Review: Jeremy Mohney's New EP 'Solving the World's Problems' Will Make You Swing

By: Austin Michon

Historically, the idea of swing conjures up outdated images of dark, smoky rooms with smooth music emanating from within. However, Colorado's own Jeremy Mohney has taken it upon himself to ensure that swing will not be forgotten any time soon, and his latest release will have you loving a genre that some associate with times of the past.

His newest EP, Solving the World’s Problems, seems to do precisely that. With the help of Alex Heffron and Kyle Ussery on guitar, Chris Carland on drums, and Will Kuepper on bass, Jeremy Mohney’s alto sax and smooth vocals transport the listener to a simple, relaxed time of the 1930s while still remaining current.

For a moment, the album takes you away, clears the mind, and lets you just stop and truly enjoy the music. Every track sounds like an authentic Glenn Miller recording, capturing every nuance and essence that makes swing what it is. Kuepper’s upright bass and Carland’s drums form a light, jazzy bounce, while the guitarists and sax layer overtop intertwining with each other.

Jeremy Mohney. 

Jeremy Mohney. 

Keeping a classic swing formula, the instrumentals never bore with the interesting, dynamic solos for which jazz is renowned. Providing a fantastic experience and new way for many listeners to access the genres of swing and jazz, I’m sure that Jeremy Mohney and his band could fuel the sound of any modern day speakeasy. Be sure to catch them at their upcoming show Wednesday, April 12th at Colorado Plus, and keep up with Mohney’s music here.


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Boulder's Jeremy Mohney Quartet Celebrates New EP

By: Claire Woodcock

Jeremy Mohney and friends dropped a new hot jazz EP and it's superb.

Long time Boulder-based jazz artist Jeremy Mohney is back, with a new EP and a whole quartet of players. It’s called Get Dancin' and it’s coming out this Saturday, May 7th. On this release, Mohney and his band play to their strengths; the rules of jazz standard, the swing influences genuine. Each mix is saturated strategically, as not to swallow any instruments, but rather, create unity among the players.

The Jeremy Mohney Quartet.

The Jeremy Mohney Quartet.

On “Get Dancin’”, the title track off Mohney’s new self-release, it’s hard not to get up and dance. There is no drum kit on this EP, though a hint of snare can be heard on this track. With Matt Cantor strumming on nylon and Alex Heffron jamming on electric, the pair dance like magnets through the song’s midsection.

There’s a heavy Armstrong influence partying out on “You Got It”, the EP’s starter track, with the horn charging the beat. Bassist Gary Sloan adds an electric energy with his horn solo. Endearing rhymes, guaranteed to make even the purists of jazz artists’ heart sing, pair well with a bebop falling bassline. Mohney purposefully plays up the blue notes, making a statement for standard contemporary hot jazz that reverberates throughout the recording.

“You’re Not Blue No More”, a song you might hear in the background on Fallout 4, is one track I always look forward to hearing on shuffle. The mix sounds well EQed, with much of the body toned down to make room for a hot clarinet and trombone reverb. Although there’s a slight repetition in word choice in the lyrics, there’s no damage. This is hands-down my favorite.

Jeremy Mohney.

Jeremy Mohney.

“It’s No More” is a romantic jazz ballad reminiscent of a more contemporary influence, Michelle by The Beatles. Mohney’s swanky vocals end in trills as he fades out of the vibrato, which creates a pretty suave effect. Cantor and Sloan rock a militant bassline that trudges on with style and ease, a style that’s showcased by all the quartet’s players through a reverberant room-tone.

Overall, Mohney’s newest release is Boulder sophistication to the beat. The group is tight, yet improvisational, with each player getting his moment. The arrangements are short and sweet, with a kick. I definitely recommend celebrating with The Jeremy Mohney Quartet’s Get Dancin' release party on the Pearl Street Mall this Saturday, May 7 at 4 PM.

Your feet will not feel blue- I promise.


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The Weekend Six: Six Shows to See 11/13 & 11/14

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Heyo Boulder! Another weekend of great music is upon us. Check out our picks! We’ve even included some shows outside of the Boulder bubble for your adventuring pleasure:

Today (Friday, 11/13)

Augustus and Union Driftwood at the Park House in Denver 8PM-Close

The Augustus boys have been on a bit of a journey this week. Denim vests and wood-cutting saws have consumed much of their time, but tonight they’ll be trading in their mountain tools for strings and mics when they play the Park House. And Denver’s rock-funk outfit Union Driftwood will be joining the Augustus trio with their own set, making for an extra sweet listening time. Go get yo sip on.

Bandits, The Outfit, and Slow Caves at the Hi-Dive in Denver 830PM-Close

Formerly the Branded Bandits, the Bandits have undergone more than just a name change as of late. According to member Lulu Demitro, Denver's Bandits have switched up their sound as well: “I would say it’s more contemporary and a little bit darker and heavier, but still melodic.” They’re bringing this new sound to their gig at the Hi-Dive tonight, and they’ve got some sweet friends on board. Denver’s rock’n’roll four-piece The Outfit will be warming up the stage after Fort Collins’ shredderific Slow Caves opens the show. This is gonna be a good one kids.

Von Disco at The No Name Bar in Boulder 10PM-Close

“Progressive jazz fused with hip-hop” is how Boulder’s Von Disco describe themselves. They’ve put on many a slick show at the Laughing Goat and I’m sure their set tonight will be sure to set things off behind the big brown door of The No Name. Beats, strings, and booze. Let’s go!

Tomorrow (Saturday, 11/14)

Miles Wide at The Twisted Pine in Boulder 7PM-Close

Denver-based Miles Wide will be trekking up to Boulder tomorrow for a Twisted Pine show. And while Kyle Donovan of Miles Wide happens to be one of our kickass contributors, he’s also a DIY musician who has toured played shows internationally. Lend him an ear over some pretzels and beer. He won’t disappoint.

The Next Day (Sunday, 11/15)

Jeremy Mohney at The Mercury Cafe in Denver 8PM-Close

Combining swing and jazz elements, Boulder’s Jeremy Mohney will be releasing a new album, “Smile a While” at Sunday’s Mercury show. Though winter seems to be moving in across the mountains, Mohney’s sure to keep you warm with his original hot jazz tunes. Go pick up his new CD (which will also have a digital release) and swing around. It’s gonna be a good time!

Kaia Kena, Many Mountains, Emily Shreve, and Hannah Samano at The Lost Lake in Denver 830PM-Close

Dripping in amazing vocals. That’s how I picture this show on Sunday at The Lost Lake. Centennial’s Kaia Kena will be performing new music as headliner at Sunday’s show and is sharing the stage with duo Many Mountains, Denver’s powerful singer/songwriter Emily Shreve (who we featured on her last release here), and acoustic folk artist Hannah Samano, who will have Grim & DarlingsJessa Raskin performing with her. Damn. Sounds like a lot of talent on one stage Boulder. Make the drive.

You can stick in the B. Or you can hop to the D. See you at a show!


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