Attila & All That Remains Brought Heavy Hits & a Wall of Death to Recent Denver Show

By: Nathan Sheppard

All That Remains and Attila hit the stage at the Oriental Theatre this past week for a night that every metalhead could appreciate. Sleep Signals and Escape the Fate opened things up for the co-headliners.

Attila, who released their newest album Villian in February, took the show to the next level with their party animal antics. Those antics led to a love-hate relationship with most people, but for those who love them, Attila puts on one of the best live performances of any band in their sphere. From start to finish, frontman Chris Fronzak had the crowd moshing and and even threw in a “wall of death” just for kicks. The set was filled with mostly favorites like “Moshpit” and “Pizza” with some new songs from their latest album as well.

All That Remains was the second headliner of the night and continued the mosh party right where it left off. ATR released their ninth studio album Victim of the New Disease this past November which has been a welcome return to their roots as a heavy metalcore band. The first quarter of their set was heavy, with newer songs from New Disease, followed with a medley of older hits. Vocalist Phil Labonte was able to show off a wide vocal range from high screams to low growls, and even showcased his clean vocals in “What if I Was Nothing?”. They topped off the night with their smash hit single “Two Weeks”, leaving everyone exhausted from moshing and jumping throughout the set.

Attila and All That Remains are about halfway through their American co-headlining tour, so make sure you make it out to one of these insane shows! Remaining dates can be found here.


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Premiere: Future Joy's New Music Video for "Thirsty" Is Saxually Satisfying

Denver’s Future Joy are known for their sultry sax sounds. They’re self-proclaimed as a “saxually active glitch hop” outfit and 303 Magazine recently called their new self-titled record the “sweet spot between the heavy hitters and sexy saxophone serenades.” Today, the band dropped their music video for the track “Thirsty” and we’re stoked to premiere it for you here:

Future Joy, comprised of Zach Simms on saxophone (MLIMA) and Frederic Park on percussion, is a seriously tasty combination of all things electronic with sax, funk, and hip-hop thrown in. The result is saxually satisfying, and “Thirsty” feels like a banger from its opening riff.



Denver’s Annabelle, whose whisper vocals are featured on the track, stars in the video alongside dancers Gina and Sheridan. Annabelle choreographed the video, which was filmed and edited by Connor Tieulie. She also sings on much of Future Joy’s latest record.

The video’s location may look familiar to some Denverites- it was shot at Tetra Lounge and The Bolt Factory; later Jeffrey Charles Stanley added in the animations and graphics. These give the video a real psych party vibe.

Said Simms of filming the video, “We didn’t have too much planning- we just went with the flow of the locations and let the editors do their thing.”

Simms and Park.

Simms and Park.

The track “Thirsty” was recorded in Simms’ living room before the duo made their way to Side 3 Studios for finishing touches, which included Annabelle’s vocals and her opening a can of seltzer water because everyone knows LaCroix is the best way to booze these days.

Simms and Park have already started working on their next record, and are planning for an early 2019 release. Prior to, they’ve got a Colorado tour in the works, so keep up with their live dates here and turn up with “Thirsty.”

Joachim Cooder Brings 'Fuchsia Machu Picchu' to the Paramount Theater, Opening for Legendary Father Ry Cooder

By: Will Baumgartner

What is it about an album or a few songs from an artist that makes you want to see them live? Maybe it’s an artist you’re hearing for the first time, or have heard only a little, and you find yourself listening and wondering, “What exactly would it look, feel and sound like to see them perform this music in person? “

Jaochim Cooder.

Jaochim Cooder.

Of course, you’d have to love what you’re hearing to even have this question to begin with. And with Joachim Cooder’s recent debut as a solo artist, the wonderful 7-song EP Fuchsia Machu Picchu, this listener can say wholeheartedly that from the opening title track all the way through to the final notes of the closing song “Country Blues,” I felt a visceral desire for more. I want more of Joachim’s music, and I’m thrilled by the mental image of being at his upcoming show at Denver’s Paramount Theater on Tuesday, August 14th. He will not only be opening for his legendary and iconic father Ry Cooder, but pulling double duty: after his set with his own band, Joachim will be right back onstage as Ry’s percussionist.

I’ve been a fan of Ry Cooder since I was a kid in the early 70s and stumbled across his album Boomer’s Story and found myself hooked for life, but you don’t need to be nearly as steeped in this family’s legacy to know about Joachim. If you’re one of the many who were enthralled and inspired by the movie and soundtrack of Buena Vista Social Club, the 1999 Wim Wenders film that followed Ry through the inception and subsequent performances of a huge ensemble of some of the greatest Cuban musicians of all time, you remember Joachim as an integral part of that group and his father’s vision, as he worked with Ry as percussionist and cohort all through the film. A very young man still in his teens then, Joachim went on to work with many other artists including The Haden Triplets, Matt Costa, Inara George, his brother-in-law Robert Francis and his wife Juliette Commagere. With the combination of his pedigree and two decades of such illustrious collaborations, it’s no surprise that when he finally stepped out as a leader with the release of Fuchsia Machu Picchu in March of this year, it was a formidable debut.

According to press releases, this collection of songs was largely inspired by the birth of Joachim’s daughter, so it’s also not surprising that there is a feeling of freshness, tenderness and a bit of wide-eyed innocence to most of the material. The themes of family, love, solace and hope are running threads throughout. The music is also wildly evocative of colors, light (especially moonlight, which pops out repeatedly through many of the songs), and places. I can’t tell you where I felt I was at different points throughout my listening, but clearly I was somewhere, and more often than not it was somewhere beautiful and warm, under skies that offered not only glowing and glittering illumination, but also most often a sense of the cool darkness of evening. While there’s no lack of pulse throughout this record (of course, coming from a percussionist!), it’s also imbued with a sense of peaceful reflection like a gorgeous evening in some South American country surrounded by nature, and alive with its nocturnal sounds. And while most of us know of Machu Picchu as a historic place of great beauty and Inca legend in Peru, it is also the name of a plant, so it makes sense that another of the themes running through this recording is plant life.

But okay, you may wonder after all these words about peace and quiet and so on, is this music gonna put me to sleep? No, and most emphatically no! Ask me if you can groove to it and I’ll tell you I’ve been grooving to it all week. Joachim Cooder grew up with World music, but he also grew up with his dad’s love of a crunchy bluesy sound, and rhythms that definitely give the butt plenty of wiggle room. One might be swaying gently or even seated, but the movement is always there. Joachim’s music is an appropriately family-centric affair, with Ry’s gritty guitar playing prominently throughout, along with the aforementioned close family members Francis and Commagere and others. If you’ve been to the Paramount before, you know that it’s a beautiful concert venue and also a seated venue. But nobody’s gonna get arrested for doing a little dancing in the aisles.


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Viretta To Release New Music Video This Friday (03/30)

By: Mirna Tufekcic

Viretta, a Denver-based alt-rock band, is coming out with a 12-track album that took over two years to complete. Why? The band took it upon themselves to record and mix the whole thing in their own studio, making it sound exactly the way they wanted. The tracks were their oysters. 


