Television Generation's 'Peel' Is About Your Lonely Life As A Millenial

By: Norman Hittle

Denver’s own apathetic indie-rockers Television Generation are back on the scene with the same attitude and a new EP.

Check out Peel below:

The new music was released December 8th, 2017 through At Night Group. According to the band: “Peel is a 7-song excursion through the eyes of a Denverite's lonely millennial existence in an ever-gentrifying city.” Staying close to the same vein as their previous release (the four-song EP Fuchsia), TVG harnesses a raw energy brought to popularity by greats such as Nirvana (circa Bleach), The Strokes (circa Room on Fire), and indie greats Japandroids.



“Whatever” kicks off this release with a straightforward garage rock feel in a Dandy Warhols kind of way, highlighting the simple, yet, effective and easy to relate to lyrical content TVG presents to its listeners. “I’d Kill Myself But I Have to Go to Work Tomorrow” follows suit with an added level of dirty bass and a monologue-esque style of singing that reminded me of The Hives.

Katy Johnson.

Katy Johnson.

“The Model” holds coveted spot number three on the EP and presents the listener with what I interpreted as a sarcastic critique of the lifestyle of a fashion model, sung by bassist Katy Johnson. “My Favorite Drug” is a laid back punk vibe (if there is such a monster) alluding to a relationship being a favored drug. “Placeholder” comically comes in as an homage to its own name, but is noteworthy due to the song being uncharacteristic of the energy of the rest of the EP, and almost like an early Radiohead song in regard to its droning lethargy. “Going Blank Again” returns to a more traditional post-punk vibe, as well as being the longest track at over five minutes. “Thirteen” closes out the EP in emo-pop/punk style with a playful guitar lead while Will Hayden sings from the point of view of being a thirteen-year old.

Keep up with TVG on their social media and check out Television Generation live March 9th at Streets of London Pub. Event details here.


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Denver's Marquis Theatre Set for a Night of Lady-Fronted Rock This Saturday

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Rock. Punk. Alternative. That’s how Boulder’s Mr. Atomic describe themselves. The four-piece outfit comprised of Boneth Ahaneku (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Matt Stewart (lead guitar), Mitch Rushton (bass), and Mike Suriano (drums) have been playing together for a little over a year now in the Colorado scene. And in that time, they’ve managed to snag gigs at Cervantes’, Lion’s Lair, and The Roxy Theatre while simultaneously getting picked up by Colorado’s At Night Group label.

Mr. Atromic.

Mr. Atromic.

Best known in the local punk scene for their “melodic, funk-tinted, punk rock music and lively stage presence”, Mr. Atomic are bringing their live show to you this weekend at Denver’s Marquis Theatre! This Saturday, August 6th at 7PM, Mr. Atomic will share the stage with Rotten Reputation, The Hits, and LaRissa Vienna and the Strange. All of the bands on board are female-fronted acts, which is awesome. This lineup is sure to give you a solid punk rock fix, Colorado, and tickets are only $10 in advance.

Currently, Mr. Atomic are working on recording their debut EP, which is slated to be released this fall. Until then, head over to one of their live sets, and keep up with them here.


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All photos, videos, and embedded tracks per the artists featured. This feature was edited for brevity and clarity by BolderBeat.