Denver's Indie Folk Band HERESTOFIGHTIN Feeds The Soul With Their Fresh Perspective

By: Jura Daubenspeck

Nestled within the rocky mountains, sprouted along with the pines and the aspens, is Denver’s indie folk band HERESTOFIGHTIN. Since 2013, members Gabe Wyatt and Aaron Campbell, along with newer members Lazarus Blehm and Levi Blehm, have been pushing the boundaries of traditional folk music, catering their sound and message to resnoate in the hearts of young creatives.

HERESTOFIGHTIN fluctuates between a soothingly forward-thinking and a gently nostalgic feel. Their message is simple, yet multi-faceted: embrace your truth, embrace the moments that tear you down, only to build you back up again, and don’t be afraid to get a little lost, because no matter what, you’re alive. Their mantra, “remember who you are in the struggles you’re facing; we all have our fight, that’s just you in the making” is a fresh perspective for anyone going through a rough patch.



HERESTOFIGHTIN’s recently released EP Becoming Native (2016) is a 12 song storybook about searching for the lost pieces of your soul before finding your way home again. Listening to Becoming Native, I heard influences ranging from Mumford & Sons, to The Decemberists, and The Strumbellas. Wyatt’s vocals are smooth, yet have a wide, bluesy range. Songs such as “Whiskey Choir” and “Hard Nights” are loud and soulful, while others such as “California” and “Down the Road” take on a more backwoods folk feel. Other favorites of mine are the darker “Ghost” and the EP’s finale, “Voices.” The band also released a music video for “Heart & Soul,” a song that’s sure to make you want to get up and dance around.

Check out HERESTOFIGHTIN's "Heart & Soul":

In a city where locally made talent reigns the most high, and where tweaking the norm is welcomed, HERESTOFIGHTIN fits right in. Their message is clear, honest, and without a hidden agenda. If you’re intrigued now, you’re in luck! The band will be performing at Larimer Lounge tomorrow night (December 7th), and will be joined by Cody Statz, The Samuel Edgar Band, and Steamboat Revival. Tickets can be purchased here. So stick it to the snow, and get yourself out to Larimer Lounge tomorrow night for some warm, feel-good tunes.

Connect with HERESTOFIGHTIN on their Facebook and Instagram. Also, check out their website for a closer look into their world, including the chance to join their street team. You know you want to!


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Brett Randell: Acoustic Soul Folk for the Traveling Soul

By: Dawn Raymond

Denver's Brett Randell is for those who want to be transported to the many places this touring artist has called home.

Brett Randell is a solo artist from New York who gave up a steady 9-5 to wander the world, guitar in hand. First stop: Austin, TX, then a tour around the US and Europe, until finally, his journey took a pause in Denver, CO. Randell has spent the last few years in the Mile High City working on, and performing, his release Rise (2015). This release is Brett's third, lovingly crafted with musicians and engineers from both Denver and Austin. He coins his genre as "acoustic soul folk", which is quite fitting.

Brett Randell.

Brett Randell.

Randell grew up with musical siblings, but planned to focus on drawing and writing as his form of creative expression. But when he bought his first acoustic guitar around the age of 20, everything changed. He got good, and he got good quickly. After only 9 months, Randell was already touring and playing for audiences in places like Milan, Italy. Later that year, he opened for Pete Francis of the famous alternative band, Dispatch.

Randell’s songwriting process allows his music to unfold and evolve. He gives it some time to mellow, rounds it out by playing it in several different ways (solo, with a band, as a duet), and once it's been fully forged and feels solid, it's finished. Several of his songs have traveled the world with him, and his adventures give his music a warm, velvety sound. Brett's vocals are smooth, satisfying, and resonate with the listener. His lyrics are those of a solid soul; heartfelt and genuine.  

Watch Randell’s lyric video for his track “The Waitress”:

Rise consists of five songs. “The Waitress” is reminiscent of artists like Jason Mraz or Ed Sheeran, but I was waiting for some humor to drop (perhaps in the style of Tim Minchin) due to the upbeat mood of the track. It's easy to assume that there is a waitress or two who inspired this one during his travels. “Without You” has a tender, lonely vibe that gets more powerful and compelling as the song goes on, and “Ghost” is pensive, peaceful and of course, “haunting”.

It looks as though Brett is on the move again. You can keep track of him via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and his website.


All photos, videos, and embedded tracks per the artists featured and those credited.