As it turns out, taking on this task all by themselves was no small feat. Mike Moroni, Viretta’s frontman, lightheartedly admits to the pains and turmoil of taking on such an endeavor saying, “It was hell!” Ultimately though, he acknowledges it was worth the fruits of labor. Combining the heavy riffs reminiscent of Queens of Stone Age and with Radiohead-like reverb, the album fronts an electric hard-rock swagger with vulnerable and emotional wanting. And now the band wants you to get ready!

The single off the upcoming album, “You are My IV” is already out. If the rest of the tracks deliver like this song does, then we’re all in for an angsty, roaring, riff-rocking treat to satisfy all our alt-rock cravings.

The Fear is scheduled for release in full across all platforms on May 18th. In lieu of the date, Viretta will be releasing three music videos to get you amped, starting with the first video for the album’s second track “Cordyceps,” which will be released this Friday, March 30th to view online, or if you find yourself on Market Street in Denver at The Black Buzzard, Oskar Blues Grill & Brew you can see it in person. Viretta will play a live show, along with The SIR Band, before unveiling the video to the crowd.

Want more details? Head to the Facebook event and get tickets!


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Fans Left Their Voice With Senses Fail At Their Recent Denver Show

By: Nathan Sheppard

Summit Music Hall turned back the clock to the early 2000’s last weekend as Senses Fail brought the noise. Touring in support of their newest album If There Is Light, It Will Find You, Senses Fail brought along Reggie And The Full Effect, Have Mercy, and Household.

Senses Fail.

Senses Fail.

An enthusiastic Denver crowd showed up early to support the opening acts, starting with Household, who pointed out that this was the most people they had performed for this whole tour. The Minnesota band played their hearts out for Summit and paved way for Have Mercy, who rocked the stage just as hard.

Reggie And The Full Effect, the solo project of James Dewees, keyboardist for The Get Up Kids, started up the night’s throwback vibes with their signature pop-punk/synth tunes. Their set was filled with some old fan favorites like “Karate School” and “Maggie,” and a couple from their latest album 41. They capped off their set with “Get Well Soon,” which had the building bobbing their heads and singing along to the catchy chorus.

Senses Fail was up next, but while the crew was setting up, the crowd enjoyed a mini Emo Nite with a plethora of 2000’s punk songs from Sum 41, Underoath, The Used, and more. The security team even had to work overtime, as the were a couple of crowd surfers during the intermission.

After the sing-along had concluded, lead singer Buddy Nielsen and crew took the stage and turned up the intensity. The place went nuts after the first notes of “Family Tradition,” and a mosh pit opened up and seemed to then last the whole show. Buddy matched the energy by jumping all over the stage and throwing in a cartwheel as well. In between songs, he shared stories about many of his past struggles and how he overcame them, encouraging others to do the same. This openness is what makes Buddy one of the best frontmen there is. The night concluded with a three-song encore of “187,” “Rum Is For Drinking,” and “Bite To Break Skin,” sending everyone home either drenched in sweat or with no voice from singing along.

Senses Fail have gone through almost a complete lineup change (minus Buddy and guitarist Gavin Casewell) since their last album Pull The Thorns From Your Heart, but seem to have hit their stride again after their newest album. If There Is Light, It Will Find You is a throwback to old-school Senses Fail and has had great reception since its release, which was evident at the show as fans sang along to the new songs and the old. There are still a handful of dates left on the band’s current tour. Check out their new album so you can sing along too here.


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Umphrey’s McGee Lit Up Aspen's Belly Up For Three-Night Colorado Run

By: Cy Fontenot

After a two week break, the six-piece power band Umphrey’s McGee took a crowd of a few hundred people in Aspen CO, on an epic musical journey. They had the Belly Up, a notoriously intimate venue, dripping from the ceiling in good times at their Wednesday night show.  


They started out the night by jamming their way into fan-favorite, “Resolution.” They then made their way into Umphrey’s classic, “In the Kitchen,” and left the crowd steaming with excitement as they closed out their first set with “Bridgeless.”


Giving the room some time to breathe with intermission, Umphrey’s came out for their second set with guns blazin’ for “Phil’s Farm.” Just as things started to get really frothy, they hit us with “Booth Love, and then an OG Umphrey’s jam, “Nothing Too Fancy,” which left the crowd picking their faces up off the floor from the sweet jams.


Taking it one step further, they played their brand new, ultra-heavy song, “Remind Me,” which did remind me that this is a band with a fire burning deep inside, a fire that will continue to produce the gnarliest of jams for decades to come.


If you haven’t had the pleasure of catching Umphrey’s McGee live, check out their tour dates and new album, Its Not Us, here. They’ve got a three-night run of Red Rocks show coming up this July too, which you should grab your tickets for now.


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Television Generation's 'Peel' Is About Your Lonely Life As A Millenial

By: Norman Hittle

Denver’s own apathetic indie-rockers Television Generation are back on the scene with the same attitude and a new EP.

Check out Peel below:

The new music was released December 8th, 2017 through At Night Group. According to the band: “Peel is a 7-song excursion through the eyes of a Denverite's lonely millennial existence in an ever-gentrifying city.” Staying close to the same vein as their previous release (the four-song EP Fuchsia), TVG harnesses a raw energy brought to popularity by greats such as Nirvana (circa Bleach), The Strokes (circa Room on Fire), and indie greats Japandroids.



“Whatever” kicks off this release with a straightforward garage rock feel in a Dandy Warhols kind of way, highlighting the simple, yet, effective and easy to relate to lyrical content TVG presents to its listeners. “I’d Kill Myself But I Have to Go to Work Tomorrow” follows suit with an added level of dirty bass and a monologue-esque style of singing that reminded me of The Hives.

Katy Johnson.

Katy Johnson.

“The Model” holds coveted spot number three on the EP and presents the listener with what I interpreted as a sarcastic critique of the lifestyle of a fashion model, sung by bassist Katy Johnson. “My Favorite Drug” is a laid back punk vibe (if there is such a monster) alluding to a relationship being a favored drug. “Placeholder” comically comes in as an homage to its own name, but is noteworthy due to the song being uncharacteristic of the energy of the rest of the EP, and almost like an early Radiohead song in regard to its droning lethargy. “Going Blank Again” returns to a more traditional post-punk vibe, as well as being the longest track at over five minutes. “Thirteen” closes out the EP in emo-pop/punk style with a playful guitar lead while Will Hayden sings from the point of view of being a thirteen-year old.

Keep up with TVG on their social media and check out Television Generation live March 9th at Streets of London Pub. Event details here.


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Poets & Wolves Bring Their Alternative Indie Dance Pop Sound Alive At Denver Show

By: Nathan Sheppard

Poets & Wolves played Your Mom's House last week, with Adventure Nothing and The Ugly Architect. The intimate show started with a mix of original songs and solid covers by Adventure Nothing. Then The Ugly Architect, an outfit from Fort Collins, took the stage and bumped up the energy with their exuberant performance style and fun-loving stage presence.

Poets & Wolves.

Poets & Wolves.

The Greeley-based band Poets & Wolves finished off the night with a solid set. The alternative indie four-piece use a wide variety of influences and genres to create a sound unique to themselves. They mix slow, melodic bass with catchy guitar riffs to get you dancing while simultaneously keeping alt chill elements strong throughout their catchy, grooving tunes.

