Big Wild Really Might Just Be Invincible

By: Annie Kane

It’s been almost a year since we interviewed Big Wild prior to his set at Larimer Lounge in Denver, and we have to make a music snob move by saying: we called it. Over the course of the past year, Big Wild has arguably become one of the biggest rising stars in EDM. The Foreign Family Collective artist sold out Denver’s Gothic Theatre two nights in a row this year, and just last weekend, he brought the house down at his (of course) sold-out show at The Bowery Ballroom in New York City. Did we mention he’s also playing Red Rocks later this year?

Despite growing from intimate clubs to massive stages, Jackson Stell, the man behind Big Wild, still manages to have every audience member dancing their face off throughout his entire set. From entering with “I Just Wanna” from his new EP Invincible, to closing out with a collaborative performance with iDA HAWK on his title track hit “Invincible,” Jackson’s unrelenting energy kept the audience fueled well past midnight at Bowery last weekend, and buzzing right on into the early morning.

Listen to Big Wild’s Invincible EP:

Big Wild has a few shows left on his current tour before he hits the festival circuit for the summer, so make sure to snag yourself tickets here.


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Pin Up’s New Video for “End of the Night” Gives You One More Reason to Wake Up In the Morning

By: Trevor Ryan

Pin Up, a pop rock band formed in Canada's city of Montreal, has released the video for their song “End of the Night,” and the general consensus is one of feel good vibes.

Consisting of a sweet blend of indie pop mixed with a little rock, Pin Up has successfully dominated the art of catchy tunes. After three years of what the band called “Artist Development” with engineer Bill Szawlowski, Pin Up officially released their debut self-titled EP in 2015. It is this record, along with the substantial touring that followed and the EP selling over 1K copies, that sent this band on their way to something special.

Watch Pin Up's "End of the Night":

The video for “End of the Night” is an artsy, yet visually gratifying depiction of two people coming together. The feel-good story line centers on Pin Up’s frontwoman Sam Martel, with stunning visuals and some risky angles.

Although the video focuses primarily on the band scene-wise, the story will no doubt keep you entertained with heartwarming scenes between members, conveying the tight-knit chemistry it truly takes to make a project thrive.

So, if you're looking to start your day off with a smile, definitely check out Pin Up. With a sound like this and a majorly growing online fan base, you'll likely be hearing of this group soon.

Be sure to follow these Pin Up on Facebook, catch them on Twitter, and share a smile with them on Instagram.


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Sting Like The Beeves

By: Pete Laffin

Honest question:

When was the last time you moshed?

It had been a while for yours truly. By my mid-twenties I abandoned the more aggressive music of my youth, swapping volume and distortion for lyrical poignancy and musical nuance. Like many in my station, I held my nose up at the blustery rage of the still-young youth (which, it occurs to me now, can be easily explained with basic psychological insight: my disapproval of the kids and their raucous music was displaced, and the real culprit was the lingering memory of my own immature youth.) Music, as important as ever at the ripe-old age of 33, became something to be meditated upon rather than moshed to. And that was fine and good and purposeful. (As you age, it becomes suddenly important to do “purposeful” things.)

And then, a few months ago, I went to the EP release for The Beeves, comprised of the Ehrhart brothers, Ian and Will, along with Matthew Sease, at Seventh Circle Music Collective.

A mish-mash of seemingly disconnected events led me there. (If I may indulge in another bit of old-man wisdom, nothing is disconnected.) Suffice it to say, a grungy, all-ages, DIY warehouse venue is not where you would expect to find me on a Saturday night.

When I found the venue’s entrance in a neglected industrial park in the Denver periphery, I was greeted by a scraggly, weather-worn row of teenagers sitting behind a desk taking the expected donation for entry and exchanging remarks in a terminology and inflection I couldn’t attempt to decode. I handed them my credit card, but their machine wasn’t working, but I could go in. Just hook us up next time was the vibe I got.

I snaked my way through a few dark hallways and found myself in a gravel courtyard. The Beeves had a merch table just before entrance to the performance space, which looked like something between a backyard shed and a wheat silo. I peeked in through the entrance and saw a dark, frantic scene straight out of Altamont while opening act The Velveteers, fronted by rock prodigy Demi Demitro, shook the shanty’s shingles. Not ready to enter the hellfire within, I nosed around the courtyard looking for a place to buy a beer, until I realized no such place existed. A friendly and perceptive young kid intuited my struggle and informed me of a liquor store a few blocks away. If I had said I was going, he would have probably asked me to buy him a bottle.

The Beeves.

The Beeves.

At the merch table, I became disoriented, aghast. I was at an EP release, but there was no EP. Not in the conventional sense, anyway. I’d been to hundreds of these types of events in my seventeen years in music and never seen anything like this. Rather than rows of glossy jewel cases or neatly splayed, plastic-wrapped sleeves, the “albums” offered were burned CDRs packaged in the poster for the show.

Scandalous, I thought, in my stuffiest inner voice (which is somehow always British.)

I scanned the area for other embarrassed looks, embarrassed at The Beeves for not offering a more polished product at such an event. I didn’t see any. All I saw were a bunch of young, deliriously hyped-up hyenas bouncing off one another and rocking out to the vibe. No one gave a shit but me. I took the hint that I, and perhaps the majority of my music-scene generation- in all of our sensitive-guy mustache and pensive-girl thick-frames glory- had fallen out-of-touch. We didn’t see the storm coming (this was a theme in 2016.) We still give a shitit occurred to me. These kids really, really don’t. And they don’t have to.

