More Than 20 Years Later, The Acid Mothers Temple Continues to Carry On Their Free-Spirited Way of Life

By: Adam Cabrera

Though perhaps far past their prime, The Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. continues to carry on their free-spirited way of life pertinent to the beatnik soul collective that the group helped found over two decades ago.

The Japanese psychedelic/noise band, who have played a significant role in the psych revival of the past two decades, performed at the Larimer Lounge on Monday night. Though I had the feeling that the band may have lost some of its muster since their heyday in the ‘90s, their bohemian personality and genuine passion for live performance made for a unique show experience.

Yamantaka // Sonic Titan opened for the headlining act, a five-piece psych/metal band whose diabolic guitar meddling, dark organ sounds, and powerful vocals effortlessly captured the attention of the crowd and got them moving. Faces painted and wearing decorative costumes which resembled traditional Japanese attire, their performance had a theatrical and often menacing tone as if the music was tapping into some ancient oriental mysticism. But the strange and experimental attitude of the band was only the tip of the iceberg compared to the following act.


The Acid Mothers group is just a small part of the larger collective led by founding band member Kawabata Makoto. “A group of social dropouts of every description – musicians, dancers, artists, farmers, channellers, ex-yakuza, mermaid researchers and professional vagrants” as the band describes it. So, as the group began to gather themselves onstage to set up their equipment, it was clear each member jived with the nonconformist mantra of the collective.

Kawabata, with a head of long unkempt hair and casually touting a pair of paisley bell bottoms, oddly unpacked his gear out of a grocery basket showing perhaps how he never felt the need to buy cases for his equipment. Likewise, the band’s vocalist, Mitsuko Tabata adorned themselves with a purple cape and orange wig while Higashi Hiroshi played synthesizer; not touching a single key throughout his performance. It seemed he much preferred the alien-like whirring of the machines pitch generator.

Drummer Satoshima Nani humorously came dressed in runners shorts and a loose workout shirt. During the show he pounded relentlessly behind the kit; so much so that he broke his sticks halfway through the set and by the end of the night, he was drenched head to toe in sweat, which explained the runner’s getup.

Together the band was a curious group of misfits who in every action displayed just what the AMT collectives motto states, “Do Whatever You Want, Don’t Do Whatever You Don’t Want!” In their largely improvised set they similarly denied any of the usual trappings of traditional rock performances. And in winding psychedelic jams, they would regularly devolve into ear-splitting noise freakouts or relax comfortably into tranquil sonic meditations.

However, despite the youthful energy of the music at certain points during the evening, the oldest members of the group did show their age. Kawabata often would lean against the wall providing relief from standing for so long. And on one occasion, amid Higashi’s long white hair, you could see him wince as he rubbed his sore back. They may have been long past their prime, but their performance surely was one of the most energizing I’ve seen in recent months.

Before the show, I spotted Kawabata hard at work on his computer, most likely plugging away at the multiple AMT projects he is apart of, and as soon as the show ended the band ran to the front of the club to run their merch table. It’s plain to see that nearly 24 years after their start in 1995, they remain true to their carefree and untroubled beginnings with the AMT soul collective as the band continues to tour the U.S. independently. Over the next few months, be sure to catch them live as they make their way across the country as part of their 2019 North American tour.

Keep up with The Acid Mothers Temple here.


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Boulder-Based Nobide Are Making Waves One Big Stage at a Time

By: Natalie Pulvino

Boulder-based live electronic band Nobide is fresh off a show at the Boulder Theater, soon to headline the Larimer Lounge, and has a lot in store for this summer’s festival season. We sat down with Nick Vann, founder of Nobide, to ask him about the band’s authentic sound, local influences, and upcoming endeavors.   

What differentiates Nobide from other live-electronic acts?

Probably our versatility- we want to make all types of music, not get caught in one sound or genre. We’ve been working on combining the production elements with the live instruments, figuring out how to allow the produced pieces to function like a band member. Our live setup is pretty crazy- I can now manipulate and change the sound of the guys as they’re playing [and] do DJ production effects live which is pretty crazy.

You’ve described Nobide to BolderBeat previously as “organic-electronica,” emphasizing the live aspect to your music. What is your process for infusing the produced pieces with the organic element to create the perfect blend?

Our process is evolving as we figure out our sound. We’re still fresh as a unit, so we’re not sticking to any one process for writing or playing- it’s all very open right now. As far as putting songs together it’s really important to me that the songs don’t come out sounding like just another band. There’s so much possibility with production and sound… I’m always looking to hear something new, both musically and in regards to how a piece actually sounds.

Are there any local live-electronic acts that you draw inspiration from?

Mxxnwatchers is making some really forward thinking stuff, as is Evanoff. Break Science are the OGs. I think we all feed off each other, but we’re all sorta doing our own thing and pushing it as far it can go. To me that’s the ideal- there doesn’t seem to be much of a point in making stuff that sounds too much like someone else.

How do you cultivate that influence while maintaining a strong sense of authenticity in your music?

I think seeing how other people approach their music is the best kind of inspiration. We try not to take what other people are actually doing musically or sonically into account and just focus on doing what sounds best to us. In that sense we have no choice but to be authentic.

Nobide recently opened for The Floozies at the Boulder Theater- what was that like for the band?

It was a huge moment for all of us. I grew up in Boulder, so it was especially exciting for me. It was so killin’ to play for the hometown crew and have them show up like that. Nobide is Boulder-bred, and I think it was cool for the Boulderites to see the evolution of the project. A lot of people got introduced to the music that night too which was exciting. We’ve got mad love for Boulder.

Larimer_FB (1).jpg

Are there any shows you guys have played that have been super memorable?

The Boulder Theater show was one for sure, as well as The Fiillmore when we opened for Sunsquabi in January. It’s always exciting to play big rooms with big sound systems. We played with Michal Menert in January and that was a full-circle moment. I’ve been listening to his music for years.

Nobide is on the bill for Summer Camp Music Festival, Sonic Bloom, and a few others that will be announced soon. What is the band looking forward to most about being on the lineup for these festivals?

I think mostly meeting new people- artists and fans alike. It’ll be cool to see how our music stands up and translates in new environments. It’s a big opportunity, but it’s also just gonna be fun as heck.

Do you foresee any challenges that may arise from playing festivals as opposed to singular shows?

It’s definitely going to be a compromise on some fronts [since] we have a pretty complex setup for performing, but it’s nothing we can’t handle. It’ll be a good challenge to be pros, to know it’s not all about us but more about the vibe of the whole event.

There’s been talk that the band may be hitting the road soon. If you guys go on tour, where would you want to play and who would you love to play with?

