Larry Keel Is Bringing His Mountain Music Experience to The Caribou Room This Weekend

By: Mirna Tufekcic

Though not mainstream or in the common vernacular among casual music listeners, Larry Keel is a living legend in the flatpicking, guitar shredding, bluegrass universe that is all encompassing, especially if you’ve lived in Colorado for a decade or so. If you are not at all familiar with Larry Keel, but consider yourself a lover of bluegrass tunes and Appalachia country vibes, then by all means get yourself to Keel’s show at The Caribou Room this Saturday, September 7th in support of his new album One and hear what greatness sounds like. The venue has a state of the art sound system bound to bring the real-deal-Keel-experience to the forefront and surround you with an authentic, superior music performance. 

Keel’s latest record.

Keel’s latest record.

If you don’t trust me, then here are some things that have been said about Larry Keel’s musical talents:

  • Keel comes from a bluegrass-playing family, hailing from the mountain music culture only Southwest Virginia can produce, and Keel’s been a steadfast pupil of the genre since birth. 

  • Music critics consider him one of the finest flatpicking guitarists around. 

  • Keel is a prolific songwriter, having produced 16 albums, and was featured on 10. 

  • He has earned the highest respect and billing among the top acoustic and jam rock musicians alive, and some now gone: Tony Rice, Chris Thile, Steve Martin, Tyler Childers, Tim O’Brien, Vassar Clements, Billy Strings, Sam Bush, Del McCoury, John Hartford, Bill Monroe, Peter Rowan, and Danny Barnes to name a few. 

  • Among the younger generation of bluegrass musicians, he has played alongside jamband and rock giants Greensky Bluegrass, Infamous Stringdusters,Yonder Mountain String Band, Keller Williams, Jorma Kaukonen, David Nelson, Little Feat, Railroad Earth, String Cheese Incident, Fruition, Leftover Salmon, and the list goes on. 

  • And lastly but by no means the last, when Larry Keel is not pursuing his solo music endeavors, he is channeling his unstoppable talent in a variety of musical formats including his core band, The Larry Keel Experience, featuring award-winning and highly accomplished Jared Pool on mandolin and penetrating vocals, and wife Jenny Keel with her rock solid bass lines as well as tenor vocal harmonies. 

The Larry Keel Experience.

The Larry Keel Experience.

If you are still skeptical about how good this man is at mesmerizing the crowd with his raspy voice and killer guitar shred-seshes, then head to the show for a personal, first hand experience.  You can preview his tunes via Soundcloud and for tickets to his show at The Caribou Room this weekend, which is bound to be a hell of a mountain time experience, click here. They’re only $15 advance; $18 at the door. See you there! 


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Festival Of The Muses Set To Cultivate The Feminine Spirit Through Music, Workshops, & More

By: Mirna Tufekcic

It’s called the Festival of the Muses, but more than just a festival in the general sense of the word, it is an intentional gathering of like-minded people meant to cultivate the creative, feminine spirit through music, skilled workshops, meditation, and oh- soaking in hot springs.  


The idea for such a gathering came to Mackenzie Page, the frontwoman of Gipsy Moon, a couple of years ago. Her and I sat down this summer to talk about her idea as it was coming to fruition.  

After spending a lot of time on the road with her bandmates, predominantly surrounded by men in the van and at music venues across the nation, Mackenzie would longingly meet the occasional female artist in passing, wishing she could keep that energetic field with her longer.  After awhile of witnessing the overtly masculinized music scene, Mackenzie felt how much she missed the feminine energy around her while being on the road. She realized the lack of female artists and the feminine spirit in the music scene. Eventually it became obvious to her that the feminine goddess is missing in many ways from our modern, Western way of life- and that it needed a reawakening. So, about a year and a half ago, she decided to bring the idea of the Festival of the Muses into reality. With the help of a very supportive, active, and visionary community, the event is set to take place this weekend at the Joyful Journey Hot Springs near Crestone, Colorado.  


Spearheaded by three powerful women, Bonnie Paine and Bridget Law of Elephant Revival and Mackenzie herself, Festival of the Muses is welcoming men and women to shift away from patriarchy and a masculinized way of being in the world and experience what it feels like to approach an art form and skill through the feminine lens. The workshops at the festival are intended to awaken creativity within each person and empower the feminine nature of equality and non-competitive aspirations. The workshops range from bookbinding, painting, and tarot readings to meditation and making medicine through movement and herbs. Each is led by skilled men and women who have cultivated their craft over the years through a dedicated practice, and by honoring the divine feminine. The evenings at the fest will fill the air with music by various local artists, including the power trio of Mackenzie, Bonnie, and Bridget. The Joyful Journey Hot Springs spa will have open doors throughout the day to soak in the springs and, depending on your lodging and ticket purchase, even extended hours into the evening.


