Kwolek's 'Masks' Was Recorded at the Women's March in Denver, in South Africa, & Everywhere in Between

By: Norman Hittle

Kwolek released his fourth solo LP Masks earlier this month. Take a gander at the link below to check it out:

Having formerly played guitar in Lima Research Society, Kwolek has since been focused on creating highly textured sonic art with nods to Arcade Fire and The Talking Heads. In actuality, his music is reminiscent of the movie Juno, with it’s highly indie rock and lo-fi vibes delivered in relentless torrents of high energy and borderline weirdness.

For Masks, it’s been a three-year endeavor for Kwolek to get all the meticulous layers of sound and texture just right, while spending his days recording and mixing in his Boulder, CO apartment. An impressive gem in the listed credits is all the field recordings included in his songs, as well as the locations. There’s everything from the Women’s March in Denver to Cape Town, South Africa and half a dozen in between.

On the few songs that follow a more somber and cinematic vibe, there’s a definite inspiration noticeable from bands such as The Dear Hunter, Radiohead, The Smiths, and hints of The Beatles’ White Album. Though, overall a bit less cohesive than any of those artists, Kwolek still managing to convey a true sense of self throughout each track.

Give Masks a list above and keep up with Kwolek and his music on his official website as well as on his Instagram.


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