Denver's Stella Nova Have Dropped Two EPs This Year

You may know some of Denver’s Stella Nova members from their first project, Grand Central. The former nine-piece classical/jazz ensemble consisted of members who had known each other since their highschool days. After playing at notable joints including Larimer Lounge, The Oriental Theater, The Pajama Baking Company, and The Deer Pile, Grand Central found some success in the Denver scene in 2013. As the crew experimented over the next couple of years with new sounds and various lineups, members Dominic Ellerbee and Jordan Smith decided they wanted to take things in a different direction circa 2015. And so Stella Nova was born.

Stella Nova.

Stella Nova.

Stella Nova is best known for what Ellerbee says are their “funky and intricate melodic guitar patterns and heavy-hitting riffs”. Ellerbee and Smith are the current members, and the duo are looking to complete their lineup with a permanent drummer and bassist soon. The two blend funk and indie rock, with influences from The Strokes to Bruno Mars.

Just five months ago, Stella Nova dropped their debut EP, Atomic, after releasing a number of demos. The five song release gives you a strong sense of their indie rock sensibilities, with catchy guitar bits and notable vocal effects.

Listen to Stella Nova’s Atomic EP:

The duo then went on to make an appearance on Radio1190, and shortly afterward, started working on a set of new tunes. And those new jams will be released this week! Stella Nova are dropping their second EP of 2016 this Thursday, July 28th, after their performance at Herman’s Hideaway. Stay tuned for their new music, and in the meantime, check out Atomic and plan to hit Herman’s this week! Keep with with Stella Nova on Facebook.


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