Everything We Know About The Killers' New Record 'Wonderful, Wonderful' Based On Their New Music Videos

By: Benjamin Tillis

On September 22, almost exactly four years after their last album release of Battle Born, The Killers are set to release a new album, Wonderful, Wonderful. Leading up to the 10-track release, the band has shared three singles and two music videos, both of which differ tremendously in style and sound.

The Man,” The Killers first shared track and music video from their new album, is a disco infused, first person narrative of an overconfident Brandon Flowers. It is over the top and hokey, but the video makes it clear that this is intentional. In it, you see Flowers, the band’s lead singer and biggest personality, living what looks to be the perfect life in his hometown of Las Vegas. He shows off his muscles, performs at Vegas shows, and seems to be a hit with his surrounding female counterparts. But as the video continues, the watcher learns that Brandon is nothing close to “The Man.” The video reminds us all that we’re not as great as we think we are.

Deviating from the funky vibes of “The Man,” “Run For Cover” has the same sound as The Killers’ original hits, “Mr. Brightside” and “Somebody Told Me.” The music video stays true to the song’s most repeated line, “Run for cover…don’t look back,” as the storyline focuses on a woman running away from a man she presumably used to be romantic with. All is vague in the video. The band members watch, emotionlessly, a story of a man and woman told not in chronological order. A mysterious white cassette, which is marked only with the single’s release date, July 7, 2017, is sought by both the man and woman. The final scenes show the woman running with the cassette and escaping, after throwing a Molotov cocktail at her ex-lover’s car. The video is mysterious and tells an interesting story behind the somewhat dark lyrics of the song.

Listen to The Killers' title track "Wonderful, Wonderful": 

On August 24th, the band released the title track of their upcoming new album. “Wonderful, Wonderful” is bizarre and eccentric, and the distorted, deep-voice Brandon Flowers belts sounds similar to “Tranquilize” and other older songs found on their compilation album Sawdust. With unique background instruments and biblical-like lyrics, it will be interesting to see if The Killers release a music video for this track. Until then, stay tuned for September 22nd when The Killers release Wonderful, Wonderful, which has already proven to be a combination of both the band’s new and old sounds.


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Motion Trap Release Alluring Single + Video In Anticipation Of Their Forthcoming Record 'Heavenly Bodies'

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Denver’s Motion Trap have been referred to as “Tycho with dance moves” and “Mogwai on crack.” The nu-dicso duo, comprised of Kyle Williams and Nathan Rogers, formed back in 2012 and have been making ears everywhere drip in thick synth dance hooks ever since. This September, Motion Trap are releasing their newest record, ‘Heavenly Bodies.’ The indie electro dance album mashes guitar tones with synth, distorted vocals, and all things digital into something impossible not to groove to. It's mysterious, alluring, and dancey as hell. Recently, Motion Trap released their single from the record, “Youth Blood,” and the track’s accompanying music video. It caught our eardrums, so we chatted with the band to learn more about this glow-in-the-dark two-piece and their newest vid. Read on:

What is the story behind the video for “Youth Blood?”

Recently we have been writing more upbeat songs, like our first single 'Molecule,' but with 'Youth Blood' we decided to showcase a darker side to our songwriting. I have heard people describe this sound as being ‘a more sexy Motion Trap.’ It has a deeper feel, and a possibly deeper meaning, one that is open to interpretation, but also means something to us. We love double meanings in our songs and this one has the internal dialogue of a person struggling with a feeling and trying to cope or figure it out in that moment.

Watch Motion Trap's music video for "Youth Blood": 

Who filmed the video?

Jeremy Pape shot it and Shaun Burder edited and directed it. They are both from Collective Culture out of Denver and do an amazing job. We also had the opportunity to work with some great actors, JoJo Lupe and Rob Ferrell.

Motion Trap. Photo Credit:   Blake Jackson

Motion Trap. Photo Credit: Blake Jackson

Where did you record the single?

We always record all of our songs in our home studio and when they get to a spot we call 'almost finished,' we sit in without our engineer Rocky Tran at Conway Sound to put some final love on the tracks before sending them to be mastered.

Of all the tunes on upcoming Heavenly Bodies, why’d you choose to release “Youth Blood” to us as one of the first?

I would say because it is so different than most of our music. We love the deeper feel this song has. That is why we chose this- to showcase a different side of our songwriting capabilities. Also the dark tone of this song felt like it lent really well with our black light theme. We had a great time experimenting with different lighting and painting techniques with this video.

Kyle Williams. Photo Credit:   Hannah Oreskovich

Kyle Williams. Photo Credit: Hannah Oreskovich

Cool! What’s up next for Motion Trap?

We have our CD Release Show at Larimer Lounge September 8th! The record will contain both singles, 'Molecule' and 'Youth Blood,' as well as six other tracks. We are bringing a massive light show along that we are collaborating on with our good friend Nate Davis from Color Shadow Productions. We have some special things up our sleeves for this show and can't wait to release the new album!

Make sure to catch Motion Trap at Larimer Lounge on Friday, September 8th with Get Along and Time Scale for their release show! Tickets here; keep up with Motion Trap and their new record ‘Heavenly Bodies’ by peeping their website.


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Boogie Lights Brings Electronic Dance Funk To Denver

“The feeling of the 70s mixed with the sounds of today to create a new genre: Electronic Dance Funk.”  

That’s what Denver’s DJ Boogie Lights has become known for in the local music scene. Mixing the sweet, sweet sounds of 70s funk and soul with 90s house, nu-disco, and modern tropical house, Boogie Lights has become affectionately known as the “Everlasting Gobstopper of Funk.” 

The man behind Boogie Lights, Mark Henrichs, has been releasing remixes, mash-ups, and original tracks for the past two years under his current moniker. Just last May, Boogie Lights released his biggest single to date, “The Feeling (ft. Abi Clark).” It’s a transportive fun house of funk and disco with upbeat electronic elements and catchy lyrics. It’s got a 90s nostalgia to it that makes it hard not to want to just rave out to in your favorite mesh vest.

Listen to Boogie Lights’ “The Feeling (ft. Abi Clark)”: 

This Saturday, July 8th, Boogie Lights has his debut show at Denver’s Tony P’s. Mammoth Water and Universal Concepts will share the stage for a funkclectic evening. Grab details here and if you miss it, make sure to catch Boogie Lights next at Moe’s Original BBQ in Englewood on August 19th with Johnny & The Mongrels and Sylva.

 Keep up with Denver’s Boogie Lights here.  

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