I would wager a weekend of intentional and powerful immersion with the feminine is likely something most of us need, whether we want to accept it or not. So, if you’re one of those people who reads this and immediately dismisses it as hocus-pocus stuff, then you should definitely attend. And if you’re one of those alternative peeps looking for something less mainstream, less focused on external highs and intoxication and more focused on an intentional and purposeful gathering of beings, then go spend the weekend with these muses to fill your cup.  A happy journey and transformation to you all. It is surely going to be a fulfilling experience.

For more information on the festival, tickets, lodging, and everything you need to know before you attend, click here.  


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Nederland's Caribou Room Lines Up Locals for a Night of Tunes

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Things are going to get funky at Nederland's Caribou Room this weekend.

Nederland's Caribou Room. 

Nederland's Caribou Room. 

This Saturday, June 4th, Nederland’s Caribou Room will be hosting two local acts for your entertainment. It’s the first time this new(ish) venue has solely featured local talent for a night of music, so to mark the occasion, we’re bringing you info on both of the bands involved:

Technicolor Tone Factory.

Technicolor Tone Factory.

Opening up the night at Caribou is Boulder’s own Technicolor Tone Factory! The “effervescent funk and heavy progressive rock” five-piece have built a strong local following in recent years, and will be breaking out some funky sounds for their Caribou debut. Members Bryan LeFever (drums), Greg Kalifa (keys/organ/vocals), Cameron Canepa (guitar/vocals), Karl Summers (bass/vocals), and Evan Morris (keys/synth) are fresh off of some time in the booth at KMG, where they are recording their first studio album. TTF are pumped to play some of what they’ve been working on in the studio live, so head over and check out their new music! They’ve promised a high-energy set with lots of groovability.

Malai Llama.

Malai Llama.

Following TTF, Rollinsville’s Malai Llama will take the stage, a dance/fusion four-piece who like to combine “jazz, rock, and electronica in a psychedelic fusion”. The self-acclaimed jam band is comprised of Steven Govanlu, Chris Cornwall, John DeSousa, and Matt Flaherty. Together, the four like to “push musical boundaries by combining the energy of instrumentation with electronic exploration”, aka, they’ve got sweet synths and boomin’ turntables injected into their sound, along with their traditional instruments of guitar, bass, and drums. It’s rumored that it’s impossible to sit still at a Malai Llama show, so come ready to party!

Grab full details on this Caribou Room show here and head to Ned this weekend!


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Rare, Rough, & Revolutionary: Nederland's Nom de Guerres

By: Will Baumgartner

The band's French name is only half the story of Nederland-based Nom de Guerres' sound.

Nom De Guerres is one of the most interesting bands I’ve ever encountered. There is so much going on within their often deceptively simple-sounding music that any discerning and attentive listener quickly realizes they’ve got to dig deeper than the surface to get all of the gifts this group has to offer. The impossible-to-pigeonhole trio is the brainchild of Maus Nomdeguerre, an intelligent and eminently likeable guy well-known to local music lovers and the community in and around the quirky mountain town of Nederland. In an effort to get more insight into the band’s songs, and the man behind them, I recently grabbed Maus for a little chat, which turned out to be the most fascinating and instructive of any we’ve ever had:

I know the term nom de guerre means “an assumed name used by a soldier to mask his true identity”, but I’ve also seen definitions that apply it to fighting, writing, painting, or “a fictitious name used when a person performs a particular social role”. I’ve noticed the Guy Fawkes mask appears in a lot of the band’s artwork too. What’s the significance of all of this?

Nom de guerre is used in modern French to designate any form of an alias. In medieval times, it was a name assigned specifically for warfare in Arthurian romances. There’s a bit of an inside joke [for us] in the grammatical incorrectness in French with the band name. [Our artwork with] Guy Fawkes can be interpreted in a variety of ways, but he himself plotted to blow up the British parliament and was tortured as a result.

How, when, and where did Nom de Guerres become a group?

Nom de Guerres was formed from jamming at the Pioneer Inn open mic night in Nederland, which I hosted for three years. Eventually, I merged it with some players I was using from my fusion project and Nom de Guerres was born.

You’ve got a couple of great local players in this trio, including drummer Zach West and bassist Christopher Merz. What qualities make these guys perfect for your group?

Zach is probably the most consistent and versatile drummer I have worked with in Colorado, and possesses the ability to seamlessly transition between styles, something I need from a drummer. Chris really brings in the tone of the band; he’s definitely got that SoCal pre-grunge mentality when it comes to the bass, and can play a solid line or jam with a great rock-feel. He’s also a great singer, which has worked out well for expanding [our] harmony vocals.

