The Malai Llama Lit Up The Fox Theatre's Stage Like A Wild Fire

By: Jura Daubenspeck

Spring has sprung, and Colorado has been keeping it as colorful as ever with vibrant sunsets, cool breezes, and music that won’t quit. Friday night at the Fox Theatre was one for the books, as experimental rock’s bad mama jamas The Malai Llama put on a headlining performance that exploded with color and rhythm.

The Malai Llama at The Fox Theatre last weekend. Photo Credit:   Kaotic Design Productions

The Malai Llama at The Fox Theatre last weekend. Photo Credit: Kaotic Design Productions

The venue was packed with new grads and rascals alike, all greeting the weekend with smiles, twirls, and yes- even a few dance-offs. Local improvisational rock group Intergalactic Peace Jelly took to the stage first, inviting attendees onto their spacecraft and blasting off for the night. Their experimental, jam-heavy set was the perfect launching point for the remaining performances.

The second act, Woodshed Red, brought up the energy in a totally different way, covering a variety of songs, with my personal favorites being “Ramble On,” “Nuthin’ But a G’Thang,” and “Colt 45.” The way they incorporated the fiddle and standup bass to create gritty twists to classic tunes made my heart sing.

By the time The Malai Llama took the stage, the crowd was fired up and ready to be wooed- and this band absolutely did not disappoint. There were so many aspects of Malai Llama’s set that blew me away: Jennifer Hartswick’s slay-worthy vocals in the “Immigrant Song” cover, the band’s mesmerizing onstage chemistry, and of course, the incredible lightwork with colors galore. However, what stood out to me the most was their dynamic force that made each song so unique. They managed to fill their two-hour set with so many different emotions and energies, playing songs such as “Allocamelus,” “Gentle Giant,” and “Cockeyed.” They toyed with metal-like riffs, hip-swaying funk beats, and electrifying dance music. Progressions were seamless, and no two songs sounded the same, leaving the crowd feeling satiated and at peace.

The band finished their performance with a cover of Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds,” which had everyone embracing and feeling the love. The vibes were strong on Friday, as The Malai Llama welcomed the crowd acapella sing-along to their closing song.

Jennifer Hartswick. Photo Credit:   Kaotic Design Productions

Jennifer Hartswick. Photo Credit: Kaotic Design Productions

As an established musical dynamo within the Colorado scene, The Malai Llama has fearlessly put their killer chromatic tunes out in the world for all to hear. Their music moves as freely as the wild winds of Colorado, and the even wilder people living here. Be sure to check them out next time they hit the stage!

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Nederland's Caribou Room Lines Up Locals for a Night of Tunes

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Things are going to get funky at Nederland's Caribou Room this weekend.

Nederland's Caribou Room. 

Nederland's Caribou Room. 

This Saturday, June 4th, Nederland’s Caribou Room will be hosting two local acts for your entertainment. It’s the first time this new(ish) venue has solely featured local talent for a night of music, so to mark the occasion, we’re bringing you info on both of the bands involved:

Technicolor Tone Factory.

Technicolor Tone Factory.

Opening up the night at Caribou is Boulder’s own Technicolor Tone Factory! The “effervescent funk and heavy progressive rock” five-piece have built a strong local following in recent years, and will be breaking out some funky sounds for their Caribou debut. Members Bryan LeFever (drums), Greg Kalifa (keys/organ/vocals), Cameron Canepa (guitar/vocals), Karl Summers (bass/vocals), and Evan Morris (keys/synth) are fresh off of some time in the booth at KMG, where they are recording their first studio album. TTF are pumped to play some of what they’ve been working on in the studio live, so head over and check out their new music! They’ve promised a high-energy set with lots of groovability.

Malai Llama.

Malai Llama.

Following TTF, Rollinsville’s Malai Llama will take the stage, a dance/fusion four-piece who like to combine “jazz, rock, and electronica in a psychedelic fusion”. The self-acclaimed jam band is comprised of Steven Govanlu, Chris Cornwall, John DeSousa, and Matt Flaherty. Together, the four like to “push musical boundaries by combining the energy of instrumentation with electronic exploration”, aka, they’ve got sweet synths and boomin’ turntables injected into their sound, along with their traditional instruments of guitar, bass, and drums. It’s rumored that it’s impossible to sit still at a Malai Llama show, so come ready to party!

Grab full details on this Caribou Room show here and head to Ned this weekend!


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