Radio Recap: Boulder Band Gingerslap! and their track "Stay the Same"

By: Hannah Oreskovich

GingerSlap! dropped a new single. 

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So let’s chat about last night’s artist:

Boulder-based rock outfit GingerSlap!’s single “Stay the Same” hit the groovy Boulder airwaves last evening. Comprised of Heather Nelson-Boger (vocals), Derek Hayes (guitar), Mike Waldhoff (drums), Mike Morrison (pedal steel), and JD Droddy (bass), this is what the five-piece wants you to know about them:

Every once in awhile there is a synergistic combination of people that produces something greater than the sum of the parts. This is one of those times. Other than our resident diva, Heather, there are no virtuosos in this band, just good players who mesh extraordinarily well. On paper it doesn't look like it would work: power pop guitarist, funky southern bassist, pedal steel and pop diva vocals. But it works, and the recombination of American musical roots yields a sound that defies the current trend of laser focused sub-genres.

Pretty sweet. When it comes to their track “Stay the Same”, GingerSlap! told us:

Everybody contributed to the arrangements on this song. Guitar, bass, and drums had the most to do with the structure [of the track]. We recorded it at The Shop studio in Boulder in late 2015. Overall, the closest simple description of our sound is original classic rock, with power pop, funk and other influences. Different people hear different decades.

We like. So what’s up with GingerSlap! in 2016?

We’re preparing for our live show/CD release at Nissi’s on Thursday, January 21, 2016. Other than that, we’re looking for good places to play in the Denver/Boulder area, summer festivals etc.

Awesome. Keep up with GingerSlap! here. And lend your ear to their rockin' self-titled album here:

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