You describe the band’s sound as “dirty folkabilly western swing”. Care to expound on that?

I am a jazz-trained musician, primarily on saxophone, in the Chicago tradition: essentially everything I do has the swing 8ths feel, but we reinterpret musicians from Willie Nelson to Leonard Cohen to GG Allin to Nirvana. I also spent a lot of time playing in the Midwest punk scene. We couldn’t come up with a genre that actually fits what we do, so we made up our own.

When you bring a song to the band, does it ever change as a result of the group’s interactions and ideas?

I wrote all of our originals, but I trust the musicians I work with to fill out their parts with a little direction; one or two bass lines Chris and I have sat down and written together. I also write all the chordal reinterpretations we do as covers, but things evolve in rehearsal and live performances. There’s a point when it sounds right to all of us and it just works. 

Maus Nomdeguerre.

Maus Nomdeguerre.

While you primarily sing and play guitar in the group, some of your great sax playing can be heard on NGD’s recordings. Do you ever play sax with the group in live performances?

Rarely. I usually rely on a fourth musician [for that]. I use a few horn players depending on who’s available: Paul Stadler, Prasanna Bishop, occasionally Jeremy Mohney- they’re all great saxophone players with different approaches and great ears. On the EP and on our work-in-progress pieces, I play all of the saxophone parts.

Have you ever considered expanding your current lineup by adding other full-time players?

Besides the sax players, I have used female vocalists, harmonica, trumpet, and lead guitar players. In an ideal world, Nom de Guerres would be a seven or eight-piece band.

What do you hope listeners will get from your music?

I hope people get a political and social message from it, as well as an artistic lyrical experience. I try to bring energy and passion to every show.

This Saturday, June 4th, you’re playing at the Pioneer Inn in Nederland. What can audiences expect at a Nom De Guerres show?

We will be debuting new songs all summer, as well as playing my social democratic song “Bernie’s Theme”. I will also be using a guitar with a body made entirely from cannabis.

Yikes! It might be worth it to some local stoners to come out just to hear you play that thing. So what’s on the horizon for the band? Any special plans for the coming year?

We have two recording projects in progress, one which will be primarily political songs, with a few covers, including a particularly heavy interpretation of “Masters of War”. The other record is called Hanging Songs, and is new originals written in the last year. We will be playing around Colorado most of the summer.

Check out Nom de Guerres’ show this Saturday in Ned, and keep up with their tour schedule and new releases here.


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KMG Life Inc.: Boulder's One Stop Shop Helping Artists Achieve Their Dreams

By: Hannah Oreskovich

KMG Life wants to see you in their studio. 

Jeff Tanner and Jamal Browning mixing at KMG. 

Jeff Tanner and Jamal Browning mixing at KMG. 

If you haven’t yet heard about the new spot making noise on Sterling Circle, then you’d better keep reading Boulder. Just a few months ago, KMGLife Inc. opened their studio doors in the B, relocating from their former home in Greenwood Village, CO to their new, massive $5 million space. First known for their work with Denver’s hip hop/rap scene, KMGLife Inc. (which stands for Kimble Music Group, after owner/mastermind Greg Kimble) has expanded over the past five years into an empire that now consists of studio space, an attached live-event concert venue, an in-house recording arts and business program, and their own record label

Kimeray Wells in a session at KMG in Studio C.

Kimeray Wells in a session at KMG in Studio C.

A&R man, manager, and session player Mitchael Zonnefeld was kind enough to give us a tour recently, where we got to check out multiple studio rooms and vocal booths, $200k in mics, tons of sweet modern and vintage equipment, $40k in lighting and projection mapping, and even their 35 terabyte hard drive (because you gotta keep those beats safe, right?).

KMG's live-event space and stage view from the VIP balcony area.

KMG's live-event space and stage view from the VIP balcony area.

We checked out the live-event space too, where Denver artist Becca Krueger filmed her new music video last week. The stage and two-floored venue, complete with a VIP balcony area, is also used for album release shows and other industry parties. KMG will set up transportation for you, catering, and a number of other things to complete your event vision. And if you need a house band, KMG has got you covered there as well. Their core team members (including Zonnefeld and Kimble) play in the house/session band, Last Minute.

A video shoot in Studio B with  Grigsby  .

A video shoot in Studio B with Grigsby.

KMGLife Inc. has recently expanded into the media market as well:

Said Zonnefeld, “We’re a one stop shop for artists; we’re a company that happens to own a recording studio but we also do music videos, promotional work, photo shoots, social media management, private release shows… anything to help an artist achieve their dream.”

