LA's Recent Daybreaker Was Filled With A Little Extra Love

By: Benjamin Tillis

Did you know that the secret to having an energized, supercharged day is... waking up at 5AM? It’s true! On Valentine’s Day morning, I crawled out of bed before the crack of dawn to attend Los Angeles’ Valentine’s Day Daybreaker. Both a yoga session and a dance party, Daybreaker is a series of almost exclusively early morning social gatherings geared towards music lovers, social butterflies, and the health conscious. The end result: a fun-filled, completely unique experience that left me skipping back to my car excited about my drive to work.


To start off the event at 530AM, roughly 50 attendees rolled out their yoga mats in the event space at Joseph’s Café, located in the heart of Hollywood. Sympathetic to the fact that most of us were still waking up, the yoga session was low-intensity and lighthearted. It was a perfect way to loosen and wake up before the big dance party. As soon as 630AM came around, the door opened to those who came just to break a sweat dancing, and several healthy food and beverage brands set up free samples of their products, including Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods, RxBar, and Noosa Yogurt. Delicious.

Copy of Photo_Credit_AndrewRauner (1).jpg

Once my stomach was full, I joined the rest of the event-goers on the dance floor, which was illuminated with various colorful lights. In the theme of love and light, we were encouraged to wear clothes and accessories that lit up, making it a beautiful scene of glowing good vibes. For two straight hours we danced to DJ Eric Sharp, who played upbeat jams. Periodically, he was accompanied by a trumpet or saxophone player or a rapper, making it an eclectic set that kept us moving the entire time. You couldn’t turn your head without seeing big smiles and new connections being made on the dance floor.

Daybreaker_1_10_18_AJRphotos_Previews_064 (1).jpg

The event closed with a short meditation focused on love and our intent for the week, which was a good way to relax before getting the rest of the day started. Check out Daybreaker’s next LA event, an early morning silent disco boat party on March 13th! Get your tickets here!


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Illenium Ends 2017 With A Sold-Out Tour And A Slot At Coachella

By: Elizabeth Lee

2017 was a huge year for the world of electronic music. We saw the return of old veterans such as deadmau5 and the coming of his new protege REZZ with her unique, dark industrial sound. A huge genre turn around occurred, as big room house faded and set the scene for dubstep and its subgenre riddim. Long-standing king of bass music Excision pulled off one of the most successful first festivals in history with the birth of Lost Lands Music Festival in Ohio. But there was another name who had been rising to fame long before this last year. 2017 was the year everything paid off for Denver-based producer Nick Miller, otherwise known as Illenium.


Illenium came from humble beginnings as a producer who released several remixes on Soundcloud and then eventually his debut EP Ashes in 2016. His music captured the hearts of fans who were looking for the emotional depth and complexity no other other artists seemed to be able to replicate. From there he shot to fame, touring and playing major festivals across the US and the rest of the world. September 2017 saw the release of his sophomore album Awake.

Nick Miller.

Nick Miller.

BolderBeat was lucky enough to catch the last stop of his sold-out Awake tour at Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles on December 28th.

The venue was packed and buzzing with an excited crowd warming up to the sounds of artists Dabin and Said the Sky. Delivering over an hour and half of music, once Illenium took the stage each person watching was enraptured and caught in a beautifully woven soundscape. With a live keyboard and drum pad setup, he dropped tracks such as “Sound of Walking Away” ft. Kerli and “Rush Over Me,” his song with artists Seven Lions, Said the Sky, and HALIENE. Fans of his older album would also recognize classics such as “Afterlife” and “It’s All on U.” Dabin and Said the Sky returned to the stage to join him for a few tracks on electric guitar and piano. Besides his ability to create a fully immersive experience, Illenium also demonstrated his versatility as an artist as he played his unreleased collaboration with Kill the Noise and Mako. This track strayed away from his usual melodic style and into heavier dubstep. He continued to delight the crowd throughout the night with a mixture of heart-wrenching melodies and energetic beats.

As a recently announced artist on the 2018 Coachella lineup, we’re looking forward to what’s next for Illenium. Keep up with him here.


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Throwback Punk Music Meets The Chainsmokers For Emo Nite Day Music Festival

By: Benjamin Tillis

On December 3rd, BolderBeat geared up in all black to attend Emo Nite Day, a three year anniversary celebration of the increasingly popular Emo Nite party, which consists of events held all around the country geared towards lovers of “emo music” from the late 90s and early 2000s. The multi-staged festival held at Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles featured some big names performances, including The Used and Machine Gun Kelly, and From First To Last, the band that Sonny Moore played in before he garnered worldwide fame as Skrillex, and which he has recently rejoined. Sadly, Skrillex did not join the group on stage at Emo Nite Day, but he has made surprise appearances at other Emo Nite events. There were other unexpected surprises, though, as the night ended with a one song performance from Demi Lovato and an hour-long set by The Chainsmokers.

The most memorable act was The Used’s acoustic set, performed by the band’s lead singer Bert McCracken and guitarist Justin Shekoski. Taking in all of the appreciation from the crowd, it was clear the duo were as happy to be there as the rest of the attendees. The climax of their show was when they played fan-favorite “The Taste of Ink,” a song recognizable to even those who don’t necessarily have a nostalgia for this type of music. And like many other performers throughout the night, Bert dedicated his last song to the great musicians we have lost throughout the past couple of years. They ended with the song “It’s Hard to Say,” a track about mentor David Bowie.


Although Emo Nite Day honors overly emotional hardcore punk music, it seemed to also be a celebration of millennials. The “DJ sets” may have merely been members of bands you hadn’t heard about in years “pressing play” on songs that weren’t necessarily theirs, and often repeating songs other groups had already played (Jimmy Eat World’s “The Sweetness” played three times in two hours). But having these band members playing these angry oldies was exactly what the early 20 to late 30-year-olds in the crowd wanted, as each song inspired a new mosh pit and singing at the top of each concert goer's lungs.  

