Everett Bird Release Debut Single "Bucket Of Dark Meat"

By: Norman Hittle

Everett Bird is a Montreal based trio focusing on their brand of eclectic alternative rock with washed out psychedelic overtones. The band just released their first single, “Bucket of Dark Meat”:

The single is the first from the band’s debut upcoming record People Person, to be released February 23rd. The LP was recorded with Jace Lasek (Wolf Parade, Besnard Lakes).

Regarding the track, the band had this to say:

“‘Bucket of Dark Meat’ was the first song we wrote for the album. The song is about the feeling of anxiety a person gets when it seems like everyone is being more productive than you. On the other end, the song is about suppressing that feeling with things that make you happy.”

Everett Bird.

Everett Bird.

Keep up with Everett Bird here and keep an ear to the ground for their debut record which drops this Thursday, February 22nd.


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