Nederland's  The Magic Beans  in Studio B. 

Nederland's The Magic Beans in Studio B. 

KMG has many different packages to choose from when it comes to working with them, whether you just want studio time, you have media needs, or more. Zonnefeld told us KMG can even help you with distribution through their connections with Warner Brothers, Capitol Records, and Universal.

Said Zonnefeld, “We’re a shuttle to help any musician get to their dream. KMG is a lifestyle and we’re a family.” 

So join the fam- check out more info about KMG and their numerous artist packages here.


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The Weekend Six: Six Shows to See 03/11, 03/12, & 03/13

By: Hannah Oreskovich

This weekend is jam-packed with awesome events! Check it out peeps:

Today (Friday 03/011):

Trout Steak Revival with Caribou Mountain Collective & Augustus at The Fox Theatre in Boulder 9PM-Close


We’ve officially been talking about this show for weeks and it’s finally here! Come get down with us at The Fox tonight with one of Colorado’s favorite bluegrass bands, Trout Steak Revival! Nederland’s bluegrass quartet CMC will be sharing the stage, and Boulder’s rock trio Augustus will get the party started! We gave away free tickets to the show this week courtesy of The Fox, and some sweet Augustus merch from the boys themselves! So come boogie with us tonight. Tickets are only $14 and they’re right here.

Listen to Augustus’ EP Into Frames for a sweet show preview:

Asalott at The No Name Bar in Boulder 10PM-Close


Awesome four-piece Asalott is breaking beats behind the big brown door tonight! We just launched a whole feature on the Boulder-based band by our contributor Will, which you can check out right here. Come dance with us at the show!

Check out Asalott’s live synth set at a previous No Name performance:

Tomorrow (Saturday 03/12)

Apes of the State, My Friends Worship Satan, The Opiate Poet, Dead Work, & Patrick the Pirate at The Forge in Boulder 630PM-Close

Pennsylvania’s punk folk seven-piece Apes of the State are making a stop in Boulder tomorrow night at one of our favorite DIY spots, The Forge. My Friends Worship Satan, a punk duo, will share the stage, along with The Opiate Poet, and “the most metal folk band that plays ska punk”, Dead Work. Plus, local favorite Patrick the Pirate will open the show. Come one, come all. It’s gonna be a great night.

Listen to Apes of State’s “Things I never meant to tell you”:

WadiRum at The Laughing Goat Coffeehouse in Boulder 8PM-Close

WadiRum’s name and sound are inspired by frontman Stewart Erlich’s travels in the Middle East. The music is “raw, powerful, silent and loud in turns, and ultimately healing… with lush harmonies, warm bass and cello, and drums that move from subtle to explosive.” Sounds sweet! Come give the group a listen over a coffee or some wine tomorrow night! We get the feeling it’s going to be something you just can’t hear anywhere else.

Learn more about WadiRum here

Realtalk at The Lazy Dog 10PM-Close



Fresh off their first Fox gig, Boulder’s Realtalk are headlining tonight’s show at The Lazy Dog. We love this Boulder-based funky rock group, and are super stoked for this set. Realtalk always brings the party, whether they’re playing Nelly covers or jamming out thoughtful originals like “Freddie”. So make sure to hit the LD tomorrow evening and par-tayyyy!

Watch Realtalk’s official music video for “Freddie”:

All Weekend (03/11-03/13)

Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederland -Various Times & Locations-

It’s that time of year again: time to get weird up in Ned this weekend at Frozen Dead Guy Days! There are tons of events happening and, of course, music! Some of the bands on the schedule include Gangsterish, In The Whale, Strange Americans, Intuit, Na’an Stop, Cold River City, The Samples, Dragondeer, Powerlung Rangers, Gipsy Moon, Lady & The Gentleman, Gasoline Lollipops, and a whole lot more. Peep the full schedule here and make your way up to one of our favorite mountain towns! It’s gonna get wild.

Watch Dragondeer’s “Don’t That Feel Good” video by Jam In The Van:

And for our radio feature: 

PS: This week, our Sunday partnership with Green Light Radio and Streetside Productions will feature a track by Boulder’s Cold River City! The rockin’ funk and blues outfit are play Frozen Dead Guy Days this weekend (see above) and their new album Thank You. Sorry. Love You. is rumored to drop soon. Tune in Sunday night to any of the Colorado Community Network Radio Stations here (95.3 or 95.5 Boulder) or stream Green Light between 9-10PM to listen to their recently released single “Could It Be”!

See you out there Boulder bros and babes.