Eventually all over the world! But for now we’re trying to get down South and out to the West Coast and Midwest, start slowly expanding our radius through the U.S. We’d love to play with all sorts of people that like to get down. Lettuce, Pretty Lights, Zhu, Rufus Du Sol, Bonobo, Odesza… We want to bring this music all over!

Keep up with Nobide here and don’t miss their headlining show at the Larimer Lounge this Saturday, April 6th. Tickets & information here.  


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Verses The Inevitable Are Bringing Their 'Grit & Grace' to Larimer Lounge Tonight!

By: Will Baumgartner

Daniel Hertel’s band Verses The Inevitable are in no hurry. They take their time making records, plan their shows carefully, and perform relatively infrequently. All these things, combined with their surfeit of talent and the excellence of their songs, are great reasons to check out their most recent album Grit & Grace, and then get on over to Denver’s Larimer Lounge tonight for an experience you won’t soon forget.

Verses The Inevitable.

Verses The Inevitable.

Every song on Grit & Grace is a gem, and one of several reminders of how apt the album’s title is: there’s clearly a lot of artistry and polish that went into the crafting of each track but at the same time, nothing is over-polished. These songs, multifaceted and sparkling though they may be, still retain their original natural beauty and rough charm. Like any stone, they were formed from gritty elements, from the hard and dirty places found in any truly beautiful location. There’s a sense of struggle in nearly every song on the album, but also an appreciation of the beauty of life, an acknowledgement that light can often only be appreciated by trekking through the darkness.

The album begins with “Tuscaloosa,” a wistful yet gently-driving song, like a letter to a lover the narrator is determined to return to. Its folk rock feel sets the tone for a lot of the tracks to come- while the band regularly dives into other genres, the overall feel of Verses The Inevitable is that of a folk rock band.

Next up is “Horizon,” a ballad that manages to combine a resigned sadness with more determination. “Hard Times” is a bluesy slow-burner enumerating the problems and challenges of the down-and-out, and the first song on the album where singer Madalynn Rose really steps out and shows her stuff. This young woman can really sing, and is a talent worth watching in her own right. Her harmonies with Hertel also reminded me of another way in which the album’s title feels so appropriate, because while they’re both powerful vocalists, Daniel brings the grit while Madalynn carries the grace.

The album artwork for  Grit & Grace .

The album artwork for Grit & Grace.

Next up is “Morgan City Blues,” which Hertel says is one of two songs on the album that were written ten years ago, this one because of its “sad personal nature.” That much is obvious from the lyrics, which tell the tale of watching an addict go all the way down, but through rewriting the song with his partner, keyboardist Wil Snyder, they were able to leaven its heavy subject matter into a shuffling blues with classic piano/organ grooves and a killer harmonica solo from great local stalwart Mad Dog Friedman. “Saint Gertrude” is a somewhat pastoral folk song that sounds like a grateful, quiet tribute to some very personal female saint-like presence in the songwriter’s life. “Unclaimed Ground” is, according to Hertel, about acceptance of the end of a relationship, and yet has a bouncy Americana rock feel with some wry humor in the lyrics. For this listener anyway, it ultimately has a hopeful feel- while accepting what is, the singer still seems to be looking forward to what could be.

“Avarice” is a simple little song that sounds like it was written on a sleepless night by a guy who longs to be a better person. As such, it expresses both doubt and faith in a quietly powerful way. The penultimate song, “Nayasa” is a dirty blues-rock piece with hints of the music of Sub-Saharan Africa. It is apropos since Hertel told me it was inspired by a trip he took there, and expresses the helpless anger he felt seeing the pervasive corruption in each country he visited, and that corruption’s very real consequences of death and starvation. The album’s final song, “Presence” is by far its happiest and silliest, a jazzy swing tune with a New Orleans feel complete with barrelhouse piano and horns. The verses lay out all the either/or dilemmas we could focus on in life, but the chorus just tells us, “Get outta your head!”

In short, Grit & Grace takes the listener through some dark places, all the while reminding us that it’s all part of a journey full of surprising beauty and even some good laughs along the way. We’re all in this life and it ain’t the easiest ride, Hertel seems to be telling us (and himself), but we’ve got to keep going- going and watching our surroundings for whatever stones we might find to contain hidden gems.

Verses The Inevitable contains some of the best musicians on Colorado’s Front Range, including aforementioned Wil Snyder and MD Friedman, with drummer Michael McKee, bassist Matt Certosimo, guitarist Zach Adler, and cellist Zack Reaves. They’re all stellar on record and, as your reviewer can attest, they totally bring it live. There’s nothing quite like a concert by Verses The Inevitable, so get yourself on over to the Larimer Lounge tonight! 

Keep up with Verses The Inevitable here.


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Knuckle Pups' Debut Record 'San Panino' Drops This Weekend

By: Julia Talen

Knuckle Pups, a Denver-based five-piece band, are releasing their first ever musical project, San Panino digitally and on cassette tape this upcoming Saturday, October 27th. And to be honest, after a listen, I was shocked that this is the first project the group’s produced.

Knuckle Pups.

Knuckle Pups.

Texture deepens each track on San Panino, perhaps because of the exceptionally layered vocal harmonies and the dynamic instrumentals. Bare and percussive elements echo, while dialogue with airy and ethereal synths glides listeners through this original project, filled with movement. The movement feels adventurous and exciting, and it carries listeners into unique yet comforting musical realms.

San Panino opens with the track “Last Whim,” a tune bursting at the seams with energy which explores coming of age, youth, and relationship complexities. The tune runs, and listeners run with it, cruising through the song’s wonderful syncopation. You also get a taste of the group’s exceptional vocal blends, which thread throughout the cassette.

The next track, “New Reckless” opens up with playful synths. The tune feels whimsy, in an infectious way as Oliver Holloway (principal songwriter) croons questions like, “So what/am I/ today?” The title gets at the recklessness of relationships- new relationships- and the wondering and questions of one another which comes along with that freshness. The tune builds and listeners hold on through its progression, reflective of the song’s final lyrics, “Hold on.”

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 6.42.42 PM.png

“Bottom Baby” is perhaps the most poetic and inquisitive track, with lyrics like, “Down to the bottom baby/out of control/ upside the inside maybe.” My favorite part of the track is the bridge, a mixture of catchy percussion, and “ooo’s” which flood the track like waves drifting through various facets of the tune to what feels familiar.

San Panino finishes with “Wealthy Diner.” We linger in the slow verse on this one, accompanied by Holloway’s shaky, raw, and refined vocals. He sings, “Lovely the way you lie with me/just where we’re supposed to be/and across the moonlit line/we would watch the wealthy dine,” and the instrumentals take off, lifting us into that “moonlit line.”

