After 250+ Shows on the Road, Whole Milk Are Back with a New Record

By: Norman Hittle

Whole Milk returns to the surf jazz fold with their latest four song EP Rockmelon due out October 19th. The duo from Denver, Colorado has been touring extensively over the past two years, having played over 250 shows on 14 back to back tours across 26 states. Now back home, they had the time to put some new material down and plan their EP release before hitting the road for the great state of Texas.

Whole Milk.

Whole Milk.

Stylistically, Whole Milk nods to 60s surf, bossa nova, and spaghetti western. Their two-voice lineup featuring primarily guitar and bass has elements of Cat Power and Kimya Dawson.

Being the first release from the band since 2017’s self-titled EP, Whole Milk brings forth a more mature and mellow feel. Though only four songs, the tracklist has an utterly lovely, minimalistic indie surf-rock vibe throughout that infringes on hopelessly romantic. I could easily see these tracks featured in some quirky independent Juno-esque films, where they would find a very comfortable home.

Keep an eye out for Whole Milk in the Denver area and other cities near you here. Also, check out their EP release show, tomorrow, October 19th. Event details here!


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Review: Dinosaur City Records Has a New Mixtape Out & It's More Important to Listen to Now Than Ever

By: Julia Talen

Dinosaur City Records (DCR), a small independent label out of Sydney, Australia, has been issuing annual mixtapes for the last couple of years. With their third one released at the end of May, Jordanne Chant, co-founder of the label shared, “the mixtapes are a nice way of showcasing a diverse mix of brilliant music that’s being made at the moment.”

Cody Munro Moore. 

Cody Munro Moore. 

Most of the tracks off Dinosaur City Records Mixtape #3 are unreleased, and listeners can locate indie musicians based in Australia, NYC, and LA across the compilation’s 23 tracks. Moreover, as the DIY music scene continues to go unrecognized or be simply dismissed (ahem Rhinoceropolis and Glob here in Denver), it’s important for people to tune in to what artists are continuing to create and innovate.

Thankfully, DCR is keeping independent music alive. Chant and co-founder Cody Munro Moore clearly have a keen ear for original musicians and listening to this mixtape (via online streaming, digital album, or cassette tape) is a must for any music nerd or curious listener looking for something different than their Spotify “Discover Weekly” playlist.

The mix starts with Ali Flintoff of Denise Le Menice. Her hazy track, “Addiction” casts a lofi DIY vibe that’ll permeate much of the album, weaving psychedelic surf rock undertones into the fiber of the tune. It’s catchy, lovely, and enticing.

As we move through the tracks, we get a taste of a variety of genres. “Tender” a tune by Sophie McComish, the artist behind Tuffence Meringue, soothes the listener with hypnotic vocals and instruments, evocative of authentic musicians like Frankie Rose.

Brooklyn-based band Navy Gang’s tune, “Just Kidding Not” follows. Their infectious and witty tune with lyrics, “I’m indecisive/I fucking hate you/No I don’t/Don’t know if I love you” evokes Animal Collective during its chorus, as the band whales, “I don’t ever wanna be alone again.” It’s pretty brilliant. And this clever, experimental tune leads into “Cockroach,” by Bourgeois Earth, which is probably my favorite of the 23 songs.

“Cockroach” is wildly exploratory, melding electronic sounds with brass instrumentation, and ethereal and alien-like vocals that make their mark. If you like the 2009 album Merriweather Post Pavilion, or really any sort of experimental pop music, you’re going to love this one. Though it’s exploratory, this ingenius track is compact and holds together, not flailing every which way as it probes all sorts of music genres and instrumentation throughout its corners.

Mezko’s “Without You” reminds me of some genius new work from LCD Soundsystem, Bored Short’s “Bar Cards” slows things down a little, reminding me vocally of Alex Cameron’s somber, but brilliant songs. Sadventure’s “One More Night” also breaks ground with its drifty, floaty melody, similar to a song off an old M83 album, getting heavier as it moves along.


In the latter half of the album, we hear Painter Paige Emery’s lo-fi, hazy tune, “Here Now Stay Go” which sounds like she’s painting pieces of her song into the air to create a masterpiece of sounds.Track 17, Romy Church of e4444e’s song, Volume Two has a rhythmic opening and shifting and folding lo-fi vocals that are calm yet penetrating. And Cody Munro Moore’s new wave tune “As The Empire Fell Apart” definitely evokes the artful, post-punk vibes of Talking Heads.

