Attila & All That Remains Brought Heavy Hits & a Wall of Death to Recent Denver Show

By: Nathan Sheppard

All That Remains and Attila hit the stage at the Oriental Theatre this past week for a night that every metalhead could appreciate. Sleep Signals and Escape the Fate opened things up for the co-headliners.

Attila, who released their newest album Villian in February, took the show to the next level with their party animal antics. Those antics led to a love-hate relationship with most people, but for those who love them, Attila puts on one of the best live performances of any band in their sphere. From start to finish, frontman Chris Fronzak had the crowd moshing and and even threw in a “wall of death” just for kicks. The set was filled with mostly favorites like “Moshpit” and “Pizza” with some new songs from their latest album as well.

All That Remains was the second headliner of the night and continued the mosh party right where it left off. ATR released their ninth studio album Victim of the New Disease this past November which has been a welcome return to their roots as a heavy metalcore band. The first quarter of their set was heavy, with newer songs from New Disease, followed with a medley of older hits. Vocalist Phil Labonte was able to show off a wide vocal range from high screams to low growls, and even showcased his clean vocals in “What if I Was Nothing?”. They topped off the night with their smash hit single “Two Weeks”, leaving everyone exhausted from moshing and jumping throughout the set.

Attila and All That Remains are about halfway through their American co-headlining tour, so make sure you make it out to one of these insane shows! Remaining dates can be found here.


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Sevendust Played a Stellar Sellout Show at Denver's Oriental Theater

By: Nathan Sheppard

This past Tuesday Grammy-nominated rock veterans Sevendust played a sold-out show at the Oriental Theater in Denver.

Madam Mayhem.

Madam Mayhem.

While not the most conventional venue for such a big show and many Oriental employees dishing that this was the most people they'd ever seen there, every band still had amazing performances. Starting the night off was singer-songwriter Madame Mayhem and her “in your face” style was what the early crowd needed to get hyped.

Memphis May Fire.

Memphis May Fire.

With many still flowing in and filling the place, Texas metal band Fire From the Gods took command of the stage and proceeded to melt faces with heavy guitar riffs and screams. Being the heaviest band of the show is not always the easiest to get the crowd going, but these guys did a great job and threw in some softer songs as well. Last of the openers was metalcore vets Memphis May Fire who had just gotten to the venue a half hour before the show due to van problems. Despite the slight setback MMF still gave us their all, with their unique blend of heavy breakdowns and silky smooth melodies.



Finally, it was time for the moment that everyone was waiting for. Sevendust took the stage and their loyal fans showed them their appreciation by screaming and yelling as loud as possible. With the band being around for over 20 years, there was a wide variety of songs on their setlist that everyone could sing along to. Mixed in with the hits were a couple singles from their 12th studio album All I See Is War, including “Dirty.” It's easy to see why Sevendust has been so successful for so many years: they put on a performance that captures the crowd's attention from start to finish. On the way out, several fans mentioned their anticipated return of Sevendust to Denver.

For the remaining dates of their tour and to follow what the band has in store next, click here.   


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Signs and Signals Keep On Flashing In The Studio and On Stage

By: Jura Daubenspeck

Find yourself "Human Again" with Denver's Signs and Signals.

Big things are in store for Denver’s alternative rock group Signs and Signals. The five-piece band, made up of Jason Kelly (vocals), Ryan Fraser (bass/supporting vocals), Brian Carpenter (lead guitar), John Ensey (guitar/supporting vocals), and Jimmy Fountain (drums) brings a powerful, eclectic flair to their music that is continuing to build momentum.

Signs and Signals at Denver Rockfest last weekend. 

Signs and Signals at Denver Rockfest last weekend. 

Since their inception in May 2014, Signs and Signals have played a number of shows throughout Denver, including Denver’s Underground Music Showcase, have been featured on 93.3 Locals Only, and raised over $6,000 in their Kickstarter campaign, allowing them to record their album, Human Again.

Human Again, which was recorded at The Spot Studios, has a number of songs that are powerful, catchy, and urge you to get up and move. Personal favorites from the album include heavy hitters such as “Fight or Flight,” “Human Again,” and “Here In The Dark.” While each band member has varying musical backgrounds, ranging from classical training, to the “by ear” technique, to being well-versed in the punk/ska scene, their unique talents all come together to create a fantastic sound. And as they continue to play together, along with newer members Ryan Fraser and John Ensey, the group has plans to tweak their sound to a heavier, more emotional feel. We can expect from their new music more riffs, artist collaborations, and deep-cutting lyrics- and I, for one, am excited.

S&S bringing the house down. 