The group opened their set with songs from their debut EP To The Moon, having only released two double-single records prior. Poets & Wolves also did a cover of Linkin Park's “Waiting For The End” with their own alt emo twist. They topped off the night with one of their older singles, “Pretty Little Mess,” which sent the night off with a stomping frenzy.

Poets & Wolves (2).jpg

You can stream Poets & Wolves’ music on all platforms and keep up with them on Facebook. Though this was the band’s last show of 2017, you can see them January 11th at Globe Hall with Stereoshifter, Echoes In Reverie, and Wolf Poets.


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Premiere: Grayson County Burn Ban Release Second Single From Upcoming Debut Record 'Better Neighbor'

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Denver’s Grayson County Burn Ban first came together in 2014 after frontman Austen Grafa was on the road with another Colorado band and decided he wanted to combine two of his favorite genres: country and rock’n’roll. Having grown up in Texas, Grafa was inspired by songwriters like Guy Clark, Jerry Jeff Walker, Terry Allen, and Robert Earl Keen. After teaming up with fellow Denver musicians Nate Wilson, Travis Page, Brian Beer, and Tyler Brewer (Ned Garthe Explosion), GCBB was formed and Grafa began using his influences to craft what is now considered the band’s “campfire country” sound.

This January, GCBB are releasing their debut record, titled Better Neighbor. The title track from the 12-song release is already out with an accompanying music video (see above), and one that is hard for any Denverite not to laugh along with. It details (rather sarcastically) some of the trials of Denver city life, like trying to park in Cap Hill, or the frustration many have faced when finding recyclable beer cans in the trash bin after day-drinking in Cheesman Park. The song’s refrain, “Are you an idiot? Or just an asshole?” will have you laughing as the band members experience other annoyances while venturing around their neighborhood and asking you to be the exact thing the title of their new record suggests.

Today, the band has released their second single and accompanying video for their song “Up Here.”

Animated by artist, Sarah Letteny, the video follows a character slowly climbing up a ladder in black and white while reflecting on the world down below before it falls through a psychedelic-colored sky back to its colorless reality. As the chorus repeats, “I’m higher than I’ve ever been/looking down at this little world I’m in/Everything is making sense/but I don’t know if I should be alone up here,” things like money and cars appear just out of reach of the video’s character before it crashes through the clouds.

Said Grafa about the video, “Sarah did an amazing job bringing our vision to life for this song, which is, as the lyrics state, all about being ‘a little too high,’ where you can see everything going on, but maybe you shouldn’t be so high alone.”

“Up Here” continues GCBB’s “campfire country” sound with Grafa’s rolling, storytelling vocals over guitar before it breaks into a full-band-at-your-favorite-dive-bar slow country jam.


Grayson County Burn make the kind of music you want to crush cans to. Just make sure you recycle those when you're finished.

Keep up with Grayson County Burn Ban here.


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Colorado's The Velveteers Release Debut Single + Music Video for Track "Death Hex"

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Colorado rock duo The Velveteers released their first music video and single today for their original track, “Death Hex”. Recorded at Silo Sound Studios, the track features commanding vocals by frontwoman Demi Demitro over heavy guitar and a slammin’ rock’n’roll drumbeat courtesy of John Demitro.

John & Demi Demitro.

John & Demi Demitro.

Demi’s presence in the accompanying music video for “Death Hex” is as equally hypnotic as the single itself. In it, we enter a black and white world lit only by candles, and are hexed with prismatic visions of Demi playing in front of dual drummers in gothic makeup. Visions of Demi’s smile, eyes, and headbanging hair flash before us as if part of a spell.

Watch The Velveteer’s new music video for their debut single, “Death Hex”:

Said Demi of the video, “‘Death Hex’ is about awakening from the dead and saying goodbye to the past. It was really inspired by a sense of magic I felt happening. It’s a story of coming back from a bad situation and coming out on the other side better than you ever imagined.”

Though The Velveteers have been around for a year and a half, “Death Hex” is the first music that they have actually recorded. They’ll be supporting the single, and showcasing a number of other original tunes, on their upcoming UK tour with California’s Deap Valley, and they’ve got more studio plans in the works as well.

On top of being a talented player, Demi’s got the attitude of a real rock goddess in creative control of all she does with this project, and that’s one reason that checking out The Velveteers is a must. Make sure to listen to “Death Hex” for yourself, and peep The Velveteers' UK tour dates here.


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Mawule Blends R&B, EDM, and Rock In His Upcoming Album "Chosen"

By: Jura Daubenspeck

Mawule's new release Chosen pulls together personal and creative elements for the win.

There’s never a dull moment for Mawule. The R&B singer/songwriter has been hard at work in the studio the last few months, recording and writing music constantly. While his charisma oozes with each live performance, he has spent most of his time recently rehearsing solo, and investing everything he has into his upcoming album, Chosen.

Mawule has already released two singles, "Fall for Me (feat. Jerney)" and "Anything", both from the upcoming album, and they do not disappoint. His buttery vocals overlay fresh beats, making his songs nearly impossible not to move with.

The album’s title Chosen is a reflection of what many creatives go through. It is an ode to those who know what it’s like to completely immerse yourself into your work, but still struggle to gain recognition. You sacrifice time and money, work until total exhaustion, and make yourself vulnerable to the world. It’s far from easy, but it’s the path you’ve landed yourself on, and you wouldn’t change it for anything else.

Mawule’s music parallels the everyday occurrences many of us face. His passion for relationship dynamics shines through his music, and even through his catchy upbeat songs, he touches on some very real topics. He pulls together his personal life and music life into an empowering, positive message that makes his music enjoyable to listen to.

There were some risks taken when creating Chosen. It is far from a strictly R&B album, and actually incorporates some EDM and rock into it, making it a deliciously unique fusion. Each song is meant to be experienced in a different way, and the album will take you on a journey through the inner workings of Mawule’s mind.


There will be a release party for Chosen on June 12th at Denver hotspot, Lost Lake. The album will be unveiled in its entirety, along with a few never-before-heard acoustic songs. Mawule’s stage presence always makes his performances a blast to watch. A talented eclectic bunch will be joining this show, including: DJ Zenas, Amy Kress, Jerney, and Ill Se7en. So get in on the action early, and come out to Lost Lake for what is bound to be a night full of dancing and great vibes. Doors open at 7:30pm, and the show starts at 8:00pm. Tickets are $10 (presale) and $12 (day of show), so grab them while they're hot! Purchase tickets here.

For an even closer look into the making of Chosen, check out the behind-the-scenes videos for "Simple" and "Get Your Name", as well as personal blog posts from Mawule himself.


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The Weekend Six: Six Shows to See 04/08 & 04/09 + More

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Another weekend means another round of awesome local music. Check out our picks this week:


Today (Friday 04/08):

Gasoline Lollipops at Oskar Blues in Lyons 6PM-Close

Alt-country four-piece Gasoline Lollipops are well-known in these parts, and this weekend, the guys are playing Oskar Blues in Lyons. They’ve been called one of “Colorado’s Best”, and for good reason! Their performances are “high energy and heartfelt, like the American highway’s soundtrack. That’s something to grab a brew over. Start your weekend at this show!