Knuckle Pups emerges in a vast sea of Colorado indie music with an extremely original and enticing project, a project that elevates the group, showcasing an originality that’s difficult to compare. The casette’s rich layers and imagination compel listeners to hold on for the ride and get lost in the sublime landscape of the music.

See Knuckle Pups for yourself this Saturday, October 27th, at Larimer Lounge as they take the stage with Saintseneca and Trace Mountains for their release show.

Keep up with Knuckle Pups here.


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UK's Yungblud Brings His High Energy Tour to Denver

By: Amanda Andrews

Wearing his signature black and pink, rising artist Yungblud gave exactly the kind of high energy performance it took to lift Denver music fans out of their mid-week slump. After dropping out of high school to pursue his music career full-time, the 20-year-old UK singer has made it clear that he holds nothing back for his art.

Hours before the doors opened, fans were lined up and waiting patiently outside of Larimer Lounge for the chance to meet Yungblud. The singer has a reputation for taking time to talk to his fans before and after shows, and Denver was no exception. People lined up to take pictures and quiz him about the tour and what he thought of Denver.



As soon as the sun set and the doors opened it was a race to see who could get the best spot for the show closest to the stage. Fans pressed up against the speakers and the lined the sides of the stage to get the best angle they could to see the upcoming acts. Just as everyone settled in to the venue, the opening band, Arrested Youth, took the stage and all hell broke loose. Frontman Ian Johnson took the mic in a red jumpsuit so bright, torn, and covered in duct tape that it was like a beacon warning the crowd to be ready for his intensity. Arrested Youth played songs from their new album, Fear, which was released last month, along with a cover of “song 2” by Blur. While many of the concert goers were unfamiliar with the group, after songs like “My Friends Are Robots,” “Black x White,” and “Mirrors,” the crowd was jumping and screaming for more. The highlight of their set came as Ian sang “The News,” a track where the chorus repeats “can't stop, don't stop, won't stop falling for it.” Even as he jumped up, stumbled, and fell back onto the drums, knocking over the cymbals, the band played on.

After a quick interlude, Yungblud ran on the stage to a crowd who was just as eager and energetic as he was. Fans of the upcoming artist sang the lyrics right back at him when he opened with the titular track from his debut album, 21st Century Liability. Before the crowd could stop their thunderous applause, Yungblud went right into his most streamed song, “I Love You, Will You Marry Me.” As the night went on Yungblud kept the energy high and the volume even higher. Fans were cheering non-stop as he matched his lyrics with high kicks, shimmies, and hip rolls. By the time the first half of the show was done, the solo artist was drenched in sweat and the crowd was drenched in water that he had sprayed from the stage.

36673895_676584292689013_1821561729780285440_o (1).jpg

Much to fans’ surprise, and enjoyment, Yungblud then went on to play an unreleased track called “Loner” as part of the set. Shortly after that, the singer and crew left the stage before returning from backstage for an encore. They played three more songs before ending the night with “Die for the Hype,” a fan favorite. After the show, fans lined up to meet Yungblud and Arrested Youth backstage and to purchase merchandise.

Yungblud’s US tour continues on the east coast October 9th, where they will be performing at the High Watt in Nashville. Keep up with YungBlud here.


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Premiere: Whitacre Release Catchy New Folk Rock Tune "Fantasy"

Denver’s Whitacre, the five-piece rock project led by Paul Whitacre, have plans to drop new music this year and today, we’re premiering the band’s newest single, “Fantasy.”

Whitacre, which is comprised of Paul Whitacre (rhythm guitar/lead vocals), Chase Perry (banjo/keys/vocal harmonies), Mark Cunningham (drums), Kyle Miner (lead guitar/vocal harmonies), and Brent Perkins (bass), recorded the track at Colorado Christian University’s studio. “Fantasy” was produced by Nicholas Webber, who is also featured on vocal harmonies on the songs, with engineering by Toshi Jamang.



“Fantasy,” which starts out with some stompy percussion, is a feel-good folk rock tune primed for summer. Its thick strings and catchy chorus make it feel like a Lumineers-inspired ditty. Whitacre himself sings the instantly appealing and memorable chorus, “We could be/What people thought was fantasy/Only portrayed in the Hollywood movie screens/All the love you read about in all those fairytales/I will be your fantasy.”

Said Paul about the track, “When we released our first single, 'Set Me Free,' we had a very small fan base and had no idea what to expect in our musical future. Now, after 50,000 streams, a show with Pandas & People and Wildermiss at the Bluebird Theater, and talks of a national tour this summer, we really feel a sense of fans longing for new music. Releasing our second single, 'Fantasy' is still really only the beginning. We've signed a recording contract with Joe Richmond for a five-song EP and are confident this song is going to continue laying the foundation that will make that a successful release later in 2018!”

“Fantasy” will drop across all streaming platforms this Friday, March 16th. To hear it live, catch Whitacre next at Larimer Lounge on Thursday, March 22nd where they’ll share a stage with The Ghost of Paul Revere and Matt Rouch & The Noise Upstairs.

Keep up with Whitcare here.

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Movements Are Bringing Their Indie Grunge To Larimer Lounge This Weekend (03/09)

By: Nathan Sheppard

Movements first ever headlining tour makes its way to Denver this Friday, March 9th at the sold-out Larimer Lounge with special guests Can’t Swim, Super Whatevr, and Gleemer. This tour comes right after the release of Movements’ highly anticipated full length album Feel Something.

Movements mix together grunge and indie with poetic lyrics. There is an element of vulnerability with this band’s sound that makes it easy for people to relate to, which creates a very intimate setting for their shows. Movements are known for touring non-stop since their formation in 2015, and with that comes a better show each time you see them, making this weekend’s set one of BolderBeat’s top things to check out this week.



If you missed out on tickets for this tour, Movements will be for Warped Tour this summer for the festival’s final run. You can also buy the band’s new record and follow them here.


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The Midnight Club Release Debut Single "Close Your Eyes" On Harbor Records

By: Norman Hittle

The Midnight Club has released their debut single with Harbour Records, “Close Your Eyes,” and have a slated headlining release show at the end of November. Check out their single below:

You may recall hearing about The Midnight Club in 2016 when they won the coveted opening slot for Denver’s “Big Gig,” hosted by alternative station KTCL 93.3. But also notable is this Denver-based band being comprised of high school students Owen Coleman, Harry Springer, Miles Bragg, and Sean McCarthy. These young guys have been working the Denver scene since 2015.

