Slow Caves "Dandelion Girl" Video Premiere

By: Hannah Oreskovich

We're the first to premiere "Dandelion Girl" and we're stoked on that.

Fort Collins’ synth-punk outfit Slow Caves released their newest music video today and we’ve got it for you right here with all the sweet deets peeps! In honor of #ThrowbackThursday (and as a treat to tie you over until they release their new EP this May) the track in the video, “Dandelion Girl”, is actually a previously released song. But now it’s accompanied by some pretty awesome visuals, thanks to filmmaker Aidan Sean McCarthy. We dig it and we think you’ll dig it too, so watch the video premiere for “Dandelion Girl” below and peep our recent chat with Slow Caves:

So guys- tell us why you chose to release a video for this particular song?

“Dandelion Girl” was included on our first EP, Slow Caves (2014). We had always wanted to make a video for this track, but as time passed it became less of a priority for us. When Aidan approached us about doing a video for the song, we were extremely excited. This video [isn’t] so much in anticipation for our new EP release; it’s more meant to hold you over until the new EP is released.

Very cool. Aidan, what was your process like behind creating this video?

This was a solo project from a production standpoint. When I initially approached Slow Caves I had already put together a short sample of what I thought the music video could look and feel like. The sample was a compilation of the best found-footage without the live performance segments.  Most, if not all, of the found-footage from the sample ended up in the final product.

A scene from "Dandelion Girl".

A scene from "Dandelion Girl".

And what about the photos and visuals in the video? How were those chosen?

The process of choosing the images for this video was fairly straightforward. I had seen their lyric video for “Saturns” and really liked how the vintage footage jived with their sound. I got on the web and searched for anything that I felt fit the themes of youthful lust, panic, and/or disorder. Even if these themes aren’t obvious to the audience, my hope is that the images feel harmonious anyway.

Another Shot From "Dandelion Girl".

Another Shot From "Dandelion Girl".

Those vibes are definitely felt. Slow Caves, we noticed at the end of the song, we can hear Jakob saying, “Sick huh?” and that your band frequently uses that phrase in your social media posts, etc. What’s the story behind that?

It’s something that came up when we were tracking our first EP in LA. Jakob said, “Sick huh?” while we were recording vocals in Oliver’s old apartment. It just kinda became a catchphrase about recognizing and appreciating the true “sickness” that exists in everyday life. Sick huh?

Slow Caves. Photo Credit: Craig Okraska

Slow Caves. Photo Credit: Craig Okraska

Sick indeed. So the future! Tell us about yours.

We recorded our new EP with Corey Coffman (Gleemer) and he is producing it with us. We are hoping to have videos for all of the songs on the new EP and have a lot of ideas floating around for those. We’re also hoping to do some serious touring behind this next release, but we can’t announce anything just yet.

Can’t wait to hear more guys!

Make sure to catch Slow Caves at the Hi-Dive April 8th with Residual Kid and Bud Bronson and the Good Timers + keep up with their show schedule here.

And if you didn’t already, watch the video premiere of “Dandelion Girl” above.


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