The Weekend Six: Six Shows to See 03/25 & 03/26

By: Hannah Oreskovich

One blizzard over and another on the way! Get out there for The Six:

Today (Friday 03/25):

BANDITS with Brandon Hagen and the Inquiry at The Lazy Dog in Boulder 10PM-Close



Fresh off a badass tour with several SXSW appearances, Boulder’s BANDITS are back in town kids! “Straddling the line between psychedelic and downright explosive”, this rockin’ three piece are bound to bring your head-bangin’ heart to its knees. Plus Boulder’s Brandon Hagen and the Inquiry will be opening the gig. So party down and get to this show at The Lazy Dog tonight! Details here.

Listen to BANDITS track “Wheels”:

Tomorrow (Saturday 03/26):

The Alcapones with Kyle Williams at Jamestown Mercantile Co. in Jamestown 730PM-Close

Boulder’s folkadelic six-piece The Alcapones are playing a show at one of our favorite mountain town venues, The Merc. They’ve promised to “cook up a special homegrown Spring Fling” for you, “party mountain freakk style”. So make the short drive in your well-equipped Subi and check out the show! PS: The Merc’s dinners are not to be missed…

Peep The Alcapones album Happy:

The Ugly Architect, Whiskey Autumn, & Michael McGraw at Downtown Artery in Fort Collins 8PM-Close

Whiskey Autumn.

Whiskey Autumn.

Join Boulder’s R&B/pop rock trio Whiskey Autumn at Downtown Artery with Colorado singer/songwriters The Ugly Architect and Michael McGraw tomorrow night. There’s a sweet printmaking exhibit up for view right now in the gallery and the venue has a tasty cafe attached. Sip on some wine, check out the art, and support these local musicians! Stoked. Tickets here.

Listen to Whiskey Autumn’s “07.04.07”:

Plum with The Velveteers and Josh Moorehead and the Guestlist at the Hi-Dive in Denver 9PM-Close

The Velveteers.

The Velveteers.

LA’s rock’n’roll four-piece Plum are hitting the Hi-Dive stage tomorrow with two of our favorite local acts, heavy rock duo The Velveteers and western swing outfit Josh Moorehead and the Guestlist. Now that’s a sweet lineup! We’re pumped for this one. Tickets here.

Press play on Plum’s Light Years, Dark Years:

Andrew Sturtz at The No Name Bar in Boulder 10PM-Close

Andrew Sturtz.

Andrew Sturtz.

Ladies- we know it’s cold out, but Andrew Sturtz is just the man to keep you warm tonight. And he’s playing one of our favorite digs, The No Name. The Boulder transplant by way of Michigan will be croonin’ to you all night with special guest Sierra Voss. Come get down with these two and a brew. Can’t wait!

Check out Sturtz’s live performance of “Push to Fade”:

The Jauntee with Envy Alo at The Lazy Dog in Boulder 10PM-Close


Boston’s psychedelic/jazz/blues trio The Jauntee have a show in the B tomorrow evening. And getting the party started will be Boulder’s Envy Alo, who just dropped their sick debut EP this week! The four-song EP titled One Time is energetic and groovin’ from start to finish, complete with shredding guitar solos, wave-crashing cymbals, and jazzy piano bits. So come party with this crew as they celebrate their new release and support The Jauntee at the LD! It’s gonna be a funkin’ great time.

Check out Envy Alo’s debut EP One Time:


PS: This week, our Sunday partnership with Green Light Radio and Streetside Productions will feature a track by Boulder’s Envy Alo in honor of their new EP release! Tune in to any of the Colorado Community Network Radio Stations here (95.3 or 95.5 Boulder) or stream Green Light between 9-10PM to catch an Envy Alo original courtesy of Rocky Flats!

See you in the snow.


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Josh Moorehead & the Guestlist: No More Nostalgia Release

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Josh Moorehead & the Guestlist want you to forget the past and make new memories with them and their new music.

No more nostalgia. 

That was the theme of Friday night’s show at the Oriental Theater and subsequently the name of Josh Moorehead and the Gueslist’s recent LP release. After launching their first EP Rest Assured just last January, this seven piece self-described “western-swing” band spent the past few months writing and recording songs in their living room (bassist Cameron Wyman, drummer Tate Ignelzi, and guitarist/frontman Josh Moorehead lived together). And I mention the living room because for JMATG, the living room sounds like it was that space where things clicked creatively for the band. It’s where Moorehead spent time writing lyrics, where Eric Estrada (trumpet) crafted horn parts, and where Zach Holcomb (piano) brought forth the keys. It’s the space where the guys tell me, “we wrote all of the instrumental harmonies together.” Nirvana had a garage; Josh Moorehead and the Guestlist had a living room. You get the idea.

But that living room is about to be no more. Their old house is set to be demolished any day now. And so the band decided, what better time for a tour? They bought an old party bus, packed up their lives, and are headed for journeys through the Southwest, Tijuana, and along the West Coast. Hence No More Nostalgia. This Denver crew has been rising to the top of the local music scene without much time to reminisce; they’ve got to venture on.

Holcomb holding it down. Digging that Time & Temp Sticker. Photo:   Hannah Oreskovich

Holcomb holding it down. Digging that Time & Temp Sticker. Photo: Hannah Oreskovich

JMATG’s sound definitely has that western kick they claim it does. But since several of its members met in jazz school, it's got a powerful swing to it as well. They play around with polyrhythms, Ignelzi uses what look like double-stick mallets for impressive cymbal swells, and Estrada fronts some seriously cool trumpet solos. At times, they even boast a fuller horn section, with a French and a sax.

Their original tunes lyrically craft imagery of a time past. A few of them remind you of what might have played on an old Bush radio outside of a lonesome highway gas station; tumbleweed rolling by to your left, sun blaring on your right. But they also bring a modern, bluesy sound to their catalogue. Their finesse at combining the old with the new was evident in their cover/mash-up of the Everly Brothers “All I Have To Do Is Dream" with the Pixies “Where Is My Mind”. Super f*cking cool.

Oriental balcony in aqua. Photo:   Hannah Oreskovich

Oriental balcony in aqua. Photo: Hannah Oreskovich

When the groovin' came to an end for the night, one mystery remained. What's with the name?

“Funny story!” smiled Ignelzi.

Moorehead laughed, “Ok yeah. So basically I was playing solo shows with my name and I would have guests come up on stage and join me for parts of my set. So I’d say ‘It’s Josh Moorehead and the Guests.’ But then to get friends to come to shows, a few of us got together and started telling people- ‘Hey you should come by tonight! We put you on the guestlist!’ And so they would show up and tell the door guy ‘Hey we’re on the guestlist!’ and he’d be like, you know, ‘There isn’t one, but come in.’ It turned into this whole joke and then it just stuck. I never meant for my name to be in what is now the band. But that’s just how it happened.”

The Guestlist guys all start to laugh, and I do too. Well done dudes. 

Great release party. Great tour kickoff. And no more time for nostalgia: Their ‘Chevro-let Your Hair Down’ tour has begun! Check out Josh Moorehead and the Guestlist here.


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All photos, videos, and embedded tracks per the artists featured and those credited. This feature was edited for brevity and clarity by BolderBeat.