Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Gave Us a Taste of What's to Come From Their 2017 Album

By: Sierra Voss

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club took Ogden Theatre’s stage on Monday in true rock and roll form. They repped a strong juxtaposition between their loud, drum-driving, guitar ripping rock tunes and a super casual laid back vibe. Their stripped down setup was a major shift from the revved up energy and light extravaganza of opening acts Death from Above 1979 and Deap Vally.

The California trio has the millage and the fan base. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club has truly locked into their own sound, look, and vibe over the past 14 years of their existence. Their last album, Spectar At The Feast (2013), was released after the passing of Michael Been, the father of BRMC bassist Robert Levon Been. Michael was the trio's producer and sound engineer, and tragically passed away after a heart attack at a Belgian rock festival in 2010 while the band was on tour. But if you’ve been holding out for new music from the crew, don’t fret. Fans can expect a new album from BRMC in early 2017.

Watch Black Rebel Motorcycle Club play “Beat The Devil’s Tattoo” live:

Monday night’s show was the sweet spot; a tour between albums. It’s the perfect kind of show. You know the band is going to play all your old favorites and only tease their new tunes, instead of pushing them big time after an album release. Audience favorites “Conscience Killer”, “Spread Your Love”, and “Beat The Devil” drove the crowd into a freenzy of headbanging.

Robert Levon Been.

Robert Levon Been.

I was largely taken aback by the new songs BRMC featured. There was a dramatic change of pace regarding song structure. I wasn’t alone in my surprise. There was somewhat of a long pause after their first new song was revealed before the crowd clapped them into their next track. Perhaps the audience felt as similarly confused as I was by their somewhat poppier new tune. Where were the driving drum beats hammered out by Leah Shapiro? The familiar call back and forth between Peter Hayes’ & Robert Levon Been’s guitars and vocals? Could this be a sign of change? A break from a 14 year deep vibe? Black Rebel Motorcycle Club fans are going to have to wait until the new year to find out!

Leah Shapiro.

Leah Shapiro.

Until then, catch Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on tour, or better yet, buy yourself a sweet bike, a denim button up shirt, a pair of black boots, and blast some of their tunes during your epic motorcycle road trip across the state (BRMC inspired dreams of mine).   


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