The band's single has a considerable similarity to Panic! at the Disco (circa 2008’s Pretty. Odd. album), with the 1970’s era rock’n’roll mixed with synthetic orchestrations and thick vocal arrangements. The track, mixed by Mark Needham (The Killers, Imagine Dragons, Walk The Moon), has solid production quality and highlights the band’s indie/rock vibe without being overly commercial.

Check The Midnight Club out for their next headlining gig this weekend, November 25th, at Larimer Lounge to celebrate the release of “Close Your Eyes” and to debut some new music! Event details here!


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Colorado Halloween 2017: Your Guide To All The Best Halloween Shows Happening This Month

By: Mirna Tufekcic

‘Tis the season of witches and warlocks, zombies and monsters, and some kick-ass parties honoring All Hallow’s Eve. If you’re anything like us, you’ve already started gearing up for the most fun weekend of the year- the one that celebrates the weird with music, costumes, and more music. Colorado music lovers, we’re here to tear you apart with choices of all the celebrations taking place around the state for this year’s Halloween weekend.




Thursday 10/26: The Boulder Theater presents the unmistakeable: The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient- Denver’s Rocky Horror Shadowcast will perform along with the film. Whether you’re a seasoned attendee or a virgin to this interactive movie and theatre performance, it’s sure to make a great start to a funky weekend. The key word for this event is interactive.  Expect to touch or be touched.  

Friday & Saturday 10/27-10/28: Halloween weekend at The Boulder Theater will host a two-night “Rave from the Grave” party with Papadosio and friends. Papadosio plans to pay tribute to some of the 90s and early 2000s electronic artists that influenced their path as a band. To pop the cherry of this event, Boulder’s own Dynohunter will take guests on a journey through deep, grounding house tunes, just to lift you up through organic electro peaks and valleys you can rave about all over the dance floor. Saturday night, the party will start with Bass Physics, a one man show put together by Denver’s esteemed Arja Adair guaranteed to provide positive tunes while mixing up acoustic guitar and electronic sounds. Two-day passes are already sold out for this weekend, but click here to buy a one day ticket before they’re all gone. This event is likely to sell out soon.

Sunday 10/29: The Fox Theatre is hosting Sinful Sunday Halloween Party with Midnight North and All Chiefs. This ought to be an upbeat, dancey, bodies-grinding-all-night kind of show as Midnight North brings their soul, country, rock’n’roll, and All Chiefs their indie beeps, boops, and digital sprinkles to make any body groove. The show is free to industry folks; if you’re not one of those get your hands on some tickets here.

Tuesday 10/31: Snakehips make their return to Fox Theatre for Halloween, where we expect to see lots of fun costumes groovin' to their bass drops. Tickets here.


Marilyn Manson.

Marilyn Manson.

Saturday 10/07: The Mile High City has big things on the agenda throughout October in almost every music venue. The spirit of the season starts with thousands of living dead wannabes at Denver’s Zombie Crawl, and the city will no doubt be bustling with dark spirits from then through the end of October.

Thursday 10/19: Marilyn Manson will bring his tour to the Fillmore Auditorium, as long as he’s healed up from his recent stage injury. While not a Halloween weekend event, it’s close enough, especially since he’s known for having the most disturbing Instagram account around. Enjoy. UPDATE: This show is rescheduled for 01/20/18 - details here

Friday 10/20: The Gasoline Lollipops are bringing you one scary hoedown at Denver's Lost Lake tonight. Hosted by 105.5 The Colorado Sound, Grayson County Burn Band and Whipperpool will join Colorado's favorite alt-country outfit on good 'ol Colfax for an eerie time. 

Friday 10/27: Lost Lake Lounge is throwing their Terrified Halloween party with Modern Suspects, a “popternative trio,” Optycnerd, an electo-indie-pop beats duo that bring the heat to the dance floor, and Vynyl, an electronic hip-hop pop duo. This one’s set for a full house of Denver-based musicians and beat-makers bound to terrify you into dancing the night away.

Friday 10/27: Syntax Physic Opera will host an early event starting at 7PM called Hell Toupee, A Lounge Night in Hell, which is a comedy and variety show. Then starting at 9PM, you can check out Lillian’s album release party.

Friday & Saturday 10/27-10/28: The Oriental Theater will have a weekend packed full of halloween celebrations. Friday night is the Third Annual Monster Ball with Alice in Chains and KISS tribute bands. Need I say more? Saturday night is reserved for a costume contest event called MORTIFIED, an international storytelling event where adults share their most embarrassing and hilarious childhood artifacts in front of total strangers. Dare I say terrifying?



Saturday 10/28: Bar Standard/Milk Bar will host a Colorado HELLoween Ball with TR/ST. It's the biggest event of the year from promoters Ritual Noize. TR/ST is considered a popular goth/industrial/dark electronic artist and HELLoween is a party for just such fans, so it should be a hell of a time if you’re into that scene. According to Ritual Noize, “HELLoween has always been about mixing club culture, the Halloween tradition and live musical performances with a horror theme attached.” This year the decor will be Psycho-themed; hurray for Hitchcock fans!

Saturday 10/28: Halloween Hootenanny at The Bluebird Theater will feature Denver DJ Wesley Wayne and a costume competition that can score you year passes to some of Denver’s most beloved venues. Click on the Hootenanny link above for details and if you plan to attend, you’d better come in your best costume yet.

Saturday 10/28: Gothic Theatre is throwing Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery party with Deer Tick and special guest Chris Crofton, who will open up the event with, hopefully, a very funny set before things get groovy and ghosts begin to apparate. Deer Tick hails from Providence, Rhode Island with a rebellious take on alternative, folk, rock’n’roll, and country vibes.

Saturday 10/28: Larimer Lounge is hosting their Halloween Edition of Dance Yourself Clean with DJs inspired by the likes of LCD Soundsystem, Grimes, Blood Orange, and more. Shake off the sugar with this one.

Estes Park


Saturday 10/21: The Shining Ball at the Concert Hall of the famous Stanley Hotel will have yet another yearly Halloween staple with Denver’s beloved Gasoline Lollipops. We imagine the band will truly bring the spirit of Halloween to life, with growls from frontman Clay Rose and howls from the audience over the band’s poignant lyrics and dark, stompy tunes.

Saturday 10/28: The legendary Masquerade Ball at the Stanley Hotel will conclude the Halloween events at the haunted property with live music by Jonny Mogambo backed by a full band.

Fort Collins

Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Friday 10/13: Mishawaka Amphitheatre will host a Rocky Horror Picture Show screening all its own with a troupe of actors, games, and trivia. There will also be a costume contest and drink specials. Practice your time warp now.