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The Weekend Six: Six Shows to Ring in the New Year

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Happy New Year! We can tell it’s gonna be a good one peeps. Let’s ring it in together with some local shows! Here are our six to see throughout the four-day weekend:

Today- New Year’s Eve (Thursday 12/31)

Asalott New Year’s Eve Party at The No Name Bar 10PM-Close

We love this Boulder four-piece and their trancy vibes. Come blast off into the new year with them at The No Name- they’ll have special guests performing with them, there will be a champagne toast when the clock strikes midnight, and there’s noooo cover. Plus there’s a masquerade theme! It’s gonna be a great time- get a cool mask and boogie with Asalott tonight!

Let your ears vibe with an Asalott original:

Dimitri y Rheanna NYE at Johnny’s Cigar Bar 9PM-Close

Dimitri y Rheanna.

Dimitri y Rheanna.

Bring in 2016 with some sensual, romantic jazz.” That’s how Johnny’s is rollin’ tonight. Boulder’s Dimitri y Rheanna are a duo aiming to “revive the old American jazz culture, also incorporating Brasilian, Spanish, and Gypsy styles.” Sounds pretty sweet! Plus local burlesque starlets Salty Vulgaire and Sangrhea will be there “for your sensual viewing pleasure.” Are they performing too? We’re not sure, but we know Johnny is excited and you should be too! Go check out the show.

Watch a live performance video of Dimitri y Rheanna here:

Tomorrow- New Year’s Day (Friday, 01/01)

Danny Shafer at The Pearl Street Pub 5PM-???

Danny Shafer. Photo Credit: Reggie Ruth Barrett

Danny Shafer. Photo Credit: Reggie Ruth Barrett

Local music staple Danny Shafer is playing his first show of the year tomorrow at The Pub, so go grab a brew with him! Shafer is Colorado’s troubadour, playing hundreds of shows a year throughout the state. But tomorrow you can catch him right here in the B and celebrate the start of 2016 with his sweet tunes. Roll on over!

Listen to Shafer’s stuff here.

Whiskey Autumn New Year’s Day Bash at Bohemian Biergarten 10PM-Close

Whiskey Autumn. Photo Credit:   Hannah Oreskovich.

Whiskey Autumn. Photo Credit: Hannah Oreskovich.

There’s gonna be a banger at the Biergarten tomorrow and Boulder’s Whiskey Autumn boys are bringing it. The pop rock trio will be blasting the stage with some sweet beats and cool harmonies while you sip a boot. Peeped their recent electro pop single 07.04.07 yet? If not, watch the video below and then join them tonight at the BB for dancing and drinks!

Official 07.04.07 Music Video:

The Next Day (Saturday 01/02)

BeatSpeak at Conor O’Neill’s Irish Pub 10PM-Close

If you’re craving some soul and R&B sounds, BeatSpeak’s performance tonight should help you get your fix. The local four-piece “command the finest SoulCraft that whispers through and shakes rooms.” Sounds like a solid time! So roll over to Conor’s and get your groove on!

Listen to BeatSpeak here:

The Next Three Nights (12/31, 01/01, and 01/02)

Yonder Mountain String Band at The Boulder Theater 8PM-Close

If you didn’t catch their show last night, don’t worry Boulder, there are three YSMB shows left this weekend! The five-piece bluegrass outfit originally from Nederland, CO are going to be rockin’ the Boulder Theater stage at all three shows, with special guests Jerry Douglas and Stanley Jordan. Any band who can hold down four solid nights at the BT is worth checking out, so get your tickets here. Props if you hit up all four.

Watch "Drawing a Melody" live here:

It’s been a great year with you Boulder, and we’re excited for 2016! Thanks for all of your support and Happy New Year!!


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A Night with Elephant Revival

By: DJ_WhetWilly

“When words fail... music speaks.” -ER

And oh, how the music speaks when it’s being played by Elephant Revival! At their most recent Ogden appearance, I was swept up and blown away by the magnificence of the band’s performance. From the opening song of the evening (“Will Carry On”), I was cast into a sea of tranquility. “I wanna be like a bird/Or just a feather” warbled Bonnie Paine (vocals, washboard, djembe, musical-saw, stomp-box) --and I was light, floating with the band. And, boy, is it a joy to be in their presence. The room was filled with Elephant Revival’s unique brand of Colorado joy and warmth. And, the washboard percussion! How it makes one want to shuffle and slide around to its beat.

Nederland's Elephant Revival.

Nederland's Elephant Revival.

The set continued and focus shifted to each band member as they took turns playing one of the group’s songs. Their sound is rich and diverse. Maybe this is because all five members contribute fully; everyone has a unique and meaningful voice to add:

Daniel Rodriguez (vocals, guitar, banjo, bass) singing “Season Song” led me to pastures of nostalgia, loss, and hope with the earnestness of the voice of someone who knows “all the love in a budding rose/how flowers come/and flowers go.”

