Psych Rock & Multimedia Project King Eddie To Release New Record 'Holographic Universe'

By: Norman Hittle

King Eddie, a denver-based psychedelic rock and VR multimedia project, is preparing to release their second full-length album, Holographic Universe, this Friday, November 17th.

King Eddie.

King Eddie.

Holographic Universe was recorded at Moon Magnet Studios in Denver and marks the band’s first full length release since 2015’s King Eddie (self-titled) release.


The band’s charge, led by Jay Mars (guitar and vocals), is further filled out by guitarist Benjamin Buttice, bassist Velvet Adams, and drummer Linton Wright. King Eddie’s sound is reminiscent of some of the more lo-fi Britpop concepts of the late 70’s mixed with perhaps a touch of Tame Impala’s signature modern version of psychedelic rock.

Regarding what Holographic Universe represents, singer and guitarist Jay Mars told BolderBeat: “[The record] is a concept album about reconciling human vulnerability and the depth of your own experience with what quantum science and ancient religions tells us is true- ‘reality’ is an illusion. It's loosely based around virtual reality and the futurism of Philip K Dick and Westworld.”

Jay Mars.

Jay Mars.

The Holographic Universe release party will feature Kyle Emerson, Panther Martin, and DeCollage (DJ set), along with live virtual reality visuals from the DenVR collective. Check out this fully immersive experience at their album release show this Saturday, November 18th at the Hi-Dive in Denver, CO. Event details and tickets here!


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The Fremonts Announce First Full-Length Record, 'We Don't Live There'

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Boulder’s folk duo The Fremonts are back it. First found in the Boulder scene in 2015 after a move from NYC, The Fremonts released their self-titled EP and toured the state with their bluegrass/country/blues folk sound. Comprised of couple Stephanie Dodd (vocals/keyboard/xylophone/accordion) and Justin Badger (vocals/guitar/kick drum), the two-piece have most recently been recording their first full-length record, We Don’t Live There.

The Fremonts. 

The Fremonts. 

Said Badger, “As for the new album, we built on the sound we started developing on our EP by adding a full band and recording all the core tracks live in one huge room over at KMGLife Inc. With a little help from Colorado’s own Ars Nova Singers, we were even able to record a twelve-person choir and strings on one track. We are excited to share this music after spending so many months preparing it.”

In anticipation for a June release date, The Fremonts have several Colorado shows booked over the coming months where you’ll be able to preview their new tunes.

The band also recently recorded an NPR Tiny Desk video, which you can check out below:

So keep an eye out for The Fremonts’ upcoming We Don’t Live There record, and in the meantime, check them out at one of their live gigs!

  • February, 11th 2017- 8:00pm - The Laughing Goat, Boulder CO
  • February, 25th 2017 - 6:00pm - The Very Nice Brewing Company, Nederland CO
  • March, 4th 2017 - 10:00pm - The No Name Bar, Boulder CO
  • March, 18th 2017 - 7:30pm - Cannon Mine Coffee Co., Lafayette CO
  • March, 22nd 2017 -  6:00pm - Espresso Vino by Brewing Market, Lafayette CO
  • March 27th 2017 - 9:00pm - Pearl Street Pub, Boulder CO
  • Keep up with The Fremonts here.


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Allah-Las Will Bring Their Dreamy California Rock to The Fox Theatre Next Wednesday

By: Zach Dahmen

Backlit by a hazy Denver sky on the Underground Music Showcase’s main stage, the Allah-Las dreamy California rock’n’roll blew through like a summer breeze. With vocals that melted into the warm evening air, the band proved that they make their influences their own by mixing modern indie and 60s dream pop. It was a nice moment in a festival full of movement to pause and take in the Allah-Las. There was no better place to be. But whether you were there or you’re FOMO-ing just at the thought of it, you’re in luck. The Allah-Las are headed back to Colorado for a headlining show next Wednesday at Boulder’s Fox Theatre.

Hours before their UMS set, I sat down with Miles Michaud, the lead singer of the L.A.-based band. We shared some whiskey as we chatted about writing music, their latest album, 'Calico Review', and the ups and downs of tour life. Read on:

It’s easy to hear in your work that you are music buffs, with an appreciation for what has come before you. Where did that come from and how did that influence your music?

Before we were musicians we were just music fans. Never really expected to be in a band professionally. We were kids just buying tapes and CD’s. We try to distill our inspirations and all the things that turn us on into a sound that is timeless.

Allah-las. Photo Credit:   Hannah Oreskovich

Allah-las. Photo Credit: Hannah Oreskovich

So how much of that comes into play with song craft and writing?

The way that I write is basically a concept; a lyric or a melody that builds into something. It’s something that comes out when it does; I just have to be careful to capture it and write it down. Too often, it’s easy to forget those ideas.

You took several years to make your first record, and then spent a significant amount of time on 'Calico Review'. What is the process of producing an album like for you?

We demoed 40 songs for this new record. For our process, we do take care to release songs that meet our criteria of what we want them to be. A lot of people these days release a lot of shit and that’s one way to do it, because people are always hungry for more. But I think that the downside to that is that if you release too much, people can’t digest it all and it kind of gets lost and becomes too much. It’s a natural rhythm [for us]. We write a record, we record it, we tour on it, and we come back to write more songs. We try not to put out just whatever goes down on tape; we keep it tight.

Miles Michaud. Photo Credit:   Hannah Oreskovich

Miles Michaud. Photo Credit: Hannah Oreskovich

Talk to me about the new record, 'Calico Review'.

Our first record, we wrote all together. On this record, the writing was done individually. You have a lot more diversity and various textures. We spent a lot of time building these songs in the studio together because of that. It’s always strange making a record; you do it until you feel it’s done, but you really don’t know how it sounds to anyone else. I like it; I hope everyone else likes it. Especially after spending a year on it.

Watch Allah-Las’ official music video for “Could Be You”:

You are embarking on a pretty big tour this fall, which includes your Fox Theatre show next Wednesday in Boulder, Colorado. What are the best and worst parts about touring?

Touring is great; touring is a lot of fun. Playing shows in different parts of the world and feeling that energy from people who speak different languages and come from different lifestyles, it’s pretty amazing to have that uniting experience. The downside is [your] health. You start to lose track of the days. It’s a snake eating its tail kind of lifestyle sometimes. It is rewarding though.

Pedrum Siadatian.  Photo Credit:   Hannah Oreskovich

Pedrum Siadatian.  Photo Credit: Hannah Oreskovich

Do you feel like being from California, and L.A. specifically, significantly influences the music you make?

Sure, everything you do, everything you experience… [it] somehow manifests itself. We grew up in L.A and that’s who we are; it’s just a natural thing. I love that city, and I’m happy that people see that [in us].

And we’re happy the band is trekking from the CA to Boulder! The Allah-La’s new release, 'Calico Review', drops next Friday, September 9th! Make sure to check it out here and get your tickets to The Fox for their show next Wednesday, September 7th, while you still can. We’ll see you there.


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How Harmony Drive Went From Metal to Melodies

By: Jura Daubenspeck

Metalheads-turned-acoustic rock/pop stars is not a musical transformation you hear of very often. But in the case of Norwegian rockers Harmony Drive, this metamorphosis was natural, necessary, and welcomed.

Harmony Drive.

Harmony Drive.

Harmony Drive’s story started long ago, when the three members, Lars Erik Schjerpen (vocals/piano/guitar), Andre Myhren (guitar), and the epically-bearded Vidar Braun (bass/supporting vocals) met in Southern Norway, before settling back in Oslo.

In 2011, the band formerly known as 'Metal Heads With Broken Hearts' decided to make a change with their music, focusing more on acoustic riffs, colorful harmonies, and beautiful pop structures. They wanted to move away from the hardcore metal aesthetic that followed them then. And so, Harmony Drive was born.

HD at The Spot Studios.

HD at The Spot Studios.

In 2012, Harmony Drive released their first single, “Something’s Wrong”, which was mixed by producer Rich Veltrop from The Spot Studios. The hit song received high rotation in the US, and even made its way to number 11 on the Philippine radio charts without ever having been released in the Philippines. This was the first song from Harmony Drive’s debut album, aptly titled from their former band moniker, Metal Heads With Broken Hearts (2014). The band collaborated with Rich Veltrop once again, and drummer Dave Elitch (The Mars Volta, M83, Killer Be Killed) to create the album.

Since then, the band has toured worldwide, making friends wherever they share their music. But even with countless performances in various countries, the guys shared their most memorable performance, which took place after a show in Hope, Idaho:

“We met these beautiful fans, and they told us we had to come back with them. We rode on a boat, barbequed, and sang ‘House of the Rising Sun’; it was amazing. We love playing intimate gatherings. We love playing for people, but when we don’t play for so many people, we get to connect. When you connect, then you can talk about music, and values in your life. We’re so grateful we get to experience this whole part of the gig.”

The guys of Harmony Drive embody artistry, perseverance, and playfulness. With their art comes the partying, but it also comes with the beautiful mindset about the connectedness of life, music, and people. Their passion for creating hard-hitting music that also carries a sincere softness is clear, but their general passion for the craft is what shines through the most. The album Metal Heads With Broken Hearts leaves much to anticipate, as it offers so much for a lover of memorable harmonies, gentle acoustics, and grunge-like vocals. A few of my personal favorites from the album include “Something’s Wrong”, “Remember”, “The Last Song”, and “Chan”.