Friday 10/27: Hodi’s Half Note is getting metal with Skinned, A Flood Foretold, Inficier, and Voracious Souls. Headbang until witching hour.



Friday 10/27: Sweaty soul outfit The Burroughs are headlining Moxi Theatre’s 4th Annual Halloween Extravanganza, and chill wave beach band Slow Caves are opening. No word on if the bands are dressing up yet, but fingers crossed.

Sunday 10/29: The Moxi is also throwing a purely metal Halloween show this weekend with Bash, Skinned, Last Word, Infinited Conscious, and Cyber Zodiac. Go get weird.


The Alcapones.

The Alcapones.

Saturday 10/28: If it’s in your interest to get away from all the debauchery and chaos of city life during Halloween, then the quaint town of James has something for you. They are hosting The Alcapones at the good ‘ol Merc. A ska/reggae band with a mountain flare, The Alcapones will definitely bring the house down and set this mountain roof on fire.    

And finally, for those of you wanting to see and hear live music without all of the Halloween hype, here’s what’s good:

Friday 10/27: Tonight at the Hi-Dive in Denver is Jocko Homo, an event to pay tribute to 90s and 2000s alternative rock bands like Incubus, Weezer, and Modest Mouse, with cover bands honoring all three respectively. Sidenote: Actual Incubus and Weezer play Red Rocks this month.

The Infamous Stringdusters.

The Infamous Stringdusters.

Friday & Saturday 10/27-10/28: Denver’s The Ogden Theatre will host two nights of The Infamous Stringdusters this weekend. Party down.

Saturday 10/28: Red Rocks Amphitheatre will be abuzz with Russ, an American hip-hop singer/songwriter, recording artist, and producer.

Tuesday 10/31: Dream pop four-piece Alvvays  are ringing in actual Halloween night at Denver's Bluebird Theater with Jay Som.

Tuesday 10/31: Denver's own Itchy-O play Summit Music Hall on Halloween, which is fitting for this avant-garde and experimental marching band. The show is sponsored by Meow Wolf, so expect to get weird. 

See you out there somewhere Halloweenies.


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Review: On Repeat Experiment With Synth And Space Sounds On New Single "Pontoon"

By: Julia Talen

It’s been a couple of years since Blake Britton and Jake Lamos, the artistic duo behind the music group On Repeat, have announced new music aside from their single, “Minus,” released in early 2016. In October 2015, On Repeat issued their debut EP, The Mighty Unkind, and followed up their EP release with shows throughout the Denver area at venues like Larimer Lounge and the Seventh Circle Music Collective. Since February they have not played a live show and have been working away on their latest EP comprised of fresh songs including their recent release, “Pontoon.”

The artwork for On Repeat.

The artwork for On Repeat.

The track, “Pontoon,” shifts away from the grunge-y alternative overtones of their first EP, honing in on mixing and layering harmonies, instrumentals, and vocals interspersed with explorative electronic sounds. The intro of “Pontoon” draws you in slow, as the twangy guitar and subtle, easy bass treks along on an even melody. Soft symbols and steady drumbeats accompany the dynamic notes of a keyboard. The notes sound like the high keys on an electrified organ and begin to elevate the seemingly folksy tune, alluding to the forthcoming experimentation that On Repeat weaves into this track.

Listen to On Repeat's "Pontoon":

A Local Natives and Modest Mouse vibe consistently cradles the first half of the song as Jack and Blake’s vocals meld together swimmingly singing lyrics with the lines, “raised on a pontoon I was used to loneliness/tempted by the signs that I’d finally make it.” The poetic lyrics are vague, yet leave room for creating your own impressions as the song lulls back into a calm composition after the first refrain, thus mirroring the intro.

The single begins to build wondrously with the second refrain. On Repeat fuses together distinctive elements as they subtly thread in underlying vocals crooning, “only want it, ‘til you’ve got it/now you want it, you don’t got it” with experimental sounds like space noises and synthy intentional bits of feedback. The track finishes off with the low-key melody rescinding while blurred and blended sounds erupt and wrap up the song, leaving the listener almost on a cliffhanger, wanting more. I suppose we have more to look forward to when On Repeat releases their latest EP and perform this song and others live with The Ephinjis and Meeting House, Friday, September 29th, in Englewood at Moe’s Original BBQ!


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Sweden's INVSN Bringing Post Punk Dystopian Pop To Larimer Lounge This Monday (09/18)

By: Norman Hittle

Hailing from the more isolated parts of northern Sweden, INVSN (Invasionen) will take the stage at Larimer Lounge this Monday, September 18th for one of their tour stops in a show curated by Brooklyn Vegan. This five-piece dabbles in post-punk/dystopian pop with a backing of alt rock. Check out the video for their single “This Constant War”:

Regarding the name INVSN (Invasionen, which roughly translates to “the invasion”), the band has said: “We did a couple of records in our native tongue under the name of Invasionen but when we decided to take this globally we felt that a change in language and a new name would be in place.”



INVSN's sound definitely has a post rock/punk vibe with a great deal of raw instrumentation and some more refined pop feels to give it a very gritty, yet well produced appeal very reminiscent of Love and Rockets with hints of Broken Social Scene and Joy Division.

Take a gander at INVSN's full album:

Along with Dead Orchids, INVSN will be making an appearance at the Larimer Lounge Monday as part of their American tour. Details and tickets here!

Keep up with INVS on Facebook.


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Radio Moscow Bringing Raw Pysch Rock Sounds To Denver's Larimer Lounge This Saturday (07/08)

By: Sierra Voss

Want to know what’s going on in today’s underground world of psych rock? San Diego’s rock’n’roll power trio Radio Moscow will be making their way to Larimer Lounge this Saturday, July 8th. Radio Moscow live in the intersection of psychedelic rock and blues, pulling sound influences from bands like Cream, Black Sabbath and The Jimi Hendrix Experience. It’s just about guaranteed that this band will be showing off their ripping guitar solos, crunchy chords and driving drum beats all night long, so if you’re into that, you’ve got no excuse not to make your way on over.

Radio Moscow.

Radio Moscow.

Radio Moscow currently rolls three members deep: Paul Marrone (drums), Anthony Meier (bass) and Parker Griggs (guitar/vocals). The band actually started off as Griggs’ solo project, and he happened to drop a demo that caught Dan Auerbach’s ear. Subsequently, Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys) helped produce Griggs’ 2007 self-titled debut.

Listen to Radio Moscow's Live! In California:

Griggs released two more albums before RM became a trio in 2013; they then recorded their first album together, Magical Dirt. More recently, the trio pushed out their second album, Live! In California, a record which is insanely explosive and raw, truly channeling back to the era of the great rock bands of the '60s. It’s reasons like these that Saturday’s set will be a show you won’t want to miss!