Check out Gasoline Lollipops’ live performance of “White Trash”:

Residual Kid EP Release Party with Bud Bronson & the Good Timers and Slow Caves at the Hi-Dive in Denver 8PM-Close


Austin’s noise punk/grunge trio Residual Kid are releasing their EP Salsa tonight at the Hi-Dive with special local guests Bud Bronson & the Good Timers and Slow Caves. We’ve got one word for this lineup: PARTY! This show is guaranteed to have stage dives, gnarly shredding, and more! Plus RK are giving away a copy of Salsa to the first hundred people that walk through the door. So get your tickets now and get there!

Watch Residual Kid’s promo video for the show:

The Zimmermans at Conor O’Neill’s Irish Pub in Boulder 10PM-Close

We recently saw The Zimmermans at a private house show, and man were we impressed. This Boulder-based Bob Dylan tribute group brought mad character to songs all over the Dylan catalogue. Frontman Joshua Elioseff had everyone moving, while regular members, and special guests alike took the stage to showcase their musical talents. Tonight, the six-piece rocks the Conor’s stage, so drop in and dance!

Check out their cover of “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere”:

Tomorrow (Saturday 04/09):

Mawule Single Release Party featuring Miguel Dakota and the Differents, Jerney, DJ Zenas, & A Meazy at Club 156 in Boulder 730PM-Close

Denver’s R&B/pop artist Mawule is dropped his newest single this morning and he will be performing it live tomorrow as headliner at CU’s Club 156. His story and his music are super inspiring, so this is definitely a show worth checking out! Mawule’s got a ton of Denver talent on deck too- Miguel Dakota and the Differents will play a set, along with hip hop favorite Jerney, DJ Zenas, and A Meazy. This is a sick lineup you don’t want to miss; tickets at the door.

Hear Mawule’s debut single "Fall for Me":

The Burroughs with Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal at Moxi Theater in Greeley 8PM-Close

We just dropped a sweet review on Greeley’s soul act The Burroughs for their recent release of singles “You Are My Joy” and “1968”. Tonight, the nine-piece are celebrating their new music with a sweet hometown Moxi Theater show. Make the trek, or if you’re a resident, get your tickets here! It’s going to be a great night of soul with Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal sharing the stage. So get to it!

Listen to The Burroughs’ new singles:

The Fremonts at The No Name Bar in Boulder 10PM-Close

Americana storytellers Stephanie Dodd and Justin Badger will be making their return to The No Name Bar tomorrow night. This duo are not only talented, they’re hilarious. Just check out their blog for a taste. So get your music fix behind the big brown door with The Fremonts tomorrow! They’ve got new music for you, and they’re sure to keep you entertained. 

Peep The Fremonts’ track “Echo”:


We now actively cover press at shows, and we do our best to promote those. Catch some of us at the Lost Lake and the Larimer doing press for these performances:

FRIDAY: Hi-Fi Gentry EP Release Party featuring Whiskey Autumn, VWLS, & Griffin at Lost Lake Lounge in Denver 8PM-Close

Hi-Fi Gentry are a five-piece indie outfit based in Denver. Tonight, they’re throwing a massive party at Lost Lake for the release of their newest EP, Film Noir. The group have already dropped a couple of singles from the EP, which we really dig, and you can hear one below. Boulder’s R&B pop/rock trio Whiskey Autumn will be sharing the stage, along with experimental psych group VWLS, and Griffin. You get a free copy of Film Noir with your ticket purchase; tickets at the door.

Listen to Hi-Fi Gentry’s new single “The Tide”:

SATURDAY: The Yawpers featuring Blackfoot Gypsies NOW AT Larimer Lounge in Denver 9PM-Close

UPDATE: This show was moved to the Larimer Lounge after publication. Tickets are available at the time of this update- get them here!

The Yawpers are back in town. Do we really need to say much more? The badass rock and roll trio from the D are playing double hometown shows this weekend, both with Blackfoot Gypsies, a Nashville band that we’ve literally followed for years and can’t wait to see live. We guarantee BFG’s performance will be kickin’, so get there early for their set! Saturday's show is at Larimer Lounge; Sunday’s daytime BBQ at Lost Lake will feature Boulder’s The Velveteers, the perfect complement to an already sick rock lineup. Get tickets for the Sunday show here.

Watch The Yawpers vid for "Doing It Right”:



Boulder County Farmers Market is every Saturday from 10AM-2PM. We’re working closely with BCFM to promote the music at the market, and this week, Denver’s Zen Mustache will be under the red top tent. Stop by to hear their soulful funk tunes and grab some food. And don’t forget about one of our favorite treats… the iced coffee!


This week, our Sunday partnership with Green Light Radio and Streetside Productions will feature a track by Denver’s Open to the Hound in honor of their new music video and EP release for Way of the Critter! Rocky Flats was out of town last weekend, so he will play them tonight! Tune in to any of the Colorado Community Network Radio Stations here (95.3 or 95.5 Boulder) or stream Green Light between 9-10PM to catch their song “Liquid Lady”.


Follow Hannah on twitter and instagram.

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The Weekend Six: Six Shows to See 03/18, 03/19, & 03/20

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Happy weekend peeps! Here’s The Six:

Today (Friday 03/18):

Jeremy Baugh, Hunter Stone, & Cody Hart at Taco Junky in Boulder 9PM-Close


These three talented musicians have formed a supergroup of sorts that will be rockin’ out at Taco Junky tonight on The Hill. Baugh (of Cold River City), Stone, and Hart (of Cold River City & Asalott) will treat you to some sweet tunes while you stay warm with margs and tacos. Plus if you’re heading to the Marco Benevento show at The Fox, TJ’s is right next door, so drop in and say hi! We’ll see you there!

Tomorrow (Saturday 03/19):

Big Ol’ Birthday Bluegrass Bash at Studio 700 in Boulder 7PM-Close


We brought you tons of sweet coverage on the last Studio 700 show (Music Masquerade), and this weekend’s party is bound to be just as fun! It’s St. Patrick’s Day themed, so put on your best leprechaun suit and hop around to the bluegrass bands on the bill. Booze, snacks, and all the funnest people in the land will be there. Don’t forget your green kids.

Get more details on this event here.

Natural Motives with The Boundless at Sancho’s Boulder Arrow in Boulder 8PM-Close

Chris Ruiz of Natural Motives.

Chris Ruiz of Natural Motives.

Get grooved at Sancho’s on The Hill tomorrow night with Boulder’s jam/funk band Natural Motives and the tribal/electronic outfit The Boundless. Grab a brew and party! The Boundless have promised dancers and visuals, so prepare for a psychedelic time. It’s going to be an awesome show! Learn more about this show here.

Listen to a Natural Motives self-titled EP:

The Next Day (Sunday 03/20):

Jeremy Mohney at The Mercury Cafe in Denver 7PM-Close

Jeremy Mohney.

Jeremy Mohney.

Jeremy Mohney has a sweet Sunday show at The Mercury Cafe in Denver with a talented crew: Alex Heffron (guitar), Gary Sloan (trombone), Greg Corcione (drums), & Hunter Roberts (bass). The five-piece will be playing jazz and swing originals, and even have some new material promised for your ears! Go practice your swing moves and end the weekend right. More info right here.

Listen to Mohney’s “Boco Stomp”:

My Body Sings Electric with Soon To Be Titans, Foreverfall, & Meeting House at the Downtown Artery in Fort Collins 7PM-Close


Denver’s alt/posthardcore crew My Body Sings Electric are playing their last CO show this Sunday at the Downtown Artery as they jet out on a national tour. Sharing the stage are Loveland’s alt/rock Soon To Be Titans, along with Fort Collins’ Foreverfall. Plus new Denver rock trio Meeting House will open the show. The Meeting House dudes happen to be dropping their new EP at this event, so make sure to catch their set! It’s going to be a shreddin’ time, and you can cop more info here.

Check out Meeting House’s track “Beware of the Vulture”:

Britt Margit Melisma EP Preview at The Laughing Goat in Boulder 9PM-Close


Aspen singer/songwriter Britt Margit is having a preview show of her upcoming EP Melisma at The Laughing Goat on Sunday. We’ve got a whole feature on her here- check it out! And make sure to stop by and catch her set!

Listen to Margit’s “Peace And Harmony (In The Bleak Midwinter)”:

ANDDD for our #ListenLocal feature this week:

PS: This week, our Sunday partnership with Green Light Radio and Streetside Productions will feature a track by Boulder’s Cold River City! The rockin’ funk and blues outfit dropped their new album Thank You. Sorry. Love You. this week! Green Light was live at Frozen Dead Guy Days last weekend, so instead they’ll play the single this Sunday. So tune in to any of the Colorado Community Network Radio Stations here (95.3 or 95.5 Boulder) or stream Green Light between 9-10PM to listen to CRC’s single “Could It Be”!

Stay warm out there! See you at a show!


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An Update with Homevibe: Tall Heights Tonight + Ryan Montbleau for Valentine's Day

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Homevibe has a few shows on the horizon.

Last month, we had the pleasure of rocking out at three of Homevibe’s local shows- Willy Porter + Dave Tamkin, John Craigie + Reed Foehl, and the Homevibe for the Holidays Concert. As we settle into the new year, we’re excited to bring you info on some more of their gigs! Let us tell you a bit about what's coming up:

Tall Heights. Photo Credit: Jeff Fasano.

Tall Heights. Photo Credit: Jeff Fasano.

Tall Heights with Special Guests Poet’s Row & Paul Kimbiris - This Friday 01/29

Homevibe is going to make you feel right at home once again this Friday at The Walnut Room in Denver. Headliner Tall Heights are a harmony-heavy indie duo from Boston who NPR has called both “intimate and arresting”. And they would know- members Tim Harrington (vocals/guitar) and Paul Wright (vocals/cello) did a live taping with NPR’s World Cafe and performed on NPR’s Mountain Stage program. Tall Heights also had chart success last year, hitting Billboard’s “Next Big Sound” and iTunes Apple Music “Best of 2015”. After dropping their EP Holding On, Holding Out in October of 2015, Tall Heights have been touring stateside. Their travels continue through April, and while they’ve got a few Colorado gigs, Friday’s show is the closest to Boulder/Denver, it has two awesome guests on board (which we’ll get to in just a sec), and it’s a Homevibe show! So you know it’s going to be cozy and downright awesome. Which brings us to the other acts on Friday’s lineup: Poet’s Row is a Denver-based folk four-piece and Paul Kimbiris is one of Boulder’s most noteworthy singer songwriters. You might remember our album review of his full-length release, Dark Side of Pearl, or the fact that he played in our Fall Showcase with his band BLVD. This Homevibe bill is bringing a lot of talent to the stage, and two local openers is an awesome thing to see! So get tickets for this Homevibe event while you still can- just click here.

PS: Tall Heights just premiered their music video for their song "Spirit Cold" yesterday on PASTE- watch that here

Ryan Montbleau.

Ryan Montbleau.

Valentine’s Dinner & Concert with Ryan Montbleau - Sunday 02/14

Looking to impress someone special for Valentine’s Day this year? Then Homevibe’s got you covered! They’ve got a three course dinner by Per La Gente (and champagne if you so choose) + a solo performance by Ryan Montbleau at The Riverside in Boulder. Touring since the early 2000s, as a both a solo act and with his band, Montbleau has most recently been on the road for his 2015 solo release, Growing Light. His current performance set has been called “bold and barrier breaking, organically blending rock, funk, soul, folk, and psychedelia to create a sonic kaleidoscope… The night will kick off at 5PM with dinner; show starts at 8PM. We’ll bring you more coverage as VDay approaches, but in the meantime, get your tickets for the dinner and a show right here.

Stay tuned for more events and updates from us! We hope to see you soon.


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The Weekend Six: Six Shows to See 01/15 & 01/16

By: Hannah Oreskovich

TGIF! We are soooo ready for the weekend. Here’s our six, Beaters:

Today (Friday, 01/15)

Amoramora with Natural Motives at The Armoury in Denver 9PM-Close

These two Boulder-based bands are hitting the D tomorrow night for a show at The Armoury. Amoramora want you to know that their set will be “original tunes mixed with bust-out covers; an eclectic mix of improvisational musical gumbo.” The trio is a funk/psych/roots/reggae mix that promises to “make you shake your groove thing”. And reggae rock group Natural Motives will be opening up the set to get you movin’! Plus live painting and visuals by Laura McGowan and Suncat. Go get down!

Listen to an Amoramora original, “Rafiki’s Expedition”:

Booster at The Lazy Dog in Boulder 10PM-Close


Rocket fuel, aka the “high-energy funk fusion powerhouse” that is Boulder’s Booster will be lockin’ down The Lazy Dog this evening! Their improvisational jazz, funk, rock, and “everything in-between” is sure to keep you moving all night long. The four-piece, who are best known for their “no guitars” rule, have some big plans for 2016 so catch this Boulder show while you can!

Give their live performance of “Fepic Jam” a listen:

A Shadow of Jaguar at Conor O’Neill’s Irish Pub in Boulder 10PM-Close

Boulder’s delta rock duo A Shadow of Jaguar have a show at Conor’s tonight that promises to “make you scrunch your face and nod your head”. Comprised of Brian Hubbert (also of Cold River City) and Andrew Oakley (also of Cold River City and BANDITS), this powerful duo will have Conor’s spinnin’. Though they’re Boulder-based, the two are so busy touring that they rarely have a local show. So drop in and catch ‘em while you can.

Watch the duo’s video for their single “Mama Needs The Bottle”:

Theogen at The No Name Bar in Boulder 10PM-Close

Denver’s Theogen describe themselves as a group of people dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the live psychedelic electronic music experience”. We’re really in the psych sort of mood tonight, so this show behind the big brown door sounds like a Friday night win. Come get weird.

Peep Theogen’s “Solar Hymn”:

Tomorrow (Saturday, 01/16)

Dragondeer with Toi Et Moi, Mark’s Midnight Carnival Show, and Jocelyn & Chris Arndt at Larimer Lounge in Denver 8PM-Close

Denver’s psych/blues four piece Dragondeer will be rockin’ Larimer Lounge tonight with a sweet lineup of friends. Their swampy cosmic sounds will close out the night after appearances by Denver’s French retro outfit Toi Et Moi, indie rock trio Mark’s Midnight Carnival Show (also of Denver), and the touring rock four-piece Jocelyn & Chris Arndt. Tickets are only $10 in advance; $13 at the door. Show’s 21+. Get ‘em here.

Watch Dragondeer play “Don’t That Feel Good” live:

The Zimmermans at Conor O’Neill’s Irish Pub in Boulder 10PM-Close

If you like Bob Dylan, you should probably head over to Conor’s tomorrow night. The Zimmermans, Boulder’s favorite Bobby D cover band, will be rockin’ the stage. The group has been bringing BD’s sounds to Boulder and beyond for ten years now! Celebrate with them tonight at their show; it’s gonna be a good one.

Listen to their version of “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowehere”:

PS: This week, our Sunday feature with Green Light Radio and Streetside Productions will feature a track by Boulder rock group Villain Baritone! We’ll bring you a full rundown on them and their Studio 700 Music Masquerade show with us next week, but in the meantime, tune in between 9-10PM to 95.5 in Boulder, or stream it live to hear their song “Vines” Sunday night!

That’s a lot of sweet options Boulder! We’ll see you out there!


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It Goes Beyond: An Imaginary “Interview” and "Concert" Review with The Itchy-O Marching Band

By: Will Baumgartner

Denver's Itchy-O are one crazy awesome crew. 


I’m in my apartment waiting for The Itchy-O Marching Band to arrive for our interview. I don’t really know what to expect. I’ve heard a lot about them, seen a few photos, and heard their music. I know they can be kinda weird interview subjects because I heard them live on KGNU recently, and when the DJ asked them questions, she was answered by electronically distorted voices delivering cryptic messages which seemed to come from another dimension. What I don’t expect is… what happens.

First, drums. A whole LOT of drums. I hear them before I see them. In fact, I can’t see much at all at first, because my apartment goes dark. Then, BOOM! From somewhere outside the walls, somewhere in the hall, the pounding of drums- a whole lot of them: pounding polyrhythms coming for me. It’s a little spooky, maybe, this invasion of the unknown, but really, it’s a lot more exciting than any kind of scary. There’s something absolutely irresistible in this mystery.

The Itchy-O Marching Band. Photo Credit: Patrick Anderson

The Itchy-O Marching Band. Photo Credit: Patrick Anderson

Then, simultaneously, two things happen: electronics and lights. It’s still pretty dark in my apartment, but as my eyes begin to adjust, I see dark figures (they’re all dressed in black from head to toe, with face-covering masks, black suits, and, on some of them, giant black mariachi hats). I hear, from some other place or universe, sounds coming from what I can only describe as… I don’t know, “intergalactic radios”? All of these sounds, as disparate as they may seem if they were listened to separately or picked apart mentally, are actually working together to create something which is, undeniably, music.

And then there are the lights. Rings of tiny red lights glowing on the brims of the mariachi hats, and other, bigger lights shining from various corners of my apartment. The drumming becomes more insistent and even more polyrhythmic and… WHOA! Suddenly there are lights all over the dang place: pulsing strobes here, sweeping searchlights there, lights worn by the members of the band on their costumes, and, on one end of my apartment, a tower which emits a Tesla-like, crackling, twisting band of electricity. It is now when it becomes more and more clear to me that Itchy-O, while knowing that I had wanted to talk with them, have come to do anything but talk. No, what they want to do is… DANCE!



And their want travels to me just like that: This sudden, unavoidable demand and need to dance. I can’t resist it; who could? I’m dancing! How very delightful!! And better yet, I’m dancing with the band!!! They wear giant megaphone-like speakers on their backs, they play drums banded on their torsos which they carry around the room with them while they play various electronic setups also attached to their bodies like food vendors wandering the crowd at a baseball game (or something like that), One member even has a portable Theremin that he carries in front of him; another rides a freakin’ BIKE around my apartment with a computerized music-making setup on the front and a giant megaphone speaker on the back. Some of these lovable freaks are just dancers with no drums or electronic gear or speakers and, wait, look over there! Here comes a big shaggy, sparkly dog-dragon-like-creature, which puts my befuddled and bedazzled mind into some Chinese/Mexican carnival setting. And all the while, the music just keeps playing and swirling while the drums keep pounding and layering, and…

Well, you get the idea. (Or do you?)

Despite the volume of the music, and the fact that all of the Itchy-O members mouths are covered by their masks (all I can see are their eyes), I attempt to begin some semblance of an interview.

WB: This is quite an experience, and it makes me wonder where it all started. What can you tell me about the origins of Itchy-O?

I-O: ____________________

WB: Umm… Okay. Well can you give me some idea of your influences and inspirations?

I-O: _______________________________________ (accompanied by what looks like a smirk of the eyes).

WB: Well, sheesh. We’re not getting very far with this, are we?

I-O: (Gives me the grinning eyes) (Shoves me gently, playfully)

WB: Ah, why do I bother trying to talk to you?

I-O: (shrugs!)

WB: (slightly frustrated, while undeniably still amused; charmed even) Are you intentionally messing with me? Just to get on my nerves, or… or make me feel foolish??

I-O: (shakes head “No!” emphatically) (Grabs me and hugs me- hard!!!)

And so what do I do? Well, what can I do? I surrender, give up on my insistent and rather silly idea of an “interview”, and helpless to resist the pull of the music and Itchy-O’s exhortations to resume the dance, I resume the dance. And it’s wonderful, isn’t it? Oh yes. Yes it is.



The experience described above, while it obviously didn’t “really happen” to me (OR DID IT?), does (I hope) give you, Dear Reader, some idea of what an Itchy-O “concert” is like. At least, the one I went to recently at Denver’s own Home of the Weird (Oddball Haven? Misfits Paradise?), the 3 Kings Tavern. I’d been wanting to catch an Itchy-O’s “show” for awhile, and when it was all over, I was… how shall I put this? I was DELIRIOUSLY HAPPY that I’d gone.

Yes. That’s what I meant to say. Capitals intentional.

Drums. Photo Credit: Patrick Anderson

Drums. Photo Credit: Patrick Anderson

You probably noticed that I put the words “concert” and “show” in quotes. Why? Well, because it’s hard to know what earthly terminology can accurately encapsulate what I was so deliriously, happily engulfed in that night. Itchy-O’s aggregation of 20 to 30 musicians and dancers doesn’t so much “perform” for an “audience” as they do invite everyone who’s there with them to become part of something bigger- much bigger- than the sum of its parts. Itchy-O goes beyond “audience participation” to the point that it’s really difficult to tell who’s putting on the “show”. And that, I think, is the whole point. Itchy-O simply goes beyond. And they insist that we come with them.