The peak of this millennialism occurred when The Chainsmokers joined pop-trio Captain Cuts for the final performance of the night. Each song followed the same pattern, and one that would leave any one of our parents incredibly confused. It began with a Yellowcard, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Blink 182 chorus, followed by an extremely hard-hitting dubstep drop. This meant the crowd went from jumping up and down singing the words to these classics to instantly getting into Vegas club mode and grinding on anyone near. At one point, The Chainsmokers even put together a pretty creative mix of Dashboard Confessional’s “Hands Down” and DJ Snake/AlunaGeorge’s “You Know You Like It.” Right before the EDM breakdown when AlunaGeorge repeats the lyric “down,” The Chainsmokers threw in the beginning lyric of Dashboard’s famous verse with the word “hands,” combining the songs to create a millennial medley. It was truly a party by the end of the night.


Be sure to check out other Emo Nite events going around the country here. Even their smaller events are filled with the same high energy and special guests! It’s something you should do at least once if you have a soft spot for depressing love ballads and the bands that made many of our teenage years so darn emotional.


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Dynohunter Evoke The Depth And Expansiveness The EDM Scene Is Craving

By: Mirna Tufekcic

Boulder, Colorado, a city closely associated with bluegrass and jam bands, is also home to thriving EDM musicians. Born out of the Lotus and STS9 jam scene, Boulder’s own Dynohunter is a hybrid of electronic dance music production and live band improvisation. Pulling electronic influences from house, techno, and electronica, while continuing to be influenced by their instrumental funk, jazz, and jam roots; blending electronic influences with live saxophone, drums and bass, Dynohunter evoke the depth and expansiveness the EDM scene is craving.



The trio has been around since 2010 and they’ve come a long way in their time as a band. Clark Smith has been keeping Dynohunter fresh with sax, keys, and percussion while mixing and producing the music, Fred Reisen adds the essential drooling low bass grooves, and drops a synth note when appropriate, Nic Thornsberry seamlessly kicks the drums and SPD-SX.  Blend these with tasteful original electronic soundscapes peppered with other organic instruments (like a conch shell, for example) and you got yourself an EDM journey deep into the universe (or jungle, or ocean, or insert your own temperature and atmosphere preference here). You are bound to at least bob your head, if you’re not fully compelled to dance.   

Watch Dynohunter’s recent live session at Knew Conscious:

Clark’s sparking creativity stems from his take on the music genre, “I just feel like EDM, Techno, and House music have so much untapped potential and unexplored pockets that intrigue and excite me. With other music genres, it feels like most avenues have already been explored.”



Early on in their career, the band played alongside the likes of Sunsquabi, Infected Mushroom, Shpongle, The New Deal, Papadosio and more. They’ve toured the country and have performed at music festivals coast to coast including Summercamp, Joshua Tree Music Festival, Sonic Bloom, and Arise. But along with their successes, the band has also dealt with tough loss. In April 2016, the band’s drummer and dear friend Justin Ehmer passed away after a long battle with cancer. Justin was a key member of the band who poured his heart and soul into the project. Since then, Dynohunter has pushed on, healing with time, but keeping Justin’s spirit alive in their music. A picture of his smiling face still stands behind the drums in Dynohunter’s home studio, a place the band has recently been working hard in.


Dynohunter’s 2015 full length album The Nomad was well received; since then they have released four EPs, with Rattle the Cage being their most recent. Their fifth and upcoming EP titled Tilmun is scheduled for release on December 13th, with the single dropping December 6th, just a couple of days before they headline The Bluebird Theater in Denver.

Dynohunter at   Knew Conscious  .

Dynohunter at Knew Conscious.

Being a musical experience of their own, Dynohunter is well worth seeing live.  If you can catch them this Friday, December 8th at The Bluebird Theater, you’ll be in for a treat with fresh music right out of the studio and onto the stage.

According to Reisen, “[Dynohunter] sure has a way of bringing that experiential aspect of music to life and if you’re coming into it open-minded, you’ll be taken on a journey of higher vibration; an hour and a half experience that leaves you feeling a little bit better and expanded.”  Spoken like a true Boulderite, Fred!


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LA's RL Grime Has The Current Seat On EDM's Throne

By: Shivain Chopra

The Electronic Dance Music, or EDM genre of music can be traced back to the 80’s, with the onset of club culture, but it didn’t truly gain mainstream popularity until the early 2010’s, when the term “EDM” was coined. With the new decade of EDM came the subgenre of dubstep, with acts such as Skrillex and Flux Pavilion making news worldwide. As with all genres, EDM continued to evolve, with dubstep fading and giving way to other sub genres, such as future bass and trap. Although future bass has established itself as one of the most popular EDM subgenres on the scene, counting Flume and Odesza as its most well known acts, trap continues to gain traction, with Baauer being one of the biggest names in the game. A slightly lesser known, but immensely talented DJ is now taking over not only the trap scene, but the entire electronic genre as a whole. Based out of Los Angeles, RL Grime brings hard-hitting, bass-heavy beats that could get even the most timid of people moving.

RL Grime.

RL Grime.

Born Henry Alfred Steinway, RL Grime grew up in Los Angeles, going on to attend New York University for their Music Business program. After college, RL Grime moved back to Los Angeles, joined the WeDidIt collective and released his Grapes EP. In June 2012, RL Grime teamed up with producer Salva for a remix of Kanye West’s “Mercy,” earning over 8 million plays on his SoundCloud. A year later, his High Beams EP debuted at the #1 spot on the iTunes Electronic Chart. Playing off the success of his first two EPs, RL Grime released his first studio album Void, with big names such as Big Sean featured.