Bridget Law (fiddle, vocals, octave violin) conjured many beautiful, swelling, and awe-inspiring melodies, which added to the tight dynamic intensity and harmonic depths of the songs. “Ancient Sea,” an instrumental Celtic-like fiddle tune, showcased the incredible musical talent of the whole group.

Bridget Law stringin'. Photo Credit:   Renee Ramge  .

Bridget Law stringin'. Photo Credit: Renee Ramge.

Dango Rose (upright bass, vocals, mandolin, claw-hammer banjo) held it down tight, and made me bump and thump to every movement in every song.

And Charlie Rose (banjo, pedal steel, guitar, horns, cello, double bass), newest to the group, got the audience hooting and hollering after each solo with his shoe-gaze banjo and atmospheric pedal steel. What a low-down, hoedown frenzy we all reached!

Bonnie Paine on the washboard.

Bonnie Paine on the washboard.

Perhaps this is where the magic sits with this group-- there seems to be an awareness, a want, to tie us all together, to enjoy the space of the room and the music together, to share the feeling. The themes of their lyrics speak to an ideal, a feeling of oneness: “once I was a big drop of water/I spread out and became part of many living in the land.” That’s enough to make anyone enjoy the over-crowded-sardine room at the Ogden and buzz for days thereafter.

With Elephant Revival, it’s not just about the music, it’s about the show, and oh my, what a show! They had people hanging from the rafters! With grace and strength, The Fractal Tribe dancers spun high above the audience, while everyone chanted along, “Oh oh oh, oh the grace of a woman!”

ER Live. Photo Credit:   Grateful Web

ER Live. Photo Credit: Grateful Web

What a night, what a night! Wish I could have made it to both of their shows that weekend, but I won't fret too long! Elephant Revival just announced they’re headlining Red Rocks in May. Can’t miss this one!

So yes, everyone, readers, listeners, concert-goers-- be sure to support this wonderful group. Help them continue what they do. Go to this website and look at their things. They have plenty of merchandise and music for sale. Support how you can. Their CDs are great, t-shirts too. Thank you.

Watch a live-performance Elephant Revival video from their “Gondola Sessions” series here:


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DJ_WhetWilly is a music listener and music player. Good music is like good soup, it should be shared and served warm.


CRN is Sponsoring The Fall Showcase & You Can Win FREE Stuff From Them!

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Local radio is jumping on board The Fall Showcase.

Hey hey Boulder! We are super excited to announce today that the Colorado Community Radio Network (CRN) is sponsoring The Fall Showcase! CRN consists of Boulder Free Radio (95.3 FM), Green Light Radio Boulder (95.5 FM), KNed Nederland (93.1 FM), and Way High Radio Ward (90.5 FM). Tune in to any of these stations for your chance to win a package of TWO FREE TICKETS into the event + FREE MERCH from all three bands on our showcase when you hear this:

All four stations will be doing a few drops, so listen in! We will also be live-streaming this event on the radio (and online!) per CRN- details on that to come soon. Anddddddd Whiskey Autumn, Blvd., and Ben Hanna & The Knighthawks will be doing exclusive interviews with these stations! Those will hit the radio waves and the interwebs as well.

So don’t miss it kids- The Fall Showcase is November 6th at The Riverside.

More details here. And our FB event info here.

Now go dial in to one of the CRN stations! Or stream one here.

Support local radio; support local music.



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The Weekend... Eight? Eight Shows To See 08/28 & 08/29, Boulder.

By: Hannah Oreskovich

It’s Friday once again and there is so much awesome music happening this weekend that we couldn’t pick just six. So here’s our weekend… eight? Peep it:

Today (Friday 08/28)



Danny Shafer at Pearl St. Pub 5PM-??

Danny’s doing a sweet double dose of shows the next two nights. Catch him at The Pub tonight or NedFest tomorrow. You can peep his music here. And don’t forget that Shafer’s CD Release Show (Paul Kimbiris is opening the event!) is less than a month away, and you can buy tickets here. You’ve got to make it to at least one of these Shafer performances. Seriously.

the booster boys. Photo Credit:   Hannah Oreskovich

the booster boys. Photo Credit: Hannah Oreskovich

Booster and Realtalk at The Lazy Dog 8PM-Close

We first fell for Booster here. These guys always bring a good time! Their funky jams will have you dancin’, and they told us Boulder-based Realtalk will be starting the party off right with some rockin’ tracks. We dig the LD’s stage setup, and their dancefloor was made for a show like this. Go groove.

emily and her kurzweil. PHOTO CREDIT:    HANNAH ORESKOVICH

emily and her kurzweil. PHOTO CREDIT: HANNAH ORESKOVICH

Emily Shreve CD Release Show at The Mercury Cafe 10PM-Close

We just brought you a feature on Shreve’s latest EP Bliss and Gravity last week. Check out her music here, but head to this show if you want to hear her latest. Her howling vocals and love for her Kurzweil will take you on a trippy dream that you’re not sure you want to wake up from. This show is the worth the drive, Boulder. Head down to the D.



