Stella Nova's Dominic Ellerbee: From Homelessness to Hope for a Debut Record

By: Hannah Oreskovich

Last July, we introduced you to Denver’s Stella Nova. After a series of lineup changes, the project is now a solo one, and the mastermind behind it is original founding member Dominic Ellerbee.

Dominic Ellerbee.

Dominic Ellerbee.

Ellerbee, who has battled living in poverty and homelessness most of his life, is a 19-year-old Denverite who has been featured on CPR, Ellen, and The Denver Post for his musical work. As a senior in high school, Ellerbee didn’t always know if he would have a roof over his head, but he knew he’d always have one thing: his music. His senior year of high school, Ellerbee wrote, directed, and choreographed his original musical, “So Many Fish In The Sea.” Following high school, Ellerbee was accepted into Boston’s Berklee College of Music. After one semester, Ellerbee didn’t have enough funds to continue on, and he was forced to move back to Denver. Though his dreams were dashed, Ellerbee didn’t give up. He started working and continued to make music through his project Stella Nova. But the hardships continued for Ellerbee, and he recently lost his job and his bandmates. Still, Ellerbee is pushing on, and recently released Stella Nova’s newest single, “Old School Radio.”

Listen to “Old School Radio”:

“Old School Radio” is an alt rock indie/pop jam on which Ellerbee played all instruments himself. It’s got punchy guitars that build into anthem-like choruses with a driving drum beat, and is lyrically about a long distance relationship in which a pair of lovers cope with their loneliness through songs they both hear on the radio.

Along with his newest music, Ellerbee has launched a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to try and record a full studio album at The Spot Studios, which is where he recorded “Old School Radio.” Ellerbee has already written the tracks, and you can read more about each of his original songs here. Ellerbee’s goal is just $3500 for his entire campaign, and he only has 17 days left to reach it.

Ellerbee of Stella Nova at The Spot Studios.

Ellerbee of Stella Nova at The Spot Studios.

Said Ellerbee, “I really am just trying to make it so my family and I can live a better life and we can all be happy.”

Give Ellerbee’s music a listen today, hop over to his Kickstarter, and consider making a pledge to his campaign. We’d like to see this talented individual continue making awesome music, locally and beyond.


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