The Velveteers closed out their riotous set and said goodnight. As I watched the stage through the doorway (I still wasn’t ready enter the dragon, as it were), puzzled at how Demitro could be playing such sophisticated, badass rock-and-roll at such a young age, an announcement was made for the performance area to be vacated while The Beeves set their stage. A swarm of show-goers drifted through the exit to the courtyard like clowns out of a car- it is amazing how many people that little place can hold- and stood around in circles, their hot, moshed-out lungs breathing thick into the freezing Denver December.

Amid the horde, I saw an older guy, the only person I’d seen thus far clearly older than I, who looked suspiciously similar to Beeves frontman, Ian Erhart. Eager to see if there was a connection, I wormed my way toward him. Indeed, it was Ian and Will’s father, John Erhart. He was a songwriter himself, and he wrote and performed songs for Ian while he was in the womb. He didn’t have to say how proud he was of his son, nor proud of himself for making the musical effort back then; his face was lit with pride in it all.

And then some kid in the circle next to us got punched in the face. Hard. Full-fisted.

Braced for bedlam, I stepped back, knuckles tight. But rather than swing back, the kid who got hit smiled and asked for another. The crowd had gone restless waiting for The Beeves to call us back inside. John and I shared a smirk. We had both taken part in similar youthful hijinks, it seemed.

The Beeves' EP Release Show.

The Beeves' EP Release Show.

Inside, the stage was draped in a cartoonishly scraggly, misshapen sheet, the stage lights flashing out around the edges. The buzz in the crammed room rose; I was sure another backyard wrestling match would break out. But then The Beeves, in all of their earnest goofiness, kicked the curtain down and commenced with the thrashing. Their energy was unbelievable, and their affect, so entirely devoid of self-seriousness, spread around the room like an infectious, airborne disease.

I enjoyed the shit out of their set, as did all in attendance. It was arranged for maximum impact with a spirited selection of covers and originals, the latter so impactful I decided to pick up one of those poster-wrapped EPs from the merch table on my way out.

I was richly rewarded for my open-mindedness.

Photo Credit: Veltrida

Photo Credit: Veltrida

The album kicks off with the track “Skagua,” featuring Ian on guitar, Matthew on bass, and Will on the drums. It’s a hard-driving neo-ska spine breaker that serves as a fitting introduction the band, as its chief purpose is to punch you stiffly in the nose. The melody, rhythm, arrangement- none is particularly ground-breaking. In fact, the sound (along with the record in general) is rooted most evidently in the mid-nineties skateboard scene. But The Beeves offer a qualitative alteration to this well-trodden sound, one that’s as obvious to the ear as it is difficult to put a finger on. It’s as if Sublime and The Offspring had been reanimated and struck repeatedly in the tuckus with a cattle-prod. The following track, “Jesus, he came,” follows much in the same vein as “Skagua.”

“Shoelace,” the third track, is the anthem of The Beeves in the ears of their fans. By the time this song is played in a live set, the band is shirtless and possibly naked; it’s not for the sake of vanity or shock-value, but rather, it’s as if the freedom they derive from playing this song demands such release. In “Shoelace’s” three quick minutes, the entire experience of the band is had. If pressed to express what this is in three quick words, I could do it in two: goofy sincerity. The beat rocks (the younger Ehrhart, Will, is a revelation on this track); the melody hooks clean at the chorus where Ian and Matthew croon a startlingly honest question, one to which both a teenager and widower could relate: “Without you/How am I supposed to tie my shoe?”

Listen to The Beeves’ track “Oogamy”:

The fourth track “Oogamy” could slide easily onto the backend of your favorite Sublime record. Recording engineer Oliver Mueller does his best work on the album here capturing the tandem, note-for-note vocals of all three band members. This is no small task, especially given the free-wheeling, loose nature of the vocal style. The track also features a seriously funky clarinet solo performed by friend-of-the-band, Michaela Nemeth. The lyrics at the refrain are most poignant: “When I said leave me alone/I didn’t mean leave me/I wish I had could say what I mean/I wish I had something to mean.”

“Jerry the Drifter” is a fine display of punk thrashery with surprisingly musical flashes. The instrumental that comprises the song’s first half features guitar with flamenco overtones and a theatrically plucky bass, dipping and rising in volume as the moment demands. This all leads into a more conventional pop-punk song with melodic sensibilities. “Jerry” offers shades of early Car Seat Headrest, with its sweet hooks, advanced musicality, and unapologetically raw delivery.   

The best is saved for last on The Beeves’ self-titled EP. “Moe” is an instant classic, with the emphasis on classic. This is high praise, I know, but I can prove it. Well, kind of. You just have to believe what I’m about to tell you is true: In preparation for writing this review, I stealthily played the song in social settings to gauge reaction.

The first time was at my place, where one of my most musically sophisticated buddies came over to hang. As he stepped inside, he cocked his head and lifted an eyebrow at the sound.

Weezer?” he asked. I said nothing. “Is it old Weezer?”

Later that week, I took control of the sound system at a local pub that lets its patrons seize control of the music via bluetooth. From the table next to mine, some guy tapped me on the shoulder.

“Weezer?” he asked, that same sifting-through-old-memories look on his face that my buddy had.