I’ve only scratched the surface on the myriad of incredible music across this mixtape. DRC’s curated a record that’s original, unique, cutting edge, and incredibly important to listen too. The small label’s mission to honor and acknowledge independent music is of utmost importance to the music scene these days, so be sure to tune in.


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The Velveteins' "Don't Yah Feel Better?" Music Video Is Teeming with Good Vibes

By: Jura Daubenspeck

Edmonton’s indie rock group The Velveteins have been steady releasing hits, including their dreamy and moody surf rock EP A Hot Second with The Velveteins. The band, comprised of Spencer Morphy (vocals/guitar), Addison Hiller (percussion), and Dean Kheroufi (bass), recently premiered their music video for the upbeat, playful tune “Don’t Yah Feel Better?” In these snowy winter months when the warmth of summer feels like a distant memory, this song swoops in, twirls you around, and envelopes you in its delightful rhythm.

Watch the “Don’t Yah Feel Better?” video:

The message of “Don’t Yah Feel Better?” is simple and colorful, as is the music video’s aesthetic. Its “stop and smell the roses” feel assures its listeners that everything they need is already at their fingertips, they just have to take a moment and listen for it. The retro-style video stars a pair of singing lips (vaguely reminiscent of The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s opening song), as well as other cut-out images of drums, guitars, and maracas. The music video’s director Evangeline Belzile shared:

"The song itself is simple and carefree so I didn’t want to create anything with a complex storyline or narrative. I had been interested in using a green screen to cut out specific body parts for a while and had also been interested in altering 16mm film. When the band asked me to create a visual component for ‘Don’t Yah Feel Better?’, I knew that pairing the two would complement their aesthetic."
The Velveteins.

The Velveteins.

In a world of increasing complexity, slowing down and reminding yourself of life’s enchantments is a necessary practice. So if you’re ever feeling blue, just turn on The Velveteins’ latest hits and dance yourself into the light! There, don’t you feel better?

Connect with The Velveteins on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more updates, releases, and show announcements.


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Noah Gunderson Made Us Cry, Ty Segall Made Us Bleed, & King Tuff Showed Up: Sasquatch Day Two

Sasquatch Day Two featured sad songs by Noah Gunderson, crowdsurfing selfies by La Luz, and a freak party by none other than Ty Segall.

Noah Gunderson.

Noah Gunderson.

Noah Gunderson, with his soothing and bottomless voice, was a welcome reprieve after the hottest part of the second day at The Gorge. Seattle’s own, Gunderson is currently touring on his 2015 release, Carry the Ghost.  His show was a family affair, with his brother on drums, and his sister singing backup and playing violin. But his sad songs were a little out of place in a big summer festival like Sasquatch, with heavy bass from rapper Ryan Caraveo bleeding over from the stage next door. Gunderson would be an amazing artist to catch at a more intimate venue down the line, but despite the limitations, his performance was captivating.

La Luz.

La Luz.

La Luz, Seattle’s female surf doo-wop four-piece, have become seasoned performers in their recent years, touring seemingly endlessly. Their surf attitude and sound, along with their quality songwriting, has recently fueled their move from Seattle to LA, though the group is still signed to Hardly Art Records. La Luz’s set was sparse to begin with, but a little bit of sun toward the end refueled the crowd, and prompted the ladies onstage to throw a disposable camera into the crowd asking for lots of “crowd surfing selfies”. Needless to say, the people made it happen.



Tamaryn was a set that would have been great later in the night and indoors, or rather in the tented El Chupacabra stage. The New York-based artist and multimedia collaborator put on a solid show, but not to many. There just aren't enough nu goth fans at this fest.

Ty Segall masked.

Ty Segall masked.

Ty Segall unmasked.

Ty Segall unmasked.

Ty Segall was next with a top notch touring band, including King Tuff on guitar. Unsurprisingly, Segall’s performance was the most theatrical set of the day. His always-shifting stage persona was in full-on freak-party mode. It was the kind of show where people walked out of the front bleeding, so of course it was a great set to end the afternoon and kick off the night.

King Tuff.

King Tuff.

More ‘Squatch coverage to follow! Look at today’s schedule here.

For the Colorado homies.

For the Colorado homies.