Grab your tickets for this show here! I’ll see you there-


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Mitchel Evan & Co Bring Uplifting Americana to Denver's Larimer Lounge

By: Allan Tellis 

The Larimer Lounge is a venue that never has a shortage of talent, even on a Wednesday night. Last week brought out four distinctly talented bands that covered a vast array of styles, and although each band had a unique approach, overall they complemented each other, which made for one appetizing show.  

Morning Bear. Photo Credit: Joe Friend

Morning Bear. Photo Credit: Joe Friend

The first act, Morning Bear, performed with a very minimalist stage presence with singer/songwriter John Runnels on acoustic guitar and a guest sit-in playing a small keyboard with a drum pad. The duo had a powerful performance despite their low-key setup due Runnels’ strong vocals and a focus on deep-feeling, heavy indie folk music that kept the crowd captivated for their entire set.

Band of Lovers. Photo Credit:  Keating DiRisio

Band of Lovers. Photo Credit: Keating DiRisio

The following act, Band of Lovers, brought one more person onstage and a completely different energy, as they specialize in up-tempo, Americana chamber pop. Band of Lovers is a rarity in that they tour constantly throughout the country and have been doing so for four years now. They have found Denver to be a consistent refuge in their nomadic existence, even dedicating a downtempo, rhythmically infectious song aptly titled “Back to Colorado” to our great state. One particularly enjoyable aspect of the band was the percussion- the drummer was absolutely spectacular and awesome to watch. This trio recently released an album named American Tour, which is definitely worth listening to.  

Up next was Foxfeather, a full Americana ensemble whose blues-heavy jam style created a sultry and emotional listening experience. Although the band ventures from heavy blues to hard rock style solos, they stayed true to their Boulder roots with a heavy dose of Americana infused into every song. They are currently working on a new project, which has me intrigued on what’s next.

Mitchel Evan. 

Mitchel Evan. 

The final act of the night was the extremely talented Mitchel Evan and The Makeshift Band. Their performance was pleasantly easy to listen to and brought a diverse range of sounds, ranging from jam-heavy folk tunes to Bob Dylan-style acoustic guitar ballads. Evan even joked at one point, “This is the part where I make you all sad.” His deep watery vocals cascaded over The Makeshift Band, as the group executed songs diverging from grunge-influenced rock tracks to country-laced dance numbers that kept the crowd thoroughly engaged. All of their music at its core was uplifting, providing a ray of sunshine in a musical landscape that is becoming almost increasingly bleak in some ways. Mitchel Evan is currently working on a new record as well, and is touring the Southwest. Make sure to catch Evan on his next Colorado stop and give his newest music a listen below.


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Denver's Project Pabst 2017: Ice Cube, Phantogram, Unicorns, & Plenty of PBR

By: Sierra Voss & Hannah Oreskovich

Project Pabst Denver 2017 rolled into town this past weekend for a full day of music and PBR-fueled fun. The RiNo District was alive with the sound of music, lots of people in red, white, and blue Pabst regalia, and a giant unicorn stood in mighty glory at the heart of it all. Festival-goers held PBRs in hand for a full day of music as they strolled the streets for good times and stopped by the two outdoor main stages and the local venues on the block, including Larimer Lounge, Meadowlark (which hosted shows in the kitchen and bar areas), Cold Crush, and Nocturne.

The beer started flowing when the festival gates opened around 1PM as Project Pabst-goers meandered around and gathered near the Laser Horse Stage to catch the first band of the day, Chicago’s Twin Peaks. These boys were a rowdy, rockin’ start to kick off festmode. Headbanging and epic guitar jumps were commonplace throughout their set. Needless to say, the TP dudes started the fest off with killer energy.

Deap Vally. Photo Credit:  Sierra Voss

Deap Vally. Photo Credit: Sierra Voss

Deap Vally were the next touring act to take an outdoor stage over at the Captain Pabst Stage on the opposite side of the festival grounds. The rock’n’roll lady duo christened listeners with deep guitar cuts and barefoot, drum-stomping beats. They had the crowd foot-stomping along to hits like “End of The World” and at one point gave a shout-out to Denver’s The Velveteers, who toured Europe with them at the end of last year.  

Montoneros. Photo Credit:   Hannah Oreskovich

Montoneros. Photo Credit: Hannah Oreskovich

The next touring act was supposed to be Chicago’s Noname, who played Denver’s Lost Lake not too long ago. Unfortunately for festheads, she actually pulled out of the show last-minute (and several other tour dates). She was replaced with Denver’s math rock outfit Montoneros, who stirred the crowd with their post-punk sounds and kept the afternoon grooving on.

Surfing space with STRFKR. Photo Credit:   Hannah Oreskovich

Surfing space with STRFKR. Photo Credit: Hannah Oreskovich

STRFKR took things up a notch mid-day when they unleashed astronaut dancers who crowdsurfed on inflatables and launched confetti into the crowd. By this point in the afternoon, RiNo was abuzz as the crowd continued to grow and fill in the festival streets. Festivalists stopped at the food truck circle near the Captain Pabst Stage for eats, checked out artwork by Denver’s So Gnar, and explored local acts like All Chiefs, Dave Devine Quartet, Kinky Fingers, Other Black, and Whole Milk.

DB. Photo Credit:   Sierra Voss

DB. Photo Credit: Sierra Voss

Outside, Danny Brown took the energy STRFKR unleashed and ran with it. His set was straight fire as he jumped around the stage and stopped mid-phrase to let the audience prove their fandom by filling in the missing words to his tunes. Like his music, Brown’s entire energy was playful and unpredictable, which kept the audience awaiting his every move.  

Kurt Vile. Photo Credit:   Hannah Oreskovich

Kurt Vile. Photo Credit: Hannah Oreskovich

Kurt Vile slowed things down as the sun started to dip lower into that late-afternoon warmness outdoors. His incredible and unhurried songwriting skills allowed for a much needed break in the day before the shenanigans of the night took over. He kept the crowd smiling with quick quips and played tunes across his catalogue, including his well known “Pretty Pimpin,’” announcing before he started the song’s iconic guitar line, “I’m going to play you my favorite song.”

Phantogram. Photo Credit:   Sierra Voss

Phantogram. Photo Credit: Sierra Voss

Vile’s set was followed by Phantogram’s sunset show on the Laser Horse stage. By this time, the streets were packed to the brim with showgoers. Phantogram, as per usual, gave their audience an amazing performance with sweet beats, synth sounds, and their duality of strong vocals.