The appeal of RL Grime is unlike any other EDM artist. His songs have a strong emphasis on bass that radiates throughout the bodies of his fans. This, in addition to the use of instruments such as the trumpet in “Tell Me” and exotic samples of voices and other sounds such as in “Kingpin” creates an immersive musical experience. Often times, RL Grime also chooses to use more grimy and raw sounds to create a darker mood, while maintaining the grooviness that comes with EDM. Everything comes together with a gradual rise in tempo, leading to a beat drop so strong that no listener can refrain from breaking out their moves.


With his exponential rise to stardom, RL Grime recently announced his second studio album, Nova, due to be out later this year. In addition, he just started his Nova tour, with stops across the country, including Denver and Los Angeles (which has already sold out) in November.

Keep up with RL Grimes here; catch more tour dates on his website.


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Boogie Lights Brings Electronic Dance Funk To Denver

“The feeling of the 70s mixed with the sounds of today to create a new genre: Electronic Dance Funk.”  

That’s what Denver’s DJ Boogie Lights has become known for in the local music scene. Mixing the sweet, sweet sounds of 70s funk and soul with 90s house, nu-disco, and modern tropical house, Boogie Lights has become affectionately known as the “Everlasting Gobstopper of Funk.” 

The man behind Boogie Lights, Mark Henrichs, has been releasing remixes, mash-ups, and original tracks for the past two years under his current moniker. Just last May, Boogie Lights released his biggest single to date, “The Feeling (ft. Abi Clark).” It’s a transportive fun house of funk and disco with upbeat electronic elements and catchy lyrics. It’s got a 90s nostalgia to it that makes it hard not to want to just rave out to in your favorite mesh vest.

Listen to Boogie Lights’ “The Feeling (ft. Abi Clark)”: 

This Saturday, July 8th, Boogie Lights has his debut show at Denver’s Tony P’s. Mammoth Water and Universal Concepts will share the stage for a funkclectic evening. Grab details here and if you miss it, make sure to catch Boogie Lights next at Moe’s Original BBQ in Englewood on August 19th with Johnny & The Mongrels and Sylva.

 Keep up with Denver’s Boogie Lights here.  

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Big Wild Really Might Just Be Invincible

By: Annie Kane

It’s been almost a year since we interviewed Big Wild prior to his set at Larimer Lounge in Denver, and we have to make a music snob move by saying: we called it. Over the course of the past year, Big Wild has arguably become one of the biggest rising stars in EDM. The Foreign Family Collective artist sold out Denver’s Gothic Theatre two nights in a row this year, and just last weekend, he brought the house down at his (of course) sold-out show at The Bowery Ballroom in New York City. Did we mention he’s also playing Red Rocks later this year?

Despite growing from intimate clubs to massive stages, Jackson Stell, the man behind Big Wild, still manages to have every audience member dancing their face off throughout his entire set. From entering with “I Just Wanna” from his new EP Invincible, to closing out with a collaborative performance with iDA HAWK on his title track hit “Invincible,” Jackson’s unrelenting energy kept the audience fueled well past midnight at Bowery last weekend, and buzzing right on into the early morning.

Listen to Big Wild’s Invincible EP:

Big Wild has a few shows left on his current tour before he hits the festival circuit for the summer, so make sure to snag yourself tickets here.


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Colorado Music Festivals 2017: Your Official Guide To All The Goodness

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Festival season is arguably the best time of year in music. So here at BolderBeat, we’ll be updating this feature with every Colorado festival announcement that comes our way. Stay as on the pulse as we are.

FoCoMX- April 28th-29th

Fort Collins' premiere music festival has announced its lineup, which features hundreds of Colorado artists. Some of our favorites include Antonio Lopez, The Alcapones, BANDITS, Bethel Steele, Danielle Ate The Sandwich, Edison, Foxfeather, Gasoline Lollipops, and The Velveteers. Full lineup here

Spread The Word Music Festival- May 5th-8th

Taking place at several Denver and Boulder venues, Spread The Word features a mix of local and national artists with styles including rock, jam, funk, reggae, hip-hop, folk/grass, electronic and fusion. Headliners of this year's fest include Kyle Hollingsworth Band, Euforquestra, A-Mac and the Hight, & Analog Sun. Full lineup on our announcement link.

Denver’s Project Pabst- May 20th

“Project Pabst was a wild success,” contributor Zach Dahmen wrote in retrospect of the 2016 festival that took over Denver’s Larimer Street last year. This year, the PBR-fueled lineup includes Ice Cube, Phantogram, Danny Brown, Kurt Vile, STRFKR, No Name, & more. We’re pumped for this. Details here

Greeley Blues Jam- June 9th-10th

The Greeley Blues Jam seeks to keep the blues alive, and this year, they’re doing just that with a lineup including Walter Trout, Samantha Fish, Honey Island Swamp Band, and Colorado favorite The Burroughs. This is one weekend you’ll enjoy being blue. Full lineup on their website.

Taste of Fort Collins- June 9th-11th

The 21st annual Taste of Fort Collins includes headliners St. Lucia, Gin Blossoms, Plain White T's, & Waterloo Revival this year. Tickets are only $5-$10 and the fest is hosted at Civic Center Park in Old Towne. Get out and get down! More info on their website.

Country Jam- June 15th-18th

Grand Junction will host Country Jam’s 26th annual four-day fest this year. Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean, and Thomas Rhett top the headliners list of the 30+ artists that will play to your boot kickin’ desire. Surrounded by the red rocks of GJ, this festival annually hosts some of the biggest names in country music, and clearly this year is no different. More info at this link.

