Whitacre Talk to Us About Their Single "Find The Light" & Their Upcoming UMS Performance

Denver’s Whitacre recently released their newest single, “Find The Light.” The song is the band’s third single release from their upcoming record 'Within the Mountain’s Shadows.' The five-piece have had a busy summer, so we caught up with the crew to see what's next:

Tell us more about “Find The Light”:

Chase Perry: “Find the Light” is the first single off of our upcoming EP entitled Within the Mountain’s Shadows. After self-recording our first two singles, we decided to work with a highly-praised Denver producer, Joe Richmond. “Find the Light” is the first songs we did with Joe and he really challenged us to work and rework the song until it was our best effort.  We feel the production quality is top notch.

What's the band's songwriting process been like for this new record?

Joey Wenberg: Our songwriting process is continually evolving. Initially, Paul Whitacre brought all of the chord progressions and lyrics to the table from his solo project.  Recently, it’s been a much more collaborative process. The best is when we schedule practices for the sole purpose of bringing new ideas to the table and just jam- this is where the best songs have been created most recently. But a lot of times inspiration strikes when we’re outside of our formal practices.  So we’ve become big fans of Apple’s “Voice Memo” app. We use it to send ideas back and forth to each other, in hopes something good can come out of it.



We know there’s been a recent change in your lineup- who is all involved in the project right now?

Chase Perry: Whitacre formed in August of 2017 and there are currently five of us- Paul Whitacre (front-man), Mark Cunningham (drums/keys), Chase Perry (banjo/harmonica), Joey Wenberg (bass), Robert Bullington (lead guitar).

What are your favorite spots to play live in Denver?

Paul Whitacre: We’ve been lucky enough to play quite a few venues here in Denver. As for our favorite venue in Denver, it’s got to be a two-way tie. Larimer Lounge offers an amazing intimate space that allows us to feel really engaged and connected to our fans. On the flipside, The Bluebird Theater offers one of the bigger stages and better sound systems we’ve been able to play through. Plus, having your band’s name on their giant marquee is pretty sweet too!

What's next for Whitacre?

Paul Whitacre: We’re really close to finishing the final songs on our upcoming EP and we’re working hard to find another good tour to join before the end of the year. And, even though we’re not even done with this first EP, we’re already thinking about the next one. We are constantly writing songs, playing shows and fine tuning our craft.

Where can we catch you this weekend at The UMS?

We will be playing South Broadway Christian Church on Friday at 9PM!

Great! See you there!

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Premiere: Whitacre Release Catchy New Folk Rock Tune "Fantasy"

Denver’s Whitacre, the five-piece rock project led by Paul Whitacre, have plans to drop new music this year and today, we’re premiering the band’s newest single, “Fantasy.”

Whitacre, which is comprised of Paul Whitacre (rhythm guitar/lead vocals), Chase Perry (banjo/keys/vocal harmonies), Mark Cunningham (drums), Kyle Miner (lead guitar/vocal harmonies), and Brent Perkins (bass), recorded the track at Colorado Christian University’s studio. “Fantasy” was produced by Nicholas Webber, who is also featured on vocal harmonies on the songs, with engineering by Toshi Jamang.



“Fantasy,” which starts out with some stompy percussion, is a feel-good folk rock tune primed for summer. Its thick strings and catchy chorus make it feel like a Lumineers-inspired ditty. Whitacre himself sings the instantly appealing and memorable chorus, “We could be/What people thought was fantasy/Only portrayed in the Hollywood movie screens/All the love you read about in all those fairytales/I will be your fantasy.”

Said Paul about the track, “When we released our first single, 'Set Me Free,' we had a very small fan base and had no idea what to expect in our musical future. Now, after 50,000 streams, a show with Pandas & People and Wildermiss at the Bluebird Theater, and talks of a national tour this summer, we really feel a sense of fans longing for new music. Releasing our second single, 'Fantasy' is still really only the beginning. We've signed a recording contract with Joe Richmond for a five-song EP and are confident this song is going to continue laying the foundation that will make that a successful release later in 2018!”

“Fantasy” will drop across all streaming platforms this Friday, March 16th. To hear it live, catch Whitacre next at Larimer Lounge on Thursday, March 22nd where they’ll share a stage with The Ghost of Paul Revere and Matt Rouch & The Noise Upstairs.

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Singer/Songwriter Paul Whitacre Drops New Music Video For Single "Beth"

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Singer/songwriter Paul Whitacre recently relocated from Indianapolis to Denver, CO. Though he started playing guitar before he turned 15, Whitacre didn’t follow his musical passions until college. He hit a turning point his sophomore year, after finding faith and exploring music.

Paul Whitacre.

Paul Whitacre.

Most recently, Whitacre released his second single, “Beth.” The catchy love song is perfect if you’re looking for those true Valentine’s Day feels, and the music video for the tune, which dropped last week, will definitely make your heart smile. Filmed in Indianapolis by Unsilenced Films, the music video for “Beth” features shots of Whitacre singing and playing acoustic guitar with fellow musician Clay Langebartels (electric guitar/bass/drums) interspersed with scenes of what we’re led to imagine is a much younger Whitacre and his childhood crush on “Beth.” The video features several drone shots as well, which are awesome.

Watch the music video for “Beth”:

When we asked Whitacre about the song, he told us, “I used to always want to marry a girl named Beth because I thought it sounded good with my last name, and when I started dating a girl named Bethany, I found out she had always wanted to marry a guy with my last name, Whitacre.”

Though things didn’t work out in the relationship, Whitacre says that whenever he brings this up at live shows, people are drawn to the story. He likes writing from his own very personal stories.

“I've promised myself and my fans that I'll never sing a song that doesn't have meaning to me. I hope you find the content of my songs both challenging and hopeful. The stories attached to them have shaped who I am, and I hope you can relate to them in your own way too.” says Whitacre.

So make sure to give “Beth” a view, Whitacre a listen, and catch him live by keeping up with his tour schedule here.


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