Get Along's Back At It With Their Live Recording of "Karaoke"

By: Jura Daubenspeck

After a musical hiatus, Nicholas and Cara Yañez, of the Denver group Get Along, are back at it. They've made live appearances at The Moon Room, Summit Music Hall, and at Larimer Lounge, alongside Teal and Tangent, Amy Kress, and Oh, Be Clever respectively. And the duo don't seem to be stopping any time soon.

Watch Get Along’s live performance of “DNA”:

On top of their shows and raising their infant daughter, Laika, the pair just recorded two live performance sessions at The Spot Studios for their songs "DNA" and "Karaoke," both of which will be featured on their upcoming album.

Recording at The Spot Studios.

Recording at The Spot Studios.

"Karaoke", which was officially released today, harnesses Get Along’s gift for the odd, the visceral, and the vibrant. It definitely tips its hat to their soul, punk, and electronic musical style, and it carries its own unique message within it.

Cara in the studio.

Cara in the studio.

The song starts off with a low rhythmic synth beat, almost something you'd expect to hear in a cultish noir film like Blade Runner; the tempo builds until it's surprisingly met with Cara's ukulele-playing, which takes you to a sunny, beach-side paradise. With this unique pairing, your expectations for this song are already shaken, and your attention is held. Cara's vocals are solemn, powerful, and moving, and all the while Nick gradually incorporates his drum playing, until the song reaches a punk rock crescendo, with the two singing in unison.

Watch Get Along’s “Karaoke”:

Even with its upbeat, alternative sound, "Karaoke" touches on a deeper meaning. It reflects not just the group's disdain of the musical "art form" of karaoke, but also the value of originality over conformity. It preaches finding freedom in one's unique design rather than "karaoke-ing" one’s way through life; and through that original journey, finding peace and empowerment. The lyrics are not a jab at karaoke, but a poetic reflection of keeping true to your own creativity, whether it's generally accepted or not:

But the songs never seem to sound the same,
with the lyrics rolling down on the video screen.
So sing a song that makes them remiss;
brings them back to the lovers and friends who are gone.
If Karaoke is as easy as they say it is,
then why can't I sing it for shit?
If it's as easy as they say it is,
then why can't I sing?

If "Karaoke" is the delicious appetizer for what's to come from Get Along's upcoming releases, I am incredibly excited. Their ability to juggle family life with crafting a totally new sound for their music continues to impress me, and I cannot wait to see what's in store for these two. Connect with the creative duo on Facebook to see what else they're up to.


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A Band on the Move: The Metamorphosis of the Colorado Springs Duo Get Along

By: Jura Daubenspeck

Get Along are more than just musical soulmates. 

“You could call us soul mates- yeah, we’re soul mates. It was our destiny to be together, and we’re doing what we were called to do. We’re really happy that calling was music- and that we can do it together.”

BLDGBLKS   Duo Get Along.

BLDGBLKS Duo Get Along.

Nicholas and Cara Yañez’s story is one that has been told a number of ways, yet it remains special in its own way. The two met in high school in their hometown of Monument, CO. He was a senior, known for his musical swagger, and she was a freshman, whose disdain for shoes was only matched by her passion for Star Wars. They shared mutual friends and musical talent, and after Nicholas’ band split, he became set on creating a duo. Upon returning from a countrywide search for bandmates, it became clear the two were destined to work together. “I entranced him with my vocals,” says Cara.

And so it was written. What began as an effortless friendship soon blossomed into a romance, marriage, a newborn, and the eclectic indie/dance-punk that is Get Along.

Cara and Nicholas.

Cara and Nicholas.

Get Along has been a universal entity since 2012, but the two-piece is currently in the midst of a creative rebirth. They’ve held true to this, erasing much of their early work that was online. They’ve strayed away from their previous folk niche and have embarked on a new mission: to create music that is as real as it is awesome, and to stay to true to themselves.

Their recent energy shift has been the breeding ground for constant writing- they’re composing more shocking music, engraved with truths that may surprise you and will make you feel.

They recorded their songs, “Slip Up”, “YUKI”, and “Oh Wicked One” at The Spot Studios, and while they are heavily focused on the future of their music, these tracks do give you a taste of their soulful, punk, dance-‘til-you-drop vibe. Cara’s booming voice captivates you, while Nicholas’ inventive beats and unexpected progressions keep you craving more. “YUKI” is a song almost entirely sung in Japanese, the language that Cara has been learning for the last two and a half years. This, along with the synth beats and electrifying vocals, is just one example of how Get Along illustrates their unique flair.

Influenced by some of the greats like Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson, and David Bowie, Get Along’s live shows are spiritual experiences: an exchange of energy between artists and audience. In past performances, they have donned costumes and war paint, while also painting the faces of their audience members, beckoning you into their imaginative world.

Get Along will return to The Spot Studios at the end of March to record four live sessions to be released in a video compilation. They have hopes of an upcoming 5-song EP and live performances that showcase their newest musical creations.

So get connected with Nicholas and Cara- engage, transform, go a little mad, and become part of their creative carnival. Get Along’s music is available on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and their website, so give them a listen. You’ll be glad you did.

Listen to Get Along's three tracks below:


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