Ice Cube. Photo Credit:   Hannah Oreskovich

Ice Cube. Photo Credit: Hannah Oreskovich

Ice Cube closed the outdoor part of the festival, opening his set with a mashup of several N.W.A. hits. Shortly thereafter, he yelled, “F*ck this show!” and ran offstage, to which his hypeman announced, “If you paid too much money for Ice Cube to play three songs and leave the show, say this with me, ‘F*ck you Ice Cube!’” It wasn’t long before the crowd began this chant, which Ice Cube apparently loved, as he re-entered with a smile and proceeded to run around the stage crushing his catalogue. At one point, a giant painting of Ice Cube was passed from the back of the crowd to the front, where fans held it up and continued to cheer throughout his set. From the crowded barriers that made it nearly impossible to exit the photo pit to the thousands of fans singing along every word to “Straight Outta Compton,” one thing was clear: Denver loves the Cube.

After Ice, the outdoor stages of Project Pabst closed for the night, and festival-goers packed the block’s local venues for continued sets by Dirty Few, Dragondeer, and Flaural, with Colfax Speed Queen closing out the entire festival.

Denver loves yah PBR. Photo Credit:   Sierra Voss

Denver loves yah PBR. Photo Credit: Sierra Voss

At the end of the night, festival attendees left with unicorn koozies in hand, bellies full of tasty food truck eats, and memories of rad musical performances. Missed this year’s Pabst Project Denver? It never too early to start planning for next year Colorado…

-Sierra & Hannah

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Denver's Coastal Wives Stay True to Their Vows

By: Jura Daubenspeck

It’s the kind of music that sounds dynamic and new, but twirls around you with a vague familiarity. It’s the kind of music that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but tells stories that feel relatable and reminiscent. It’s the music of Coastal Wives.

Coastal Wives.

Coastal Wives.

You may have caught them at one of their Underground Music Showcase sets throughout the years, or maybe you’ve snuck into one of their shows in the Denver area. If you’re lucky enough to have seen them play live, you might have found yourself wondering how to categorize their sound before quickly realizing some things just shouldn’t be held to a mold.

Coastal Wives has a little something for everyone. You could label them as indie rock, but that’d be too easy, as there’s so many other sounds sewn into their music. Their sound has a gentle depth to it, and haunting qualities that place you into flashbacks of the storyteller. With vocals that are just the right amount of raspy, and lyrics that you can sink your teeth into, Coastal Wives take indie rock into their own hands and bend it like putty.

Since their inception in 2014, the band has had two releases, Coastal Wives (2015) and Traditions (2016). Listening to the two collections, you can tell that the latter, Traditions, was a more playful, but well thought-out move for the group. The four-song EP has a tighter, fine-tuned quality that feels personal, palatable, and unique. Coming from a group that favors quality over quantity, these releases have left us with just enough solid tuneage to keep us craving more.

Listen to Traditions:

Coastal Wives have been working hard as ever, writing songs and rehearsing every chance they get. They’ll be hitting the studio soon, ready to work on some tantalizing new material sure to please your music-loving ears.

The band will also be performing at Larimer Lounge on April 29th, along with Master Ferocious, Weather Big Storm, and Cool Dogs in the Kennel. So give these guys a listen and be sure to catch them at their upcoming show later this month - it’s a guaranteed good time. Buy your tickets here!

Connect with Coastal Wives on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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Breaking Up The Boys' Club: The Seratones’ A.J. Haynes Is A Female Rock Powerhouse

By: Riley Ann

The Seratones are blowing up the rock scene as we know it. My advice? Go see this band the next time they’re in town, when you still might be able to catch them play a basement show.

Seratones played two consecutive nights at the Larimer Lounge last weekend, and the shows were sponsored by Colorado Public Radio’s OpenAir. The band actually played for OpenAir in a session last fall, and they returned to Denver packing both nights at the Larimer. The first night, The Kinky Fingers and The Guestlist opened the show; the second night Wes Watkins’ Septet and Quantum Creep shared the stage.

Wes Watkins' Septet.

Wes Watkins' Septet.

At heart, Seratones is a garage rock band with funk, soul, and jazz influences combined with a touch of Southern flavor. Fronted by the powerhouse vocals of A.J. Haynes, the band compels you to dance with heavy, driving guitar chords, bluesy rock riffs, and syncopated rhythms. Haynes’ vocals are equally powerful as they are playful, as is her stage presence, making for a captivating show both sonically and visually. Haynes isn’t shy about her feminine energy either, whether in her vocals or her dancing, and she also isn’t afraid to headbang on stage while hammering out guitar chords, dive on top of the crowd while belting out a chorus, or stomp through a horde of people dancing and singing along with her.

The Seratones.

The Seratones.

Having already appeared on NPR’s Tiny Desk and Audiotree, this band continues to gain national and international recognition, and are making waves with their album Get Gone. Immediately following their Denver shows, the band flew to Paris to begin their European tour this week. Inevitably, their future holds sold-out theatre shows, so see this band as soon as you can, because nothing beats the intimate show of a band like this in a dive bar, a basement, or a garage.

More about the Seratones’ music and tour dates can be found on their website.


Find out more about Riley on her blog.

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Evanoff's "Dream Rock" Is EDM + Rock & So Much More

By: Annie Kane

Let me introduce you to “dream rock,” a new genre that the Boulder-born trio, Evanoff, are carving out on their own. What originally started as JJ Evanoff’s solo guitar vision has since grown into the musical experience it is today, with the inclusion of Jake Hall on drums and Parker Oberholzer on bass and synth.

Their most recent release, “Aesthetic Arrest,” showcases the growth this band has experienced since their inception. The song begins steadily, with a series of funky bass guitar notes that evolve into an electronic explosion which bursts and is then broken back down to instrumentals, with more bass, guitar, drums, and some subtle synth. The song then takes flight again, bringing the listener into this ethereal musical collision of sounds, thus earning the “dream rock” titled genre Evanoff have so carefully ascribed to themselves.



The constant thread of the guitar not only grounds “Aesthetic Arrest,” but revives an older genre for the contemporary audience, because rock music should and never will die. The song finishes gloriously in a simultaneous electronic and guitar riff buildup, symbolically uniting these once disparate musical genres into a quite beautiful marriage. Evanoff, Oberholzer, and Hall’s skilled abilities in each of their crafts is highlighted strongly throughout the song, and these talents are what set Evanoff up for unparalleled success.

