Day Three at The UMS: Are You Ready to Rip, Denver?

By: Sierra Voss

Alright UMSers. Saturday started off for me with a, “holy wow, is-it-really-this-epically-hot-outside?” kinda vibe.

I’m not scared. I will say it. I woke up Saturday morning exhausted from a 10+ hour day of awesome music the night before. I found myself really starting to wonder if I was going to be able to crush another non-stop day of tunes. Amidst my doubts, I quickly remembered that UMS was created by champions for champions. So I prepped up and started chugging water, coffee, and mimosas. The time was soon upon me. The first band I wanted to see was taking the stage only blocks away from where I pleasantly laid on my friend’s cozy couch. It was time to crush again.

Residual Kid. 

Residual Kid. 

The day was ripping away as I popped in and out of venues strewn along S. Broadway street. Each hosted different genres of music, from soulful singer-songwriters to thrashing heavy metal bands. It was all right there for me, beckoning, as I created my epic Saturday journey through The UMS land. But no matter where I was as the day continued, I found myself longing to return to the Hi-Dive.  

SPELLS at the Hi-Dive.

SPELLS at the Hi-Dive.

The Hi-Dive is truly the beating heart at the core of The UMS. You think about her when you leave. You wonder what’s happening in her life when you’re not around. You make sacrifices in order to see her. You wait in line with other people who love her equally as much, just for a chance to hang out with her for a couple of hours. But at the end of the day, it’s all worth it, because once you’re in there, it feels so good. You stop worrying about all the other venues and you're there, you’re with her, in that pulsing core of it all.

Dirty Few at HD.

Dirty Few at HD.

Time truly warps while you’re in the Hi-Dive. Hours become minutes as you thrash around, dancing to show after show after show actually after show, stopping only for bathroom, drink, and picture breaks. The lineup last night at the Hi-Dive was fierce: Dudebabes, SPELLS, Dirty Few, Ned Garthe Explosion, and Bud Bronson & The Good Timers.

The aftermath of Ned Garthe Explosion.

The aftermath of Ned Garthe Explosion.

My favorite set of the night was Ned Garthe Explosion. They no doubt know how to party. In fact, they started off their set counting down as Garthe himself held up a disco ball and let it drop while the audience cheered, “3-2-1!” The band tossed out glow sticks and champagne bottles as confetti, and their homemade fog machine filled the air. Within what seemed like seconds, people were spraying champagne throughout the crowd. And by the second song, people had cut open their glow sticks in order to create what I like to call a galaxy party, as neon goo speckled the venue walls, and our bodies.

Life in the depths of the Hi-Dive.

Life in the depths of the Hi-Dive.

Hot damn that Hi-Dive! She takes you in. She fills you up, and then she spits you out exhausted to the bone, but with a smile on your face, and crazy-fun reeling in your head for days to come.  

Day three was an epic one for The UMS books. Who’s ready for round four? Sunday-funday here we come...

BONUS: Yesterday’s stops summed up in one sentence:

Marshall Poole: The band that is perfect for when you just wanna hang, but also wanna rock.

Shilo Gold: A soulful performance set at the perfect venue under South Broadway Church’s towering organ and stained glass windows.

South of France.

South of France.

South of France: Dreamy surf rock vibes.

Residual Kid: These guys know how to rip 90s style, even though they were born in the 2000s.

Thee Oh Sees.

Thee Oh Sees.

Thee Oh Sees: Awesomely unique sound, repped by a crazy frontman who likes to lick his guitar and suck on his pick.

Dudebabes: Girl dressed as guy and guys dressed as girls with turkey legs, lemonade, and more.

SPELLS: Loves nothing more than to mosh with the audience.

Dirty Few: The lead singer jumped in the air and did the splits at the end of their third song of the set.

Ned Garthe Explosion: Champagne galaxy. See above.

BBGT Jorts.

BBGT Jorts.

Bud Bronson & The Good Timers: American rock rippers that you can count on to bring it home and seal in the epic vibes of a truly rockin’ night at the Hi-Dive. Also, they look damn good in jorts.