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The Weekend Six: Six Shows to See Memorial Day Weekend

By: Hannah Oreskovich

If you’re not at the ‘Squatch, you should probably be at these spots:

Today (Friday 05/27):

Natural Motives and Intergalactic Peace Jelly at Boulder House in Boulder 9PM-Close

Boulder House has recently been booking live music, and for a venue that was formerly known for only booking DJs (Absinthe House), this place has the possibility to bring a refreshing jolt to the local scene. Tonight’s lineup at the House will really get you movin’! Local jam/funk band Natural Motives is joining forces with Boulder’s Intergalactic Peace Jelly, an improv rock band, for a night of experimental and groovin’ sounds. Catch their sets; show starts at 9PM.

Check out Natural Motives’ latest release “Stress Less”:

Jus Sayin at Conor O’Neill’s Irish Pub in Boulder 10PM-Close

Jus Sayin.

Jus Sayin.

Funk neo-soul outfit Jus Sayin are holding down the stage at Conor’s tonight for the holiday weekend! Fronted by Boulder’s own Dechen Hawk, the five-piece boasts a solid lineup of accomplished musicians who are prepared to help you get down on the dance floor this evening. Roll over to Pearl and check these guys out!

Listen to Jus Sayin’s live version of their tune “Questions”:

Tomorrow (Saturday 05/28):

Denver Day of Rock at the 16th Street Mall in Denver 230PM-Close

King Cardinal.

King Cardinal.

Amp the Cause is throwing a free one-day music festival on the 16th Street Mall tomorrow! There will be food trucks, a beer garden, and 25 bands sprinkling performances across five outdoor stages. Dearling, Gipsy Moon, HONEYHONEY, King Cardinal, and The Burroughs are on the list of our acts to see at the fest, and you can view the whole lineup here. Stop by and dance around! (PS: Peep our exclusive chat with King Cardinal and our recent review of The Burroughs’ new singles.)

Read more about Denver Day of Rock and how Amp the Cause gives back.

Slow Caves Desert Minded EP Release Show at Downtown Artery in Fort Collins 8PM-Close

Slow Caves.

Slow Caves.

Just this week, we dropped a review on Slow Caves’ new Desert Minded EP. We dig the band’s surfer rock vibes, and we have a feeling you will too. Tomorrow night, the group will be shreddin’ for you live in their hometown at Downtown Artery. They’ll have physical copies of their new release ready for you, and they’ll be playing the tunes live. Get ready to stage dive! This is gonna be a fun one.

Read our review of Slow Caves’ Desert Minded EP.

Card Catalog featuring Georges Octobous at The No Name Bar in Boulder 10PM-Close

Card Catalog.

Card Catalog.

There’s a new bluesy folk act on the scene and tonight is their debut performance at The No Name Bar. Card Catalog is a recently formed four-piece comprised of Jenn Tatro (vocals/guitar), Dalton Clayton (lead guitar/bass), Rob Spears (bass/guitar/synth/drums/backup vocals), and Ricky Brewer (drums/bass/guitar/backup vocals). Each musician packs their own punch, which is why this new project is totally worth checking out live! Plus they’ve got a special guest on the lineup, George Octobous. Get yourself a seat behind the big brown door tomorrow night! We’ll see you there.

All Weekend

Boulder Creekfest at the Boulder Creek in Boulder - Various Times and Stages


Eats, music, and brews! That’s how we want to spend our Memorial Day Weekend. And lucky for us, it’s time for Boulder’s annual Creekfest! There is a slew of local talent on the lineup, including: The Alcapones, Analog Sun with Special Guests, Augustus,The Delta Sonics, Farmer Sisters, Gasoline Lollipops, Let the Beat Speak, Monocle Band, Riley Ann, Whiskey Autumn, and more! Grab your raincoat and head out peeps. See you from the Ferris wheel!

Get Creekfest’s full schedule for the weekend here.

Cheers to the holiday weekend!


Follow Hannah on twitter and instagram.

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Slow Caves: Fastly Approaching Greatness with New Release "Desert Minded"

By: Zach Dahmen

Fort Collins' Slow Caves are majorly on the come up.

The new EP from Slow Caves has arrived and so has this band! The Fort Collins-based group has been playing the Front Range since 2014. Previous releases showcased a young band with a hard edge. The new EP takes their surf rock sound and adds dreamy vocals and a maturity in songwriting, but this is by no means a tame record. Comparisons can be made, but Slow Caves is a band making their mark in a saturated scene with a sound all their own.

Desert Minded is the name of the four song release, produced by the band themselves and Corey Coffman at the latter’s home studio. It’s a treasure of expanses with one song flowing into the next with ease. The four piece have hit their stride sliding through these songs.

The first song, “2 Hrs!”, is an immediately catchy synth-driven smile on your face. This is an unabashed indie pop song and it works. The vocal harmonies strike all of the right chords; if this track isn’t in your summer playlist, you're doing summer wrong.

“Glares” is a slow burner of pure, surf rock bliss. From the first guitar strums, the song’s light touches and call-back chorus will have you singing out loud.

“Desert Minded”, the EP’s title track, has its roots in the beach with a surf guitar riff running through the song. It’s feels like a beautiful dream like state, and by the time the chorus hits, you are hooked.  

“Son 15" is the most straightforward indie rock song on the EP. Pulsing with an aggressive guitar and a driving beat, this song will have you bobbing your head long after it’s over.

All of these songs could be strong contenders for a great single. The strength of Slow Caves’ writing hooks and song craftsmanship is in full display on this release. With this EP, Slow Caves have cemented themselves as one of the best bands the Front Range has to offer. Expect to be seeing big things from this four-piece in the coming months. Make sure to catch them next at The Downtown Artery in Fort Collins this Saturday, May 28th. Though their digital release of “Desert Minded” has been delayed for what they tell us are “good reasons; cool reasons”, they will have physical copies of the EP available at the show. Head out and keep up with Slow Caves here.


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David's Desk: Blood Was Spilt on Friday the 13th

By: David Landry and Zach Dahmen

What's a rock'n'roll show without a little blood?

Friday the 13th is known as a superstitious evening. Most of us give it the middle finger and get tattoos for 20 bucks and hang out at Crystal Lake. The virgin dies, so get to it. But we spent last Friday the 13th at the Hi-Dive. And though no one was slashed and all three bands on the lineup KILLED it, the vocal mics that evening were unfortunately cursed.

The night was a sonic smorgasbord: blaring guitars, chest rattling bass, and passionate artists who left their guts onstage. We were transported from surf rock to outright wailing rock’n’roll that you could feel in your teeth. The sound didn’t give the performers vocal justice, a guy in the audience blacked out and face-planted on the floor, blood was spilt, beers were guzzled, bodies moved, and the ringing in our ears wasn’t the only thing we took home with us. 

Slow Caves. Photo Credit:   Zach Dahmen

Slow Caves. Photo Credit: Zach Dahmen

Fort Collins’ Slow Caves started the night pulling no punches. Their style had surf heavy guitars and electric energy, but their tenacious vocals were often lost in the mix. Bodies were grooving hard to this four piece. They set the tone of the evening for a memorable night.

Drop to Your Knees and Choose the Outfit. Photo Credit:   David Landry

Drop to Your Knees and Choose the Outfit. Photo Credit: David Landry

The Outfit took the stage next and had the best sound of the night, but only because an overly enthusiastic fan jumped onstage and no one could hear Eric Johnston telling her to get fucking going. So Johnston grabbed the bass player’s mic, and with his soapbox voice coming through, the sound changed dramatically and the crowd definitely responded. Nasty lead bass lines, distorted harmonic guitars, and a booming kick drum made the show move with the thrashing heads in the crowd. We can tell you that BolderBeat will be going to The Outfit shows more often.

Groupies. John Demitro of Bandits. Photo Credit:   David Landry

Groupies. John Demitro of Bandits. Photo Credit: David Landry

Finally, Bandits hit the stage blaring. The high energy from the cursed evening coursed through all of our veins. Halfway through a crowd turning performance, their vocals began to fade to nothing due to the hexed mics. But in true Bandit fashion, the trio played a blistering set to a fever pitch of crash amps and a very damaged drum set. Each member had their sonically shining moments. John Demitro on guitar played with a real fearlessness and took advantage of every inch of that stage. Lulu Demitro on bass and keys was a highlight with all of the melodic parts. She shined on the band’s dark interpretation of the Beatles' Happiness is a Warm Gun. And Mr. Andrew Oakley on drums crashed through the stage with ferocious rhythm. His set-ending drum solo was a catalyst for a defiant stage destruction. Bandits are back with a new, grittier sound and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

All three bands made Friday the 13th a hit. We’re hoping for a sequel very, very soon.

Get a taste by watching vids from each of the bands here:

-David and Zach at the desk

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