Stream “Aesthetic Arrest” on Spotify:

Evanoff’s presence in the Colorado music scene is hard to ignore, as they have already conquered prominent and beloved venues such as The Fox Theatre, Larimer Lounge, and Cervantes’. They have also brought their undeniably unique sound to huge festivals including Vertex, Euphoria, and Electric Forest. Now, they’re set to tour throughout Colorado and beyond, spreading their infectious new dance music. Whether you’re a Coloradan who has somehow still not caught these guys live, or if you’ve been waiting patiently for them to roll through your city, now is your time to rejoice. Peep Evanoff’s tour poster and get ready to dance your face off.


Follow Annie on Instagram and Twitter.

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Denver's Indie Folk Band HERESTOFIGHTIN Feeds The Soul With Their Fresh Perspective

By: Jura Daubenspeck

Nestled within the rocky mountains, sprouted along with the pines and the aspens, is Denver’s indie folk band HERESTOFIGHTIN. Since 2013, members Gabe Wyatt and Aaron Campbell, along with newer members Lazarus Blehm and Levi Blehm, have been pushing the boundaries of traditional folk music, catering their sound and message to resnoate in the hearts of young creatives.

HERESTOFIGHTIN fluctuates between a soothingly forward-thinking and a gently nostalgic feel. Their message is simple, yet multi-faceted: embrace your truth, embrace the moments that tear you down, only to build you back up again, and don’t be afraid to get a little lost, because no matter what, you’re alive. Their mantra, “remember who you are in the struggles you’re facing; we all have our fight, that’s just you in the making” is a fresh perspective for anyone going through a rough patch.



HERESTOFIGHTIN’s recently released EP Becoming Native (2016) is a 12 song storybook about searching for the lost pieces of your soul before finding your way home again. Listening to Becoming Native, I heard influences ranging from Mumford & Sons, to The Decemberists, and The Strumbellas. Wyatt’s vocals are smooth, yet have a wide, bluesy range. Songs such as “Whiskey Choir” and “Hard Nights” are loud and soulful, while others such as “California” and “Down the Road” take on a more backwoods folk feel. Other favorites of mine are the darker “Ghost” and the EP’s finale, “Voices.” The band also released a music video for “Heart & Soul,” a song that’s sure to make you want to get up and dance around.

Check out HERESTOFIGHTIN's "Heart & Soul":

In a city where locally made talent reigns the most high, and where tweaking the norm is welcomed, HERESTOFIGHTIN fits right in. Their message is clear, honest, and without a hidden agenda. If you’re intrigued now, you’re in luck! The band will be performing at Larimer Lounge tomorrow night (December 7th), and will be joined by Cody Statz, The Samuel Edgar Band, and Steamboat Revival. Tickets can be purchased here. So stick it to the snow, and get yourself out to Larimer Lounge tomorrow night for some warm, feel-good tunes.

Connect with HERESTOFIGHTIN on their Facebook and Instagram. Also, check out their website for a closer look into their world, including the chance to join their street team. You know you want to!


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Sad13 & Vagabon Have Joined Forces For One Sluggin' Feminist Rock Tour

By: Claire Woodcock

As Sadie Dupuis and I listened to Laetitia Tamko, who was opening for Dupuis’ new pop-synth band Sad13 (pronounced “Sad Thirteen”), the one-woman-band Vagabon from NYC lit up the room with heavy riffs and smoke-toned vocals. On “Cold Apartment Floors,” I started feeling like I was at an East Coast basement show again. Then this happened, which totally confirmed those sensations:

Then on “Shadows,” Tamko sang, “You said you moved to Colorado, where the sun and moon always blew,” and I remembered where I was again: The Larimer Lounge in Denver, standing with Dupuis from Speedy Ortiz, the singer with the dolled-up voice that pops over heavy guitars and melodic distortion who I’ve been listening to regularly for 3+ years standing with me, her fuzzy blue cat ears nodding in approval of her friend Vagabon onstage.



That’s a big theme on Dupuis’ new album Slugger: women supporting women, which Dupuis demonstrated IRL on Saturday. The tracks on Slugger, like “The Sting,” have Dupuis alternating between slaying rigid hooks, fluttering keyboards, and electronic beats that make Sad13 an unapologetically synth-pop band who gravitates away from the grunge sound Dupuis is known for in certain indie-rock circles. But the truth is, Sad13 was feminist girl rock that Denver wasn’t ready for and didn’t show up for in the same masses who turned out for Speedy Ortiz when they were in the city back in April. And Denver missed out.



I got talk with Dupuis for a hot second about the “de-escalation strategies” she had printed out for people to take from her merch table, before her set with Jade Payne from Aye Nako, a Brooklyn punk band known for songs about the experiences of being black, trans, and queer on lead guitar, and with Emily Reo, on bass, a solo artist in her own right. Dupuis and Sad13 are slaying stereotypes by being totally inclusive and genuine about it, while also promoting this empowering “third space” for people like us, who find themselves show-hopping throughout our weekends. 

“Claws protracted, but we’re not scratching/We boost each other up… I just want to hype my best girls,” Dupuis called out when closing their set with “Hype.” The women who came together to bring Denver Sad13 modeled the efforts of women, people of color, and non-binary artists to slug home runs for the third places they’re trying to cultivate into safe spaces. And that’s why we need Dupuis and her friends being the new champions of protest music, and of feminist punk rock right now. We need ladies that will be louder, bossier, and will fight like hell for people like me to be able to go to my “third place” solo to support my ladies without hassle. Right?

Try and catch the Sad13 tour if you can. Dupuis plays baseball game themed music in-between songs and they even have a Christmas tune! This is the next generation of feminist punk rock in action.


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Warm Up With the Sweet Sounds of Denver's West Side Saints Tonight at Larimer Lounge

By: Sierra Voss

Winter is coming! Thus there’s no better time to get inside a cozy music venue and warm up your insides with some sweet sounds (and a good whiskey or two). Tonight, we’ve got the perfect recommendation for you to do just that. Denver’s West Side Saints are headlining Larimer Lounge, and these boys are sure to heat up the building with their ripping guitar solos and driving drum beats.

Listen to West Side Saints’ “Ain’t Like You”:

Childhood friends from Akron, Ohio, Ben Bertsch (vocals), Anthony Cistone (guitar/backup vocals), and Vince Pelini (guitar) formed West Side Saints in 2014. Connor Randall (drums) was later scooped up in Denver to crush the rhythm section. The band released their freshman EP Ends and Beginnings earlier this year, and have been whispering promises of releasing a demo pack before 2016 comes to an end.

Somewhat new to the Denver music scene, the West Side Saints boys offer a unique take on classic rock and roll sounds. So check out this local band tonight at Larimer Lounge! Falchemist, Cool Dogs in the Kennel, and Off Center will all share the stage this evening. Get your tickets hereand if you need more convincing, let their music seal the deal.

Listen to more of West Side Saints on their Soundcloud


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