Sonic Bloom Festival- June 15th-18th

If you like electronic music, there’s no better place to be than Colorado’s Sonic Bloom Festival. Happening at Hummingbird Ranch in Spanish Peaks Country, the weekend will feature performances from Gigantic Cheese Biscuits, The Polish Ambassador, The Floozies, and a huge array of electronic beatmasters. The festival will also feature yogis and movement leaders, as well as interpretive artists. And did we mention the visuals? Full lineup here.

Telluride Bluegrass Festival- June 15th-18th

Telluride Bluegrass Festival celebrates its 44th year this summer. Jason Mraz, Norah Jones, Dierks Bentley with The Travelin' McCourys, and Brandi Carlile top the fest’s 2017 list. We can tell you from experience that last year was magical and we even met some our favorite musicians at (where else?) the Port-a-Potties. More info and tickets here.

Van’s Warped Tour- June 25th

Believe it or not, we attended this event back in 2015 after not having been since high school. Yes. Though much has changed since what was arguably Warped Tour’s heyday (moshing is now frowned upon), this is a fest that still has a cult following and still makes its way around the US. Attila, Bowling for Soup, CKY, & Futuristic top this year's bill- grab the full listing here.

Westword Music Showcase- June 25th

Denver’s alt weekly newspaper will host more than 100 live acts at their annual summer celebration this year. With Shakey Graves, The Revivalists, Cut Copy, Bob Moses, COIN, Arizona, and a long list of local acts, this will be one to clink a summer beer to and enjoy. Don’t miss out on Westword’s fantastic Friday night. Local artists should be announced soon; voting is open. More info on their website.

Central Rockies Old-Time Music Association (CROMA) Festival-

July 5th-9th

CROMA's 2017 festival at Parrish Ranch features a great old-time music lineup, workshops, nightly dances, open jams, classes for kids, open stage times, and couples dance workshops. Artists at this year's fest will include Eddie Bond and the New Ballards Branch Bogtrotters, The Ozark Highballers, Jesse Milnes and Emily Miller, and The Musky Dimes and Lansford and McAlister. Get full details and tickets here

The Ride Festival- July 8th-9th

Beck will headline The Ride Festival this year, another Telluride fest that is sure to get you groovin’. Ben Harper, Kaleo, The John Butler Trio, and Colorado favorite Rose Hill Drive will all keep your summer-chill vibes in check at this one. Full lineup here.

The Underground Music Showcase- July 27th-30th

One of our absolute favorite weekends of the summer is Denver’s The UMS due to its focus on local artists, and all the fun that comes along with wandering around the South Broadway venues hosting the three-day event. Benjamin Booker, Red Fang, & Esme Patterson are headlining this year, but we're more stoked on this massive list of local artists (a crazy amount of which we've covered in the last year). Get tickets here. More deets on our announcement link.

Rockygrass Festival- July 28th-30th

Bluegrass, bluegrass, and more bluegrass. That’s what Rockygrass in Lyons is all about! Sam Bush Bluegrass Band, The Del McCoury Band, and The Infamous Stringdusters are already confirmed for this year’s pickin’ celebration, so get your tickets now. More artists at this link.

ARISE Music Festival- August 4th-6th

Colorado’s ARISE is back for its fifth year at Loveland’s Sunrise Ranch, and features seven stages of live music, yoga, workshops, theme camps, art galleries & installations, a children’s village, speakers, and films! Some of the top billed artists for 2017 include Atmosphere, Tipper, and Ani Difranco. Get more details at our announcement link.

Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest- August 11th-13th

Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest is a FREE, recurring, three-day music festival held every August in the historic downtown of Fort Collins. CAKE has been announced as one of the headliners with more TBA- keep up with the full lineup here.

Velorama Colorado- August 11th-13th

Following the Colorado Classic bicycle race, Colorado’s newest festival Velorama will take place in Denver’s RiNo Neighborhood this summer. Wilco, Death Cab For Cutie, The New Pornographers, Saint Motel, and La Santa Cecilia are the bands announced so far, and you don’t have to bike in the race to partake in the party! Tickets for this new fest here.

Rocky Mountain Folks Festival- August 18th-20th

Last year, Rocky Mountain Folks Festival proved to be much more than a music festival. Bringing together local artists for songwriting workshops and more, the Lyons, CO fest created an awesome artistic community that still managed to showcase great national acts too. Gregory Alan Isakov, Lake Street Dive, and Rhiannon Giddens have already been announced for this year’s fest; full schedule and list of acts here.

Jazz Aspen Snowmass- September 1st-3rd

We don’t know how Maroon 5 is jazz, but they are headlining the JAS Labor Day Weekend festival this year. Colorado favorite Nathaniel Rateliff & The Nightsweats, Lake Street Dive, and Keith Urban will also have performances at the Snowmass event. JAS has a smaller June event too, which will feature John Batiste & Stay Human, Michael McDonald, and Earth Wind & Fire. Details on both events here.

Telluride Blues & Brews Festival 


Telluride Blues & Brews Fest has Bonnie Raitt, Steve Winwood, TajMo at the top of their bill this year. You can get your grand brew tasting on for three days with these artists and more, plus there is a lot of availability in ticket options, so you can schedule your own fest experience. Get more info here

Festivals of The Past

We'll miss you Vertex.

We'll miss you Vertex.

Wondering what happened to some of your other favorite Colorado festivals? Bass Center moved to New Jersey this year, Divide Music Festival has been postponed until 2018, Groove Festival’s web presence has been replaced by this Japanese site making us question everything, Mad Decent Block Party went to India (yes really), Riot Fest Denver will not return due to Sean McKeough's death, and Vertex (which we freakin’ loved) was sadly cancelled, but we’re praying it comes back to life with full zombie mayhem next year. Fingers crossed fellow festheads.

