A Summer In Step With Silver and Smoke's Upcoming "Marking Time" EP and West Coast Tour

By: Jura Daubenspeck

It’s high time we checked back in with the guys of Silver and Smoke.

Silver and Smoke.

Silver and Smoke.

On Saturday, May 19th, Silver and Smoke played an intimate show with singer/songwriter Amy Kress at Denver’s Mutiny Information Cafe. It was unlike a show I’ve seen from any of these performers before, with refreshingly stripped down sets where each artist’s unique talents really shined. It was an early affair, ending around 8pm, so the music was beautifully paired with the gorgeous Denver sunset shining in through the windows. The whole night combined some of my favorite indulgences: great music, good reads, pinball machines, and delicious coffee.


If you’ve ever seen Silver and Smoke play before, you’d know how hard their sets can rock. Offstage, Tyler and Dino are some of the most amiable and good-humored people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Their charisma always shows in their performances, and given the smaller nature of this show, audience members were able to see that even more. Their booming sound translated surprisingly well to a more intimate setting, and we were really able to see what talented guitar players these two really are. At times, it felt almost like dueling guitars, a give and take of talent that the two were more than capable of sharing with each other. They played hits off their recent Workhorse EP, but also teased songs off their upcoming Marking Time EP, which is set to be released this August.

Marking Time will feature five songs that Tyler and Dino have written together. As always, Silver and Smoke defies the notion that bands must stick to one genre. You can expect to hear a little bit of western rock ‘n roll, blues grit, country, and just flat-out hard rock on the EP. One of the songs, "River," tips its hat to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s "Free Bird”, so you can expect some pretty gnarly solos that tune.

Amy Kress.

Amy Kress.

Beyond their recent show together, Silver and Smoke have been collaborating with the electro-pop singer Amy Kress regularly, a combination that is bound to be noteworthy. Kress will actually be joining the band on their West Coast tour (August 8-September 5) for a trip though all the gorgeous hot spots: Seattle, Portland, Eugene, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, and Santa Fe.

Stay tuned for more announcements about Silver and Smoke, as they’ve got a big summer ahead of them! You can keep in touch with the band on their Facebook and website.


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