Whiskey Autumn at The No Name Bar 10pm-Close

This indie doo-wop rock trio has recently thrown some amazing R&B and hip-hop influences into their usual mix. If you haven’t seen WA drummer Matty Schelling break sticks on his Octapad, then you'd better roll up to the bar with no name tonight. Things will be bumpin’ behind the big brown door. PS: Rumor has it Jeff Vescuso (Natural Motives, The Almond Butters) will be opening this show. Leggo. 

Tomorrow (Saturday 08/29)

the foxfeather ladies. polaroid: becky guidera

the foxfeather ladies. polaroid: becky guidera

Foxfeather at Vindication Brewing 4PM-Close

The good thing about our list of Saturday shows is that you can hop from one to the next. Start at Vindication for a brew and Boulder’s folk outfit Foxfeather. Their upbeat tunes will get your night going. They’re playing shows all over Colorado this fall, so catch a Boulder gig while you still can.

Augustus' new ep. 

Augustus' new ep. 

Augustus CD Release Show at The Lazy Dog 8PM-Close

We recently reviewed Augustus’ EP Into Frames, and long story short, we liked what we heard. Tomorrow is their highly anticipated CD Release Show at the LD, and we can’t wait! Bloodbath live? Yes please. Andddd Paul Kimbiris is opening this CD release show as well. So excited.

the longest day of the year has another fox show soon.

the longest day of the year has another fox show soon.

The Longest Day of the Year at Conor O’Neill’s Irish Pub 10PM-Close

The Longest Day of the Year will be hosting a dance party of fun at Conor’s tomorrow. Get boozed, get yo dancin’ shoes, and go jump around with this Boulder-based Americana band. They’re opening a show at the Fox in less than a month, which you can get tickets to here. Check ‘em out.


And finally, just a short drive away, NedFest is happening this weekend. Some of our favorites on the lineup include Gipsy Moon, Gasoline Lollipops, Danny Shafer, The Chris Robinson Brotherhood, and Caribou Mountain Collective. You can peep the full lineup and schedule here. Head to the party.

So seriously Boulder: Get out this weekend and catch a show. With this many options, you have no choice but to have a rad, bumpin’ time. TGIF.


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The Seven Shows to See If You're Not Going to The UMS This Weekend

By: Hannah Oreskovich

The UMS is arguably the biggest thing happening in Colorado music this weekend. But if you aren’t throwing your hands up down in Denver, these are the seven shows to see near the Boulder bubble this weekend:

Tonight (Friday 07/24):

Theresa Peterson & Hunter Stone at Vindication Brewing 530-9PM

These two Boulder-based singer songwriters are behind the monthly Boulder-in-the-Round event at Vapor Distillery. We covered it back in June here. Aside from that, both of them are super talented solo artists. In recent months, they’ve been collaborating together, so this is a performance that is worth checking out. Head on over after work!

Augustus at The Roost 6PM-Close

Augustus recently dropped their EP Into Frames and are planning a release show next month. But if you want to hear their latest songs live before their party takes over Pearl in August, then roll to The Roost and give them a listen.

That's one Cold River.

That's one Cold River.

Cold River Autumn at The No Name Bar 10PM-Close

Boulder-based Cold River City, who are incidentally also on The UMS lineup this weekend, have some members playing a show here tonight with guest drummer Matty Schelling from Whiskey Autumn. In a super-group formation of sorts, the sounds from behind the brown door are bound to be awesome. Be sure to stop in!

Tomorrow (Saturday 07/25):

Danny Shafer at Oskar Blues CyclHOPS 730PM-Close

Danny is a big name in Colorado music. It’s probably harder to find a night that he isn’t playing music than one that he is. He’s played just about every venue around the state, and he always puts on a great show. He occasionally brings along talented friends to share the stage, so make the drive here to see what he has in store for this performance!

Da Z Boys.

Da Z Boys.

Zolopht at Oskar Blues Homemade Liquids and Solids 830PM-Close

Are you one of those classic Coloradans who loves reggae, blues, rock, and bluegrass combined into one sound? Then this band is for you! The Zolopht boys hail from Grand Junction, CO and are currently playing a number of shows around these parts. We’ve been seeing their name a lot recently, so we checked out their dancy beats, which you can listen to here. Go peep their show!