Of all these drummers, electronics players and dancers, only four or five of them were onstage: the rest of the group wandered incessantly through the crowd, engaging us all in dancing, playful interaction, etc. A few times, Itchy People (my own term) would come up behind me and play with my pork pie hat, bobbing it around on my head or taking it off of my head and putting it on someone else- and I didn’t mind, not a bit! You can feel the love and the sense of delightful mischief in everything they do; it just makes the experience that much more fun.

3 Kings Crowd.

3 Kings Crowd.

The Itchy People had no qualms whatsoever about coming up and dancing with us. At one point, I was dancing really hard (with my wool pea coat still on), and felt cool air up inside of my coat. I opened my eyes (they’d been closed; I was so into it) and saw that one of the Itchy People was doing this, using some hairdryer-type thing to cool me off. Yikes. How cool is that?

So for heaven's sake, let’s get Itchy-O up here to B-Town SOON because really, until you’ve gone where they go (into another universe?), you truly don’t know what you’re missing. You’d swear you were in some kind of heaven- one way beyond your wildest imaginings. And if you have any dancing bones in your body, well.. Oh boy. You’ll definitely be dancing.

Watch a live Itchy-O performance:


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The Jacob Cade Project Proves That Rock 'n' Roll is Still Alive, and Age is Just a Number

By: Jura Daubenspeck

Jacob Cade is not your average teen rocker.

When you were seventeen years old, how were you spending your time? Writing songs, playing sports, and shredding the guitar daily with your musician father and music manager mother? For Jacob Cade, a junior at Ponderosa High School in Parker, CO, playing regular performances as the lead singer and guitarist of a rock band is no pipe dream, it’s reality.

BLDGBLKS   artist Jacob Cade. Photo Credit:  Benjamin Smith Photography

BLDGBLKS artist Jacob Cade. Photo Credit: Benjamin Smith Photography

Born in El Paso, TX, Jacob exhibited musical talent at just age four. His initial interest in guitar led him to then teach himself violin, drums, and piano, and he eventually decided to create his own band, with the desire to make music that preserved the integrity of rock 'n' roll. At the age of twelve, he took on the role as lead singer and guitarist, with his father, Jim Cade, on bass, and Denver-native Shawn Duncan, on drums. And with that, the rock trio that is The Jacob Cade Project was born.

Their debut performance was in December 2012 at a Mile High Scenesters event at Herman’s Hideaway, and since then, they have performed at Cervantes’ Ballroom, The Gothic Theatre, Parker Days Festival, and more.

Shreddin'. Photo Credit: Julie Ann Vinson.

Shreddin'. Photo Credit: Julie Ann Vinson.

The Jacob Cade Project is not just some high school garage band. The musicianship of all three members is palpable, with quick tempos, intense progressions, and powerful finishes. Jacob shreds on guitar, and listening to his vocal work, you can feel his vigor and passion. What I find most impressive about this group is that their music completely holds true to their classic hard rock roots, but also has a youthful feel to them, with Jacob being the lead singer. If The Jacob Cade Project did a cover of AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell,” they would absolutely slay it.

In June 2015, the band released their debut album, The Prince of Rock ‘n Roll which has reached acclaim on the internet, and earned a spot on The Music God’s Best of 2015 Rock Top 20 list. The ten-song album is nothing but pure, heart-pounding rock, with thrasher tracks such as, “Ball and Chain,” “Green Light Go," “The Prince of Rock ‘n Roll,” and “Prisoner”. There are also slower, melodic ballads like “Always” and “Nothing After All”. The album takes you on one hell of a ride, and causes you to shake your head at least once and ask, “Is this kid really in high school?”

Watch The Jacob Cade Project perform "Green Light Go" live:

When Jacob is not writing music or performing, he is active in school sports, including soccer, track, football, basketball, and weightlifting. He is close with his family, and it clearly shows with the creation of The Jacob Cade Project.

Plans for a national tour is in the works, and the group will be traveling on a Southwest regional tour this summer. They will be performing on January 21st at Larimer Lounge, and March 5th at Sunshine Studios Live, so mark your calendars now.

Stay tuned for more news on The Jacob Cade Project, and while you’re at it, check out the Douglas County School District student feature video below, where you can get to know Jacob a little bit better:


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The Weekend Six: Six Shows to See 01/08 & 01/09

By: Hannah Oreskovich

We’ve spent one whole glorious week in 2016 friends! And it sure has been a good one. But we’re ready for another weekend! Check out our six shows to see the next two nights:

Today (Friday, 01/08)

BANDITS, The Velveteers, Shark Fin Soup, & Bourgeois Girl at The Forge in Boulder 630PM-Close



If you haven’t already taken a spin with BANDITS new single “Kill Tonight” this week, you'd better right now kids! The Boulder rock trio dropped the track with a sweet Consequence of Sound feature Tuesday, but the song is now available for download everywhere, with their 7” set to drop in March. The BANDITS crew is headlining tonight’s gig at The Forge, and it’s one that can’t be missed! Sharing the stage: rock duo The Velveteers, indie four-piece Shark Fin Soup, and folk trio Bourgeois Girl. It’s an all-Boulder lineup and we’ll be snapping pics at the show, so come hang with us and all of these badass bands! See you there.

Watch BANDITS live performance of “Kill Tonight” on Second Story Garage here:

Silent Bear Electric Band at License No.1 in Boulder 9PM-Close



Not too long ago, we brought you a sweet sit-down with Boulder’s Silent Bear. And tonight, he’s playing with his Electric Band at License No. 1. Comprised of Audree Dillard (drums/vocals), Sam Fuqua (bass) and the Silent Bear himself (guitar, vocals), tonight’s show is sure to be a treat. So go sip a martini and listen to this goodness downtown!

Check out the Silent Bear Electric Band demo tracks below:

Brothers in Armistice at The No Name Bar in Boulder 10PM-Close


Comprised of Neal Behrendt (keys/guitar), Kyle Bergen (drums), Mike Bruin (sax), and Robin Powers (bass/synth), Boulder’s Brothers in Armistice want to get down with you at The No Name tonight peeps. The four-piece funk fusion collective will be breaking beats behind the big brown door this evening, so go get warm with a good whiskey and listen to this crew knock it down! Learn more about the band on their FB page.

Tomorrow (Saturday, 01/09)

Intimate Evening featuring Blackalicious with Beak Nasty, Qbala, Jerney, and Indigenous Peoples at Hodi’s Half Note in Fort Collins 5PM-Close

There’s a mad impressive lineup at Hodi’s tonight and things are going to get intimate. Oakland’s rap/hip hop duo Blackalicious is headlining tonight's show with performances by Boulder funk/hip hop group Beak Nasty, Fort Collins’ own hip hop artist Qbala, Denver’s hip hop artist Jerney (who you may remember we featured last year here), and Boulder’s hip hop/rock/jazz outfit Indigenous Peoples. It’s a pretty powerful night of Colorado musical forces joining under Blackalicious, and tickets are only $17 in advance. Get yours here! We’ll be covering press at this event, so come catch this show with us tomorrow night at Hodi’s!