Make sure to keep up with our festival coverage all season on BolderBeat’s dedicated fest page!


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Iolite Has Officially Set Fire To Our Bloodstream

By: Sierra Voss

Remember just two months ago when we dropped an interview with Denver’s new pop artist, Iolite? Well we weren't kidding when we said this artist was off to a fierce start in Denver’s music scene. This past weekend, Iolite took the stage at The Marquis Theater as an opener for other local hit group 888. The same day as the show, Iolite dropped a new music video for her single “Bloodstream,” which you can check out below:

PS: Did we mention she already has another show booked as an open for AMZY at The Gothic Theater in June? Yeah- Iolite is on it.

Considering she performed for the first time under the Iolite moniker for the first time last December, it’s safe to say this artist has picked a stride, and it's nothing less than a full gallop. Her Friday night show as 888’s opener went swimmingly well, with stage banter that was focused and motivating. She immediately captivated the audience with her opener “Spinning;” the rest of her set included her two other released singles, “Gravity” and “Bloodstream,” as well as three other songs not yet available online. Her set came to a crescendo when she stood on top of her drummer’s bass drum and jumped off right as her song’s beat drooped. It was a performance that left the audience calling out for her to continue. To have such a demand from the crowd after just a few months of playing is arguably pretty captivating.   



So seriously- make sure you don’t miss out on this rising Denver artist. Peep her latest video above and grab tickets for her June show here.


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Whethan Plans to Get Savage at Boulder's Fox Theatre This Thursday

By: Trevor Ryan

Whethan, aka Ethan Snorek, the 17-year-old EDM artist currently dominating the electronic scene, is playing Boulder’s Fox Theater this Thursday, February 23rd on his Savage tour. Why have his drops become so highly sought after, and essentially helped form a new movement in EDM you ask? It’d be best if you nabbed tickets to see for yourself, but here’s the scoop:

Initially gaining traction with a remix of Mssingo’s “XE3,” Whethan took off when the track received (to date) more than 8 million plays on SoundCloud. Whethan then caught the attention of some pretty popular EDM artists including Oliver Tree, Flux Pavilion, MAX, and the most prominent arguably being Skrillex.



Originating from Chicago IL, Snorek, who formerly performed under the name “Wheathin,” has since developed a significant following and is the youngest artist ever signed to Future Classic Records. With an almost signature blend of deep bass and catchy, emotional riffs, fans are definitely looking forward to where this young producer is heading, and it’s not surprising that everyone and their brother has attempted collabs with this artist.

So if you’re big into EDM, or you’re simply looking to listen to whoever is the next big thing in the scene right now, get your tickets for this Thursday’s Fox show. Things are going to get Savage.

Be sure to follow Whethan on Facebook, Twitter, and his website. Get your tickets to this Thursday’s Fox show here.


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Evanoff's "Dream Rock" Is EDM + Rock & So Much More

By: Annie Kane

Let me introduce you to “dream rock,” a new genre that the Boulder-born trio, Evanoff, are carving out on their own. What originally started as JJ Evanoff’s solo guitar vision has since grown into the musical experience it is today, with the inclusion of Jake Hall on drums and Parker Oberholzer on bass and synth.

Their most recent release, “Aesthetic Arrest,” showcases the growth this band has experienced since their inception. The song begins steadily, with a series of funky bass guitar notes that evolve into an electronic explosion which bursts and is then broken back down to instrumentals, with more bass, guitar, drums, and some subtle synth. The song then takes flight again, bringing the listener into this ethereal musical collision of sounds, thus earning the “dream rock” titled genre Evanoff have so carefully ascribed to themselves.



The constant thread of the guitar not only grounds “Aesthetic Arrest,” but revives an older genre for the contemporary audience, because rock music should and never will die. The song finishes gloriously in a simultaneous electronic and guitar riff buildup, symbolically uniting these once disparate musical genres into a quite beautiful marriage. Evanoff, Oberholzer, and Hall’s skilled abilities in each of their crafts is highlighted strongly throughout the song, and these talents are what set Evanoff up for unparalleled success.

Stream “Aesthetic Arrest” on Spotify:

Evanoff’s presence in the Colorado music scene is hard to ignore, as they have already conquered prominent and beloved venues such as The Fox Theatre, Larimer Lounge, and Cervantes’. They have also brought their undeniably unique sound to huge festivals including Vertex, Euphoria, and Electric Forest. Now, they’re set to tour throughout Colorado and beyond, spreading their infectious new dance music. Whether you’re a Coloradan who has somehow still not caught these guys live, or if you’ve been waiting patiently for them to roll through your city, now is your time to rejoice. Peep Evanoff’s tour poster and get ready to dance your face off.


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"It's Not Quite Techno; It's Not Quite House: Nicolas Jaar's Sold-Out Gothic Theatre Set Last Weekend

By: Mirna Tufekcic

Last Saturday, a friend hit me up to check out Nicolas Jaar at The Gothic Theatre in Denver. He had a spare guest pass and I took it on a whim. I didn’t know what to expect going in. I wasn’t even aware of the music genre I was about to witness. But man, was I in for a treat.



Nicolas Jaar is a 26-year-old mad scientist doing experiments with electronic music in front of massive crowds. It’s not quite techno; it’s not quite house, but it’s got both of those in there and then some. He is definitely pushing the envelope in this world of music. Apparently, none of his live performances are ever alike, and he is constantly improvising with live sampling onstage, a method which sends you on a journey between “rhythmic anguish” (his words) and meditative states with deep house beats, groovy rhythms, and otherworldly sounds which you just have to hear and feel for yourself. But, be warned, things may get trancey. Between the ambient, contemplative sounds and artfully composed lighting, it’s easy to get lost in the experience that is a Nicolas Jaar show… or to get really uncomfortable because you’re not sure what to make of what your eyes and ears are witnessing.

