A Thank You From BolderBeat

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Thanks to you, The Fall Showcase was a major success. 

Ben Hanna and The Knighthawks at The Fall Showcase.

Ben Hanna and The Knighthawks at The Fall Showcase.

Hey Boulder! Thank you so much for your support of The Fall Showcase last Friday! We had 100 people check out the event - and almost all promotion for the show was done just through our site and social media. So you rock! Special thanks to The Riverside for working with us. We also had a great time with Rocky and Skylar from Green Light Radio- and we’ve had a number of you reach out to let us know you tuned in to one of the CRN networks. Thank you!

BLVD at The Fall Showcase

BLVD at The Fall Showcase

Six months ago, I had a hunger to promote the local music scene and all of you great people making art within it. I started this site and approached my friends to work on features with me and they said yes! A huge thank you to David Landry, Zach Dahman, Pete Laffin, Alex Cutter, and Greg Laut. Their strong teamwork made TFS possible and they keep our website alive and kickin’ with all of their great contributions!

We’re excited to bring your more events and are already working on the next one :)

Whiskey Autumn at The Fall Showcase.

Whiskey Autumn at The Fall Showcase.

If you’re an artist interested in having us promote or host a show with you, please reach out to us at bolderbeat@gmail.com. We’d love to hear your ideas.

Check out more event photos from The Fall Showcase here.

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All photos, videos, and embedded tracks per the artists featured and those credited. This feature was edited for brevity and clarity by BolderBeat.

David's Guest at the Desk: Alex Cutter on Langhorne Slim & The Law

By: David Landry and Alex Cutter

Langhorne Slim can break any law he wants.

While I was sitting in the tattoo chair slacking off with an old friend from Oklahoma last week, my best friend Alex Cutter was doing my job. She had a blast at the Bluebird Theatre without me, so she’s sitting in at the desk this week. And she wanted everyone to know that tattoos don’t make the rockstar, the music does! So here’s Alex:

The boys.

The boys.

You missed out if you weren't at the Bluebird Theatre last week to boogie to Langhorne Slim & The Law. Not a one was left disappointed. The band's new record, The Spirit Moves, expresses newly-sober frontman Sean Scolnick's personal intent to refine, but never suppress the wild within. The show was an obvious totem to the crazy in us all.

Scolnick in the crowd.

Scolnick in the crowd.

Scolnick was a dancing machine, writhing and sweating both on stage and amidst the audience. And The Law, a mismatch of old and new members, held down the raucous beat with some infectious bass and drums. Not to mention those flawless three-part harmonies! It was a high-energy mix of folk and funk, keeping the crowd grooving and the temperature high. Scolnick's voice and brutally honest lyrics are not to be missed by any music fan. This tour presents a definite show for the books!

-David Landry and Alex Cutter at the desk

David’s Guest Alex Cutter: I’m a Colorado native who loves to create art and drink too much beer. When I’m not working or playing outside, I’m going to shows and listening to music, so I hope to check out more of you through BolderBeat!

Watch a recent, short Langhorne Slim & The Law performance for yourself here: