Premiere: Dream Feed's Music Video for "Hey Now" Is a Raw, Animated Look at Their New Music

Dream Feed.

Dream Feed.

Denver’s Dream Feed, formerly known as Miguel Dakota and the Differents, have had a busy year. You may remember frontman Miguel Dakota from season nine of America’s Got Talent, where he was a “Top 6” finalist and was offered a national tour with a backing band, but declined to remain in creative control of his work. Dakota continued on with his former project Miguel Dakota and the Differents, and this year, launched Dream Feed. The current band is comprised of Dakota on lead vocals and guitar, Ryan Wagner on lead guitar and vocals, Brian Nolan on drums, and Will Gaines on bass and vocals.

Recently, Dream Feed won the grand prize in the KTCL 93.3 and Pabst Sound Select “Demo Derby” contest with their track “Push and Pull.” Then, after this year’s Underground Music Showcase, Jimmy Siler of Tri Lakes Radio declared Dream Feed, “the best surprise of the festival.” The band also won the grand prize in last summer’s Road to Velorama contest (as Miguel Dakota and the Differents), beating out over 200 local bands and being awarded a performance spot in the Velorama Festival. Last month, on September 14th, the band dropped their debut track “Hey Now” from their self-titled record and subsequently sold-out their show that night at Syntax Physic Opera. Needless to say, their buzz has been building.

Today, we’re excited to premiere the band’s video for “Hey Now,” which was animated by Gary Tussey. Tussey is known for his work depicting musicians like Bob Marley and Miley Cyrus.

Said the band about working with Tussey, “We're a fan of all of Gary's work and saw some sketches he did of other musicians. We thought that the rough style fit well with the gritty, raw vibe of the track ‘Hey Now.’"

Though “Hey Now” is rather lyrically ambiguous, the band wants you to “focus on the raw, gritty, go-getter energy of it,” and there’s plenty of that to go around.

“Hey Now” was recorded at RiverRock Studios in Minneapolis by Eric Blomquist with the rest of the band’s upcoming debut record. The track was mastered by Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound in NYC.

Said Dream Feed, “[‘Hey Now’] was a lot of fun to record. At one point, we stood at one end of the studio screaming at the top of their lungs with the mic at the other end of the room.”

As for the rest of their 2018, the band is heading back in the studio at Third and James in Denver to continue recording new tunes. They’re planning shows and tours, and you can keep up with Dream Feed here.

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One Flew West Drop Two New Singles + Headline Release Parties

By: Austin Michon

Hailing from Longmont, CO, One Flew West was formed in 2010. Their unique brand of folk-inspired, catchy rock in conjunction with their entertaining live shows have earned them a place as a force to be reckoned with in the Colorado music scene. Currently consisting of lead singer/songwriter/guitarist Linden Jackson, lead guitarist/singer David DiSalvo, bassist Dawson Fry, and drummer Jonah Bartels, One Flew West has performed at 93.3’s Big Gig, Hometown for the Holidays, and Kegs and Eggs, as well as received a Westword Music Award.



On March 3rd and 4th, OFW will be hosting two release shows for their upcoming singles, “All In My Head” and “Ten Years Later.” Continuing the trend set by their sophomore EP Selective Memory, the band’s new tunes are dynamic compositions ranging from soft, acoustic intimacy to big, powerful rock and roll sounds with catchy guitar riffs and introspective lyrics carried out in a warm, emotional voice.

“All In My Head” begins with an acoustic, folky, feel-good intro before it transitions to a look into a young relationship, one rife with various problems brought about by the dark, nagging feelings found in the protagonist’s mind, and his battle with these thoughts in order to maintain this relationship. Besides the incredibly infectious whistling motif present, the song and lyrics create a wonderful, catchy rock anthem which fans will latch onto as, if not more, quickly than their breakout hit “Kind of Love.”

In contrast  “Ten Years Later” is a slow, acoustic ballad which brings our attention to thoughts and memories of someone estranged and long gone. While Jackson admits he had a specific relationship in mind while writing the piece, the meaning is universal, one that any listener can easily identify with. According to Jackson, “Everyone has someone they wish were still around and when you peel back the skin, ‘Ten Years Later’ is simply about missing someone you care deeply about.” Longtime fans will notice a call back to the more folky sounds reminiscent of One Flew West’s debut EP Through the Winter’s Ground, while still maintaining the forward progress in songwriting and sound that OFW have been crafting.

As One Flew West continue their musical and lyrical experimentation and progress, the quality does not falter, but rather, continues to grow and strengthen. Be sure to catch them at their upcoming March shows at the Lost Lake Lounge (with Citra and Overslept) and at Downtown Artery (with Ivory Circle and Silver & Gold), and watch for more OFW news because “there are rumblings of a super secret listening party, summer tour, and much more in store from the Colorado-natives in 2017.”


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Signs and Signals Keep On Flashing In The Studio and On Stage

By: Jura Daubenspeck

Find yourself "Human Again" with Denver's Signs and Signals.

Big things are in store for Denver’s alternative rock group Signs and Signals. The five-piece band, made up of Jason Kelly (vocals), Ryan Fraser (bass/supporting vocals), Brian Carpenter (lead guitar), John Ensey (guitar/supporting vocals), and Jimmy Fountain (drums) brings a powerful, eclectic flair to their music that is continuing to build momentum.

Signs and Signals at Denver Rockfest last weekend. 

Signs and Signals at Denver Rockfest last weekend. 

Since their inception in May 2014, Signs and Signals have played a number of shows throughout Denver, including Denver’s Underground Music Showcase, have been featured on 93.3 Locals Only, and raised over $6,000 in their Kickstarter campaign, allowing them to record their album, Human Again.

Human Again, which was recorded at The Spot Studios, has a number of songs that are powerful, catchy, and urge you to get up and move. Personal favorites from the album include heavy hitters such as “Fight or Flight,” “Human Again,” and “Here In The Dark.” While each band member has varying musical backgrounds, ranging from classical training, to the “by ear” technique, to being well-versed in the punk/ska scene, their unique talents all come together to create a fantastic sound. And as they continue to play together, along with newer members Ryan Fraser and John Ensey, the group has plans to tweak their sound to a heavier, more emotional feel. We can expect from their new music more riffs, artist collaborations, and deep-cutting lyrics- and I, for one, am excited.

S&S bringing the house down. 

S&S bringing the house down. 

After listening to Signs and Signals’ recorded music, as well as watching them perform on stage, I found that their music truly comes alive when seen in person. I watched them play at Moe’s BBQ in November 2015, and the energy felt during their performance was unreal. They had everyone headbanging, singing along, and cheering- and personally, those are my favorite kinds of shows. You could absolutely tell that the group has a strong bond and genuinely enjoys rocking out with their fans. To top it off, their music carries an excellent blend of “radio-friendly rock” with ass-kicking melodies.

2016 has been a hell of a year so far for the guys of Signs and Signals. They performed at the Bluebird Theater in January, the Marquis Theater in February, and finally, brought the house down last Friday night at Denver Rockfest at the Oriental Theatre, along with Innerspace, Vermillion Road, and My Own Iris.

Listen to Sounds and Signals title track from their album, "Human Again:

So what do we have to look forward to with Signs and Signals? After the excitement of their recent performances, the group has plans to write more music, record a new music video, and work on their collaborations, including their recent piece “Gravity Lies” with vocalist, pianist, and songwriter Amy Kress. That track will be released by the end of the summer.

Though you may not have many chances to see them play live during the upcoming months, be prepared for an even stronger Signs and Signals next fall. And in the meantime, check out their music on Spotify, Soundcloud, and their website.


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How Denver Band Signs and Signals Make Meat and Potato Magic

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Denver's Signs and Signals are worth checking out.

Signs and Signals is a Denver-based rock band who released their debut EP Human Again at the beginning of July and then wrapped up the month with a UMS performance. Formed in May of 2014, Signs and Signals have been climbing the Denver music ladder at a noticeably fast pace. Within a year, they’ve conquered numerous Denver venues, were featured on 93.3’s Locals Only, released an EP, and made the UMS lineup. So we sat down with S&S frontman Jason Kelly to find out more about the band’s recent recording experience, their local success, and their upcoming plans for the fall.

Your sound is intriguing. A song like “Human Again” feels Incubus-inspired to me, but then I hear a catchy track like “Better Life” and it’s much more pop-infused. I know that some of you were in Soul Electric prior to this, which feels a little heavier than Signs and Signals. Tell me about the formation of Signs and Signals and your change in direction musically from your previous project.

Haha, you know, Incubus is [actually] a primary core influence for many of us.

[Signs and Signals] all began in March of 2013. [Myself] (vocals) and Brian (lead guitar) met up off of Craigslist and immediately began songwriting together. After sifting through different band members and playing shows as Soul Electric, our second bassist parted ways [so] we put on the brakes a bit to hone our sound and audition bass players. We tried out bassists and the amount of interest was overwhelming. [We] chose Dave because, quite frankly, he and Jimmy make meat and potato magic. With Dave, we found a new hard-hitting melodic sound, and so we renamed ourselves Signs and Signals.  

After a few shows as a four piece, everyone felt [that] the ultimate vision for the Signs and Signals lineup would be to eventually find a rhythm guitarist, that way [I] could focus solely on vocals.  After multiple failed attempts to find this fifth member, we dove into recording our first single, “Fight or Flight” at The Spot Studios. It was there that we met Joel Rekiel with BLDGBLKS Music Company. Joel directed a successful Kickstarter campaign [for us], which helped us raise over $6k to record our EP Human Again. In the middle of recording our third song, we finally found our fifth member, John Ensey. He jumped in with flying colors and wound up recording rhythm guitar on 5 of the 7 songs for the EP.

So now with John, Dave, and Jimmy crushing the rhythm section, and Brian [and myself] composing one catchy melody after the next, Signs and Signals has become a five piece rock band dream-come-true and we're all very optimistic about the future!

Speaking of your new EP, what was one of your favorite things (besides the awesome addition of Ensey) about the recording process?  

Our producers, Glenn Sawyer and Rich Veltrop, were a strong team to work with. Glenn has a great ear for adjusting parts and a creative insight for thinking outside the box. And Rich is the crushing critic who will go through every last note with a fine-tooth comb. I think it's safe to say we all grew as musicians from our recording experience at The Spot. When you are investing a lot of time and money, you want to give it your all and I believe we did exactly that.

What has it been like gaining relatively fast-paced success in the Denver music scene within a year’s time?  

A recent Twitter fan listened to our EP and told us, “Your guy’s music sounds like it’s meant to be.” Those words- "meant to be" -give me goosebumps because there is definitely some kind of magic happening here. Like so many musicians out there, we have all been in several different bands and none of those have had the potential that this one does. In the grand scheme of things, it's always good to recognize where you're really at, raise the bar, and keep chipping away at your goals one step at a time.

Sound advice. Give us one word to describe your experience playing The UMS:


Sweet! So what’s next for Signs and Signals? A music video? A tour? Both? Give us the deets!  

We definitely have touring on our minds, but as it is, we are hardly even known in our own city. We plan to keep sharing our music, play shows, and build a local following before we set out into serious touring. Maybe next year… we have an open mind and a lot to do.

So there’s our bit with Signs and Signals! Looking at their track record, we think these guys are moving faster toward a local fan base and a tour than they realize. So keep an eye out for their upcoming shows! And listen to them rock out here.


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