Andrew Bonnis at The No Name Bar 10PM-Close

Bonnis is a Boulder-based musician of many talents. He is an amazing solo performer, but has also been in a number of successful group projects. Most recently, he’s been playing guitar in Nederland’s Gipsy Moon band, but this is your chance to see what he has up his sleeve solo. He won’t disappoint, so check him out!

Whiskey Autumn at Conor O’Neill’s 1030PM-Close

Rumor has it that Whiskey Autumn are currently back in the studio working on a new project. Maybe they’ll surprise you with a hint of what they’re up to at this show, so it’s one you don’t want to miss! Go dance with these boys! 


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Colorado Open Mic Nights: Supporting Local Talent

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Catch an open-mic at any of these spots.

Today we’re talking Open Mic Nights- they’re a cool part of the Colorado music scene for a few reasons. If you’re just a casual listener, they can be a great place to grab a drink with more than just the radio in the background. If you’re a musician, they’re an awesome way to connect with other artists and industry professionals in your area. And if you’re like us and you’re always on the lookout for new talent, Open Mic Nights are a sweet spot to try and find up-and-coming musicians. A ton of the artists we’ve interviewed have had their start in Open Mic Nights; many have even gone on to host them at various venues. Most digs have a reserved weeknight for these shows, so depending on when you’re looking to find an Open Mic Night, here’s where to go:


Lucky Joe’s Sidewalk Saloon in Fort Collins 9PM


Johnny’s Cigar Bar in Boulder 8PM

Jamestown Mercantile Co. Cafe in Jamestown 6PM - Hosted by Jovan

Bootstrap Brewing Company in Niwot 6PM

Oskar Blues Tasty Weasel Tap Room in Longmont 6PM - Hosted by The Prairie Scholars

Mulligan’s Pub in Fort Collins 7PM


Conor O’Neill’s Irish Pub in Boulder - Hosted by Danny Shafer

Twisted Pine Brewing Co. in Boulder 6PM - Hosted by Jim Herlihy of Augustus

Syntax Physic Opera in Denver 830PM

The Pioneer Inn in Nederland 9PM


The Swing Station in Laporte 7PM

The Mercury Cafe in Denver 9PM


Vindication Brewing in Boulder 530PM - Hosted by Foxfeather

Swallow Hill Music Cafe in Denver 7PM

The Dickens Tavern in Longmont 7PM

Mishawaka’s Spokesbuzz Lounge in Bellvue 8PM - They give you free beer for playing!

That’s our list. Support local talent and check out an Open Mic Night near you.


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Boulder Bands Celebrate 'Merica: The 5 Shows To See Tomorrow Night

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Head to these shows for America.

You can’t celebrate all things America without good music. So in no particular order, here’s your guide for where to be on the 4th of July, fireworks and all. Let the sparks fly:

Nothing says America like Bruce butt. 

Nothing says America like Bruce butt. 


Anarchy Blues will be shaking things up with a variety of original and cover tunes backyard BBQ style here. BYOB and kick your feet up with these dudes while sippin’ a cold one. Sun’s out, guns out- America tanks are a must kids.

Augustus is going to be pumping Americana through your veins at Conor O’Neill’s Irish Pub. They play from ten to two, so even if you’re catching earlier sets or nomming a late BBQ burger, you have plenty of time to swing in and get dancy. Need a reminder of their sound? See our articles on the boys here & here. And peep the event deets here.

Or Axl in flag spandex.

Or Axl in flag spandex.

Natural Motives are going to jazz-rock you at one of our favorite Boulder hangouts, The No Name Bar. We just wrote about these guys this week in an article here. Get jammy with them and let their reggae sounds groove you when you’re done lighting sparklers. Starts at ten!

Sun Jr. is at the Bohemian Biergarten with Nod & Rose Storehouse. Sun Jr. describe themselves as “a blend of rhythm, blues, soul, fuzz rock, and bluegrass.” Nod Norkus of Nod & Rose is on drums, so head down and get funky with these guys! Wear your most stylish America accessory to try and impress Nod. See the event specifics here.

Or this terrifying trifecta.

Or this terrifying trifecta.


Whiskey Autumn will be rocking the re-opening of Backcountry Pizza and Taphouse in Ned! Does anything say 'Merica like pizza and beer? We didn’t think so. We dig these boys, and wrote about them awhile back here. Join them for a dance party with a firework intermission. They’ll light you up right. See the firework and show schedule here.


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All photos, videos, and embedded tracks per the artists featured and those credited. This feature was edited for brevity and clarity by BolderBeat.