S&S bringing the house down. 

After listening to Signs and Signals’ recorded music, as well as watching them perform on stage, I found that their music truly comes alive when seen in person. I watched them play at Moe’s BBQ in November 2015, and the energy felt during their performance was unreal. They had everyone headbanging, singing along, and cheering- and personally, those are my favorite kinds of shows. You could absolutely tell that the group has a strong bond and genuinely enjoys rocking out with their fans. To top it off, their music carries an excellent blend of “radio-friendly rock” with ass-kicking melodies.

2016 has been a hell of a year so far for the guys of Signs and Signals. They performed at the Bluebird Theater in January, the Marquis Theater in February, and finally, brought the house down last Friday night at Denver Rockfest at the Oriental Theatre, along with Innerspace, Vermillion Road, and My Own Iris.

Listen to Sounds and Signals title track from their album, "Human Again:

So what do we have to look forward to with Signs and Signals? After the excitement of their recent performances, the group has plans to write more music, record a new music video, and work on their collaborations, including their recent piece “Gravity Lies” with vocalist, pianist, and songwriter Amy Kress. That track will be released by the end of the summer.

Though you may not have many chances to see them play live during the upcoming months, be prepared for an even stronger Signs and Signals next fall. And in the meantime, check out their music on Spotify, Soundcloud, and their website.


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The Pamlico Sound: Get Baptized in Funk This Saturday at The Lazy Dog

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Boulder's TPS are back in the game. 

Funk, soul, and psychedelia. That’s what Boulder’s The Pamlico Sound is all about. Formed in 2010, TPS has shared the stage with acts like Orgone, Kung Fu, Rowdy Shadehouse, The Magic Beans, and Technicolor Tone Factory. The eight-piece outfit have played The Fox, The Boulder Theater, The Bluebird, The Oriental, and many other local favorite spots. In 2014, the band took a hiatus as members worked on other projects, but they want you to know something Boulder: They’re Back! The Pamlico Sound will be throwing one crazy dance party at The Lazy Dog this Saturday, complete with a new killer rhythm section, an explosion of energy, and their “Jive Church” experience (just keep reading and it will all make sense soon young ones). In anticipation for the show, we sat down with the driving force behind the band, Will Baumgartner (vocals/baritone and soprano sax/flute/harmonica) to chat more about TPS and their plans for a 2016 takeover! Keep reading:

So Will, talk to us more about the “Jive Church” concept that TPS and their fans have been raving about since the band’s reformation. We’ve heard good things.

Glad you asked! The Jive Church basically turns our shows into an interaction between Pastor Will B (aka me, The Reverend Ever Ready), the Deacons (band members), Ghana Queen (our female vocalist), and the Congregation (audience) like so: As the pastor/reverend, I ask emphatically, “Can I get a ‘Hell Yeah’ from the Deacons?!”, to which the people onstage reply even more vigorously, “HELL YEAH!” Then, I turn to the audience: “Can I get a ‘Hell Yeah’ from the CONGREGATION?!” This often escalates to urgent calls of “Can I get a ‘F*CK YEAH?!’” And so on… Then, at least once during the show (usually toward the middle and the end), we offer a Funk Baptism, which consists of encouraging members of the Congregation to come to the edge of the stage (or up onto the stage itself), to be sprayed with Funky Holy Water (it’s a lot more sanitary than it sounds) while they writhe and contort in the Holy Spirit of the Funk. Our shows are also spiced up by brief “sermons” from me, Pastor Will/Reverend Ever Ready.

Wow. You literally spray people with Funky Holy Water and they love it?! I’m intrigued and impressed. Are you planning a lot of Funk Baptisms for Saturday’s show at The Lazy Dog? What else are you guys excited about?

Dang, that’s a GOOD QUESTION! In no particular order: Returning to our favorite small club in the homietown; our first show with new member (on trombone and vocals) Thom Holum; our second show with new drummer Curtis Collazo; the great likelihood of having some old friends/local luminaries sit in with the band; periodic stage diving into the arms of our beloved homiefans…

The Pamlico Sound bringing a funkadelic party to any show almost feels like an understatement for the picture my mind is making from all of this…

Yeah- we started out playing rager parties on the Hill to delirious hordes of sweaty wild-eyed lunatics, and that’s still how we approach every show: if you’re not sweaty, wild-eyed and delirious, you’ve mistakenly wandered into another show by a band of impostors. We are here to make you (and ourselves) feel ridiculously happy and free. And aside from the Jive Church shenanigans mentioned above, we always do things like sending the horn players out to wander amidst the crowd and play directly to them, “walk the bar” and so on; we also are known to frequently leap offstage and dance with crowd, and invite audience members to come onstage to sing and  dance with us.

