Flint Eastwood: Detroit's It Girl Who We Can't Wait to See Live

By: Dawn Raymond

Flint Eastwood won't let anyone or anything break her (except sick beats).

You have to take the punches life throws and transform them into something your mama would be proud of. That's exactly what Jax Anderson, aka Flint Eastwood, did with her six song EP released in November 2015. The song entitled "Find What You're Looking For" was inspired by her biggest fan's final words to Jax before her death. Those words were: "Don't let this break you". That biggest fan? Her mother. In homage to all final words, mothers and biggest fans everywhere, this track deserves some love.  

Flint Eastwood

Flint Eastwood

Listen to “Find What You’re Looking For”:

On a brighter note, the poppy "Glitches" is a catchy, rhythmic total keeper. Much of the rest of the new EP has an upbeat and danceable tempo to boot. Flint Eastwood is slated to swing through the Denver/Boulder region sometime this spring, so shine up your dancing shoes and stay tuned. For a show schedule and more information, check out her Facebook page.

Listen to “Glitches”:


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