Check out Jaar’s “Swim/Mistress”:

Post-show I had the chance to roll backstage to meet the guy behind this crazy experience. As my friend and I strolled into the green room, Jaar must have caught me checking out his baseball hat. He looked up and said right off, “Man, I know this hat looks stupid and people are always asking why I wear one, but it actually has a purpose. It gives me shade so I see what I’m doing and it puts me in the zone.” From there, my chat with Jaar proved he is quirky and super easy going. His Chilean accent had the room charmed as he joked around, and when I revealed my journalistic tendencies with BolderBeat he laughed and smiled,“There could have been some good conversations here, but now that you told me that...” and the sentenced trailed off into all of us laughing. Touché, Nico.

Which by the way, yes, Nicolas Jaar goes by Nico. When I called him by his full name, he said, “Nicolas?” and a wave of nervousness set over me. “My father is the only one who calls me by that name, and only when I’ve done something wrong and I’m getting reprimanded for it.” he laughed. Ok, the dude’s got a sense of humor.  

Nicolas Jaar is at the tail end of his North American tour, of which many of his shows have sold out, including Denver’s. Jaar will jet to Europe next, and you can keep up with him here.


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Mawule Blends R&B, EDM, and Rock In His Upcoming Album "Chosen"

By: Jura Daubenspeck

Mawule's new release Chosen pulls together personal and creative elements for the win.

There’s never a dull moment for Mawule. The R&B singer/songwriter has been hard at work in the studio the last few months, recording and writing music constantly. While his charisma oozes with each live performance, he has spent most of his time recently rehearsing solo, and investing everything he has into his upcoming album, Chosen.

Mawule has already released two singles, "Fall for Me (feat. Jerney)" and "Anything", both from the upcoming album, and they do not disappoint. His buttery vocals overlay fresh beats, making his songs nearly impossible not to move with.

The album’s title Chosen is a reflection of what many creatives go through. It is an ode to those who know what it’s like to completely immerse yourself into your work, but still struggle to gain recognition. You sacrifice time and money, work until total exhaustion, and make yourself vulnerable to the world. It’s far from easy, but it’s the path you’ve landed yourself on, and you wouldn’t change it for anything else.

Mawule’s music parallels the everyday occurrences many of us face. His passion for relationship dynamics shines through his music, and even through his catchy upbeat songs, he touches on some very real topics. He pulls together his personal life and music life into an empowering, positive message that makes his music enjoyable to listen to.

There were some risks taken when creating Chosen. It is far from a strictly R&B album, and actually incorporates some EDM and rock into it, making it a deliciously unique fusion. Each song is meant to be experienced in a different way, and the album will take you on a journey through the inner workings of Mawule’s mind.


There will be a release party for Chosen on June 12th at Denver hotspot, Lost Lake. The album will be unveiled in its entirety, along with a few never-before-heard acoustic songs. Mawule’s stage presence always makes his performances a blast to watch. A talented eclectic bunch will be joining this show, including: DJ Zenas, Amy Kress, Jerney, and Ill Se7en. So get in on the action early, and come out to Lost Lake for what is bound to be a night full of dancing and great vibes. Doors open at 7:30pm, and the show starts at 8:00pm. Tickets are $10 (presale) and $12 (day of show), so grab them while they're hot! Purchase tickets here.

For an even closer look into the making of Chosen, check out the behind-the-scenes videos for "Simple" and "Get Your Name", as well as personal blog posts from Mawule himself.


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Big Wild Brought All The Feels To Denver Show

By: Annie Kane

California transplant Big Wild brought all the feels of a summer night beach party to Denver’s Larimer Lounge.

A stop along his spring tour, Big Wild sold out the cozy Larimer Lounge in Denver last Saturday night, and had everybody twirling around. Jackson (the name and brains behind Big Wild) had nothing but happy vibes in all of his songs, resulting in smiles plastered across every face in the crowd. I overheard one fan ask her friend if she wanted to move to a better spot so they could actually see him perform, and her friend replied, “I’m okay, I can hear the music and that’s all I care about!” She then proceeded to dance her a** off.

Behind Jackson onstage was a plain white screen, upon which splashed saturations of colorful light that appeared and reappeared, painting him in colors that complimented his lively songs. A small drum was set up at the edge of the stage, which he occasionally sat on and hammered away at during longer beats. When he did so, fans smooshed themselves against the stage to get a closer look, or better yet, a more epic snapchat. The small venue allowed for an intimate performance with this budding artist, and one that isn’t likely to be repeated as Big Wild’s fame continues to grow.

Watch my recap video of the night: 

Jackson’s focus on his music was evident as he meticulously altered sounds on his computer and keyboard between hammering on the drums. His concentration did not block out his own experience of the show though; he took breaks to dance to his fun beats and revel in the crowd’s infectious energy. One fan came up to me after the show remarking on Jackson’s very attitude, and how his live performances have such a sharp vision; a vision that allows his music and powerful talent to come off smoothly. I couldn’t have agreed more.

After attending this show, I was not surprised to learn how many shows Big Wild has sold out on his tour across the country. If you missed him this time around, hopefully you scored tickets to his already sold-out Red Rocks show on June 18th, where he will be opening for close friend Odesza.

Did you catch BB's exclusive pre-show interview with Big Wild? Peep it here.


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Big Wild Is The Next Big Name In Electronic Music

By: Annie Kane

This summer, Big Wild will be one of the most talked about names in electronic music, and we got to talk to him about what that feels like.

Jackson Stell, the DJ, engineer, producer and composer behind the name Big Wild, is making waves by bringing an unconventional approach to his music. With hip-hop beats and instrumentals initially pushing him into the production side of music in high school, combined with the outdoorsy lifestyle Stell has recently adopted in California, Big Wild’s sound is very much a testament to its own name. Stell has toured recently with Odesza and GRiZ, and has currently sold out 13 of the 23 US shows on his spring tour. We got to catch up with this emerging young voice, and find out what has led him to where he is today and where he plans on going. Keep reading and check out the audio of the interview below!

What sort of music did you grow up listening to? I read in an interview that your dad played guitar on one of your songs, so I was wondering what sort of environment you were in.

It was very much kind of me just finding whatever music I was into. I was into a lot of random things, like movie soundtracks. When I was a little kid, I used to be really into surf music and I used to be really into funk music too; it was kind of just whatever kept me really interested. And then when I got into middle school and high school, I really got into hip-hop and that’s why I started to make instrumentals and stuff from there.

Big Wild. 

Big Wild. 

Why did you choose to go down the electronic path?

That kind of happened when I got into college. Electronic music was becoming more popular and it was like a whole genre of music. I started to really appreciate and enjoy a lot of the aspects of it, and I wanted to take my hip-hop background and make it a little more experimental and interesting, and basically just try a lot of new things. With electronic music becoming bigger, I kind of grew to like it more and I decided [that was] where I wanted to go with music.

Listen to Big Wild’s track Aftergold (feat. Tove Styrke):

When did you realize your passion for music could turn into a real career?

I knew I wanted to do music for a long time. After producing for a couple of years, I started to sell instrumentals to rappers. I was running a little business and DJing, and I was really enjoying it too. I realized that this is what I wanna do. I never knew for sure if I would actually be able to make a living off of it, but I knew I would try my best to make it happen.

You toured with Odesza- can you talk a little about that experience?

Yeah! Those guys were really helpful in kind of getting things going for me in terms of live shows, opportunities for songs, and releasing [music] through Foreign Family Collective. Touring with them was a really good experience. A lot of the ideas that I have now for my live shows kind of came from learning from those guys. They were super helpful and they’re definitely super good friends of mine now. We stay in touch and talk about music all the time.

So they helped you adjust to the touring life?

Yeah, definitely. [They helped] in terms of my show and also how to go about running a tour and making sure to have a good time and explore the places you’re going to and to, you know, make the the most of it.

Check out Big Wild’s CHVRCHES “Empty Threat” remix:

You talked a little earlier about your interest in hip-hop music. With Phife Dawg’s recent passing have you gone back to any of A Tribe Called Quest’s music as as far as inspiration?

A Tribe Called Quest was definitely one of my earlier hip-hop influences, and like love for hip-hop, but that kind of came later. [For me], it was local producers in the beginning who kind of influenced me. That being said, I was super into A Tribe Called Quest when I got into high school. I think [Phife Dawg] and A Tribe Called Quest’s contributions to hip-hop in general are really significant. I definitely did go back to A Tribe Called Quest and looked through their catalog [after Dawg’s passing] and that brought back a lot of memories from high school.

How do you find new music?

I explore random things on SoundCloud and see what people I’m following are liking or reposting. It’s kind of the way I find out about lesser or smaller known artists. I’ve been getting really into Spotify lately, too. I’ve always had an account, but I find [Spotify] is getting better at [allowing users to] discover new stuff. And also just word of mouth. I kind of have a really good group of friends whose musical opinion I really like. So if they recommend me any new music, I’ll check it out, and I try and reciprocate by showing them what I’m listening to. I find that actually is the most effective way to find music- through your friends whose music tastes you really vibe with.

Definitely. So who are you currently listening to?

Well I’ve been listening to them for a while, but I’ve been listening to Tame Impala and their new album Currents. But also, let’s see, I’ve been really into a lot of vocalists with interesting voices lately because I think that’s also where I’m trying to go with my production too. There’s a band called Reptar that I’m really into, a singer named Rationale in the UK, and I’ve just been listening to a lot more vocal music and figuring out how I’m going to incorporate that stuff into my own production.

So when you start making new music, how do you get over I guess the “writer’s block” so to speak when you get stuck?

That one’s tough. Sometimes I can actually get over a writer’s block if I just keep working every day on music and really just forcing myself to continue and keep pushing until I finally come up with something that really clicks with me, or I just hear something. But there [are] also times where I get out of a writer’s block just by hearing a new song or a new artist that’s made something that is totally different from whatever I’ve [recently] heard and I really like it, and then I’ll be like “Oh sh*t! Maybe that’s how I can combine, or maybe that’s how I can get over this hump, is if I use some of the ideas from this song or what that guy did with the vocals and the effects and stuff”. Just little inspirations like that really help. [Other times], it’s just taking a break for a week or two, and when you come back to it you feel really refreshed. If you keep trying to do the same thing over again, that’s when you start to get really stuck.

Are there any other artists or hobbies outside of music that influence you?

I grew up in a small town, and at the same time we’d always drive to go hiking and do a bunch of outdoor activities. When I was a kid, I wasn’t super into it, but at my age now, I reference those times just being outside. I think that really helps me, that really influences me to. I think it has really influenced my sound and the sounds I choose, too. I’ve just recently picked up surfing and I really, really suck at it, but I really enjoy it too. So it’s a good way to kind of take my mind out of the studio, and just go and relax and do something totally different. I also really like to cook, too.

Watch Big Wild's Spring Tour 2016 Video:

Are there any collaborations or projects that we can look forward to hearing from you in the future?