Check out a few Blackalicious tracks:

Riley Ann One Woman Band & Emily Shreve at The Infinite Monkey Theorem in Denver 7PM-Close



These two songstresses will be holding things down over a few glasses of wine tomorrow night at The Infinite Monkey Theorem. Here’s why they’re a sweet show combo: Shreve’s haunting voice and piano prowess + Riley Ann’s energetic and impressively looped one-woman-band getup = a guarantee that you’ll be dazzled watching each of these performers live. The two will be making magic at the winery, so roll in and get a pour with these lovely ladies.

Watch Riley Ann’s video for “What Are They Doing in Heaven Today":

The Pamlico Sound at The Lazy Dog in Boulder 10PM-Close



We dropped a feature on The Pamlico Sound just a couple of days ago, which you can peep right here. It was one of our craziest chats to date, and tonight’s performance at the LD sounds like it will be equally insane. Making for a strong return in 2016, TPS has promised tonight’s show will include funk baptisms, amazing antics by Pastor Will B aka The Reverend Every Ready and more. It’s going to be a fantastic party of funk and you’d better make your way there Boulder!

Watch a live performance of The Pamlico Sound at The Fox Theatre:

PS: This week, our Sunday feature with Green Light Radio and Streetside Productions will feature a track by Boulder rock group GingerSlap! We’ll bring you a full rundown on them Monday, but in the meantime, tune in to 95.5 in Boulder, or stream it live to hear their song “Stay the Same” Sunday night between 9-10PM!

Cool options in several Colorado spots for the weekend? We can dig. See you around Beaters.


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Breaking the Rules of the Music Biz: BLDGBLKS Artist Mawule

By: Jura Daubenspeck

Mawule and his music both have stories to tell.

BLDGBLKS Artist Mawule.

BLDGBLKS Artist Mawule.

Born Ebenezer Yebuah, better known by his artist name, Mawule, was born and raised in Accra, Ghana. He and his family moved to Denver when he was 10 years old and he’s remained here ever since. Music has always been an integral part of Mawule’s life, starting with his active involvement in his church’s gospel choir.

But success in the music industry has never been the only goal in mind for Mawule. His lifelong fascination with human relationships and an interest in becoming a couples counselor drove him to pursue a Bachelor’s in Human Development and Family Studies, as well as a Masters in Student Affairs and Higher Education at Colorado State University. As a student, he produced his first song titled, ‘Let You Go,’ which caught the attention of two producers. While education remained his top priority, he continued to write lyrics, concoct amazing beats, and produce music as a hobby. Upon his realization that a life without music was not an option, he re-emerged as Mawule, which means “Only God Knows” in the Ewe language, native to his birthplace.

Mawule’s music reflects his passion for the human connection and he uses it as a source of both comfort and empowerment for others. He is inspired by what is real about relationships, including trust, doubts, and abuse. His songs bring awareness to the objectification of women, harassment, and sexual assault-- all donned in a cloak of deep lyrics and catchy rhythms.

Mawule recording at   The Spot Studios  in Denver .

Mawule recording at The Spot Studios in Denver.

When he is not in the recording studio, Mawule works for the University of Colorado Boulder as a Hall Director. He is also a workout junkie, a food fanatic, and an adventurer. He loves to travel, and makes the 20-hour flight back home to Ghana as frequently as his busy schedule allows.

While Mawule’s music carries hints of futuristic, R&B, and club-vibe tones, he has no plans of limiting his fanbase by genre category. It’s reasons like these that Mawule is breaking the rules of the music business. On the topic of music categorization, Mawule says:

“I don’t want to be categorized into one sound. My music is soulful. Lyrically, I write in the form of R&B, but production-wise, I am all over the board. Music is always changing, and R&B is not what is used to be. I want to cater to all audiences. I want to be the future of R&B.”

Mawule released his first EP, Reflections, in July of 2014. This year, he was featured in Denver’s 93.3 Radio’s December 2015 ‘Hometown for the Holiday’ event, where his single ‘Mirror Mirror’ was selected for one of the top 10 hits.

With an EP, a multitude of songs on SoundCloud, and a lyric stock folder filled with enough songs for three additional albums, Mawule is one artist to look out for. His newest single, ‘Chosen’ will be released online April 8th of next year, and his upcoming album Anything will be subsequently released on June 3rd, 2016.

Check out Mawule’s website for discography, merchandise, and upcoming news about his music. To get up close and personal, be sure to connect with him on Instagram and Twitter as well.

Listen to Mawule's Reflections here:


All photos, videos, and embedded tracks per the artists featured and those credited. This feature was edited for brevity and clarity by BolderBeat.

An Introduction to BLDGBLKS Music Company!

By: Jura Daubenspeck

BLDGBLKS Music Company is building quite a lot in Colorado. 

BLDGBLKS Music Company is proud to announce our recent partnership with BolderBeat! We are a Denver based music company creating sustainable careers for our clients in the entertainment industry. We specialize in artist development, artist management, guerrilla and digital marketing, social media strategy, content creation, and consultation. Our clientele includes: bands, artists, music businesses, lifestyle brands, and more. 

We are located in a secluded estate in Lakewood, CO, and share the space with The Spot Studios. The mansion-turned-recording-studio is unique in its design and is home to state-of-the-art recording technology. Our team is comprised of experienced artists, engineers, producers, web developers, designers, and event organizers. We know what it is like to be faced with a challenge that seems impossible to overcome, and we work with our clients to create a plan that fulfills their vision.

There is never a dull moment at BLDGBLKS! There are new developments happening with our artists every day, and we could not be more stoked to share them all with you. Check out our artists below:

Amy Kress (Contemporary Electronic Pop): Canadian-born singer/songwriter with a powerful voice. Her debut album Secret Music is a collection of heartfelt soul and humor that makes Amy’s music a unique listening experience. She also just released a video that BolderBeat featured.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 09.05.13.png

Binsky (Drum & Bass, Jungle, Glitch-Hop): Bending and chopping sounds is what Binsky does best. He visualizes sounds and sculpts them into textured works of art that will keep you moving and grooving. You can listen to his most recent projects here.

Mawule (Futuristic R&B/Soul): Born and raised in Accra, Ghana, a background in gospel choir led Mawule into the music world. His refined ear and ability to communicate messages in a catchy, relatable way are what hold the integrity of Mawule’s music. Check out his discography.

Sam Hozdulick (Indie Blues Rock): This LGBT singer/songwriter’s unafraid voice touches on topics such as love, heartache, and resilience. Sam’s sophomore album is in the works and will be released soon. Check out the single “Good Thing” for a little taste.

Signs and Signals (Pop/Rock Alternative): With heartfelt lyrics and a collective energy that oozes, Colorado's own Signs and Signals are a blast to watch perform live. Their music is fun, high-energy, and is sure to make anyone get up and dance. They’ve also been featured on BolderBeat before.

Skytown (High Energy Acoustic Rock): Hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma, this rock group mixes clean tones, soothing lead vocals, and funky beats to form a beat impossible not to dance to. Check out the styles of this six-piece here.

The Jacob Cade Project (Hard Rock): This seventeen-year-old rocker derives his influences from Jimmy PageSlash, and Jerry Lee Lewis. His electrifying stage presence and immense guitar talent makes him an artist you ought to keep an eye on. Take a listen for yourself.

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