Excitement Builds as Lighting in a Bottle Releases Phase 2 Lineup

By: Benjamin Tillis

With less than two months to go until Lightning in a Bottle (LIB) music festival, DoLab released the second phase of their lineup. Phase 2 includes names for the transformative festival’s Grand Artique, Favella, Compass, and The Stacks stages, each of which contribute a different vibe and experience to LIB.

One of the most interesting stages is Grand Artique. In previous years, Grand Artique has curated an eclectic group of artists to perform throughout the weekend, many of which have a folk feel. Notable names playing this year are Ozomatli, Rising Appalachia, My Baby, Swingrowers, and WC Thornbush & The Great American Show. The latter is a comedy act that puts you into the world of America during The Prohibition in the 1920s. They sing fun jingles, including a satirical advertisement for cigarettes, and show off their musical talents all while making you laugh.


It’s shows like these that separate Lighting in a Bottle from other festivals. It’s an event that you can walk into knowing few of the musicians and leave with five new favorite bands and DJs. This is in addition to the yoga, workshops, speakers, and other fun events that take place throughout the weekend.

Lighting in a Bottle will take place in Buena Vista Lake in central California, two hours north of Los Angeles and will host 20,000 attendees from May 8th-13th. Headliners include Disclosure, Big Gigantic, Santigold, Lane 8, G Jones, Polish Ambassador, Toro y Moi, Khruangbin, and a much anticipated “3D” set from Flying Lotus topping the lineup.

For more information on the festival and for tickets, click here.


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J.D. King Just Wants Your Love In New Music Video

By: Hannah Oreskovich

LA’s J.D. King recently release his new video for “Love Me Back,” the single from his upcoming record 'Moon Gardens,' which was recorded entirely in J.D.’s home studio. The “Love Me Back” video, which was directed by his longtime collaborator Avery Wheless (HUSH) stars King, director and actress Kansas Bowling, and cameos from Parker Love Bowling, JuJu Sorelli, and Linda Ramone. It was filmed entirely at Ramone Ranch (yes, Johnny Ramone’s place) in Los Angeles, a place that you’ll want to party at with J.D. (or maybe more so with Kansas?) after watching the video. After a few views, we caught up with J.D. to talk about his most recent release:

Let’s start with a bit about your background. Where are you from and how has that environment shaped your music?

I’m from the city of Norco in Southern California. The environment for music there was interesting [growing up]: oldies radio, learning piano, Catholic hymns, gospel hymns, Gregorian chants, saxophone/flute classes, bluegrass, cowboys, and rock’n’roll. One of my earliest memories is trying to sing into recorders to have a reproduced sound. I made cassette tapes from the radio. I'd also make tapes from vinyl and CDs that I would borrow from the public library and transfer them. I had a genuine thirst to listen to a lot of music and gravitated mainly to pre-1973 stuff. My father found a nice collection of Beatles and Elvis vinyl albums on the beach one time, and I listened to those a lot. I would also watch Hard Days Night often. I found skateboarding videos to have some tasteful music to sample as well. Skateboarders are more often appreciators of non-mainstream music.   

I can definitely feel some of these styles coming together musically and visually for “Love Me Back.” What was the concept behind this video? 

[It’s] “The Fool” who needs love. You’re vulnerable when you love. You fixate, focus, and place your bets; you need the validation of another person to love you back. You are torn to shreds sometimes if they don’t. Make your own happiness and the rest will follow.

J.D. King.

J.D. King.

 Sound advice. What else are you working on?

Paintings, writing more songs, motion films, poems...

Sweet. Any other special plans for 2018?

More beautiful holograms with sound and visions. Probably some live shows.

Speaking of those, when you perform live, what type of environment are you trying to cultivate?

The “I’m gonna take all my clothes off!” vibe. I want the free people to come out, let loose, and listen.

You heard the man. Take off your clothes and give J.D.’s new video a view below:

Keep up with J.D. King here.


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The Crowleys Release New Single "Pink Rainbows" From Upcoming EP

By: Norman Hittle

Just out, The Crowleys have released their first single “Pink Rainbows” from their upcoming EP.

If you could combine the mellower aspects of Rush with the retro psychedelic rock vibes of Tame Impala, you’d start to get an idea of what The Crowleys’ new single is about. Its clean electric guitars and synths form a bed of warm chords appropriate for its comfortable crooning of vocals to rest in.


The band is comprised of Stuart Downie (drums/backing vocals), Kaulin Horlick (bass), Justyn Horlick (guitar/keys) and Cohen Wylie (guitar/lead vocals) from Hamilton, Ontario. When the four-piece aren’t jamming, they’re trying to obtain an Old Milwaukee Ice sponsorship, playing D&D in the van between gigs, and writing love songs.

