Five Reasons Daybreaker Is Even Better On A Boat

By: Benjamin Tillis

On March 13th, I woke up before the Los Angeles sun for yet another Daybreaker, an event that has turned into a monthly staple in my life. This one, however, was a bit different as the early morning mischief took place on a boat!

I arrived at the dock at 530AM and was greeted by welcoming crew members who also handed me my silent disco headphones for the yoga session before the dance party. Silent disco yoga was a first, and it allowed for everyone to listen to great music while stretching before the instructor took over. From there, life was downward dogs and smooth sailing- quite literally- out into the Pacific. Here are the five reasons why BolderBeat seriously loved Daybreaker on a boat:

5. Nowhere to Hide! – When you’re on a boat, you have no choice but to stay for the party the whole time, unless of course you want to swim home! This meant that the party was rocking from the time we left the dock until we returned to land. The dance floor was crazy for two straight hours: people rolling on the floor, jumping up and down, hula-hoops everywhere. This was also thanks to the fact that the place was packed with positive, outgoing people. Daybreaker events really cultivate their own community, and one I’m grateful for.

4. Exploration – Another beauty of the boat was the fact that we weren’t confined to one space. You were able to enjoy the scenery of Marina del Ray and it was as if you were on a tour of the bay while also getting down to great music. Views on views.

3. Onlookers – Some of the most fun moments of the morning were when other sailors passed our boat. Crew teams paddled by and were distracted by what probably seemed like crazy people partying on a boat at 7AM. Daybreakers waved hello and cheered them on as they raced by, spreading the good vibes out into the seas.

2. A Breath of Fresh Air – Dancing at a Daybreaker is no joke, and when you’re tightly packed into a small space, it can get hot. But at Daybreaker on a boat, being able to run out onto to the deck or the roof of the boat was so refreshing! It provided that perfect reset while you slammed your kombucha and breathed in the sea breeze to recharge and boogie down again.

1. Doing it Big – Among other things, one of the best takeaways from every Daybreaker is that you leave feeling so energized for the rest of the day. After spending the morning dancing with friendly people and eating delicious and healthy foods, you’re inspired to tackle the rest of your day with a newly found intensity. But when you add a boat into the mix, this feeling doubles! Andy Samberg didn’t dedicate a song to one for nothing. Standing in the ocean simply makes you feel… well… cooler! It set my confidence sailing for the rest of the day.

Daybreaker On A Boat. Photo Credit: Daniel Sozanski

Daybreaker On A Boat. Photo Credit: Daniel Sozanski

If this sounds fun to you, then make sure to check out Daybreaker’s next adventure event in Los Angeles on April 11th. It may not be on a boat, but it will still definitely be the best way to wake up and rejuvenate for the week while making fun friends and getting fit!


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LA's Recent Daybreaker Was Filled With A Little Extra Love

By: Benjamin Tillis

Did you know that the secret to having an energized, supercharged day is... waking up at 5AM? It’s true! On Valentine’s Day morning, I crawled out of bed before the crack of dawn to attend Los Angeles’ Valentine’s Day Daybreaker. Both a yoga session and a dance party, Daybreaker is a series of almost exclusively early morning social gatherings geared towards music lovers, social butterflies, and the health conscious. The end result: a fun-filled, completely unique experience that left me skipping back to my car excited about my drive to work.


To start off the event at 530AM, roughly 50 attendees rolled out their yoga mats in the event space at Joseph’s Café, located in the heart of Hollywood. Sympathetic to the fact that most of us were still waking up, the yoga session was low-intensity and lighthearted. It was a perfect way to loosen and wake up before the big dance party. As soon as 630AM came around, the door opened to those who came just to break a sweat dancing, and several healthy food and beverage brands set up free samples of their products, including Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods, RxBar, and Noosa Yogurt. Delicious.

Copy of Photo_Credit_AndrewRauner (1).jpg

Once my stomach was full, I joined the rest of the event-goers on the dance floor, which was illuminated with various colorful lights. In the theme of love and light, we were encouraged to wear clothes and accessories that lit up, making it a beautiful scene of glowing good vibes. For two straight hours we danced to DJ Eric Sharp, who played upbeat jams. Periodically, he was accompanied by a trumpet or saxophone player or a rapper, making it an eclectic set that kept us moving the entire time. You couldn’t turn your head without seeing big smiles and new connections being made on the dance floor.

Daybreaker_1_10_18_AJRphotos_Previews_064 (1).jpg

The event closed with a short meditation focused on love and our intent for the week, which was a good way to relax before getting the rest of the day started. Check out Daybreaker’s next LA event, an early morning silent disco boat party on March 13th! Get your tickets here!


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Daybreaker Is Officially The Best Way To Wake Up

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Last Thursday, I woke up at 5AM to don my best fur vest with some of Boulder’s happiest people. Yoga mat in hand, I headed to the Boulder Theater for what was the earliest door time I’d ever attended: a spry 6AM. Though it was still dark outside when I arrived, the inside of one of Boulder’s best concert venues was glowing. Ticket-checkers greeted everyone who entered with a hug and a twinkling, “Welcome to Daybreaker!” It was hard to keep even the most “I’m-not-a-morning-person” from smiling.

Inside the theater, DJ Falcon Punch was spinning disco funk tunes. Around me, people were spreading out yoga mats where concert-goers normally post up with a beer to catch a band. There was a lot of faux fur happening, and alongside it, yogis in onesies ranging from your classic Christmas pajama look to your Ninja Turtle of choice. Though it was early, there was no sign of sleep. People were ready to party.

Yoga Pod’s Dan Carbonell and Rob Loud led the morning sun salutations just as the horizon was lighting up outside. They made the practice playful while DJ Falconpunch continued to throw down some fun, meditative grooves for those long-held plank poses. Loud even recommended twerking during saddle pose, and more than one Daybreaker attendee took him up on it.


After yoga, the bar opened at 7AM with a selection of green juice and tea. There were temporary tattoo stations and face-painting. More penguins, tigers, and unicorns twirled into the venue as the event's emcee, Drew Wyman from Shinesty, beckoned attendees to dance. Which they did. For the next TWO HOURS before most of them hit their day jobs. Somehow, the positive and creative space that Daybreaker fosters with this event will leave you more energized than any morning Starbucks ever could. The event almost feels like a mini Bonnaroo high-five session, jam-packed with love and positive vibes. People left the theater shining with gratitude and smiles, and though I rarely leave a music venue any other way, this was different. I actually questioned if I might be a morning person thanks to Daybreaker.

Daybreaker is coming back to Colorado, in Boulder Thursday, January 11th (details TBA) and in Denver at Club Vinyl on Wednesday, January 17th. Get tickets here and get to it! You don’t want to (hit) snooze on this one.


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