Israel Nash Are Bringing Desert Folklore to Lost Lake Lounge This Wednesday

By: Sierra Voss

This Wednesday, 09/14/16, you can catch Israel Nash at Denver’s Lost Lake Lounge. Nash, a singer/songwriter who traveled from the beating heart of the Mississippi South to New York City, found his fellow bandmates in the Big Apple. Together, the project, which has always been under Nash’s name, recorded their first two albums, New York Town and Barn Doors and Concrete Floors.

Isarel Nash.

Isarel Nash.

In late 2011, the band made another major move, this time to Dripping Springs, Texas. It was here that Israel Nash’s current sound really came together. Known for exploring the vibes of the geographical landscapes that surround them, it was the Texas landscape that allowed the project to settle into the popular “desert folklore” tones they’re now known for.

Israel Nash’s latest album, Silver Seasons (release in October 2015), tells stories of the band's experiences living in Texas, and adventures on the road touring. Nature is also a common theme heard and felt throughout the album, represented both lyrically and musically. The group has an awesome commentary session available online, which further delves into the themes and background of their latest work.

Israel Nash’s dreamy vocals and vast-sounding instrumentation inspire feelings of driving through the desert, and provoke images of sweeping dusty landscapes and old gas stations. But make no mistake: This band knows how to carry their listeners through dynamic song structures and ripping guitar riffs.

If you are looking to get some mental space from your day to day city life, but still want to see a band rock, I suggest stopping by Lost Lake Lounge this Wednesday to hang with Israel Nash. Get yourself some tickets here.

And in the meantime, check out Israel Nash’s song “LA Lately” from Silver Seasons:


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