“Moe” is a slow-time rockabilly blues jam with the kind of punked-out irreverence Rivers Cuomo rode to stardom. It’s as if he could have written the song himself as an alternative ending to The Blue Album. The bridge features a single guitar note crescendo, reminiscent of moments in “Heroin” by The Velvet Underground, which leads to the hook at the chorus, sung with wistful abandon and gaiety. It’s doubtlessly a keeper for the band moving forward.    

When ametuer athletes are scouted by professional teams, they are often evaluated in terms of their “floor” and their “ceiling.” The former indicates the kind of players they are at the moment, for better or worse, while the latter expresses their potential to improve. On rare occasions, a player is considered to possess high degrees of both. The Beeves appear to be in this rarefied category, as their sound already astounds, and their potential to improve is a certainty.

The ceiling is high for these kids. High enough, even, to inspire their elders, (your humble correspondent included) to toss themselves recklessly, once again, into a pit of flying elbows and whirling knees.

Make sure to see The Beeves at The Gothic for their show this Friday, February 10th with Mustard Plug; tickets here.


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Embrace Your Inner Monster with Gila & The Monsters This Weekend

By: Trevor Ryan

Gila & The Monsters play The Walnut Room this Saturday, February 4th in celebration of their debut EP IN CONTRAST, which dropped in November 2016, and here’s why you should come support this Denver rock duo:

Formed in Denver by guitarist/vocalist Shawn Kramer and drummer Hector Casillas, this project combines bluesy riffs with plenty of grunge influence, which makes for a fresh new take on the band’s overall rock sound. Humbly declaring themselves abar band” just out to make music that people want to “stay up late” to, we especially get this notion from the duo’s new EP with its plethora of heavy distortion, and a balance of bluesy, and at times, mellow interludes.

Listen to IN CONTRAST:

So what really sets these guys apart from your everyday rock band? It's the focus on their instrumentals that really draw out the pure, raw talent, that Gila & The Monsters possess. A nearly flawless transition between powerful riffs that choose to tell their story without lyrics is balanced by the sincere, heartfelt emotion of Kramer’s vocals throughout IN CONTRAST.

Gila & The Monsters. 

Gila & The Monsters. 

Bottom line: If you're looking for a solid show to truly feed that rock enthusiast inside us all, The Walnut Room is the place to be this Saturday. Come out to remind yourself of the talent that still exists within the independent industry, and face the monsters in your own closet.

Get your tickets to Gila & The Monsters here. Doors open at 7PM; show starts at 8PM.


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The Lollygags Release New Self-Titled EP of Feel-Good, Upbeat Rock

By: Austin Michon

On their latest self-titled EP, Denver band The Lollygags find a mature sound, reminiscent of classic rock for the modern era. Catchy, feel-good, upbeat rock and roll is the name of the game for this new release. The new lineup of Jonathan Snyder (vocals/guitar), JT Nething (vocals/guitar), Austin Rosen (drums), and Brian A.C (bass) creates a departure from the raw feeling of their 2014 release, People I Know.

According to Snyder, “Unlike that album, this time around I didn't have to play everything. Back then the band was just me and a rotating cast of characters. This time around there was more of a solid lineup and we'd been playing together for a while.” It shows. In 2017, they have crafted a refined, dirty sound that is reserved, yet edgy, and something completely unique.

Unapologetically memorable guitar riffs drive the pace of this EP, while the rhythm section creates a strong foundation, and a relaxed, yet urgent vocal line slithers in and out of the tracks. Ranging from fast paced groovy numbers (“Just Like the Rest of Them,” “Beneath the Floor”) to slower ballads (“As Hardcore as It Gets”) to Southern rock-inspired slow jams (“Drown”), the band presents something for anyone who likes good music and wants to forget the troubles of the world for a bit.

The five songs from Lollygags’ newest EP take the listener on a journey of infectious grooves through the many influences that create a blend of garage, Southern, classic, and indie rock that will make your toes tap and your head nod. Playing shows since 2011, the band has created quite a following, and the band’s upcoming shows to support their new music will surely not disappoint. Make sure to catch them at Denver’s Hard Rock Cafe this Friday, February 3rd, and keep up with their other gigs here.


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Timid, the Brave's Newest Single "Alice" Touches on Love, Mortality, & Fighting Through It All

By: Jura Daubenspeck

Ontario-born singer/songwriter Timid, the Brave just released his newest LP “Alice,” the first single from his upcoming album Firesale, which drops February 24th.

Since 2012, member Tim Selles has been creating acoustically-driven music that is moody, calming, and dreamy. Folks that enjoy musicians like Iron & Wine, Sufjan Stevens, and José González will certainly find Timid, the Brave’s music pleasing to the ears.

Tim Selles of Timid, the Brave.

Tim Selles of Timid, the Brave.

“Alice” is Timid, the Brave’s first release since iTunes named his debut self-titled album one of the best of 2012, and Selles’ has definitely made a wonderful comeback with the release of “Alice.” The haunting vocals and steady tempo stick with you, and intertwine themselves into you long after you’ve listened to the song.

This single touches on Selles’ personal experience with mortality, and pushing through the barriers that accompany it. Here’s what Selles had to say about the story behind “Alice”:

“I wrote ‘Alice’ several years ago after my grandmother passed away. After her funeral, there was this really bizarre moment in my grandparent’s apartment when my grandfather called us all upstairs to their bedroom. He had laid out all of her old jewelry on their bed and we took turns selecting pieces of the jewelry. I chose a piece that really stood out to me: a necklace with a single leaf that had been dipped in gold. That image connected with me; the idea that something so fragile and temporary could be clothed in something so valuable and enduring, that our lives hold extraordinary meaning despite their impermanence. That’s the image the song was born out of. It’s a song about love and life and death, and finding a way to fight through the varying levels of devastation that we all experience.”