“Pink Rainbows” comes from their new forthcoming EP Colours Change Their Tone, due out this Friday, February 9th. The band said this regarding the song:

“Pink Rainbows is the first song that we have recorded that we never played as a full band prior to hitting the studio. Cohen wrote the song awhile back and recorded a few of the parts, and then the rest of the band kind of wrote and recorded on the fly. It gave a lot of creative freedom and we believe it shows in the final product.”

Keep up with The Crowleys on their social media. And check back for their new EP February 9th on Bandcamp.


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Illenium Ends 2017 With A Sold-Out Tour And A Slot At Coachella

By: Elizabeth Lee

2017 was a huge year for the world of electronic music. We saw the return of old veterans such as deadmau5 and the coming of his new protege REZZ with her unique, dark industrial sound. A huge genre turn around occurred, as big room house faded and set the scene for dubstep and its subgenre riddim. Long-standing king of bass music Excision pulled off one of the most successful first festivals in history with the birth of Lost Lands Music Festival in Ohio. But there was another name who had been rising to fame long before this last year. 2017 was the year everything paid off for Denver-based producer Nick Miller, otherwise known as Illenium.


Illenium came from humble beginnings as a producer who released several remixes on Soundcloud and then eventually his debut EP Ashes in 2016. His music captured the hearts of fans who were looking for the emotional depth and complexity no other other artists seemed to be able to replicate. From there he shot to fame, touring and playing major festivals across the US and the rest of the world. September 2017 saw the release of his sophomore album Awake.

Nick Miller.

Nick Miller.

BolderBeat was lucky enough to catch the last stop of his sold-out Awake tour at Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles on December 28th.

The venue was packed and buzzing with an excited crowd warming up to the sounds of artists Dabin and Said the Sky. Delivering over an hour and half of music, once Illenium took the stage each person watching was enraptured and caught in a beautifully woven soundscape. With a live keyboard and drum pad setup, he dropped tracks such as “Sound of Walking Away” ft. Kerli and “Rush Over Me,” his song with artists Seven Lions, Said the Sky, and HALIENE. Fans of his older album would also recognize classics such as “Afterlife” and “It’s All on U.” Dabin and Said the Sky returned to the stage to join him for a few tracks on electric guitar and piano. Besides his ability to create a fully immersive experience, Illenium also demonstrated his versatility as an artist as he played his unreleased collaboration with Kill the Noise and Mako. This track strayed away from his usual melodic style and into heavier dubstep. He continued to delight the crowd throughout the night with a mixture of heart-wrenching melodies and energetic beats.

As a recently announced artist on the 2018 Coachella lineup, we’re looking forward to what’s next for Illenium. Keep up with him here.


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Scenic Route To Alaska Release First Single From Upcoming Record & "Slow Down"

By: Norman Hittle

Life on the road for touring bands can be a tough and a necessary evil for the growth of an artist’s career. Spending most of 2016 and 2017 venue hopping and taking the stage in different locales, Scenic Route to Alaska finally had the chance to stop, take a breath, and slow down. Better yet, they wrote a song about it!

Listen to Scenic Route to Alaska's "Slow Down":

The indie pop rock Edmonton-based trio, comprised of Trevor Mann on lead vocals/guitar, drummer Shea Connor, and bassist Murray Wood, said their single “Slow Down” is a reference to their time traveling cross-country and what it takes to maintain one's own sanity in the fast paced music world.

Scenic Route To Alaska.

Scenic Route To Alaska.

The single is the first song off of their slated 2018 LP (as of yet untitled) and marks the first music released from the band since 2016’s Long Walk Home. Though it explores some personal experiences, its guitar driven indie pop vibe makes it an easy listen, with nods to the stylistic nature of Queens of the Stone Age and Weezer.

Having been a band since they were teenagers, and having three albums under their belt (with a fourth on the way), these guys seem to be getting a good grip on making music that's both interesting and accessible for big fans and casual listeners. Keep an ear out for their upcoming LP and keep an eye out for a possible forthcoming US tour here!


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Review: Teen Ravine Returns With Extracorporeal Single “Hall of Horrors”

By: Shivain Chopra

Releasing their second single, “Hall of Horrors,” Canadian pop duo Teen Ravine continue to impress with their diverse talents, both instrumentally and vocally.

At first listen, the track gives off a Bon Iver-like vibe, but listen closely and it becomes clear that there is more to it. “Hall of Horrors” has a much more mellow vibe than the band’s debut single “Friend of a Friend.” The use of electronically manufactured tones and distortion, in tandem with the punchy bass line and an alternative rock beat, bring this song to life. That being said, the song is also smooth and slow, and could best be compared to Glass Animals. Both share soothing vocals over a well-synched orchestra of instruments and precisely picked digital filtering.

