Complete Your Next Festival Look with an Easy Ink Semi-Permanent Tattoo

Just in time for festival season, Easy Ink has created a revolutionary series of semi-permanent tattoos. Made of 100% natural ingredients, Easy Ink’s collection features large and small temporary tattoo options, along with a freehand ink kit, so festival attendees can create their own designs on the go.

Easy Ink’s “Solitude” design.

Easy Ink’s “Solitude” design.

At BolderBeat, our team tried four designs, ranging in size from small to large. Each application was pretty easy. Every Easy Ink piece comes with an instruction booklet and the proper application “tools” including an alcohol pad, a patch remover liquid, an adhesive remover, and a soap towelette. The whole process is 12-steps but is far less complicated than the number makes it sound. Our Easy Ink tattoo sets also came with directions to store the designs in the freezer prior to application to ensure they remained intact before use. Easy Ink’s designs can last up to a few weeks depending on how well you take care of your design during and after application. Our team’s full tattoo time varied between 1-2 weeks.

Easy Ink’s Rosales.

Easy Ink’s Rosales.

Easy Ink’s designs are a fun way to accessorize your next festival or concert getup, or to test out a design or tattoo placement prior to inking yourself permanently. The brand features everything from tiny, delicate designs like the Rosales to larger statement pieces like the Maori.

Take your festival look to the next level this summer without the permanence, cost, or hassle of real ink. A single tattoo from Easy Ink ranges in price from $14 to $23, so snag your next tat here today!

The Nomadik Sends You the Latest & Greatest in Outdoor Adventure Gear Just in Time for Summer

As camping season begins and Coloradoans throughout the state start ascending into the Rocky Mountains for the spring and summer seasons, there is one must-have companion: The Nomadik.

Copy of Copy of nomadik-yos (1 of 10).JPG

Featuring the best in outdoor adventure gear, The Nomadik is a monthly subscription service sent straight to your door with all of the latest and greatest in camping and adventurewear. Through April 12th, Nomadik’s Earth Day box is available for order here and features:

MPOWERD Luci Light EMRG - An inflatable, waterproof and floatable pocket-sized solar powered lantern that doubles as a flashlight and emergency light only needs a bit of sunlight to stay charged!

Simply Straws Stainless Steel Re-usable Straw - Plastic-free, guilt-free reusable straw helps reduce your waste!

Eco Vessel The Metro- 24oz Insulated & Reusable Tumbler -  This eco-friendly reusable mug is BPA free, phthalates free and free of harmful liners!

While April’s theme was Earth Day, The Nomadik switches up their themes monthly so that every new box includes a “challenge” for the month along with it, keeping even the most well-mountaineered folks on their toes. The Nomadik is constantly curating fresh and innovation gear from all the top outdoor brands and retailers for a fraction of industry prices. Monthly subscription boxes start at $32.95 and include a value of up to $70 + up to 7 full-size premium gear pieces with brands like Mountainsmith, Mizu, RX Bar, SealLine, Gear Aid, Kammock, Skratch Labs, Grand Trunk, MPOWERD, Power Practical, MoraKniv, GSI, Mountain House and more.

So fellow climbers, campers, kayakers, 14er adventurers and all you other great Colorado outdoors lovers, join The Nomadik today! They’ll deliver the gear for your next trip here for a fraction of what you’d spend anywhere else. Live Nomadik.

Where to Find the Best Ukulele Straps for Your Ukulele


If you’re a fan of the convenience and comfort a ukulele strap offers then the only decision to make is where to find the best one for both you and your instrument.

Where to buy the perfect ukulele strap for your instrument

There are hundreds of online sites offering a wide variety of ukulele straps. These include big name marketplace sellers like Amazon or auction/selling sites like eBay, specialist music equipment related sites and small crafter selling stations such as Etsy. Town centre music shops are good places to look too.

Ukulele straps are made from several different types of material, including tween, nylon and linen, however leather straps are perhaps the most popular.

What type of strap is best for you?

As there are so many places to browse for ukulele strap before you start looking seriously it’s best to know exactly what type you want to buy. There are several styles available, and they serve different purposes, so this is an important decision.

Standard ukulele strap

This style of strap is very popular, and it is attached to the ukulele in two places (the neck and the end) by strap buttons. As most instruments don’t have these as a standard feature at least one will need to be added. (A pickup jack can be used as the end button if needed.) This is a comfortable strap to wear and most are adjustable to get the best possible fit.