Yeah! There’s a new song I’ve been playing with a singer named iDA HAWK, who GRiZ actually did a couple of tracks with. I’m really stoked about how it’s coming out, and I’m kind of hoping for it to be the next single. I have a track with a singer named Nina that’s really cool too. I’m gonna be releasing stuff this summer and fall and a couple of more remixes as well that I’m really excited about.

Is there anybody that you’d to collaborate with in the future or any artists that you sort of have your eye set on?

Definitely that singer Rationale; I’ve been into his music for a super long time. Anderson Paak is definitely getting a lot more attention [now] which is very well deserved and I would love to make a track with that guy. He has such a cool sound.

He definitely does. I guess my last question would be, do you have any advice for those aspiring to make music?

Challenge yourself to make something different all the time and have your own, because that’s one of the most valuable things you can do in terms of learning how to produce, and learning to appreciate other styles, and to stick out from the crowd and have your own sound. If you make the same thing everybody else makes, it’s gonna be really tough for you. People wanna hear something that’s unique to you. You have to learn that. That’s the biggest advice I’d give to a producer.

Be sure to catch Big Wild in a city near you before he sells out!

Listen to my chat with Big Wild:


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Boatclub Music Collective Touches Down in Colorado

By: Annie Kane

Oklahoma based music collective, Boatclub, smashed their first out of state festival. Held at the transformed Church Nightclub in Denver, Boatclub’s eighth event consisted of several talented emerging hip-hop and EDM artists.

The night began with DJ duo MNYH$E, who then transferred their set to local DJ Young Profit, known best for his work with rising Denver rapper Tony Neek$. Mook tha Martian then began the rap element of the festival, bringing his raw Atlanta style to the Colorado crowd. Headlining DJ LiTE BRiTE warmed up the crowd before transforming the show into a collaborative one, where Retro P, M1 and James Wade each took turns spitting their own verses. The small stage set up in front of the DJ booth made for an intimate environment, allowing the audience members to interact closely with the performers. Beach balls were flying and the performers grabbed onto audience members’ hands for support. Between sets, the crowd jumped onstage like performers themselves, exhibiting Boatclub’s mission of providing a space where people can express whoever they want to be.

The young crowd began to get anxious as they chanted over the music for Lil Yachty. As he emerged from his VIP room backstage, DJ LiTE BRiTE built up excitement by playing the infamous two electronic words “lil boat” repeatedly. The second Lil Yachty’s red hair hit the light, fans went berserk, breaking the barrier between them and the backstage area where photographers and previous performers were planted. Fans yanked Yachty into the crowd, who gave in and darted around. Security grew tense as Yachty moved further away from them, and fans couldn’t stop smiling as they snagged wicked close-up shots of him in the crowd.

Lil Yachty eventually made his way back onstage, but people were reluctant to let him go up and had to be warded off by angry security guards, who remained there for the rest of Lil Yachty’s three-song set. Also onstage was Lil Yachty’s smiling producer, Burberry Perry, holding a microphone and rapping alongside Yachty. Before jumping into each song, Yachty had to wait for the crowd to calm down. He looked anxiously between his producer and DJ LiTE BRiTE, in awe of his intense fanbase that has truly been built up within a matter of months. Though his set was small, Yachty played house favorites “Minnesota”, “1Night” and “Wanna Be Us” before retreating backstage.

This uniquely underground event pioneered Boatclub’s national presence. It paved the way for a better platform in Colorado for emerging hip-hop artists, and it provided a space for the local hip-hop community fanbase. Be sure to stay on the lookout for future Boatclub events, and keep an ear out for all the artists who performed!

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Good Vibes Only with Innovative Producer and Artist Jai Wolf

Jai Wolf at The Fox Theatre.

Jai Wolf at The Fox Theatre.

Incoming electronic artist Jai Wolf sold out The Fox Theatre last Friday in what was the first show of his debut headlining tour. At only 23 years old, New York-based producer Jai Wolf (Sajeeb Saha) has been rising quite rapidly, with some of his tracks reaching over 20 million streams. Wolf’s popularity stems from his ability to mix various genres into his music, avoiding the traditional model of DJ sets. He remixes everything from rap to pop and electronic music. He fuses his ethereal beats with those “already feelgood” songs, producing something entirely new. His classical music background, along with splitting his childhood between New York and Bangladesh, results in the refreshing sound that is Jai Wolf. And in Boulder this weekend, his excitement to play was evident, as he had The Hill in its entirety bumping for his whole set.

"For Jai Wolf, my face is not the most important thing because it’s music first.  "

"For Jai Wolf, my face is not the most important thing because it’s music first."

Listen to Jai Wolf’s “Indian Summer”:

In an interview with The Michigan Daily, Saha said,

I think the cool thing about electronic music is the listeners are some of the most open-minded people. For Jai Wolf, my face is not the most important thing because it’s music first."

I can attest to this fact first hand. There were nothing but positive vibes at JW’s show. As I maneuvered my way through the twirling members of the crowd, people parted without any arguments. Smiles were smeared across the faces of every audience member, with hands held high in praise of his spinning, happy beats. There was no doubt that the fans in attendance appreciated his music. He played some house favorites, such as his remix of Skrillex’s “Ease My Mind” and the notable track, “Indian Summer”. The recognition of these songs exploded amongst the fans. Along with his popular tracks, he managed to drop some new music and remixes, including one off Kanye’s The Life Of Pablo, “I Love Kanye”.

Hands Up.

Hands Up.

The word “magical” seems the most fitting to pin-point Jai Wolf’s set. If you’re looking to catch a this talented artist soon, be sure to grab a ticket early, as his shows are already selling out across the country. Also be on the lookout for some new work from Jai Wolf coming out later this year. Keep up with Jai Wolf’s tour and more here. See more images from this show on BolderBeat's Facebook.


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