Listen to “Hall of Horrors”:

To confine the music of Teen Ravine to one particular sound is tough, because it encompasses various different musical ideals, but “Hall of Horrors” could be said to be a part of the more recent psychedelic pop music genre. This goes hand-in-hand with what the duo state to be their goal with making music. Said Teen Ravine, "We want to make music that feels like you're floating in a warm bath occasionally looking down at your weird naked body." It’s evident after listening to their newest single that Teen Ravine are working toward making music that not only affects the listener’s conscious state, but also their subconscious.

Teen Ravine.

Teen Ravine.

Overall, the soft but powerful vocals, diverse instrumental sections, and wonderful sound production come together to create something that is as much of an immersive experience as it is a piece of music on Teen Ravine’s “Hall of Horrors.”

Look out for a full-length album from Teen Ravine this October, as they continue their rise through the world of music.

Keep up with Teen Ravine here.


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Review: Empress' Industrial Post-Punk Record 'Ink' Is Buzzy DIY

By: Jesse Sandoval

As the semester comes to a close, a buzz is in the air. Most of us, I imagine, are bristling with the months-long amount of pent up energy that wintertime often leaves us with. We’re biding our time, tending to the last of our stifling inside-duties ‘til that special time of release: summertime, summertime, summertime! And what better music to accommodate these feelings than Empress' most recent release, Ink?

Listen to Ink:

Ink is fun. It’s catchy, it's melodic, it’s earnest, it's punk. Over the span of four years, Empress have been honing their own style of industrial/post-punk and with this release, the Denver-based band has proven they have come into their own. Their DIY approach has led them to a state of self-sufficiency that I am sure many bands pine for. Members Santiago (vocals/percussion), Xavier (bass/rhythm guitar), and Alex (lead guitar/bass) all live together and record everything in their house. This allows them to record at any moment of inspiration and, from what I’m told, them doing just this is not uncommon. Several of the tracks on Ink are likely products of some band member’s sleep being interrupted in order to capture a moment’s inspiration before it’s lost in deep dreams…



The music on Ink is completely enjoyable because of how straight-cut and organic it is. Empress don’t try to be anything they’re not, and don’t try to affect any sound that isn’t true: they do what they do and that’s it. Their music is strong because of it’s simplicity, and ultimately, it works because it accurately conveys some of the most basic feelings we all share: feelings of longing, of unrequited love, of disconnectedness, of humanity.

As Empress have developed their musical abilities, they’ve also taught themselves to mix their own music (I’m a sucker for DIY) and the progress they’ve made in their last four years is very impressive. In the time since they cut Ink, they have actually been working on some new tracks and were kind enough to share some of those with me too. It’s clear that they are expanding and breaking their own molds, and I can see that there will be more to look forward to from Empress. Unfortunately, we will not be able to witness their long-term growth first-hand because come May, they will be moving to LA to shake up what they can there.

Good news is, on Saturday, May 6th they will be playing a show to celebrate their departure at Seventh Circle Music CollectiveThe Beeves, Meeting House, and others will share the stage. So go give Empress a warm Colorado farewell, and keep up with up with the trio after their move here.

RIYL: Joy Division, New Order, Wipers, The Cure, NIN


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Drown Your Sorrows In Hartwick Pines' Sophomore EP 'Melancholia'

By: Mirna Tufekcic

Got the case of a heavy, blue heart? Hartwick Pines’ EP Melancholia is here to help.  

Hartwick Pines.

Hartwick Pines.

Cozy up to some indie, angsty rock by listening to Hartwick Pines’ latest EP Melancholia. It’s four songs sharp enough to rip through that heartache of yours, just enough for you to feel it, because you weren’t feeling it enough already. I don’t know about you, but when I’m sad and broken, this music fills my hollow heart and I crave it.

Listen to Melancholia:

Hartwick Pines, an indie rock duo comprised of Ryan Menghini and Brandon Buttner based in Los Angeles, released the sophomore EP late last year. It’s perfect for a somber day, preferably overcast and rainy. In other words, don’t listen to this when you’re ecstatic, ready to blow with expendable energy. It won’t work.

Purposefully titled Melancholia, this EP takes your hand and leads you to a place of solitude and introspection, conjuring up loneliness and heartache of love past. The ambient undertones and the airy vocals let you feel like you’re floating, giving you a sense of safety to let go and take up space so that you can experience and feel those uncomfortable places within, without getting claustrophobic.

Being an EP, it’s a short, four-song journey, but it leaves a mark nonetheless. Check out the band’s Facebook page to stay tuned on upcoming shows and such.


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