Watch the making of “See You” at The Spot Studios:

Harmony Drive is about to release the official music video for their newest track, “See You”, on September 30th, and will release another song, “Be There”, in the Philippines soon after that. Check out the exclusive sneak peek into the making of “See You” at The Spot Studios above, and be on the lookout for the band’s upcoming announcements. You definitely don’t want to miss out on what they’re bringing to the table.


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Denver's The Velveteers Join California's Deap Vally for UK Theatre Tour

By: Hannah Oreskovich

It’s been a whirlwind of a year for Demi Demitro, frontwoman of Denver’s heavy rock duo The Velveteers. After a slew of shows around the state, including appearances at Belly Up Aspen, The UMS 2016, and performances opening for bands like The Yawpers and Plum, The Velveteers announced some major news last Friday: They’re headed out on their very first tour, which happens to be going down in the UK.

Demi Demitro of The Velveteers. 

Demi Demitro of The Velveteers. 

Demitro has managed to garner a ton of buzz over the past year, with features in our publication, Westword, and Scene Magazine. The Velveteers have been touted as one of Denver’s must-see acts, and once you’ve had the chance to see Demitro rock a stage, it’s easy to understand the hype. Demitro puts everything she has into her shows, and the crowd always gives it right back, making for magnetically energetic performances. Whether you’re watching Demitro jump into mosh pits with her guitar, headbang her massive mane at the edge of the stage while she strums away, or fall to her knees as she scratches her guitar on the monitors, it’s clear: this chick knows how to rock.

So it makes sense that The Velveteers (which often features Demitro’s brother John of BANDITS on drums) are jetting overseas with California female rock duo Deap Vally in just a few weeks. Ironically, The Velveteers played one of their first-ever shows with Deap Vally back in 2014, when Demitro was just 17. Deap Vally, which consists of Lindsey Troy (guitar/vocals) and Julie Edwards (drums/vocals), have been described as “a scuzzy White Stripes-meets Led Zeppelin rock and roll duo”. This will be one return of many for the two-piece to the UK; in the past they have played Latitude, Reading and Leeds, and Glastonbury festivals. They’ve also supported acts like Dinosaur Jr., Muse, and The Vaccines. And on this particular tour, Deap Vally are dropping their second album, Femijism.

The Velveers have a few shows left stateside, before their UK tour with Deap Vally begins in September. See them before they hit the air, and if you’re in the UK, catch them at a theatre near you!

Colorado tour dates:

  • August 22nd Belly Up Aspen- Apsen, Colorado
  • August 27th Hodi's Half Note- Fort Collins, Colorado

UK tour dates:

  • Sept 15 Thekla- Bristol, United Kingdom
  • Sept 16 Islington Assembly Hall- London, United Kingdom
  • Sept 17 Leeds University Stylus- Leeds, United Kingdom
  • Sept 19 Electric Circus- Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • Sept 20 Invisible Wind Factory- Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • Sept 21 Concorde 2- Brighton, United Kingdom

Keep up with The Velveteers here.


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Matt Rouch & The Noise Upstairs Release New Album, 'The Beautiful and the Damned'

By: Hannah Oreskovich

If you’re looking for a new alt-country indie-folk group to listen to while you traverse the Rocky Mountains this weekend Colorado, we found ‘em. Meet Matt Rouch & The Noise Upstairs. Originally from Virginia, leader and founding member Matt Rouch moved to Denver, CO and has slowly been inserting himself into the Colorado music scene ever since. After many moonlit nights playing Meadowlark Bar’s open mic, Rouch met members Justin Catanzaro and Alex Fostar. Together, the trio has been making noise more than just upstairs, with mentions in Scene Magazine, The Marquee, and AXS.

Matt Rouch.

Matt Rouch.

Rouch’s style is a self-described “blend of new and old”, with influences that include The Decemberists, The Tallest Man On Earth, Johnny Cash, and Loretta Lynn. But above all, for Rouch it’s about the songwriting:

I guess my favorite quote about wrtiting goes something along the lines of ‘great writing isn’t better than average writing, it’s just more honest’, and I try to always remember that when I sit down to write a song.”

Rouch recently released a new full-length album, The Beautiful and the Damned. It’s a well-composed release that is perfect for summer, with its strummy tones, blazing harmonica, and overall upbeat, but daring honesty on themes like heartache and finding oneself through travelling alone. It’s a release definitely worth checking out, and can be streamed on the band’s website.

Matt Rouch and The Noise Upstairs have several Colorado shows coming up, so make sure to stop over to one of their live sets and keep up with them here!


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