenspeck

If you’re looking for your next feel-good sun-soaking antheM, look no further. After weeks of anticipation, the dynamic duo Interstate 10 has finally released their newest single and music video "Let’s Ride".

Unlike their previously released tribute song, "I’m Gonna Miss You", this newest single is a summertime smash that will leave you shaking the sand out of your hair for days. It’s a ballad to one of the finest things about the summer: kicking back and enjoying life with those you hold most dear. With an upbeat feel and an unmistakable message of fun, you can’t help but turn up the volume on this tune about summer love, delicious ice cold brews, and never-ending adventures.

The duo recorded their vocals for the tune at The Spot Studios prior to their recent deployment, and have been steadily releasing more of their music to their devoted fanbase. After the immense success of the release of "I’m Gonna Miss You," they partnered with Grammy award-winning producer Nathan Chapman. Chapman, who has worked with artists such as Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, and Lady Antebellum, was incredibly excited to take on the endeavor of producing their upcoming release "Let’s Ride". They are also working with fellow Grammy nominated mix engineer/songwriter/producer Kevin Kadish as well, who produced Meghan Trainor’s hit song "All About That Bass".

The exciting news continues with Interstate 10, as a number of radio stations, including WUSY 101, Thunder 100.3, Conch Country 98.7, 107.3 Mountain Country, KXLO - KLCM 95.9, and Wild Country 99 will be premiering the single and music video on its official release date, Friday, August 5th. The Heartland TV Network will be premiering the song on August 4th, and will broadcast it all weekend long on a regular rotation, so make sure to tune in!

With the end of summer creeping ever-slowly around the corner, it’s no doubt we’ll all need a little Vitamin D-soaked pick-me-up to keep us going. It’s guaranteed that after listening to Interstate 10’s "Let’s Ride", you’ll be itching to hop into your car, drive to the nearest body of water, and unwind with a smile singing:

"And Let’s Ride
Come on baby, Let’s Ride
Leave it all behind tonight
Come on baby, Let’s Ride
Leave it all behind tonight."

With all the success Interstate 10 are experiencing, Justin and Andrew are remarkably charismatic and friendly guys who cherish every interaction on their page. Despite being overseas, they have been making appearances via Facebook LiveStream, and are excited to announce their upcoming endeavors with their fans. So get connected with them on Facebook and stay up to date on their latest moves!


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Britt Margit: A Preview of Her EP "Melisma" & More

By: Dawn Raymond

Britt Margit will preview her new EP live this weekend.

Britt Margit is a budding singer/songwriter from Aspen, Colorado. Her interest in music started at 5 years of age, when she wrote her first song. It appears that she's been pursuing music, or perhaps it's been pursuing her, ever since. Her musical influences include Taylor Swift, Florence and the Machine, and Fleetwood Mac, among others, but you can't nail her sound down to any of their genres: She's got a style all her own.  

Britt's sound blends folk and classic rock with a bit of a poppy flavor that is soothing to the soul. If you want to check her artistry out in advance of her EP release Melisma, you can find her at The Laughing Goat this Sunday, March 20th.  For more information on this preview show and the upcoming release of her full-length album, click here.

Listen to Britt's track “Peace And Harmony (In The Bleak Midwinter)”:


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