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The Weekend Six: Six Shows to See 04/08 & 04/09 + More

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Another weekend means another round of awesome local music. Check out our picks this week:


Today (Friday 04/08):

Gasoline Lollipops at Oskar Blues in Lyons 6PM-Close

Alt-country four-piece Gasoline Lollipops are well-known in these parts, and this weekend, the guys are playing Oskar Blues in Lyons. They’ve been called one of “Colorado’s Best”, and for good reason! Their performances are “high energy and heartfelt, like the American highway’s soundtrack. That’s something to grab a brew over. Start your weekend at this show!

Check out Gasoline Lollipops’ live performance of “White Trash”:

Residual Kid EP Release Party with Bud Bronson & the Good Timers and Slow Caves at the Hi-Dive in Denver 8PM-Close


Austin’s noise punk/grunge trio Residual Kid are releasing their EP Salsa tonight at the Hi-Dive with special local guests Bud Bronson & the Good Timers and Slow Caves. We’ve got one word for this lineup: PARTY! This show is guaranteed to have stage dives, gnarly shredding, and more! Plus RK are giving away a copy of Salsa to the first hundred people that walk through the door. So get your tickets now and get there!

Watch Residual Kid’s promo video for the show:

The Zimmermans at Conor O’Neill’s Irish Pub in Boulder 10PM-Close

We recently saw The Zimmermans at a private house show, and man were we impressed. This Boulder-based Bob Dylan tribute group brought mad character to songs all over the Dylan catalogue. Frontman Joshua Elioseff had everyone moving, while regular members, and special guests alike took the stage to showcase their musical talents. Tonight, the six-piece rocks the Conor’s stage, so drop in and dance!

Check out their cover of “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere”:

Tomorrow (Saturday 04/09):

Mawule Single Release Party featuring Miguel Dakota and the Differents, Jerney, DJ Zenas, & A Meazy at Club 156 in Boulder 730PM-Close

Denver’s R&B/pop artist Mawule is dropped his newest single this morning and he will be performing it live tomorrow as headliner at CU’s Club 156. His story and his music are super inspiring, so this is definitely a show worth checking out! Mawule’s got a ton of Denver talent on deck too- Miguel Dakota and the Differents will play a set, along with hip hop favorite Jerney, DJ Zenas, and A Meazy. This is a sick lineup you don’t want to miss; tickets at the door.

Hear Mawule’s debut single "Fall for Me":

The Burroughs with Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal at Moxi Theater in Greeley 8PM-Close

We just dropped a sweet review on Greeley’s soul act The Burroughs for their recent release of singles “You Are My Joy” and “1968”. Tonight, the nine-piece are celebrating their new music with a sweet hometown Moxi Theater show. Make the trek, or if you’re a resident, get your tickets here! It’s going to be a great night of soul with Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal sharing the stage. So get to it!

Listen to The Burroughs’ new singles:

The Fremonts at The No Name Bar in Boulder 10PM-Close

Americana storytellers Stephanie Dodd and Justin Badger will be making their return to The No Name Bar tomorrow night. This duo are not only talented, they’re hilarious. Just check out their blog for a taste. So get your music fix behind the big brown door with The Fremonts tomorrow! They’ve got new music for you, and they’re sure to keep you entertained. 

Peep The Fremonts’ track “Echo”:


We now actively cover press at shows, and we do our best to promote those. Catch some of us at the Lost Lake and the Larimer doing press for these performances:

FRIDAY: Hi-Fi Gentry EP Release Party featuring Whiskey Autumn, VWLS, & Griffin at Lost Lake Lounge in Denver 8PM-Close

Hi-Fi Gentry are a five-piece indie outfit based in Denver. Tonight, they’re throwing a massive party at Lost Lake for the release of their newest EP, Film Noir. The group have already dropped a couple of singles from the EP, which we really dig, and you can hear one below. Boulder’s R&B pop/rock trio Whiskey Autumn will be sharing the stage, along with experimental psych group VWLS, and Griffin. You get a free copy of Film Noir with your ticket purchase; tickets at the door.

Listen to Hi-Fi Gentry’s new single “The Tide”:

SATURDAY: The Yawpers featuring Blackfoot Gypsies NOW AT Larimer Lounge in Denver 9PM-Close

UPDATE: This show was moved to the Larimer Lounge after publication. Tickets are available at the time of this update- get them here!