The Pamlico Sound. Photo Credit:   Miles Photography

The Pamlico Sound. Photo Credit: Miles Photography

It sounds like to get the full TPS experience, we’ve got to come to a live show. We can’t wait! Beyond the insanity planned to rock the LD, what’s on deck for The Pamlico Sound in 2016?

We plan to give up sugar and coffee, participate in beauty pageants, and save kittens from trees. After we’ve done all that, we are planning to record all our new songs with Josh Fairman at Scanhope Sound (Josh has recently recorded/produced/mixed/mastered albums by The New Mastersounds, Atomga, and Analog Son, among others.) We’re also in the planning stages for our next Funkstravaganza, which is where we choose our favorite local funk bands and throw a big fat dance party with them at Cervantes’ in Denver. That will probably be happening in March or April. We’re also looking at festivals and regional tours.

Awesome! Anything else you want to tell us before Saturday, Pastor Will B?

Bring us your wired, your floored, your hugging bastards longing to be Flea.

Funk yeah. See you there Beaters.

Join the FB event here.

Watch The Pamlico Sound perform in the Radio1190 Studio here:


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Josh Moorehead & the Guestlist: No More Nostalgia Release

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Josh Moorehead & the Guestlist want you to forget the past and make new memories with them and their new music.

No more nostalgia. 

That was the theme of Friday night’s show at the Oriental Theater and subsequently the name of Josh Moorehead and the Gueslist’s recent LP release. After launching their first EP Rest Assured just last January, this seven piece self-described “western-swing” band spent the past few months writing and recording songs in their living room (bassist Cameron Wyman, drummer Tate Ignelzi, and guitarist/frontman Josh Moorehead lived together). And I mention the living room because for JMATG, the living room sounds like it was that space where things clicked creatively for the band. It’s where Moorehead spent time writing lyrics, where Eric Estrada (trumpet) crafted horn parts, and where Zach Holcomb (piano) brought forth the keys. It’s the space where the guys tell me, “we wrote all of the instrumental harmonies together.” Nirvana had a garage; Josh Moorehead and the Guestlist had a living room. You get the idea.

But that living room is about to be no more. Their old house is set to be demolished any day now. And so the band decided, what better time for a tour? They bought an old party bus, packed up their lives, and are headed for journeys through the Southwest, Tijuana, and along the West Coast. Hence No More Nostalgia. This Denver crew has been rising to the top of the local music scene without much time to reminisce; they’ve got to venture on.

Holcomb holding it down. Digging that Time & Temp Sticker. Photo:   Hannah Oreskovich

Holcomb holding it down. Digging that Time & Temp Sticker. Photo: Hannah Oreskovich

JMATG’s sound definitely has that western kick they claim it does. But since several of its members met in jazz school, it's got a powerful swing to it as well. They play around with polyrhythms, Ignelzi uses what look like double-stick mallets for impressive cymbal swells, and Estrada fronts some seriously cool trumpet solos. At times, they even boast a fuller horn section, with a French and a sax.

Their original tunes lyrically craft imagery of a time past. A few of them remind you of what might have played on an old Bush radio outside of a lonesome highway gas station; tumbleweed rolling by to your left, sun blaring on your right. But they also bring a modern, bluesy sound to their catalogue. Their finesse at combining the old with the new was evident in their cover/mash-up of the Everly Brothers “All I Have To Do Is Dream" with the Pixies “Where Is My Mind”. Super f*cking cool.

Oriental balcony in aqua. Photo:   Hannah Oreskovich

Oriental balcony in aqua. Photo: Hannah Oreskovich

When the groovin' came to an end for the night, one mystery remained. What's with the name?

“Funny story!” smiled Ignelzi.

Moorehead laughed, “Ok yeah. So basically I was playing solo shows with my name and I would have guests come up on stage and join me for parts of my set. So I’d say ‘It’s Josh Moorehead and the Guests.’ But then to get friends to come to shows, a few of us got together and started telling people- ‘Hey you should come by tonight! We put you on the guestlist!’ And so they would show up and tell the door guy ‘Hey we’re on the guestlist!’ and he’d be like, you know, ‘There isn’t one, but come in.’ It turned into this whole joke and then it just stuck. I never meant for my name to be in what is now the band. But that’s just how it happened.”

The Guestlist guys all start to laugh, and I do too. Well done dudes. 

Great release party. Great tour kickoff. And no more time for nostalgia: Their ‘Chevro-let Your Hair Down’ tour has begun! Check out Josh Moorehead and the Guestlist here.


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