Review: Escapism's 'Side A' Is Electro Ambient & Meditatively Engaging Music

By: Allan Tellis

Colorado’s Escapism play with textures of sound in diverse and surreal ways. On the project’s latest record, Side A, Escapism work with distorted sounds and lighter melodic harmonies with an added element of vocalization to make their tunes interesting and exciting. Escapism is a project fronted by Colorado’s Evan Montoya and signed to Abandon Love in Seattle, Washington.

Although the album is cohesive and most registers under a singular sound, there is enough diversity between the tracks to engage listeners for the long, twenty-song record. The majority of the album is down-tempo, meditatively engaging music that is soothing and dreamlike. Moments like the ending of the record “Sleven,” however, disrupt the dream sequence, with upbeat bass lines inspiring dancing, and creating balance within the album. There are also tunes that feature heavy use of acoustic work, like “I Remember Every Swim” and “Danielle Tells,” which give the listener a break from the more electronic sounds pervasive throughout the rest of the record.

Evan Montoya.

Evan Montoya.

If you are into ambient music and have an ear for experimental arrangement and non-traditional song formatting, Escapism may be exactly what you’re looking for. Escapism are currently on tour, and are even heading overseas to South Korea for some performances. Said Montoya about Escapism’s travel plans, “[We’re] working on playing a few more shows in Denver this year and opening up for a few more acts before we head to Germany, and then South Korea for a few dive bar type shows! Should be fun.”

Escapism also have a music video set to release at the end of August, so make sure to check back for that by keeping up with them here.


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