Semi-guitar strap

This also works with just one button, (on the end), while the other end is tied between the tuning pegs and strings.

Folk guitar style strap

The strap wraps in a loop around the player’s neck and under the ukulele – secured by a hook in the sound hole. No strap buttons are needed.

Half strap

Designed especially for ukulele use this need no buttons, instead one end of the strap is fastened to the instrument’s headstock and the other to the player’s arm, leg, or wrist, allowing the body of the ukulele to be held as normal.

Clip on strap

As the name suggests this literally clips on to the instrument. These are perfect for younger players as they can be attached in seconds, but they also come in larger, adjustable style to fit all sizes.

Mobius strap

Another very simple strap that can be attached very quickly and needs to buttons or other adjustments making on it. To use it you simply loop the strap around the ukulele’s body and then over your shoulder, just like a regular strap. The ukulele is held safely against your body by the loop’s twist.

The other option which may appeal to keen crafters is to make your own ukulele strap. There are lots of video tutorials and examples on YouTube or elsewhere online, and with a little imagination and effort you can be sure your strap will definitely be one of a kind.

For more advice on choosing a strap for your ukulele, check out Sound Chime - ukulele strap the best you can get.

What Happened at the Electric Daisy Carnival 2018

What Happened at the Electric Daisy Carnival 2018

Thousands of music lovers once again descended on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the 2018 Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), a weekend of unbridled fun and endless music. Its mission statement as reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal was, “Never grow up.” Looking at the fun that was had, it is fair to say that the crowds took this motto to heart.

Grammy winners on show

For all the other attractions, the EDC 2018 was ultimately all about music, and there was plenty of it all throughout the weekend. Songs from various genres permeated the airspace of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, with electronic music at the forefront of the festival. Hip-hop hits blared all over, too, with tracks from Grammy winners Kendrick Lamar and Drake emerging as clear favorites. Singles from artists such as Diplo, Darude, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs were also well received.


Equality at last

The EDC served as a platform for various artists to showcase their musical talent, with acts like Lost Frequencies, Matt Medved, NGHTMRE, Pendulum, Sage Armstrong, Vini Vici, and Warface all performing sets. Notably, this year’s festival featured the biggest female lineup in EDC history. Fifteen of the most talented females in the industry, including Black Madonna, Mija, Lauren Lane, Mariana Bo, and Rezz, put on a dazzling display of talent, proving without doubt that more female artists deserve to be on the EDC stage in the coming years.

Packed with fun

The festival also had much more than just the music, as it came with its own amusement park rides that incorporated electric displays. These included a Ferris wheel, a Big Splash water log ride, and a Pharaoh’s Fury ship. The rides complemented the music perfectly and added an extra dimension to the festival.

Wanna get married by Elvis?

Every year the festival has something special for lovebirds, as the ECD offers the opportunity to get married in true Vegas style: a wedding package that comes with an Elvis officiant. The package includes an Elvis minister, two songs by Elvis, and the use of the Daisy Electric Bouquet. It is no surprise that people want to be married by the star, as it is hard to understate how important his love affair with Vegas was in creating the city’s music heritage. Elvis’s road manger Joe Esposito explained why Vegas and Elvis were a perfect match, stating: “He enjoyed Vegas tremendously because it was the only town you could do 24 hours a day”. His legacy continues to be celebrated to this day across the world and through all forms of entertainment. Elvis The King Lives by Foxy Bingo shows that even though he has been dead for many years, fans still want to interact with and celebrate the star whether it is online or being married by him. The EDC crowds embraced the spirit of Elvis this year by partying for 24 hours.

What make it so special?

What makes the ECD so special is the crowd, who dress up and embrace the spirit of the festival. For those thinking of heading to Vegas next year, start planning your time to include the Electric Daisy Carnival.

New Year's Eve At Red Rocks Is Going To Be A Party

The clock is counting down as the holidays approach, and every year it seems to come by even faster than the previous years celebration. We're talking about ringing in the New Year, of course! Starting 2018 off on the right note will be easy when you consider all of the difference parties, local celebrations, and events happening throughout the Denver area.


New Year's Eve on the Rocks at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre is arguably the most anticipated party to ring in 2018, and even more so when you consider that this is the first ever New Year's celebration at the iconic venue. The all-star lineup for this concert almost guarantees a sell-out, with locals and tourists flocking into town to experience the magic! The line up is boasting names like Migos, Post Malone, Young Thug, Lil Yachty, and Dizzy Wright, so it's safe to say that this is going to be a night of hip-hop to remember for years to come. It's sponsored by Cervantes', Feyline, and KS107.5, so be sure to tune in for your chance to win tickets if you haven't had a chance to snag your own yet.

Safety is important anytime you plan on partying with friends, but even more so when so many people are partying for the new year, so be sure to prepare for your mode of transportation after drinking and dancing. Ride share services will surely take advantage of price surging during this time, so it's worth it to consider professional transportation such as a party bus or limousine. Not only is it more comfortable for a group of people, but it also comes at a comparable price tag after splitting it up among everyone who is attending. With amenities like cup holders, neon lights, comfortable seating and custom streaming ability on the subwoofer-equipped stereo systems, you're sure to enjoy the enhanced experience.

There will be shuttles leaving from specific bars around town like Thirsty Lion and Illegal Pete's, but be sure to weigh all of your options… especially if they're just as costly as professional transportation. Denver Party Bus Services allow you to have more control over your overall experience. For those able to attend, New Years Eve on the Rocks is going to be an exceptional party! Doors are at 5:00PM on the 31st, so don't be late. Swing over in style!

Book your bus now:

Limo Denver

1441 S Glencoe St Denver, CO 80222

(720) 619-2720

Browse the full fleet here.

All photos, videos, and embedded tracks per the artists featured and those credited. 

Three Modern Artists For Hendrix Fans

Tributes to Jimi Hendrix will never get old. Despite the fact that he’s been gone for several decades, he remains one of the most impactful artists in any musical genre. He’s still thought of by many as one of the great guitarists in history. Indeed, not so long ago Rolling Stone ranked him as the very best (just ahead of the likes of Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page), saying that his instrument was “like a divining rod of the turbulent Sixties” – not at all a bad way to put it.

Incidentally, the last year or so has seen a number of tributes to the artists, taking various forms, from a park opening in his name in Seattle to a video game being posted online. The game, part of a trilogy of rock-infused slot arcades, is based on the musician’s work and his legendary guitar riffs. It’s not exactly headline news, but it’s an intriguing blend of a decidedly modern gaming format and a somewhat “vintage” artist – perhaps speaking to the idea that even now there’s nothing dated about Hendrix’s sound. Other tributes of late have included accounts of old tours from ZZ Top frontman Billy Gibbons, the announcement of a new festival in Hendrix’s name in Folkestone, England, and even discussions about renaming a street in New York for the artist.

Altogether, these stories, mentions, and tributes – all from the last year – demonstrate the undeniable fact that Jimi Hendrix is never far from public consciousness. He’s in a very rare club with fellow artists from past eras who aren’t just easy for modern audiences to appreciate or respect, but easy for them to like.

It is perhaps because of this that there are still budding artists today who look to Hendrix, rather than more modern guitarists and performers, for inspiration. Like new writers citing Hemingway and Fitzgerald, or young actors studying Grace Kelly or Cary Grant, plenty of indie or up-and-coming modern artists will point to Hendrix as someone to be revered, studied, and imitated. And as you might expect, some of them are well worth listening.

If this sounds intriguing to you, here are three artists in particular to keep an eye on.


Jupiter’s Carnival

This group has some of the most Hendrix-like sounds you’ll find today – which is not to say they’re a direct imitation. The band describes itself as “a psychedelic group from the south west of the UK” on its website, following up on the description with eye-popping album covers bursting with bright colors and funky designs. Their sound is about as you’d expect at a glance, occasionally more toward funk, but often with at least a hint of Hendrix.


Gary Clark Jr.

This young rock/blues artist out of Texas appears to be on his way to stardom, having shared the stage with some of the bigger names in music already. For whatever reason though he still appears to be somewhat obscure. No less an artist than Alicia Keys has compared him to Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton has personally invited him to play, and he even played at the White House alongside B.B. King and others. Clark could be the most talented guitarist we’ve seen since John Mayer (who, love him or hate him, is an incredible talent), and he’s at least somewhat in the Hendrix mold.


Brittany Howard

Brittany Howard isn’t known by her name, though her band Alabama Shakes has become a fairly big deal (even meriting some attention at the Grammys). She’s got a little more growl to her than Hendrix, and can at times stray closer to a folksy or country sound. But on pure talent and ability, she’s probably the closest thing we have to a modern, female Hendrix – and she’s still not even 30 yet.

All photos, videos, and embedded tracks per the artists featured and those credited.