So if you’re looking for some mid-week feels, then give Timid, the Brave’s “Alice” a listen:

Connect with Timid, the Brave on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for upcoming announcements and releases.


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The Velveteins' "Don't Yah Feel Better?" Music Video Is Teeming with Good Vibes

By: Jura Daubenspeck

Edmonton’s indie rock group The Velveteins have been steady releasing hits, including their dreamy and moody surf rock EP A Hot Second with The Velveteins. The band, comprised of Spencer Morphy (vocals/guitar), Addison Hiller (percussion), and Dean Kheroufi (bass), recently premiered their music video for the upbeat, playful tune “Don’t Yah Feel Better?” In these snowy winter months when the warmth of summer feels like a distant memory, this song swoops in, twirls you around, and envelopes you in its delightful rhythm.

Watch the “Don’t Yah Feel Better?” video:

The message of “Don’t Yah Feel Better?” is simple and colorful, as is the music video’s aesthetic. Its “stop and smell the roses” feel assures its listeners that everything they need is already at their fingertips, they just have to take a moment and listen for it. The retro-style video stars a pair of singing lips (vaguely reminiscent of The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s opening song), as well as other cut-out images of drums, guitars, and maracas. The music video’s director Evangeline Belzile shared:

"The song itself is simple and carefree so I didn’t want to create anything with a complex storyline or narrative. I had been interested in using a green screen to cut out specific body parts for a while and had also been interested in altering 16mm film. When the band asked me to create a visual component for ‘Don’t Yah Feel Better?’, I knew that pairing the two would complement their aesthetic."
The Velveteins.

The Velveteins.

In a world of increasing complexity, slowing down and reminding yourself of life’s enchantments is a necessary practice. So if you’re ever feeling blue, just turn on The Velveteins’ latest hits and dance yourself into the light! There, don’t you feel better?

Connect with The Velveteins on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more updates, releases, and show announcements.


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Bring Em Out! Catch T.I. at Cervantes' This Wednesday (01/11/17)

By: Sierra Voss

This Wednesday night, rapper T.I. will by dropping by Denver’s Cervantes’ Masterpiece, along with Talent Among Us, ITsEVi, Ray Reed, and AP.

T.I. embarked on his well-known rap career in the early 2000’s and soon became a founding father of hip-hop subgenre trap-music. T.I.’s musical career has included the release of nine studio albums, as well as numerous successful singles including, "Bring Em Out," "Whatever You Like," "Live Your Life" (featuring Rihanna), "Dead and Gone" (featuring Justin Timberlake), "Ball" (featuring Lil Wayne), and "No Mediocre" (featuring Iggy Azalea). T.I. has won three Grammy Awards, including “Best Rap Solo Performance,” “Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group,” and “Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.” In February 2016 he joined subscription-based music streaming service Tidal, alongside other artist such as J. Cole, Madonna, and Daft Punk. Most recently, T.I. made headlines in the New York Times for writing an open letter of appreciation to President Barack Obama.

Bring on the nostalgia with T.I.’s video for “Whatever You Like”:

Last July, T.I announced his new project, an upcoming EP title Us or Else. In August 2016, he released the first two singles from the EP: “We Will Not” and “War Zone”.

Tickets for Wednesday night’s Cervantes’ show are still available online!


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Kick Off The New Year With Clayton Wyatt's Headlining Performance at Herman's Hideaway

By: Jura Daubenspeck

It’s a new year, and we all know what that means: new releases, new shows, and new artists to look out for. In the spirit of the new year, we’re happy to announce acoustic-folk singer/songwriter Clayton Wyatt will be headlining the Herman’s Hideaway stage tomorrow, January 4th.

The Colorado Springs native began playing guitar and writing his own music in his early teenage years, after discovering the music of Dallas Green (City and Colour). Though originally drawn to the sounds of rock’n’roll, Clayton quickly discovered the magic of the acoustic guitar and felt his path was better suited for writing emotional, heartfelt songs. Through tender vocals, soothing guitar, and relatable lyrics, Clayton connects with his fans in a sincere way.

“I want the fans to know that they are everything, without them I am really nothing, and I could never take their support for granted.”  

Clayton is in the final stages of recording and mastering his newest EP Not Today, which will be released in a few months. He will also be making another release-related announcement during tomorrow evening’s performance, so stay tuned.

If you’re ready to hit the ground running this year, and are in the mood for some feel-good acoustic music, then head on over to Herman’s Hideaway tomorrow night, and jam to the sweet sounds of Clayton Wyatt and accompanying artists Burnt Bridge Masons, Zach B., and Tuke & Denäe. Doors open at 7PM, the show starts at 7:30PM, and tickets can be purchased here.

For a taste of Clayton’s sound, check out this performance of his song “3000 Miles” for BalconyTV.


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Tyto Alba Release New Live Music Video For "Patterns & Habits"

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Denver’s indie rock quartet Tyto Alba have been making music together since frontwoman Melanie Steinway and guitarist Matt Rossi met at a singer/songwriter showcase in 2014. Steinway (formerly of Howl Moonshine Howl) had just relocated to the Denver area at the time, but had been involved in the Colorado music scene for years. Soon after the two started jamming together, they added in Andrew Bair (of Male Blonding) and Danny DiMarchi (of DJ

Tyto Alba.

Tyto Alba.

After releasing their freshman EP, Oh The Tame One (2015), the foursome went on to share a stage with bands including Boy & Bear, Widowspeak, Mimicking Birds, and Little Hurricane. They also scored a 2016 The UMS performance.

Most recently, Tyto Alba have been laying down some new tunes. With plans for their sophomore EP release of In Our Own Time slated for the spring of 2017, TA have been busy recording, mixing, and mastering in studio. They also released their live music video for their track “Patterns & Habits,” a video which actually came together around election night just a month ago.

Said Steinway, “On the eve of a rather distressing election, we chose to be creative and surrounded by the warmth of our favorite people.”

Watch Tyto Alba’s live music video for their new song “Patterns & Habits”:

With political frustrations abound among our arts and music community, we’re stoked to see local musicians turn that energy into creative art.

The video for “Patterns & Habits” is the first media release from In Our Own Time, and based on the above, we’re looking forward to hearing more from Tyto Alba’s next EP. Stay tuned for our future coverage on this Denver band.

Keep up with Tyto Alba on their Facebook.


Follow Hannah on Instagram and Twitter.

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Evan Holm & The Restless Ones Have Us Reminiscing On 'Good Old Days' New EP

By: Jesse Sandoval

That feeling when you’re alone and suddenly reminded of your former lover’s touch. When you realize you’ve been without something precious for far too long. When you think about the mistakes you wish you didn’t make. When you wonder if your lingering nostalgia is another rivertooth mistake... These are the kinds of feelings that Denver’s Evan Holm & The Restless Ones stir up in the two folk soul tracks they have most recently gifted us, “Good Old Days” and “Long Gone”.

Denver's Evan Holm.

Denver's Evan Holm.

Beautifully recorded live, and on tape at Silo Sound with Todd Divel, the band's two new tantalizing tracks will be part of their latest EP, titled Good Old Days, which is set for release this week. And let me tell you, this is a release I am stoked on.

Listen to Evan Holm & The Restless One’s “Good Old Days”:

Evan Holm & The Restless Ones have managed to produce tracks that are silky smooth, soulful, and show a balanced maturity of gratifying writing and performance with “Good Old Days” and “Long Gone”. The reverb on these tunes is so comforting that it’s almost as though the alleviating effects of the music were made sonic. It is beautiful music. The group is releasing two new songs this week from the EP as well, "What I Know" and "You Are You".

Since “Good Old Days” and “Long Gone” were recorded live, we already have a sense of how tight the group is. It’s no surprise then that the five-piece have already played some major Denver gigs, and even had a UMS spot this summer.  

Evan Holm & The Restless Ones.

Evan Holm & The Restless Ones.

The CD release party for Good Old Days is slated for this Thursday, October 6th at 8PM at the Hi-Dive. Turvy Organ will open the night, and I recommend you don’t miss this one. You’ll be glad you went.

More info on the release show and other gigs can be found on the band’s Facebook page.

Recommended If You Like: The National, Alabama Shakes, My Morning Jacket, The War on Drugs


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"Praise The Funk!": The Pamlico Sound's CD Release Party for 'Jive Church'

“Praise the Funk!” The Reverend EverReady (also known as Will Baumgartner) preached in his pre-show sermon last weekend. And The Pamlico Sound will have you doing exactly that. Throughout their CD release party at Boulder’s The Lazy Dog, the band played tight party funk interspersed with “sermons” from members Ghana Queen (LaShá Afarko) and The Reverend EverReady. At one point, The Reverend even pulled out a water spritzer and “baptized the congregation in the funk”. If that doesn’t prove this band’s energy, let me tell you more about why this is an act you should see:

TPS will have your butt shaking with a funk reminiscent of James Brown meets Larry Graham plus a heavily featured and superb brass section. Mark Wilkolak holds the trombone with an energetically engaging and lighthearted presence that will have you smiling from ear to ear. His brother Matt, who jumps onstage from time to time, turns heads with his trumpet shreds. Maus Nomdeguerre tears up the saxophone with the most badass, old school jazz/blues aura you will ever see, while Greg Leistikow dances on the keys elegantly. Jimmy Giachetti rips on guitar with an otherworldly feel, and Mark Dabrowski holds down some funkin’ funky bass lines. And all the while, The Reverend EverReady leads the band with a multi-instrumental show, playing the baritone and soprano saxophones and the flute. He also shares vocals with Ghana Queen, whose silky-smooth voice paired with her magnetic stage presence will have you grooving throughout the band’s entire set. And last, but certainly not least, one of the best drummers in town is Curtis Collazo, who sits on his throne and bangs out supernaturally intricate rhythms.

The Reverend EverReady. Photo Credit:  Miles Photography

The Reverend EverReady. Photo Credit: Miles Photography

The band’s new EP, Jive Church, showcases the band’s skill set from start to finish. The opening track, “Getcha Self”, is aptly placed at the start of the album as a call to action for people to “Getcha Self UP!” Following this track are “I Know Good”, “Let’s Funk”, and "Here Comes the Devil", keeping the mood light. Finally, “Dancin off the Wall” finishes out the album as another high-energy tune.

The Pamlico Sound. Photo Credit:  Miles Photography

The Pamlico Sound. Photo Credit: Miles Photography

This is a band who plays tight, and who is engaging to experience. They’ve got their sound dialed-in and their performance (both musically and in-between songs) is well-practiced. Keep up with The Pamlico Sound on their Facebook. And make sure to check out their next CD Release Show for Jive Church on October 13th at Ophelia's.


All photos per Miles Photography. This feature was edited for brevity and clarity by BolderBeat. 

The Pamlico Sound Release New EP 'Jive Church' & Announce Two Colorado CD Release Shows

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Boulder’s funk/soul outfit The Pamlico Sound recently announced that they will be releasing a new five-song EP titled Jive Church. After jumping back into the local music scene with a bang (the band went on hiatus in 2014 and returned to the mix in 2015), The Pamlico Sound have had a busy year. With headlining shows at major venues across Colorado, TPS decided it was finally time to head back to the studio for some new tunes.

Jive Church was recorded live with engineer/producer Joshua Fairman (The New Mastersounds, Atomga) and mastering was done by David Glasser. Recorded at Colorado’s Scanhope Sound, TPS promises Jive Church will give fans “what they’re waiting for!” Said member Will Baumgartner, “Jive Church is a distillation of the essence of The Pamlico Sound: infectious high-energy vocals and horns over a solid bedrock of pure funk, and a sense of humor and freedom unmatched by any band you're likely to have ever heard.”

Listen to The Pamlico Sound’s new EP Jive Church:


Jive Church showcases main TPS members Ghana Queen (LaShá Afarko) on vocals, and The Reverend EverReady (Will Baumgartner) on vocals, sax, flute, and harmonica. Scott Parker Mast (Los Lobos, Euforquestra) guested percussion on the recording, and will play live with the band at their Ophelia’s CD Release Show on 10/13/16.

The Pamlico Sound.

The Pamlico Sound.

The Pamlico Sound will actually host two CD release shows for Jive Church, the first being this Saturday, September 24th, at The Lazy Dog, and the second being their Ophelia’s gig in October. Said The Reverend EverReady, “At the CD release shows, we promise not only a continuation of the joyful madness experienced in past shows, including the legendary 'Jive Church Experience', complete with soul-stirring shout-alongs and 'Funk Baptisms', but new pleasures as well, including special guests.”

There will even be a Funk Costume Contest at each show, and the winner will receive a TPS t-shirt and their own copy of Jive Church. Make sure to get more details on these release shows by checking out The Pamlico Sound’s Facebook. And give Jive Church a groovy listen for yourself above!


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Colorado's Western Roots Rock Band Coal Town Reunion Release New Music

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Formed in 2014, Coal Town Reunion are a Colorado Western roots rock band. Comprised of Jeff Montoya (bass/vocals), John Paul Maxfield (guitar/vocals), Sami Steidl (violin), and Alana Dym (drums), this four-piece outfit came together with one goal: to “write honest songs and play the hell out of them”. For the past two years, the band has been doing just that, performing live at gigs around the state.

Recently, Coal Town Reunion actually recorded some of their original tunes, with plans to drop an EP. The first track from the release, “Labor Day Parade” is already out (peep it below). The song’s lyrics were written by Montoya about the nostalgia surrounding a Labor Day Parade he grew up going to annually as a child in Trinidad, Colorado. The track features a sweet string solo by Steidl, driving vocals, and an overall Colorado mountain vibe that is true to the artists of this group.

Said guitarist Maxfield, “[We are] the sons and daughter of the miners, steelworkers, farmers, and cowboys that once called Colorado their home”.

Listen to Coal Town Reunion’s “Labor Day Parade”:

CTR are the sort of band who’d have a dance hall hollerin’ and swingin’ in minutes. Their energy is palpable in their work, and their Colorado pride is hard not to jump around to.

This Thursday, September 22nd, you can catch Coal Town Reunion at Cervantes’ in Denver. The band will also be playing a set at Denver’s Walnut Room Thursday, November 3rd. Stay tuned for Coal Town Reunion’s new music and upcoming performance here.


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R Michael Rhodes Premieres "The Only Song" Music Video & Exclusive Presale Promotion

By: Jura Daubenspeck

It’s been a few months since we’ve checked in with Colorado singer/songwriter R Michael Rhodes, who is premiering his music video for “The Only Song” today. “The Only Song” is the first single to be released off his upcoming EP After All These Years, which will be available September 2016.

R Michael Rhodes.

R Michael Rhodes.

In April, Michael and the 7&CO Productions team traveled to the gorgeous mountain landscape of Fairplay, CO to craft the story and film the video. We brought you coverage on that awesome production in detail here. “The Only Song” is a symphonic ballad about longing, love lost, and grand gestures. Actress Laura Lee co-stars in the video with Michael, and helps bring the beauty of the song to life.

Watch R Michael Rhodes’ official music video for “The Only One”:

Fans of James Taylor, Garth Brooks, and John Denver are bound to be drawn to Michael’s music. It’s not about the flash, but rather the integrity of the words and the feeling put into the songs. “The Only Song” is no exception to this mantra, as Michael belts out:

“You’re the only song I couldn’t write
And you’re the only one who knows me at all
And my dreams fade in the night
I can still remember how you used to call
When you called my name”
Actress Laura Lee.

Actress Laura Lee.

“The Only Song” leaves much to look forward to, as Michael’s upcoming EP After All These Years reveals an intimate scrapbook of his life. The five-song EP, which was recorded at The Spot Studios, is honest and heartfelt, yet still carries an easy listening feel to it that is hard not to like. It has hints of rock’n’roll, country, and Americana all wrapped up into one package.

A scene of R Michael Rhodes from "The Only Song" music video.

A scene of R Michael Rhodes from "The Only Song" music video.

After All These Years will be available for purchase September 2016, but in the meantime, there is an exclusive presale promotion starting now. Fans who purchase the EP on iTunes can receive the single for “The Only Song” free! It’s a hard bargain to pass up, so go check it out now! For all updates on Michael’s upcoming releases, stay in touch with his Facebook and website.


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R Michael Rhodes and 7&CO Productions Hit the Mountains for "The Only Song" Music Video Shoot

By: Jura Daubenspeck

R Michael Rhodes is a Colorado singer/songwriter who firmly believes "it’s never too late to be what you might have been", a sentiment originally from poet Mary Ann Evans, better known as George Eliot. Rhodes grew up in rural Wyoming and North Dakota, where he was surrounded by a tight-knit community who was supportive of his musical talent. This talent, along with his innate ability to learn music by ear, has carried on with him well throughout the years. Now in Littleton, CO, Michael spends his time writing, rehearsing with his guitar, coaching youth wrestling, and engaging with his church community.

R Michael Rhodes.

R Michael Rhodes.

His sound is a medley of Americana and Nashville country/rock, tipping its hat to artists such as James Taylor, John Denver, The Eagles, and Garth Brooks. The nostalgic and relatable quality of his music makes it difficult not to reflect upon your own experiences, while still holding onto that "easy listening" feel.

Two weeks ago, Michael and 7&CO Productions, a team comprised up of Thomas Jaeger, Wes Manethy, Gabriel Cox, Bryan Harrold, and Ali Abo-Adas, traveled to a family friend’s hunting and fishing cabin just northwest of Fairplay, CO to film a music video for Rhodes’ new track, "The Only Song”. The rustic cabin was built in the 1970’s and sits at a breathtaking 10,000 ft. overlooking a picturesque mountain valley and a vast bare forest. The 7&CO production crew came prepared with a solid storyboard, and collaborated with Michael to create the finished product.

"The Only Song" is one of the tracks which will be featured on Rhodes’ upcoming EP After All These Years. It tells the story of a man, played by Michael, and a woman, played by actress Laura Lee. The two lovers are torn apart by various circumstances, and the cabin serves as the secure base for their thoughts about the other to roam, despite their obstacles. It is a story of heartache, longing, and grand romantic gestures.

The music video, along with the After All These Years EP, is set to be released early this summer. Be on the lookout for it, as it will be Michael’s first full-production music video. Michael has been working hard in the studio, so stay tuned for his upcoming announcements and releases on his website.


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King Cardinal's Latest Will Have You Feeling Right at Home

By: Dawn Raymond

King Cardinal is a band that's been coined "alt-folk" by some, but Brennan Mackey, founder of the Denver based band, tossed out the word "Americana", and rightly so: It feels like home.

Once A Giant, King Cardinal's most recent release, was recorded mostly live in a living room and was then sent out to be professionally mixed and mastered. This approach lends the project it's earthy, yet polished finish. The addition of the steel guitar to songs like "Into the Wind" and "Gasoline" tops off their sound beautifully, like maple syrup on a short stack. The EP is also lyrically satisfying, with poetic musings and bits of melancholy that give it a soulful feel.

Watch King Cardinal’s music video for “Gasoline”:

King Cardinal is: Brennan Mackey (Vocals, Guitar, Banjo), Scott Roush (Drums), Andrew Porter (Bass),  Ben Waligoske (Pedal Steel) and Texanna Dennie (Vocals).

See the guys live this Saturday 04/16 at the Lost Lake Lounge in Denver and later this month at FOCOMX. Check out their other tour dates here.


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Denver's The Clearwings Are Guaranteed to Folk You Up

Denver's The Clearwings. Photo Credit: Jason Paul Roberts

Denver's The Clearwings. Photo Credit: Jason Paul Roberts

The Clearwings are a Denver based duo guaranteed to "folk you up" with their uncomplicated and unclad musical stylings. The band, consisting of Raven Adams (vocals) and Mark Phillips (vocals and guitar), wandered nameless through a few open mic nights before a moniker was required of them. They settled on naming the band after a moth. This may seem a questionable concept, until you hear the story of when they were in Taos, New Mexico one spring evening and had the surreal experience of seeing dozens of hummingbird moths around them (a.k.a: clearwings) in a field of flowers at sunset. Said Mark of the experience, "It was an amazing and other-worldly moment; these bugs that look like birds on invisible wings in golden light [fluttering around] and all the while [we were] looking up at sacred Taos Mountain." After that blissful eve, the name "The Clearwings" just felt right.

Watch The Clearwings music video for their song “Driving Around”: 

The duo currently consider themselves "alt-folk". The folk flavor comes from the simplicity of vocals and guitar, while the alt-ambiance is reflected in their ability to launch off into alternative rock covers and acoustic electronica dance tunes with ease. The end result is that two convey a lively, authentic presence without a lot of pretense.

The Clearwings are currently finishing up their EP entitled Rocks in My Shoes, which will be released as a seven-inch, lathe-cut record with Meep Records. The release party will be at Syntax Physic Opera in Denver on Saturday, May 14. They will be touring this summer, and are scheduled to appear on the 2016 season of “The White Wall Sessions” in South Dakota.

Listen to The Clearwings Nothing to Say

You can get show information and keep up with this Denver duo through their website and Facebook.


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The Weekend Six: Six Shows to See 03/04 & 03/05

By: Hannah Oreskovich

It’s feeling like spring around here folks, so get out there and catch a show! No snow means no excuses. Here’s The Six:

Today (Friday 03/04):

CITRA with HiFi Gentray at Illegal Pete’s in Denver 8PM-Close


We just dropped a bit on CITRA and their debut EP Ocean this morning. Check that feature out here, and then head to Illegal Pete’s on S. Broadway in the D to catch this groovin’ four-piece live. They’re opening up a night of margs and burrito bowls for Denver’s HiFi Gentry, the rockin’ outfit composed of Andrew Kobil, Max Rutherford, Mark McKenna, David Beuerman, and Derek Slate. It’s gonna be a fun one kids. Check it out!

Peep a live performance of CITRA on KUNC:

Amoramora with The Elegant Plums at Merchant’s Mile High Saloon in Denver 9PM-Close

The wagon IS the original party bus people. 

The wagon IS the original party bus people. 

Remember “the band so nice they named it twice”? That’s Boulder’s Amoramora and they’re taking the stage at Merchant’s Mile High Saloon “for a night of high energy jams and pizza funk.” As doubled as their name, these boys are also playing dual sets this evening after classic rock and blues opener The Elegant Plums hit the stage. The two groups have actually teamed up with Bus to Show this evening too, so if you want to hop on the AMORAMORA RAGE BUS (WAGON), $10 gets you a ride both ways + entrance to the show. Get the details for that here. Party!

Listen to Amoramora’s get-down-funky “Behave Yourself”:

Ben Hanna & The Knighthawks at The No Name Bar in Boulder 10PM-Close


Ahh how we love Ben Hanna. And tonight he’s in one of our favorite spots, rocking out with his full band behind the big brown door. Rumor has it Hanna’s dropping a new album in the near future. But until then, you’ll have to see him in person to hear all his recent thangs. So head for The Hill and catch Hanna’s rocking set tonight. It’s sure to be a sweet show.

Watch Ben’s latest viral video for one of his new songs here.

Tomorrow (Saturday 03/05):

Eldren with The Velveteers and Phallic Meditation at Hi Dive in Denver 8PM-Close


Denver’s psych-space pop six piece Eldren are headlining a show at the Hi Dive this evening. Their mashup of “jazz, prog rock, jam, power pop, indie rock, and more” is bound to keep you entertained. PLUS Boulder’s The Velveteers will be warming up the stage with Demi Demitro’s killer guitar playing/vocals and John Demitro’s sick beats. Phallic Meditation is opening the night- the name alone tells us that’s one set we gotta see. So go get weird with these three awesome acts! Tickets here.

Lend your ear to Eldren’s song “Girl”:

The Letters Home and Boulder Sound Lab at Boulder House in Boulder 930PM-Close

If you want to explore some dirty soul partnered with some booty-shakin’ grooves, then hit Boulder House tonight for The Letters Home & Boulder Sound Lab show! The Letters Home, a six-piece from LA, recently dropped their mashup collaboration Mother Freakin’ Mashups Vol. 1. They plan to keep you dancing after Boulder’s BSL gets the party started!  So go grinddddd.

Check out Boulder Sound Lab’s groovy track “Psilos”:

The Next Day (Sunday 03/06):

Miles Wide Album Release Concert at Washington Park United Church of Christ in Denver 7PM-Close

Denver’s Miles Wide recently added two new members and dropped an EP, The Kindness of Strangers. Formerly the solo project of Kyle Donovan, the now trio actually recorded the EP in the church they’re performing this concert in. The Marquee called the album the “long lost love-child of Carly Simon and Art Garfunkel” so you know it’s good. This show sounds perfect for a Sunday evening- get yourself to it folks! Tickets here.

Listen to The Kindness of Strangers for yourself:


PS: This week, our Sunday partnership with Green Light Radio and Streetside Productions will feature a track by Boulder’s Augustus! The rock trio are playing The Fox Theatre next Friday with Trout Steak Revival and Caribou Mountain Collective. Head to our Facebook page for your chance to win free tickets! And tune in Sunday to any of the Colorado Community Network Radio Stations here (95.3 or 95.5 Boulder) or stream Green Light between 9-10PM to listen to Augustus’ track “Bloodbath” live!

See you soon music lovers.


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CITRA: The BUOYANT Denver Four-Piece & Their Debut EP "Ocean"

By: Dawn Raymond

What's born on Craigslist can be a great thing.

You know how so often your Craigslist encounters go awry? Well here's one that went aright. Not so many moons ago, a fella named Brandon Arndt posted an ad on Craigslist looking for fellow musicians who wanted to work hard and create some high energy entertainment. After assembling some respondents, and with only 2 practices under their collective belt, the chemistry was magically on point: Denver’s CITRA was born.  

CITRA, in a word, is BUOYANT, most notably in their the song entitled "Settle Down". Another fave from their January 2016 debut EP Ocean is the darker feeling "In the Ground", with its militant, drum-beat-driven-guitars and slightly more sunny sounding chorus. Trust me, it works, and these grooves really grow on you.

So who makes up this winning collective? CITRA is: Brandon Arndt (Vocals, Guitar), Augie Menos (Lead Guitar), Dan Naddy (Drums) and Sean Slattery (Bass). The boys play Denver’s Illegal Pete’s on South Broadway tonight at 8PM.

For more show info, humor, and more things CITRA, you can follow them on Facebook or visit their website here.

Listen to CITRA’s EP Ocean:


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