The Yawpers are back in town. Do we really need to say much more? The badass rock and roll trio from the D are playing double hometown shows this weekend, both with Blackfoot Gypsies, a Nashville band that we’ve literally followed for years and can’t wait to see live. We guarantee BFG’s performance will be kickin’, so get there early for their set! Saturday's show is at Larimer Lounge; Sunday’s daytime BBQ at Lost Lake will feature Boulder’s The Velveteers, the perfect complement to an already sick rock lineup. Get tickets for the Sunday show here.

Watch The Yawpers vid for "Doing It Right”:



Boulder County Farmers Market is every Saturday from 10AM-2PM. We’re working closely with BCFM to promote the music at the market, and this week, Denver’s Zen Mustache will be under the red top tent. Stop by to hear their soulful funk tunes and grab some food. And don’t forget about one of our favorite treats… the iced coffee!


This week, our Sunday partnership with Green Light Radio and Streetside Productions will feature a track by Denver’s Open to the Hound in honor of their new music video and EP release for Way of the Critter! Rocky Flats was out of town last weekend, so he will play them tonight! Tune in to any of the Colorado Community Network Radio Stations here (95.3 or 95.5 Boulder) or stream Green Light between 9-10PM to catch their song “Liquid Lady”.


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Slow Caves "Dandelion Girl" Video Premiere

By: Hannah Oreskovich

We're the first to premiere "Dandelion Girl" and we're stoked on that.

Fort Collins’ synth-punk outfit Slow Caves released their newest music video today and we’ve got it for you right here with all the sweet deets peeps! In honor of #ThrowbackThursday (and as a treat to tie you over until they release their new EP this May) the track in the video, “Dandelion Girl”, is actually a previously released song. But now it’s accompanied by some pretty awesome visuals, thanks to filmmaker Aidan Sean McCarthy. We dig it and we think you’ll dig it too, so watch the video premiere for “Dandelion Girl” below and peep our recent chat with Slow Caves:

So guys- tell us why you chose to release a video for this particular song?

“Dandelion Girl” was included on our first EP, Slow Caves (2014). We had always wanted to make a video for this track, but as time passed it became less of a priority for us. When Aidan approached us about doing a video for the song, we were extremely excited. This video [isn’t] so much in anticipation for our new EP release; it’s more meant to hold you over until the new EP is released.

Very cool. Aidan, what was your process like behind creating this video?

This was a solo project from a production standpoint. When I initially approached Slow Caves I had already put together a short sample of what I thought the music video could look and feel like. The sample was a compilation of the best found-footage without the live performance segments.  Most, if not all, of the found-footage from the sample ended up in the final product.

A scene from "Dandelion Girl".

A scene from "Dandelion Girl".

And what about the photos and visuals in the video? How were those chosen?

The process of choosing the images for this video was fairly straightforward. I had seen their lyric video for “Saturns” and really liked how the vintage footage jived with their sound. I got on the web and searched for anything that I felt fit the themes of youthful lust, panic, and/or disorder. Even if these themes aren’t obvious to the audience, my hope is that the images feel harmonious anyway.

Another Shot From "Dandelion Girl".

Another Shot From "Dandelion Girl".

Those vibes are definitely felt. Slow Caves, we noticed at the end of the song, we can hear Jakob saying, “Sick huh?” and that your band frequently uses that phrase in your social media posts, etc. What’s the story behind that?

It’s something that came up when we were tracking our first EP in LA. Jakob said, “Sick huh?” while we were recording vocals in Oliver’s old apartment. It just kinda became a catchphrase about recognizing and appreciating the true “sickness” that exists in everyday life. Sick huh?

Slow Caves. Photo Credit: Craig Okraska

Slow Caves. Photo Credit: Craig Okraska

Sick indeed. So the future! Tell us about yours.

We recorded our new EP with Corey Coffman (Gleemer) and he is producing it with us. We are hoping to have videos for all of the songs on the new EP and have a lot of ideas floating around for those. We’re also hoping to do some serious touring behind this next release, but we can’t announce anything just yet.

Can’t wait to hear more guys!

Make sure to catch Slow Caves at the Hi-Dive April 8th with Residual Kid and Bud Bronson and the Good Timers + keep up with their show schedule here.

And if you didn’t already, watch the video premiere of “Dandelion Girl” above.


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